Grimm s03e06 Episode Script

Stories We Tell Our Young

*** - You wanted to see us? - Yeah.
Gonna be leaving town for a little while.
Vacation? That's what I'd like everyone to think.
Captain Harden will take over while I'm away.
Does this have to do with your brother's death? Maybe.
Now if you receive any communication from me while I'm away text, email, otherwise just ignore it.
It won't be me.
If I do need to contact you, I'll do it indirectly through Rosalee.
You in some kind of danger? I would assume so.
Is there anything we can do here? Yeah, if anyone asks, I'm having a wonderful time in Tahiti.
But why are we coming here so late? Father Paul is going to try and help you, okay? You're gonna be just fine, son.
He's not gonna give me a shot like the doctors, is he? No.
No, honey.
The monsignor is ready for you.
Sorry, monsignor They're here.
Bring them in.
Daniel, I'm so glad you're here.
Now there's nothing to be afraid of.
How are you feeling? Okay.
You know I'm going to try to help you.
You understand that, don't you? All right.
Everything's gonna be okay, son.
We are gonna be right outside.
But I wanna come with you.
No, you have to you have to stay here with monsignor Paul.
Now, you know him.
There's nothing to be scared of.
I don't understand why at least one of us can't be in there with him.
Come here.
It's going to be okay.
It's going to work.
- What if it doesn't? - It has to.
We have tried everything.
We haven't tried this.
Pater noster, qui es in caelis, sanctificetur nomen tuum.
Adveniat regnum tuum.
Fiat voluntas tua, sicut in caelo et in terra.
I wanna go home.
It'll be okay, Daniel.
Et dimitte nobis debita nostra sicut.
Hold him! Et nos dimittimus debitoribus nostris.
Tie him so he doesn't hurt himself.
Et ne nos inducas in tentationem, sed libera nos a malo.
- What was that? - We better get in there.
Et ne nos inducas in tentationem, sed libera nos a malo.
Let us in! Open! Open the door now! Open the door now! identified as Mathew Bard, was found unconscious.
Seminary student working here at the church.
That's him.
Inside we've got the body of monsignor Paul Dobbs.
- Monsignor Paul is dead? - Yeah.
And not of natural causes.
He's been here as long as I can remember.
We have a missing boy.
His name's Daniel Keary.
Those are his parents.
They're pretty shook up.
They don't know what happened to their son.
Where did it all go down? Back here in the anteroom.
There's an open window inside.
We think the boy went out that way.
I've got officers on the street.
The dad was pretty frantic when we got here.
He'd been looking all over.
I called in an apb.
- How old's the boy? - Nine.
Parents forced the door open after the whole thing went bad.
And by "whole thing", I mean what apparently Was an exorcism.
An exorcism? Parents called 911.
Door was open when we got here.
Same with the window.
Where'd you find the seminary student? Photo of the scene as we found it.
- Hmm.
- Who else was in the room? According to the Kearys, just their son.
Can a nine-year-old boy do this? Maybe the adults attacked each other.
It took a lotta force to do this.
Well The parents were first in the room.
You think they're on the level? Hold on.
You hear that? What? Daniel I'm Detective Burkhardt.
You okay? You're safe now.
You wanna come out? Your parents are in the other room.
You want them to come in here? Yeah.
I'll get them.
You wanna tell me what happened? Did those men hurt you? All right, I'm gonna untie that rope from around your wrist, okay? Okay.
Mom! I wanna make sure that he doesn't see that.
Come here, baby.
Come here.
- Oh, God, Tom.
- It's okay.
He's okay.
He's been through an enormous amount of stress for a nine-year-old.
His immune system has been radically stressed, his platelets are down, his white count is elevated.
We'll run panels again in another 48 hours, see where he's at then.
Preliminaries at the scene indicate a fair amount of force and violence.
We're not sure yet who's responsible, but we wanted your staff to know.
How long before we can talk to him? He's been sedated since arrival.
We'll bring him out gradually.
Give us 24 to 48 hours.
Daniel just seemed to change over night.
About a year ago He went from this nice, sweet kid To a boy that I don't even know any more.
He started having these wild mood swings.
You know, violent, abusive.
You took him to the doctor, psychiatrist? Yes, we took him to every doctor, every specialist that we could find.
