Grimm s03e03 Episode Script

A Dish Best Served Cold

- Previously on Grimm.
- Why are we here? Someone outside the family is carrying royal blood.
What do you suppose a royal offspring would be worth? You're in my way.
I said, you're in my Someone died in that bar fight? Why didn't you tell me? You didn't know what you were doing.
- You weren't yourself.
- That doesn't matter.
If I killed somebody, I have to turn myself in.
Now, you want to turn yourself in, go ahead, but you're going to do it alone.
Nick! Nick! - I feel fine.
- You didn't look fine.
I'm serious.
You're seeing a doctor.
*** Nick, I'm gonna increase the speed, see if we can get your heart rate up.
How do you feel? Just gonna increase the speed some more.
Really would like to get that heart rate up.
No matter how fast I had you running, your heart rate and your blood pressure hardly moved.
- Okay.
- Either the machine is broken, or you are in incredible shape.
Either way, I until we know if it's working properly, I don't know that we can count on the test results.
Was there a problem? I don't think so.
From the looks of it, if there's an error, it's in your favor, but has there been any change to your diet or your lifestyle recently? Aah! Well, work has been a little stressful.
Well, just take it easy.
I'll call you when I know more.
- Thanks.
- All right.
This is a really good Pinot noir.
Can't go wrong with a willamette valley wine, which, for my money, beats the pantalones off any of that French cote d'or stuff.
Well, good choice.
So I was thinking You know, just thinking, um, well, out loud, now That, uh, Nick's back with Juliette, and you're still renting your brother's old apartment, - which is a great apartment.
- Uhhuh.
I'm not saying it's not.
On the other hand, um, you know, a house, like mine this is a petit beef and truffle tartlet, compliments of chef ostler.
Thank you very much.
Bon appetit.
Oh, wow.
That is fantastic.
Oh, the good old days.
Okay, uh No time to fall off the meat wagon now.
I'll save you.
Anyway, my house has a lot of closet space.
Which means that I think you could totally Have more room, in my closets, than in your apartment.
You want me to move my clothes into your closet? Okay.
You're really gonna make me work for this, aren't you? I'm kind of enjoying it.
Yeah, I've been thinking that we should You know, maybe think about moving in together.
I've been thinking about that too.
Because I love you.
Well, that's a relief Because I love you too.
Monroe? Sam! Hey.
- It's been a while.
- Yeah.
- Oh, you remember Kimber? - Of course.
This is Rosalee.
Rosalee, this is Sam and Kimber.
- Hi, nice to meet you.
- You too.
This was my great-grandfather's.
Monroe made it work like new.
That is a real beauty.
It's one of the original chronographs.
Got a second button, to zero out the stopwatch, and a 30-minute elapsed time function.
- It's very rare.
- The man is a genius.
Well, finding the parts was the real challenge with that one, so Anyway, I just wanted to say hi.
Enjoy your dinner.
It was nice to meet you.
- You too.
- I'll call you.
Sounds good.
- So - So Oh! Aah! Ah! Aah! The doctor said it could be the machine.
Nick, I don't think it's the machine.
I checked your pulse the night that I thought you were dead, and it was so slow, I could barely feel it.
So what does that mean? I think it means that whatever you ingested is still affecting you.
Rosalee did say that you're probably gonna react differently from anybody else.
I think she's right.
Well, how am I gonna explain that to the doctor? I mean, you kind of can't.
All we can really do is monitor you and hope that this is temporary.
And what if it isn't? What if this whole thing just starts happening again? Hey, will you just sit? We don't know what's gonna happen.
I mean, how do you feel? Do you feel any different? A little.
More aware, I think.
More in control.
But maybe that's just because I know something happened to me, and I'm just paying more attention to everything.
Well, what I saw was very, very real, so I'm just not gonna let you go very far for a while.
I think I feel better already.
Aah! Okay, well, it's gonna take some time to get there.
Uh don't get comfortable.
Lock up the area.
We're on our way.
On our way to what? Little picnic in the woods.
Dead body in a tree.
In a tree? That's what they said.
How the hell did he get up there? Maybe he was trying to escape a bear or a Mountain lion.
I don't know that I'd climb a tree to escape a bear or a Mountain lion, but there was no sign of either anywhere in the area.
That's why we called you guys.
Well, whatever got him, got him up there, because what was inside of him is right below him.
Oh, boy.
Well, he's been up there awhile the blood's dry.
It looks like he's got a wallet in his back pocket.
Let's get some photos, and let's get the body down.
Hello, Sebastien.
