Grimm s03e07 Episode Script

Cold Blooded

Previously on Grimm.
Let me ask you something, Nick.
What's really bothering you? The fact that you killed somebody or the fact that you killed somebody who wasn't wesen.
Europe and the world had gathered today in Vienna, Austria, to mourn the passing of crown prince Eric Renard.
Gonna be leaving town for a little while.
Does this have to do with your brother's death? - Maybe.
- You in some kind of danger? I would assume so.
Been a long time since I've been back.
I wouldn't want what happened to your brother to happen to you.
You call this a safe house? - Time to leave.
- Who knew I was coming? Too many.
But Breslau set up the safe house.
I can't wait to meet him.
The prince will see you now.
- The prince? - Life goes on, my dear.
So does the family business.
Hello, Miss Schade.
I've been looking forward to meeting you.
*** Eric and I were second cousins on my mother's side.
We were quite close.
I was devastated by his passing in such a Violent, obscene way.
I will do everything in my power to bring to justice the men responsible for this act.
Or women.
That being said, I wish to retain your legal services to the family.
You'll stay on in your present position.
I'll be counting on you to honor your relationship with Eric, which I understand was rather intimate.
The police in several countries are putting together their list of suspects.
But I, too, have a list.
It is my belief that whatever happened to Eric in Portland had consequences for him here when he returned.
I understand you spent time there.
And you know another cousin of mine, Sean Renard.
I think of him more as a half cousin.
And you've encountered Nicholas Burkhardt.
- The Grimm.
- Hmm.
To get us started off on the right foot, I'd like you to put together a list of everyone you knew in Portland who you think might have had a hand in my cousin's untimely death.
We're gonna have so very much to talk about.
Thanks, man.
Hey, mom.
Nope, I am literally just walking through the front door.
No, I slept the whole flight.
What time do you get in tomorrow? I'll pick you up at the airport.
Are you sure? All right.
Well, I can't wait to see you.
And tell dad I'm breaking into his liquor cabinet tonight.
Love you too.
Stay away.
Get out! Stay away please Please! Aah! Damn.
Torn right out of the socket.
How the hell you do that? Well, in the good old days, they'd do it with horses.
- What about now? - Somebody big And very powerful.
"Somebody"? Now, these footprints are size 15 or bigger.
They're bigger.
We might be dealing with a Siegbarste again.
- Again? - You remember Oleg Stark? Siegbarste, right.
I remember.
He can pull somebody's arm off.
Victim's flight arrived at 10:15.
He took a cab from the airport.
Cabbie picks up another fare ten minutes later.
His story checks out.
You? Southwest burglary reported two other break-ins this week.
First one on Flower and Corbett and the second at Thompson.
Thompson? That's pretty close to where this one went down.
- Witnesses? - None.
Nobody home at the time.
Well, except the himber house.
Scott comes home and gets killed.
So can we tie these three together? We can check the pawn shops.
If the same guy's fencing stuff from all three robberies It's a long shot.
Be right there.
's ready for us.
I'll take the pawn shops, you take the M.
Wonder what she thinks tore this kid's arm off.
I've seen shark bites powerful enough to separate the humerus clean from the socket.
The force of the bite crushed both the ulna and the radius.
But the actual cause of death was not shock or loss of blood, but a broken neck.
Whatever got a hold of this guy gave him a good shaking.
Multiple fractures of the long bones and a subdural hematoma, which is bleeding in the brain.
And that happened before his arm got torn off? Probably the action that caused the guy's arm to get torn off.
All right, good to go.
Good to go.
You takin' that sandwich with you? No, and it better still be there when I get back.
Hey, Jimmy, how's it looking? Invert's pretty dry.
No sign of blockage.
Must be closer to the main junction.
Copy that.
Pretty clear here.
Almost to the South feeder.
Damn, this hoagie is good.
Where'd you say you get it? You're dead, Charlie.
Found the blockage.
Got a pretty big branch down here.
Gonna need a chainsaw to break this one up.
One chainsaw coming down.
Have we got another crew working down here? Not in this area.
Well, I heard something.
Better check it out.
Hey! Somebody down here? What the hell? Is that a Jimmy? Jimmy, you there? - Get him up! - Got it! Keep cranking! There he is! I see him.
Let him back down.
Now! Call 911! Now! I said call 911! C'est moi aussi.
He's alone.
I would have regretted shooting you, my friend.