Nobody could diagnose him.
Daniel doesn't even know when he's having one of these things.
Monsignor Paul told us that there are there are cases you know, cases where there's no medical, no psychological explanation.
Look, I never believed in possession until this.
Is Daniel your biological son? Of course he's ours.
Do you see a physical change in Daniel? Sometimes.
Can you describe it? A change comes over his face, like like there is something inside of him that is trying to control him.
Have you ever seen anyone else change like this? No.
Now there is something Horrible happening inside my son.
So we know what we're dealing with here, right? I don't know.
He said he saw something in Daniel.
If Daniel were wesen, then the dad would have to be.
- Or the mom.
- Or both.
At least one would have to be, I think.
All right, what if one is, the other's hiding it? Oh, I think that'd be hard to hide for long.
There is no parking in taxi zones.
Wie geht's? Fine.
Been a long time since I've been back.
And we're doing our best that nobody finds out.
I wouldn't want what happened to your brother to happen to you.
How's everything been since his death? Nobody's very comfortable.
When is the reunion? Not everyone's here yet.
What about Fornay? He's coming.
So is Tavitian.
What about Lucanus? They settled their differences.
Lucanus is dead.
Tavitian's taken control of the Ceux de LA resistance nod and united it with his resistencia maquis.
He's in control of the entire South.
That changes some alliances.
Hopefully not ours.
Where are you keeping me? Someplace you're not going to like.
So if one parent is wesen and the other one isn't, what would the child be? You mean a wesen and a kehrseite? Yeah.
So I guess it's time for the whole birds and the bienen-wesen talk.
If both parents are wesen, then the child will be too.
Or if one parent is wesen and the other is kehrseite, then there's a 50/50 chance that the child will be wesen.
Unless the kehrseite is a Kehrseite-Gentrager.
Then you're definitely getting a wesen.
Let's pretend I understood what you just said.
What if both parents are wesen, but different kinds? You mean like a Grundverschiedene situation like us? Well, we don't mean to pry.
Yeah, we do.
Well, then you're looking at a Vorherrscher.
But As long as it's healthy, we don't care.
We are on our way.
Seminary student's conscious.
Thank you for your help I think.
Hey, don't expect to just get it all in one talk.
You'll get used to the smell.
I don't think so.
Last time I was in a place like this, my mother and I were running for our lives.
From my family.
Only one way in and out, huh? I don't like that.
Straight into the sewer Which leads to the danube river.
This room was used through many wars and revolutions.
Looks pretty narrow.
It was built in a time when men were smaller.
Pretty sure you'll fit.
Pretty sure I don't want to.
- Not in that suit.
- How long do we stay here? Until we are contacted about the meeting.
It's something my father taught me, you know? And before your family killed him.
The church takes great pains to make sure every conceivable medical or psychological explanation can be ruled out before moving forward.
Many more cases of possession are turned away than are accepted by the church.
Monsignor was certain on this.
He wanted so badly to help Daniel.
What happened in that room? Monsignor began the exorcism.
He commanded the beast to come out.
Sanctificetur nomen tuum.
It all happened so fast.
Daniel attacked us, but he cannot be blamed, he's an innocent child you did tie one of his arms.
Did you anticipate violence? I'd started to hold him down when the best fought to control him.
We were concerned that he might injure himself.
Did you see a physical change in the boy? What I saw was not the face of Daniel.
It was the face of a demon.
So what are we dealing with? Is the kid wesen, or is he and I hesitate to say this possessed by some demon? I don't think he's wesen.
Even if one parent was, they would know and they wouldn't put their child through this.
- So that leaves demon.
- I got noting else.
I wish you hadn't said that.
I saw it! I saw it! Some kind of monster in that boy! Ma'am, I need you to relax and just calm down.
What the hell is this? I don't know.
Well, I know what it looks like.
How do we handle it? I think we just stay back.
That was really weird.
I think it reacts to confrontation.
I wanna go home.
We need to put a guard on this room.
- I need to see my patient.
- We need to talk.
That boy is experiencing something that I don't think anybody is capable of explaining.
I don't believe any of that.
Get outta my way.
If you provoke that boy, you will be a believer real quick.
