Grimm s03e09 Episode Script

Red Menace

Previously on Grimm.
- So what happened to you? - Zip-lining in Kauai.
Tore my achilles.
Someone outside the family is carrying royal blood.
Who is the unlucky man? It's one of two, and they happen to be brothers.
You wanted to see us? Gonna be leaving town for a little while.
You in some kind of danger? Been a long time since I've been back.
And we're doing our best that nobody finds out.
Hey there, little red riding hood you sure are looking good you're everything that this big, bad wolf could want yeah, listen little red riding hood I don't think that a big girl should go walking in the streets or woods alone What big eyes you have the kind of eyes that'd drive wolves mad Morning.
So to see you don't get chased I think I ought to walk with you to be safe Hello? Juliette, it's Alicia.
What's wrong? It's Joe.
I gotta get out of here, okay? I can't take it anymore.
- I'm leaving him.
- Are you hurt? Yeah.
Okay, then you need to come, and you're staying with us.
I'm just afraid of what he'll do when he finds out I left.
All right, you need to get in the car and come to Portland right now.
I don't know, I don't know.
Maybe I shouldn't do this.
No, listen, it's gonna be okay, but you have to get out of there.
All right, so get in the car and call me from the road.
Okay, thanks.
Did you run? Yep.
You're not sweating.
I know.
Weird, isn't it? My friend Alicia just called.
Alicia who's married to that idiot? Joe, and yes.
She needs a place to stay.
He hit her again.
Well, did she report it? No, I think she's too scared to do anything besides just get out of there right now.
- Do you want me to get into it? - No, not yet.
Not until we have a chance to talk to her.
I just wanted you to know she's coming.
She can stay here as long as she needs to, but you have to make sure she does not talk to Joe while she's here.
He cannot know where she is.
Okay, thanks.
Really? Just pretending we like each other.
I like pretending.
Why are you in Vienna? Did you miss me? I did, actually.
Who put cameras in my room? Who's paying your hotel bills? Eric was.
You're still here.
You know, the family they get very paranoid when one of their own gets killed.
So they're spying on me.
- Well, anything to hide? - What's left to hide? Nothing, if they know you're pregnant.
See, there's a rumor going around that's someone's trying to sell a child with royal blood.
Who's the father? You mean is it yours? Is it? You worried about paying child support? One thing you can be sure of, when this becomes known and soon enough, it will you're going to have to choose a side.
See, everyone will be interested in that child but not so much you.
You don't have that many friends you can trust, if any.
And there will come a time when you need one.
_ _ _ I'm fine.
I'm fine.
You're not fine.
You need some tea.
How do you feel? I still feel the pain.
And you will.
You will for a few hours, days maybe.
It will stop.
You will see.
How much do I have to pay you? Live a long, happy life.
That's payment enough.
Did you find out? Tonight? Tonight, there's gonna be a lot of people there.
Maybe it's better.
Okay, give me the address.
Tonight, we'll pay him back.
A toast, please.
I am honored to have Boris Myshkin, the great healer what he did today is a miracle and his lovely wife Olga in my restaurant on this special night.
May God grant you the health that you have granted to so very many.
- Na zdorov'ye.
- Spasiba.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Dima, Mila, I'm the one who's honored.
You showed so much kindness.
Generosity to Olga and me.
We are very happy.
Dance, eat, drink, muzyka! - - Alicia's not answering her phone again.
Well, it could be out of battery or no service.
What if Joe found out she was leaving? I'm sure he has by now.
Maybe that's her.
It's her.
I was so worried about you.
Why didn't you answer your phone? I'm sorry, the battery was out, and I left my charger, so - Hey, Alicia.
- Hey, Nick.
We're gonna help you get through this.
Yeah, you're gonna be all right, and the guest bedroom's all ready for you.
- Has Joe tried to call you? - Yeah.
Like, a million times.
Have you talked to him? No, Juliette told me not to, so Good, we don't want him to know where you are.
- Have you eaten? - No, I don't um, I don't think I can right now.
You've got to eat I'll make something light, and I'll get you a glass of wine.