How are you holding up? Not very well.
You? - This is all so shocking.
- Oh, it's terrible! Do they know anything about who did it yet? - Not that they're telling me.
- Are we in danger? I think it is safe to assume that we could be, and you should behave accordingly.
Who's gonna take Eric's place? The last royal standing.
Yeah, that's him.
Name's Ned Klosterman.
Lives in Portland.
Ironically, he's an organ donor, although I'm not sure who'd want what's left.
I'll run the name.
Someone must have ripped him open.
Yeah, or took a chain saw to him.
Everything seemed fine.
He went to work, and so did I.
Did you talk to him during the day? No, we were both pretty busy.
What time did you get home? I got home around 6:00, and, um, he normally gets home by 7:00.
And when he wasn't home by 8:00, I called his work, and they said he left early.
So when he didn't come home, I called the police.
Was everything going okay with your marriage? Yes.
It was great.
We celebrated our fifth anniversary two nights ago.
We went out to dinner.
Any problems that night? No.
We were happy.
We were really happy.
Do you know anyone who would want to harm your husband? Just please find who did this to him.
What are you doing? This.
- You're bleeding! - What? On your arm! You're in my way.
Problem? Yeah.
The man I killed, Mitchell zinc, I accidentally killed.
Well, that's not the point.
- I killed him - Yeah, I know.
And you're bothered by it.
Yes, I am.
I'm beginning to remember.
Let me ask you something, Nick.
What's really bothering you, the fact that you killed somebody or the fact that you killed somebody who wasn't wesen? Because God knows you've killed plenty of them.
That's what you grimms do, isn't it? Now, excuse me.
I've got a meeting with the mayor.
When you have an answer, let me know.
What'd I tell you about getting too comfortable? I'm not.
We got another tree hugger.
This time it's female.
We found her car abandoned up on a curb down the way.
Door was open, purse was inside.
That's her driver's license.
- Stephanie Robinson.
- This is her work I.
She's a sales rep for wilkes medical supplies out of Seattle.
We're pretty sure that's her.
Same M.
We got ourselves a serial killer here? A completely different kind of victim.
So what's the connection between the two? Besides the tree? Anybody see her climb up there? Uh, even if they did, it's not that unusual in Portland.
Where's the car? This way.
Purse is on the front seat.
That's where I got her license and work I.
Other than that, that's how I found it.
Got some receipts here.
One from the apple store yesterday, another from target.
Two days ago, she went to a spa.
The night before last, looks like she went to dinner at Raven & Rose.
Raven & Rose? Aw! Love that place.
Chef ostler? Genius.
Which is why you can't get a reservation unless you want to eat at 5:00.
Off topic.
- Parking receipt.
- Wait a minute.
Didn't Klosterman and his wife have dinner for their anniversary? Yeah, but we didn't get the name of the restaurant.
Maybe the victims knew each other.
Well, they couldn't have gone together.
This is dated from last night.
But still, they died the same way.
There might be a connection.
We should call Mrs.
Klosterman, sorry to bother you.
This is Detective Griffin.
I just have a quick question.
You went out to dinner with your husband for your anniversary.
What was the name of the restaurant? Raven & Rose.
Thank you very much.
That's all I needed.
Please, do take care.
"Chef Graydon ostler is "a celebrated, award-winning chef and restaurateur "who trained at the cordon bleu in Paris "and the I.
in Munich.
"He has just returned from Europe to open "a new restaurant in Portland.
"According to food critic Gustav York, "Raven & Rose is the shining star in his expanding food universe.
" "Food universe.
" Really? Without a connection between the victims or someone at the restaurant, we have no motive.
We may not even have a murder.
All we have is two people who ate there, climbed trees, and blew up.
That's enough to look at their menu.
- Have you found Frau Pech? - No.
I haven't been able to find her anywhere in Vienna.
I'm in her home.
She's not here either.
She could have left Austria, trying to make a deal for the child.
There'll be buyers all over the world for that.
Frau Pech might not have left at all.
I have some notes of hers.
There's one that says, "sacher," which I assume is the hotel, and then "215," which is probably a room number.
I'm thinking it might be a buyer, or she's making a deal.
Find out who's in that room.
I'm sorry, we don't open for another half hour.
We need to talk to Graydon ostler.
Oh, no, you don't understand.
He gets pretty stressed just before we serve dinner, so No, no, no! Get away from the stove! You're turning my sauce into cheese! I think we can find him.
Back up! You will destroy my reputation! How many times do I have to teach you the meaning of cuisine? This is an art, not carpentry! Get back to your stations, now! - What? - Wesen.