Anybody who enters that room is at risk of physical violence.
We've already got a dead priest and an injured seminary student.
Then what do you expect us to do? Nothing that could be perceived as a threat no blood, no tests.
Just food and observation.
We have a unit on the way.
What am I supposed to tell my staff? Tell them you don't want them to get hurt.
I'll give you 24 hours.
If he's that dangerous, I want him out of this hospital.
Hello? - Adalind Schade? - Yes.
Your presence is requested this evening at the house.
May I ask what this is about? We'll send a car.
You sure the parents aren't wesen? I'm not sure of anything.
I just haven't seen any indication that they are.
And this is different than anything I've ever seen.
You mean he didn't woge? No, this is more like A battle within.
It's classic devil worship as far as I'm concerned, but we're hoping you have another explanation.
What? I kinda thought I mean, they're myths, right? Are you thinking what I'm thinking? I think I am.
Grausens, right? That's what it sounds like.
Is that a wesen? Not really.
Every generation has heard stories about Grausens.
They go way back.
They used to think they were a wesen spirit that would invade a child.
- But never a wesen child.
- Kehrseite kids only.
But the thinking has changed since medicine and science has advanced.
Now, some believe it's A mutation.
So which is it? Nick, these are incredibly rare occurrences.
I mean It doesn't really matter because they've always been dealt with the same way.
How? They would disappear.
The wesen council is responsible for dealing with them.
Sometime in the 1600s, the council communicated for the first time with royals and grimms.
They forged an alliance.
For the safety of all of them.
Supposedly, Grausens, if left to grow to maturity, become some of the world's most notorious psychopaths, wreaking havoc on like whole continents sometimes.
Historically, wesen were to blame for what Grausens have done.
That's why the council steps in.
- Who is this council anyway? - They enforce wesen law.
You guys have your own laws? Oh, baby.
If this is indeed a Grausen, we have no choice but to inform the council.
Inform them means what? Daniel disappears? Basically.
It's a death sentence for the kid.
It's a death sentence for us if we don't.
How do we even know he is Grausen? The law is clear.
Even if it's a possibility, we have to inform the council.
That's why we shouldn't even be having this conversation.
- Now you tell us? - Well, look.
If we knew you were gonna talk about Grausens, we wouldn't said "don't Talk about Grausens.
" We're not worried about the council, we're worried about the kid.
Now we get to worry about both.
Can't we just let Nick run with this? If they found out that we didn't report it, plus we made an agreement with a Grimm behind their back Then I guess it's just a matter of who goes to whose funeral first.
Well, I'm not going to your funeral.
I have to tell them.
Come in.
I got here as soon as I could.
You'll be leaving as soon as you can.
We've had the reports of the possession of a child.
- Grausen.
- Mm.
- What do we know? - Not much, I'm afraid.
A priest is dead.
And the child, a nine-year-old boy, is in hospital.
Do you accept responsibility for what has to happen? Yes.
This entry's from 1520.
There's more from 1683.
In each case, the Grimm thought that they were going in dealing with the wesen.
But it turned out to be a Grausen.
That was their theory, or belief, or myth.
Still, there's something going on inside this kid.
I just can't figure it out.
Listen to this.
"After my encounter with what I now conclude to be a Grausen, "I'm left with one undeniable certainty.
"Grausens are not the province of grimms, not being wesen.
"I've therefore informed the council "as my ancestors have done in the past.
"But I am left with a nagging question.
"I don't believe this is possession "by any sort of devil or demon.
"I believe it is a disease, of what manner I know not, nor how it is transmitted.
" Does this make sense, based on what you've seen? Well, at the hospital, they said his white blood cell count was high and his immune system was stressed.
Which suggests infectious disease.
How long did the parents say this has all been going on? - About a year.
- So what happened a year ago? I don't know.
If it is a disease, it could've been transmitted sometime before that, depending on the incubation period.
Well, what disease would cause this kind of behavior? There are all kinds of pathogens, viral and bacterial, that could interact with the central nervous system or older portions of the brain that control behavior.
And new pathogens are discovered all the time.
This is a long history.
But apparently not very common.
Which could explain why it's not well-understood.
I think you need to talk to the parents and figure out exactly what happened a year ago.