This isn't your fault, you know.
I'm sorry.
- What? - Nothing.
Nah, I just, uh, gotta put the room in the bag.
Come here.
You know, you put me through so much pain, kind of feels like we're married.
It sounds like you've been married before.
Yeah, you could say that.
Didn't work out? You can say that too.
Least you tried.
How's that feel? Better.
Good, well, one more session and we should be done.
Only one more, really? We've been at it for eight weeks.
You better be getting better, or I should be looking for another job.
Well, I can't say it's all been fun, but, uh, maybe we should celebrate.
Uh, you know, like a graduation kind of thing.
Sorry, I didn't mean to no, it's it's all right, I just I try to keep everything on a professional right, that's that's always good.
I was wondering when you were gonna come back.
How was it? Well, the Verrat paid a personal call.
They found out you were there.
Let's just say there was an indiscretion, but we handled it.
I'm guessing you didn't make any arrests.
There's a great deal at stake here, Nick.
Allegiances are shifting.
My brother's death has caused a great deal of turmoil.
Too bad I didn't get a chance to meet your brother.
I would've liked to see that.
They find out you were involved? They're not certain of anything except that you and I pose a great threat.
Welcome back, Captain.
Sorry to interrupt, but somebody got themselves killed.
Anybody interested? Prep cook found the victim between the petit escargot and chocolate mocha, which makes him our special for today.
- Special got a name? - Ivan markov.
clocked in at 2:00.
Any sign of his clothes? Street clothes are in his locker, but his uniform's missing.
Somebody killed him for his uniform? Anything else missing? No, money, booze all accounted for.
Got some bruising around his neck.
- Strangled.
- And no sign of a struggle.
You haven't seen the storeroom.
- Blood on the floor.
- Broken window.
Now we're talking struggle.
Oh, maybe the killer went out the window.
- Where's the owner? - Waiting to talk to you.
I thought markov got sick and went home.
You look for him, call his house? We were short-staffed.
I got busy.
We were closed for a private party.
You have a guest list? The woman who booked the party is a personal friend, Mila Guryanova.
I can give you her number.
- Staff get along with markov? - As far as I know.
Show us your surveillance.
This is the guy we think killed the waiter.
He knows there's cameras.
That's why he's carrying the box.
And this is him ten minutes later.
- Is that the storeroom? - Yeah.
He goes in, never comes back out.
So he kills the waiter, steals the uniform.
What's the motive? This guy.
Boris Myshkin, guest of honor.
The killer must have needed the uniform as a disguise.
Myshkin? I've heard of him.
He's some sort of Russian healer.
Sounds like a scam artist to me.
According to the restaurant owner, Myshkin is staying with this woman, Mila Guryanova.
And this is his wife Olga.
How does Olga feel about them? What, his groupies? - Doubt she calls 'em that.
- Mm.
Any idea who the assailant is? Not yet, lab's still trying to clean up the image.
And no one reported the assault? No.
We believe Myshkin threw his attacker out the window.
And he went back to the party like nothing happened.
So the guy who attacked him could still be on the loose.
If someone tried to kill Myshkin, there's no reason to think he won't try it again.
We need to talk to Myshkin.
We're dealing with Russian citizens.
If the state department decides to get involved, I'd like to stay in front of this one.
I'm coming with you.
It's too late now.
I don't know how, but he killed me.
You have to be strong.
No, no tears.
I failed.
I love you.
_ I brought you some towels.
Put them on the dresser and get out.
You should call home like I do.
It's not good to forget where you come from.
You think Myshkin cares for you, any of you? I'm sorry I disturbed you.
_ *** I wish all my crimes took place in.
You should know that in Russia these healers are revered.
So are circus clowns.
Well, this one threw a guy through a window.
We're looking for Boris Myshkin.
Please wait in here.
I am Mila Guryanova.
This is my home.
The Myshkins are my guests.
What do you want with my husband? We need to ask him a few questions concerning a police investigation.
Now is not a good time.
He's doing a healing.
This shouldn't take too long.