- What kind? - Bauerschwein.
- Ostler? - All of them.
You say they dined here recently? Yes, within the last couple of days.
Sorry, I don't recognize either one.
What is this about? Well, they both died.
What? You don't think this had something to do with my restaurant, do you? Look, we had the county health inspector here last month, and he gave us perfect scores.
Plus, look at my menu.
We specifically ask if you have any food allergies, and we warn against ingredients such as raw eggs and shellfish.
We need to know if anybody who works for you knew the victims.
We need a list of your employees, and we need to know what Stephanie Robinson and Ned Klosterman ordered.
That shouldn't be a problem.
Neither of the victims ordered the same thing.
Klosterman had osso buco, Robinson had Halibut with huckleberry sauce.
They both ordered wine.
He had Pinot noir, she had sauvignon blanc.
No one on this list has a criminal record, including the chef.
And Klosterman's wife didn't recognize any of these names.
Got the tox screens back on your vics.
Well, I assume you've read them? - Of course.
- Then just tell us.
No known pathogens.
No known poisons or toxins.
You got nothing.
Yeah, nothing except a kitchen full of bauerschwein.
We can't arrest 'em for that.
It kind of sounds like an extreme form of gastric dilatation volvulus.
Excuse me? Bloat.
Dogs get it, cattle get it.
It's breed-specific, so for dogs it would be, you know, Irish setters, great danes, St.
What about the volvulus part? That's when the stomach gets twisted around the longitudinal axis of the digestive tract.
I should ask you this stuff more often.
Now, you said it was breed-specific? So I'm wondering if the victims in this case might somehow be the same breed.
I mean, the kitchen staff was entirely bauerschwein.
Well, were the victims bauerschwein? I don't know, and now that they're dead, there's no way to find out, but if they were Blutbaden Huh.
What? You see, Blutbaden and bauerschwein have been feuding for centuries.
No, but this is a restaurant.
Anybody can eat there.
Plus, how would they know they were Blutbaden or what they were ordering? Well, why don't you think about that on your way to Monroe's? Aren't you supposed to be moving out tonight? Or have you changed your mind on me? No.
I'm on my way.
I'll see you soon.
And, um, thank you for the bloat info.
Any time.
It's gonna be weird not having you around.
I mean, sure, it's gonna be great having my house back, and I did kind of like the odd couple thing.
Except, of course, when Rosalee was here.
Well, I can't tell you how much you helped me out by letting me stay here.
You know what? That whole.
"Juliette in a coma and not remembering you and then kind of hating you" thing, just a bad deal.
I'm sorry, I don't mean to rehash.
It's just, I'm glad it worked out, for both of us.
I know it wasn't always easy.
Well, hey, how many Blutbaden can say they had a Grimm living with them under the same roof? And lived to tell about it? Right, probably - None.
- None, actually.
I mean Yeah.
Uh, toothbrush.
Oh, hey, have you heard about this new restaurant, Raven & Rose? Heard about it? Rosalee and I just ate there the other night.
It is spectacular! I had an incredible vegan sausage cassoulet you know it's run by bauerschwein, right? No, but why should that matter? Lots of wesen own restaurants.
I mean, I would never frequent a place run by a Schneetmacher, or for that matter, that served schneetmacher.
- But.
- You feeling okay? Oh, man.
I feel great.
Well, I think this just about does it.
- Here, let me help you.
- Okay.
Unh! Monroe, I thought you said you were gonna give me a hand.
Yeah, I am, 'cause I got I got the bag.
Hey, could you get the door for me? You're not actually going anywhere just yet.
Surprise! Surprise? For what? It's not my birthday.
- It's for your leaving.
- Oh, yes.
And we're pretty excited about it.
So my wife baked a cake! She doesn't need much of an excuse.
Bud, this cake is so gorgeous.
Where's your wife? With the kids.
Somebody's got to watch 'em.
God knows what they'll chew up when you're not home.
All right, now, I just want to say, for a roommate who's a Grimm and I really mean this I'll get it.
So where was I? You were about to tell me how great I am.
Actually, I was about to say how great I was for putting up with you, but yeah, you were okay too.
Uh, can we get to the drinking part? - Yeah, let's do this.
- Yeah! - Cheers.
- That's what I say.
Hey, Kimber's on the phone.
Something's happened to Sam.
She's calling everyone looking for him.
What? Hey.
- Who's Sam? - He's a friend of Monroe's.
I just met him at a restaurant the other night.
What happened to him? He hasn't come home, and he's not answering his phone, so she's very concerned.