I'm gonna talk to the parents about pathogens And incubation periods? I will go get my coat.
Did you call this a safe house? I didn't.
Somebody else did.
Time to leave.
Not that way.
Now I need to speak to someone who can get me in to see my son.
Excuse me, there is a policeman that is standing in front of our son's room, and he is not letting us in.
We're very sorry, sir.
We can't take any chances on anybody else getting hurt.
They're not helping him here.
We don't know if they can.
This is Juliette Silverton.
She's been working with me on the case.
I'm sorry, but we're gonna have to ask you guys just a few more questions.
More questions is not gonna help out son! We need to know exactly what happened a year ago when you first started noticing a change in Daniel's behavior.
Nothing happened.
Nothing happened.
This look, this all came out of nowhere, and it's just kept getting worse.
What about before that, say, a month or two? Well, we were on vacation.
Where did you go? Egypt.
Israel, Jordan.
With a tour group.
- How was Daniel on that trip? - He was fine.
- But no - He was he was fine.
No, he got the flu.
He was sick For about three days.
They gave him antibiotics and then he was fine.
Did they happen to do anything like a culture? No, they just said it was the flu, and that he could've gotten it anywhere.
He was swimming in the Jordan river, we were in the dead sea, we were hiking.
I'm sorry, I just don't see what this could possibly have to do with anything.
We don't know.
We're just running down all leads.
When can we see our son? Let me check.
So it's possible that he could've been infected while they were on vacation.
Whenever any pathogen is introduced, the body has an immunological response.
Must be something pretty exotic to have been missed by the doctors.
Any problems? No, sir.
It's been quiet.
Nobody in or out? Tell you the truth, they've been kinda staying away.
- He looks so young.
- Yeah.
That's a weird place to put your shoes.
What? You put your shoes in the drawer.
You know, I don't really think that Daniel's behavior is caused by anything viral or bacterial.
It would have to have a more direct impact on behavior.
You know, a colleague of mine did a case study while I was in vet school about a group of thoroughbreds that were flown to Dubai to race, and there was a storm that forced their transport plane to layover in Jordan.
By the time the horses returned to the U.
, they were exhibiting extremely aggressive behavior.
Okay, Jordan is where Daniel was.
Well, she argued that the horses should be saved, that their behavior was caused by a protozoa, similar to toxoplasmosis, and that if she could just kill the parasite within the horses would return to normal.
Did it work? No, they destroyed the horses before they could be treated.
Well, that seems to be the standard treatment for anything they can't explain.
All right! This is really pushing it, Nick.
A little on the late side, dude.
Whoa! Who are you? I'm looking for Rosalee Calvert.
This is council business.
Nick? What's going on? It's not Nick.
- Rosalee Calvert? - Yes? I need to know where the boy is.
I don't have much time, Ms.
He's at St.
Joseph's hospital.
The council appreciates your loyalty.
Sorry to wake you.
What was I supposed to do? Well, I can't just let the guy go there and Monroe.
I have to tell Nick.
I'm sorry.
This is what I have to do.
People wouldn't necessarily have understood the concept of a parasite living within the body hundreds of years ago.
And if it manifested itself physically and was interpreted as possession by the devil, then, yeah, you can kinda understand everybody's rush to judgment.
So are you saying that there's a way to get the protozoa out of Daniel? No, I'm saying we have to kill the protozoa in Daniel.
Well, how the hell are we gonna do that? Without knowing what the protozoa needs to survive, I don't know.
What are you still doing up? Look, a guy from the council was just here.
He wanted to know where the boy was.
You told him? I'm sorry, Nick, we had to.
But I wanna go with you, okay? I can identify this guy.
Well, wouldn't that just jeopardize you and Rosalee? Possibly, yes.
But then don't.
There's supposed to be an officer guarding this door.
Where is he? He's not here.
We released Daniel Keary a half an hour ago.
Why? Because we don't know what to treat him for.
His parents took him home.
You didn't think to notify us? The police were notified.
The officer standing by knew what we were doing.
This hospital needs beds for patients we can treat.
Sorry, I got here as soon as I could.
They released Daniel.
I know, I just got the message.
We have to get to his house.
We're looking at thunderstorms I don't know what we're going to do.
I don't feel safe.