Unless, of course, it was you who set us up, Sebastian.
It was the verrat that tried to kill us.
Who knew you were there? I didn't.
You made these arrangements.
I used Breslau.
Breslau? Are you sure? We're not sure of anything at the moment.
Prince Victor, your cousin, arrived two days ago.
Victor? Oh, he's here? The family wants him to take your brother's place.
I don't know that much about him except that Eric never trusted him.
Not sure if that's good or bad.
He's determined to find out who killed your brother.
We need to get you to a safer place.
No, no more safe places.
This will do.
Where's the meeting? I don't know where, but I know when.
Midnight tomorrow.
Frenay and Tavitian will be there.
Tavitian wants to meet you.
Your brother's death has caused a lot of speculation.
Some think he was involved.
That won't hurt his reputation.
Tavitian doesn't need any help from us.
Well, I need some food and some more ammunition.
Routine inspection.
Had a blockage and Jimmy went to check it out.
How long was he down? About five minutes.
We had radio contact, then I don't know.
Something got to him.
By the time we got him up I've been on this job 30 years and this is the first time we ever lost anybody.
Nobody else down there with him? Just Jimmy.
Never seen anything like it and I've seen some crazy things in my time.
Hey, deputy M.
's ready for you.
He was dead when they brought him out.
Let's take a look.
Only time I've ever seen something like this was when I was called out by the forest service.
A hiker was ripped apart by a bear.
Looks like the same kind of tear.
If you ask me, it's an alligator.
I know it sounds crazy, but when I was a kid my uncle who lived in New York told me that alligators lived in the sewers.
I was so scared, I peed in the bathtub the whole time I was there.
Oh, like you wouldn't do the same.
Charlie, is there someone who can take us down there? That'd be me.
And there's always the danger of suffocation.
Sammy will be here in case anything goes wrong.
We're good to go.
Stay close.
Not claustrophobic, are you? Not really.
Look, you don't have to go down there.
No problemo, I got this.
We'll be in some confined spaces, especially as we move in.
- Uh, how confined? - These tunnels, up to 10.
Small pipes may be only 3 feet wide.
Blockage is down this main shaft and up a feeder tunnel.
What the hell? Just a car running over a manhole.
So it gets smaller.
Isn't that interesting.
That's the blockage up ahead.
Jimmy said he heard something in this area and went to check it out.
This the last contact you made with him? I think he went farther in.
Look like blood on the wall here.
There's some more over there.
I'm sure whatever got him is probably long gone.
Got something.
Looks like a backpack.
Looks like there's more.
We should take everything back with us.
And by "we" you mean? You'd be surprised at what we find down here.
Usually it ends up in the river unless there's a blockage.
How many more miles of tunnel are there? We got 456 miles of storm pipe, of combined sewer pipe, and 58,000 catch basins.
Anybody else been down here recently? Unless there's a problem, we don't come down.
Hold on, I gotta go with you.
Uh, guys? Well, I'm sure whatever got him is long gone By now.
- This is South section - Shh! What you got? Too much.
Hey, I think I found something else! What is this? It's stuck.
I didn't expect that.
It's Jimmy's leg! A medical alert bracelet belonging to a Michelle Fenton.
Ah, I got a Michelle Fenton reporting a robbery November 27.
Home location: Sellwood Park.
That is the third in Sellwood Park.
Darren Gifford's briefcase.
Oh, I got I got a Gifford.
House was robbed three weeks ago in Homestead.
Homestead has five break-ins reported, all within a few days.
Got a gym card on a key ring.
I'll try to find out who it belongs to.
I'll call the gym.
So this guys targets certain neighborhoods until things get hot, then he moves on.
I don't see how this connects to the attack in the tunnel.
It's worthless stuff.
Why keep it? Guy could have just dumped this stuff in the gutter.
Well, maybe there's something else down there.
So how do we explain the similarities between the attacks? Got two severed limbs, one above ground, one below.
Gym card belongs to our murder victim, Scott Himber.
I'd say that's a connection.
Yeah? Thanks for the update.
Closest match to the bite mark on the severed leg? Don't tell me.
Problem is, alligators don't rob houses.
If you're talking about what I think you're talking about: A wesen that hides underground and can rip limbs like Taffy? That what we're talking about.
Not a gator.
That's the "no" part.
- A Siegbarste.
- Still no.
Tight spaces make them irritable.