Okay, this is weird.
Kimber says Sam snapped this morning, that he woke up and his eyes were kind of glassy.
He didn't feel well, but he went to work anyway, and now she can't find him.
And this is not like Sam.
Did he eat at Raven & Rose? Yeah, that's actually where we ran into him.
I love that place.
A little pricey but worth it.
All right, is he a Blutbad? Sam? Uh, yeah, why? We're working on a case.
We've got two dead bodies, and both of them ate at the Raven & Rose in the last few days.
All right, do you know Ned Klosterman or Stephanie Robinson? Ned, I do, yeah.
Why? They were the two victims.
Is Ned a Blutbad? Yeah, yeah, he he's one of my old sort of hunting buddies, you know, from oh, my God! What about Stephanie Robinson? Um, I don't know.
I don't know her.
But at least two of the three were Blutbaden.
Monroe, we're gonna need Sam's license plate.
We're gonna have to put an A.
out on his car.
Uh, right.
What's going on? The restaurant is run by bauerschwein, and we think that they're somehow targeting Blutbaden.
Oh, God! Oh, God! This is really bad.
Bauerschwein going after Blutbaden? I mean, isn't it sort of the other way around? You'd be surprised.
I'll I'll I'll put the cake in the fridge.
Rosalee, you said that Monroe ate there.
What did he eat? Uh, I don't remember.
Here's the license plate.
Do you feel okay? Yeah, fine.
I mean, should I not? How did they die? It's something similar to gastric dilatation volvulus.
Basically, their insides burst.
That sounds familiar.
I have to get to the shop.
What? I knew I knew it.
It's called vollige verzweiflung in German the black despair mushroom.
"It's found mostly in the black forest.
"It is similar to a rare strain of fungus called "ophiocordyceps unilateralis from the tropics, "which attacks carpenter ants, causing them to climb into trees "where their insides burst, spreading the fungal spores.
"When eaten raw, the mushrooms are harmless, but when cooked, they release a toxin fatal to Blutbaden.
" - What's wrong? - I'm trying to remember if I had any mushrooms at Raven & Rose.
- Did I? - I don't know.
Th-those could have been in anything.
We checked what the victims had to eat.
They ordered completely different things.
Is Sam's girlfriend a Blutbad? Uhuh, she's a Kehrseite-Schlich-Kennen.
You know, like you and Hank.
She's not a wesen, but she knows the Wait, whoa! The tartlets.
- What tartlets? - The beef and truffle tartlets.
They weren't on the menu.
They were compliments of the chef.
Everyone got one, except you didn't eat it.
Well, no, it had meat.
Well, that's how he does it.
Serves it to everybody.
Only the Blutbaden are affected.
Where? Thank you.
They found Sam's car ran off the road in Washington park.
He was not with his car.
He's not gonna go far.
I'm going with you.
He's my friend.
Aah! Any sign of the owner? Not since I've been here.
Well, that's definitely Sam's car, so he's got to be around here somewhere.
What the hell is that? - Sam.
- Stay with the car.
Call the paramedics.
- Aah! - There.
Sam? Hold on, man! We're here, we're coming! Aah! Sam! Oh, my God.
Monroe? I'm gonna kill that bauerschwein.
We still don't have any evidence that he knew what he was doing.
He's a bauerschwein.
What more evidence do you need? Well, I need something I can take to court.
Not this time, Nick.
Either you take care of this, or I will.
Let me handle this.
I've already lost two friends, man.
I am not losing any more.
So one way or another, that pig is going down.
He's not gonna go vigilante on us, is he? He might.
How do you want to deal with the chef? Excuse me, chef, I hate to bother you, but but what? One of those detectives is here again.
Where? Too bad you came in so late.
You missed a fantastique coq au vin.
There's been another death.
- Someone who ate here? - Yeah.
I doubt it was anything they ordered.
It wasn't.
It wasn't on the menu.
But everybody ate it, compliments of the chef.
Yeah, there's a special ingredient in it, from the forests of Germany.
Maybe you've heard of it.
It's called the black despair.
That is absurd! Not for a bauerschwein who's killing Blutbaden, it isn't.
You're a Grimm.
I have witnesses here.
Oh, you mean the accomplices? You're gonna kill us all? I'm not gonna kill anyone.
What are you going to do? You can't arrest me.
We're simply preparing gourmet dinners, like I do every night.
How do you prove in a court that I was killing Blutbaden? Well, I was hoping you'd confess.
Really? That would be the right thing to do.
Let me tell you about the right thing to do, Mr.