This way.
My boy's wound won't heal.
It never heals.
It just gets worse.
It's hot.
- What do you see? - Something with his hand.
Mysha, Mysha.
It's healed.
You've done it.
My boy is healed.
Spasiba, spasiba.
He's done it.
I can't believe it.
Sorry for the interruption.
I'm Captain Renard.
This is Detective Burkhardt, Detective Griffin.
What do you want? You had a party at a restaurant last night.
A waiter was murdered there.
- What happened? - Olga.
According to restaurant surveillance, the man who killed the waiter also tried to kill you.
_ Olga, please.
_ _ _ _ Why am I not surprised? You told your wife you'd tell the truth.
I have nothing to hide.
A man attacked me.
I fought back.
- You ever seen this man before? - No.
But he too spoke Russian.
He's saying What's that mean? Doesn't really translate, but if you're gonna kill somebody you hate, it certainly fits the occasion.
Any reason why this man hates you enough to kill you? Ah, many.
Many reasons.
Sometimes sometimes I try to heal someone, and I fail.
Some say I do the devil's work.
Some men are jealous because their foolish wives fall in love with me, but that, I can't help.
What happened to the man who attacked you? I threw him out the window.
He ran away.
You should've reported it.
If I'd known he already murdered someone, I would've.
It's possible he may try again, so I'm gonna leave a patrol unit parked just outside in case.
If you see anything suspicious, please give us a call immediately.
Is Myshkin in trouble? Where did you learn to speak Russian? I spent a couple years in Moscow when I was younger.
Do svidaniya.
- Do svidaniya.
- What'd you see? The skin on Myshkin's hand became transparent when he was healing that kid.
I could see his bones.
Could you? No, no, but what you're describing is a Koschie.
I remember meeting one once with my mother in Moscow.
He was a healer just like Myshkin.
He wore these long monk's robes, he didn't drink, and according to my mother, he was celibate, which is why he came to her.
Evidently, the healing fired up his sex drive, and he needed a potion to put the brakes on.
Myshkin's libido could use some of that.
Man likes to party.
Oh, doesn't seem to be suffering too much guilt about his marriage.
Or maybe he's suffering too much.
He is Russian after all.
I'll call a few friends in Moscow, see what I can find out.
Oh, my God! Looks like this stuff barely survive the fire.
A lot of loose pages here, all in Russian.
This stuff is totally burnt.
Also all in Russian.
Maybe we should've brought the Captain.
- Here? - Yeah.
I don't think so.
Okay, try to find anything in English.
Stalin looks like he used Malin Fatal as bodyguards.
That's nice.
Ah, English, at last.
"December 1, 1916.
"Lieutenant oswald Carter, St.
Petersburg, Russia.
"Ozzie, received your dispatch.
"Rasputin's influence over tzarina "and his call to remove Russian troops from the front "devastating to allied cause.
"Your plan approved.
"God save king George.
"Sir Ian Hastings, British secret intelligence bureau.
" Rasputin? He's in here too? The mad monk? Guess so.
Okay, this looks like a journal entry.
Rasputin was a Koschie.
Figures, I knew he was wesen.
Captain said Myshkin was a Koschie.
You know anything about them? Huh? No.
Koschie are, you know, Russian, which means they're Greek to me.
"Because of their healing powers, "they are extremely difficult to kill, "but one must be especially careful.
"A Koschie's touch can not only heal but also be fatal.
" How do you know which one you're going to get? There's more about Rasputin here.
"When the poison proved ineffective, "I instructed Yusopov to just shoot the bastard.
"Unfortunately, he fired only one shot.
"I quickly shot him three more times with my webley.
"Still, this wasn't enough to kill him.
"We had to beat him senseless "and dump him in the icy waters of the neva river.
"Ironically, British intelligence had no idea they had sanctioned a Grimm to kill a wesen.
" Burkhardt.
Where? We're on it.
Gentlemen, we have a body.
Well, this is where I say do svidaniya, comrades.
_ _ _ - How are things? - Nothing changes.