What's the "yes" part? A Gelumcaedus.
Never heard of it.
Well, why would you have? I mean, I've never even seen one.
But I'm telling you, if you got a Gelumcaedus in the storm drain, you better be damn sure you know - what you're up against.
- Trailer? Would be my suggestion, but I can't go right now.
I'm in the middle of making dinner here.
No problem.
No, don't worry about it.
I'm sure we'll have no problem - finding a Gelum what is it? - No idea.
Well, at least we know it starts with a "G.
" - I think it was a "K.
" - All right, all right.
Here, look, I'll write it down for you.
And you know, there's plenty of food.
So, look, why don't you just go get the books, bring 'em back, and what the hell? Invite Juliette.
We'll make a party of it, figure this one out together.
- It was a "G.
" - Told you.
Too soon for him to be back.
Frenay wants us there now.
We must leave.
It looks clear, but I'll go first, but I suggest we go fast.
All right.
Let's go.
This one's from London, 1916.
"Having ventured further into the sewers, "we were almost overcome by the fumes.
"It is easy to see why "Gelumcaedus chose this place to live.
"Without the breathing apparatus Anna invented, we could never have survived the fetid conditions.
" Whoa, it looks like something out of a Jules verne novel.
"We were finally confronted by the Gelumcaedus "beneath Farrington road.
"The Gelumcaedus had just emerged from a dormant period "common for them, during which they retreat into the hellholes they fashion for themselves, living off their plunder.
" I don't think our guy's in a dormant period.
I got something.
It says here Gelumcaedus is one of the oldest known wesen.
Served in the Praetorian guard under Caligula's reign and they were hired to protect the newly-built aqueducts.
Probably why they like storm drains.
It says when Rome fell, they retreated to the underground waterways to avoid execution.
Hey, hold on.
There's more here.
"I regret to report that Reginald, "one of our hunters we took with us, "perished in the fight, "his upper limbs torn from their sockets.
"Escaping this wesen's grip is virtually impossible.
"As a result, I have procured a vambrace should I ever do battle with a Gelumcaedus again.
" What's a vambrace? This.
I think I have one of those in the trailer.
Well, of course you do.
I just didn't know what it was for.
Well, now you do.
So if the kid and the sewer worker were killed by Gelumcaedus, he's still gotta be down in the tunnels.
We have to go back in.
And not as cops.
There are the two big interceptor tunnels on both sides of the river, another off the Columbia slough.
They connect to the larger storm drain and sewer tunnels.
Some are new.
Some are 80 years old.
Where are the entrances to the storm drain tunnels? - Besides the manholes? - That'd be through the outfalls where excess runoff drains to the river.
- Where are those? - Nicolai outfall at Nicolai and Front, Alta outfall near St.
John's bridge, Northwest outfall here.
Big enough for someone to walk in? Some big enough for a car to drive in.
But unless you know the section, chance of finding someone is pretty slim.
Sorry, guys, I got a problem I have to deal with.
You got everything you need? Hey, you mind if we borrow these? Take one of these.
Got a whole closet full of them.
Thank you.
Look where these outfalls are Sellwood, Northwest.
Both neighborhoods that had recent robberies.
And not the only two Sheridan, king's heights.
And all robberies are clustered around the outfalls.
I think he's using the tunnels as an escape route.
To where? Where does he come out? Maybe he doesn't.
The Sheridan outfall leads directly to where all the other tunnels intersect.
Close to where the sewer worker was killed.
So between where the worker was killed and the tunnels intersect We were close.
Maybe the sewer worker was too close.
This is it The vambrace.
Even has the head of a Gelumcaedus on it.
And these look like teeth marks.
- You wanna wear it? - Ah, no way.
I'm going 21st century.
Well In honor of my ancestors Whoa.
Where'd you go? You ready to do this? Yeah.
- We got a ways to go.
- Somebody's definitely gone through this entrance.
Somebody big.
Oh, yeah.
*** *** The tunnel coming up on our right pretty soon.
We're getting close to where we were before.
It's definitely one of the old tunnels.
I hear something.
Sounds like breathing.
Got him.
Sounds like he's in two Maybe three places.
It's the echo.
So where is he? No idea.
Shouldn't be a problem.
We only have 450 miles of tunnel we have to check.
We need to retrace our steps.
Do you hear that? - What? - Ticking.
- It's my watch.
- No.
A lot of ticking.