Half of my family was killed by Blutbaden, going back years.
Everyone who works for me has lost relatives.
Everyone has lost, everyone has suffered at the hands of the Blutbaden! Well the payback has only just begun.
So this is about the past? No, no.
This is all about the future.
The civilized future, where we are finally on equal footing, where we no longer live in constant fear.
You really think you can hold me responsible for the Blutbaden's own weakness? I think you'd better come to terms with the new world order.
There's not gonna be a new world order.
Not as long as this killing continues.
Well, that's an interesting sentiment coming from a Grimm.
I'm sorry, but I need to ask you to leave.
We're closed for tonight, and we have an even bigger night tomorrow night.
Even if the chef knew he was killing Blutbaden, you can't prove it.
I'm not gonna try.
This Blutbaden-bauerschwein feud has been going on forever.
It's just like the middle east, Rwanda, Ireland.
Somebody always has a very good reason for killing somebody they don't like.
Well, then how can you stop it? As a cop, I can't.
Well, what are you gonna do, kill him? At's what my ancestors used to do.
That won't stop it.
Look, that's not gonna stop it everywhere, but it will stop it here.
And if I don't do anything, Monroe will.
And I don't want him going to jail for murder, 'cause that they can prove.
Nick? Nick! What? You're getting that look again.
Juliette, I'm fine.
I've got to go deal with this.
Sam never hurt anybody.
I mean, talk about a decent guy.
And Ned's the same way.
I mean, yeah, okay, we hunted a little when we were young, but never bauerschwein.
Only the legal stuff.
You need to calm down.
I just watched a friend of mine explode in a tree.
I mean, how are you supposed to calm down after something like that? I don't want you doing anything crazy.
What, you mean like the right thing? Like killing that murderer? Nick said that he would handle it.
How is he gonna handle this? This is between Blutbaden and bauerschwein.
Always has been, always will be.
And if we let them get away with this, man, it is gonna be open season on us! And what happens when they don't stop at Blutbaden, and they kill a few Fuchsbaus? Then what are you gonna say, huh? You were right.
Chef ostler knows exactly what he's doing.
- You talked to him? - Yes.
I thought I'd give him a chance to turn himself in.
Oh, I'm sure that went over big.
Did he take you up on that? Well, I got the confirmation that I needed.
What good does it do if we know he's guilty? You can't arrest him for serving something that's only poisonous to Blutbaden.
There's nothing Nick can do, as a cop, anyway! I'm sorry.
Somebody has got to put the fear of God into these Schwein! You do this, you risk everything.
- Listen to him.
- No.
Not after what they did to Ned and Sam and hap.
I am not gonna let them get away with it! Oh, Nick, please, do something.
Just after 8:00 P.
this evening, in Vienna, Austria, Eric Renard, crown prince of the Cronenberg family, was killed when his car exploded en route from the Vienna international airport.
No one has yet claimed responsibility for this tragic event.
All of Vienna is in mourning.
- Yes? - Uh, room service.
For me? - Room 215? - Yes.
But I didn't order any room service.
There must be some mistake.
That's it.
Run, run, run.
Oh, so what shall we serve the Blutbad tonight? Wait a minute.
How about the chef himself? I haven't done anything.
Stay away! Ooh! I like it when dinner talks back.
No! No, no, please! Unh! Get back! You're under arrest.
You've got to protect me.
He killed my friends! Get down on the ground.
Put your hands behind your head! Not until we kill every last one of them.
All bauerschwein must die! Don't do this.
Don't don't let him get me.
- Don't! - No! Unh.
You killed him! Thank God! He didn't give me a choice.
Oh, my God.
You shot him.
Kill him now.
Yeah, we'll shut down his place for good! They're everywhere.
Bauerschwein! Now this feud ends, and it ends now.
You have to get me out of here.
Not until you confess to murdering Klosterman, Robinson, and Leoni.
If you don't, these Blutbaden are gonna kill every bauerschwein you know.
Kill the hog! There's nothing you can do to stop us.
Guess who's on the menu tonight.
Oh, man.
There's a lot of 'em.
We have to start thinking about ourselves here, Nick.
What? No, you can't leave me! Unless you confess We gotta let nature take its course.
- Let's go, huh? - Time to die, pig! You're trapped, pig! Okay, okay, okay! I did it! I confess! I did it! I killed them! All right, just get me out of here! You really think me admitting this is gonna stop something that's been goin' for centuries? No.
But it's a start.
You know, you connected on a couple of those.
Yeah, you too.
He signed it.
He did.
And this little piggy went to jail.