The royals are ruling behind another puppet strongman, and we are living off cheeseburgers.
What about Boris Myshkin? Ah, an interesting man, albeit an evil one.
Before he became a healer, he was an assassin.
- For who? - The FSB.
How's he work? His victims all die a terrible death from radiation poisoning.
How he does it, no one knows.
Paramedics took one look and called Oregon public health.
They think he was exposed to something toxic.
I've seen enough.
Yeah, me too.
Room's registered to an Alex Renko.
Manager said he paid in cash, but he had a Moscow driver's license.
- Another Russian.
- Got something here.
Markov's uniform from the restaurant.
So the dead guy in the tub killed the waiter and attacked Myshkin.
That's some badass justice.
Got a cell phone over here.
Looks like a burner.
All the calls are to the same number.
Could be an accomplice.
Let's see who he was talking to.
The number you have reached is no longer in serv I guess the accomplice is not stupid.
Oh! Jeez! Hazmat's here.
They said don't Touch the oh.
Sorry, Detectives, but you have to be decontaminated.
You'll surrender your clothes and undergo exfoliation.
Exfoliation? That means you'll have to shower.
You'll also need to take potassium iodide.
Anyone allergic? Ugh.
Let's get some swabs off the victim.
Seal off the other room.
I've had to take a few cold showers before, but nothing like this.
Can't believe soap and water's gonna be enough.
Scrub hard.
How long you think it takes before you show signs of radiation sickness? That depends on the level of exposure.
Killer must have got a pretty high dose I hope.
Well, he didn't look sick on the restaurant surveillance.
Oh, not before he walked into the storeroom anyway.
That must have been where he got exposed.
And by exposed you mean To Myshkin.
We better tell them to check out the restaurant storeroom.
That's pretty hot over here.
What's your reading? Looking at a .
You guys are clear.
Don't forget to take your potassium iodide.
What about our clothes? They have to be incinerated.
You're lucky, could've been a lot worse.
Just heard back from our team at the restaurant.
You were right.
That storeroom is hot.
Hey, who you gonna call? You dress blues, huh? Nice booties.
You okay? - They cleared us.
- We feel like idiots.
No comment.
So What do we know about our suspect? So far, just his name.
- Alex Renko.
- They've got him in isolation.
He's dying of radiation poisoning.
Had to be Myshkin.
He's definitely a Koschie.
We found out they can kill or cure with their touch.
Fits with what I got.
Turns out Myshkin was a paid assassin for the FSB.
Sounds like his sins have come back to haunt him.
Let's bring him in, see what he'll admit to.
You shouldn't have come here.
I told you, I don't want this for you.
You have to leave him.
He will kill you too.
If you really want to keep gizmo from getting into fights, you have got to neuter him.
I know, but my husband won't let me.
Well, he's probably gonna be out for another hour, so if you want to get coffee or anything Are you sure he'll be okay? Yeah, he'll be fine until the next time.
I should just neuter you anyway, gizmo, spare you a lot of pain and suffering.
Go ahead.
I won't tell.
We talking about a cat? Well, it wouldn't be that difficult, would it? I mean, a cat, - a man - Joe.
That's terrible, to even think about doing that in the middle of the night when he's drunk and passed out, say, like, on a Friday at 9:30, and we had a really, really good alibi.
You know you can never go back.
Yeah, I know.
- Not this time, I'm - Never.
There's no way in hell I'm ever going back.
Unless It's Friday at 9:30 and we have a Really good alibi.
You know a man named Alex Renko? Should I? You poisoned him with radiation two days ago.
And you used to work for the FSB.
We know you're a Koschie.
I saw you heal that boy.
You saw it? Okay.
Now I know what you are.
How about the rest of you? No.
It's a long story.
Why did Renko want you killed? I promise you I don't know.
I'm sorry for what I did to that man.
He attacked me.
I had no choice.
Yes, I was assassin for the FSB.
But I wanted to find peace and do penance for the pain I caused, so I swore an oath to God to only do good, heal the sick.
My concern is not your redemption.
My concern is that Renko has an accomplice - who may still be after you.