I can't sleep.
It's our son, Nancy.
What can we do? Well, what if he grabs you again like he did last time? I mean, what if he does to you what he did to monsignor Paul? I don't know! Who is that? It's those Detectives.
What do they want? They're going to arrest him.
What do you want? Sorry to bother you, Mr.
Um, we think that we might have figured out what's wrong with Daniel.
What? It's possible that when you were on vacation and Daniel became ill, it wasn't the flu.
No, it was the flu.
Had a temperature, he had flu symptoms.
The doctor examined him, and you didn't.
But now you're here saying that he has what? We think it could be a very rare protozoa, like a parasite.
It could've been in the water when he went swimming.
Where is Daniel? In his bedroom, sleeping.
If what you're thinking is true, could it be treated? Hopefully.
First, we need to identify the parasite.
That can be done by testing for antibodies.
You mind if we look in on him? Then we can talk about possibly getting him reevaluated.
Tomorrow, we can make arrangements to get him tested with a specialist.
You've gotta understand we've been through so much already.
It's hard to get our hopes high on one more new theory.
I understand.
What do we know about this council guy? Only that he's here.
And we can run a check with the airlines.
Must've gotten in sometime af Oh, my - The boy's gone.
- I'm going after them.
Stay in the house.
Please find him! You want me to shoot him? Actually, I do.
But not yet.
Can you handle him? Go.
Daniel! You don't have to be afraid.
We're trying to help you.
Daniel! Daniel! Nick! I think I know where he's gone.
We built a fort together.
It is really cold.
If he's out here much longer he could die.
This is it! Daniel! Daniel! He's freezing.
Oh, wait, wait.
You gotta be careful when you wake him up.
He's really cold.
I think he's hypothermic.
Oh, my God, look! It's happening again.
We have to get him back to the house and get him warmed up.
If this thing needs a human body to live in, isn't it dependent on the temperature of the body? Yeah.
Then what happens if the body's too cold to support it? It would die.
Wait, what are you talking about? Certain organisms can only survive within a narrow temperature range.
The drop in his body temperature could kill whatever's inside him.
Well, wait, how do we know that's not gonna kill Daniel too? If his body temperature were to drop too far too fast How do we know that hasn't happened already? Nick, we can't do this.
This could be Daniel's only chance.
He's my son! Then you make the decision.
Oh, my God, something's happening.
What's wrong? What is that? It worked.
- What's happening? - The parasite's dying.
We have to get him back now.
Come on.
Nick, get a sample.
Oh, God! You found him! We need to get him warmed up.
Put him on the couch, get some blankets.
Get him out of those wet clothes and warm his body slowly.
Is he gonna be all right? I think so.
Schade? The prince will see you now.
The prince? Life goes on, my dear.
So does the family business.
Hello, Ms.
I've been looking forward to meeting you.
- Who knew I was coming? - Too many.
But Breslau set up the safe house.
Can't wait to meet him.
Well, first we've got to get out of here.
My turn.
Those are the medical reports run on Daniel Keary after we took him in.
What does this prove? Daniel was infected by a parasite that caused him to be what you and the council call a Grausen.
It's not possession by demon, it's not mutation, and Daniel has been cured.
You're a Grimm.
You should know better.
I need to see the boy.
No, you don't.
And you need to take my word for it, because of what my ancestors and the council agreed to at the charter of Wittenberg in 1682.
Take the report with you when you go.
I want the council to read it.
You're letting me go.
I like to think we live in an enlightened age Where fear does not drive belief.
That's the truth behind the fear.
Fear is not an easy thing to change.
Do we believe this report? Well, he didn't have to let me go.
So some of the things we've heard about this, uh, Grimm are true.
I don't think he's like anything we've ever dealt with.
Monitor the boy.
And the Grimm.
"When Daniel Keary's body "became so cold that he slipped into hypothermia, "the Grausen could no longer survive.
"Subsequent tests "On the boy Proved that" I forgot.
What? Proved that the unicellular eukaryotic organism identified as Daemoni Adspicio was responsible for the behavioral changes in the boy.
Not always easy knowing what to believe in.
How do you spell "eukaryotic"? E-u-k - a-r-y - a-r-y.
- o-t-i-c.
- o-t-i-c.