Hope you're not talking about a bomb.
It's coming from behind this wall.
Is that blood? Could Jimmy make it down this far? A door.
What do you know? He does live in the sewer.
This guy's been busy.
Gotta be a couple hundred thousand down here.
Stocking up for that dormant period.
I wonder how many other cities he's hit.
How many bodies he's left behind.
I bet we can match this stuff to every robbery we've had.
You move, and you'll never move again.
It worked.
By what? Sounds like they reached a verdict.
- Who is that? - Breslau.
The one who set us up.
Constantine, I don't understand why you would betray us.
The resistance protected and supported you.
What's her name? You will kill her.
You are my friend and I do not wish to see you suffer any more than you have to.
You didn't know she was working for the royals, but you should have.
Thank you.
Breslau betrayed us all.
Would you prefer one of us to do it? - No.
- Mm-hmm.
- Ca va? - Ca va? And you are Sean Renard.
And you're Claude Frenay.
You saved my mother's life once.
And I was well-rewarded.
Glad to have you with us.
Me too.
We will begin as soon as Tavitian arrives.
Come! Food and drink up at the house.
Arrested twice.
Salt lake and New York City.
Breaking and entering on both.
Acquitted on both.
Lack of evidence.
Couldn't find the goods.
Not the case this time.
You're a long way from your condo in South Florida, Gregorek.
Hear the weather's great down there in the winter.
Is that your off-season? - I like the sunshine.
- Who wouldn't, after a few months in the sewer? You got a buyer down in Florida? Fence the stolen goods down there that how it works? Looks like Portland's not your lucky town.
Two murder charges we're gonna nail on you.
And once we start looking into robberies in other cities, we think we're gonna find some more dead bodies.
Make it easy on yourself.
And maybe we can get the D.
To take the death penalty off the table.
Go home.
Have a drink Or whatever it is that you two do.
You're wasting my time.
This guy really thinks he has a chance.
Probably thinks we can't tie the murders to him 'cause of the way they were killed.
I don't know what this idiot's thinking.
Boot prints place him at both crime scenes.
We got him nailed.
Yeah I'll see you in the morning.
I'm calling it.
All right, I'm right behind ya.
Just gonna call Monroe.
Honey, it's Nick.
Kinda busy.
What's he want? Hey, Nick.
He's kinda knee-deep in a clock.
Here, let me put you on speaker.
I'm sorry to bother you guys.
Just wanted to see if you'd ever heard of a decapitare.
I know what it means.
It's really, really old-school.
Latin for Grimm, as in "he who decapitates.
" One of those nights, huh, Nick? - You need our help? - No.
Just wanted to know what it was.
If you're still at work, you're getting a new partner.
Gregorek wasn't working alone.
- What? - No, the times on the crime reports don't add up.
On the 17th, a break-in in Sellwood Park happened just minutes before the first robbery was reported in the northwest.
Then on the 29th, a northwest robbery overlapped a break-in in homestead.
Well, he can't be in two places at once.
If there's another Gelumcaedus, it's still down there.
Do you want me to come back? No.
Let me cross-reference these reports.
If I find anything, I'll come over.
I'm assuming you'll still be awake? - Yeah.
Will be now.
- All right.
Hank, it's me.
Hey, I'm outside.
Open up the door.
Bring Gregorek to me, and you get your partner back.
If not, you' find pieces of him in the river.
Let me talk to him.
The Sheridan outfall.
I see anyone with you, he dies.
I wanna talk to Hank.
Who has my partner? I have no idea what you're talking about.
Turn around.
Put your hands behind your head.
Anything happens to Hank, you won't be dealing with a cop.
If I don't hear Hank's voice, I'm gonna put a bullet into your buddy's head in the next two seconds.
Now you hear him.
Leave your gun in the car and bring my brother to me.
Brother? He's always looked after me.
You better leave that gun here.
Get out.
Ahh Smells just like home.
I have great respect for decapitare.
My grandfather, he used to scare us when we were children about your kind.
You don't look so scary anymore.
Gregorek, you are good? Better now, Andre.
Take the handcuffs off my brother or watch me cut his throat.
Now step away from my partner.
Brother He's decapitare.
- He knows what we are.
- Yes, I do.
That's too bad.
Now my brother and I are gonna have to kill you.
I think he meant brothers.
There's three of them! Behind you! You killed my brothers! Mama.
I kinda like that.