- Ah.
I'm already a dead man, mister.
And every time I heal, I die a little more.
If someone tries to kill me, I'm not gonna fight it again.
Why should I? Soon I will be in hell.
Well, I suggest that you leave the country immediately.
My wife misses her home.
She would be happy to return.
You're free to go.
Ah, I can go.
Free I'm not.
All right.
I understand.
Renko's awake.
If we want to talk to him, this may be our only chance.
Let's go.
Alex? Says Myshkin killed his father, and he's gonna kill her too.
Myshkin's wife? He didn't give a name.
Alex said Myshkin murdered his father.
Is anyone at the house related to him? There's a lot of possibilities.
Including his wife if she's related to Alex.
- And Larissa the housekeeper.
- Or one of his groupies.
If Alex is afraid for someone at the house, it must be someone who's with Myshkin now.
So you should be happy.
You get to go home.
Are you coming with me? Do you still care? I don't know anymore.
Can I get you anything? Mm, let's think.
Um, let's start with vodka.
Need help? Not here, where she can see us.
Why? Afraid we'll make a scandal? I love to make a scandal.
_ No, no, no.
I'm right here.
I need to help you.
I need to help you Oop, oop, oop, oop, oop.
Finish your drink first.
Oh! Oh.
I want you now.
I think you need to drink more.
I think you need to love more.
Larissa oy.
You're playing too hard to get.
Why don't you die? I'm having so much fun.
Why die? Don't touch me.
What's wrong, huh? You killed my father.
- What? - And now you killed my brother.
They were my whole life.
I poisoned you.
Why don't you die? Who are you? It was my Saint's name day.
I was only ten years old.
My father went to the car to get me a present, and you killed him.
Komarov? Sergei Komarov was your father? No, no, no, no.
No, you you don't understand.
I'm not the same man.
You can never make up for what you've done.
I'm not the same man.
I don't kill.
I heal.
Forgive me.
Please forgive me.
I'll take the back.
All right.
Police! Open up! What is the problem? - Where's your husband? - Upstairs in our bedroom.
He's got that little whore with him.
I told you, I'm not that man anymore.
- I've changed.
- Stay back.
- Mysha, what happened? - She stabbed me.
Larissa, come here.
- Let her go.
No! - Olga! Get down! Grimm.
You heard the man.
On the floor! He killed his ***.
Shh, shh, shh.
I don't think she's gonna make it.
I can't stop this bleeding.
I can help.
Stay back.
I don't think we have another choice.
No! She tried to murder you.
Mysha, Mysha! Don't, don't! It will kill you.
You are too weak.
No! No! You fool.
Forgive me.
You fool.
This is Burkhardt.
We need an ambulance.
- Nick? - Yeah.
We're in the kitchen.
Are you hungry? We saved you a plate.
Mm, thanks.
- How'd it go today? - It was fun.
Alicia came to work with me and helped treat cats and dogs.
And one parrot.
His name was, uh - Beauregard.
- Beauregard.
He was pretty chatty.
So you had a good day? Yeah, yeah.
I did.
Look, guys, I know this is such an imposition, - and I promise you that - Will you stop? She's been doing this all day.
I'll get the phone.
So has Joe tried calling again today? I turned off my phone.
- That's good.
- She's not here, Joe.
I don't know where she is.
She's not here.
No, you're not hearing what I'm saying.
Let me talk to him.
Hey, Joe, it's Nick.
- You don't want to do this.
- I'm looking for my wife! This is none of your damn business, Detective.
Well, I'm not talking to you as a cop yet.
You need to calm down.
The hell I do! Is she there? Just tell me if she's there.
Damn it, I know she's there! If Alicia left you, I'm sure she did it for a pretty good reason.
Do you want to tell me about it? Joe.
He hung up.
Does he know that I'm here? He's probably calling all of your friends.
If he knows that I'm here, then he will come here.
Well, then we'll just deal with it.
Look, Nick, you don't you don't understand, okay? He's he's he's not normal.
Well, let's hope he's normal enough not to do anything stupid.