Grimm s03e10 Episode Script

Eyes of the Beholder

Previously on Grimm.
- So what happened to you? - Zip-lining in Kuwaii Tore my achilles.
Well, one more session and we should be done.
One more, really? - Maybe we should celebrate.
- No.
I try to keep everything on a professional Right.
That's always good.
I got to get out of here, okay? I can't take it anymore.
You need to come, and you're staying with us.
My friend Alicia just called.
She needs a place to stay.
He hit her again.
This isn't your fault, you know.
If he knows that I'm here, then he will come here.
He's not normal.
_ What are you gonna do if Joe apologizes? What then? I'm not going back this time.
I don't care what he does or he says.
Isn't that what you said last time? I know.
But I didn't walk out last time either.
Sorry I'm late.
You, um you want some wine? I do, but still on duty.
How you doing? Pretty good, thanks to you two.
It sort of feels like we're back in the dorm, right? - Yeah.
- Except for Nick, of course.
I wish he'd been there.
Yeah, if only.
Some of the guys that she was with Hey, whoa! You need to behave yourself.
Maybe it's time I go to the little girls' room.
- That's a good idea.
- I think so.
Thanks for coming by.
I know you're crazed at work.
She was kidding about the guys, mostly.
No, I have something to tell you about Alicia.
Is it Joe? Is he here? No.
Your friend is a wesen.
What? I saw her when she got to our house.
You were in the other room.
She got upset.
No way.
We were roommates for three years.
I don't even know if I should be telling you this.
What kind of wesen? Is she dangerous? No.
I don't think so.
I didn't get a good look at her, but I'd say something more like a Fuchsbau.
Like Rosalee? That's a relief.
Hey, look, she's your friend.
She can stay with us as long as she wants.
But if she founds out that I'm a Grimm, she could freak out.
She could go running back to Joe.
Well, what do we do now? Nothing.
Okay? Nothing.
Act natural.
What? - Let me see.
- No.
You're gonna get fired if you keep coming over here.
Well, keep ordering food, and I'm good.
I don't have any more money.
Can you stay till I close? I have my sister's car.
If she finds out, she's gonna kill you.
I know.
Your boss is looking.
Look, my mom's in Vegas with some loser for the weekend.
We have the house to ourselves.
Just saying.
Thank you.
Help! Stop! Leave us alone! No! Hey! Come on, let's go! All right, let's bounce, y'all.
Hey! Hey! Hey! Slow down, you idiot! Help me! - Oh, my God.
- Help me! Help me.
I'll be right back.
Help me! You got two victims.
The female, being rushed to the hospital, male, not so lucky.
Any cameras in the parking lot? Place barely has lights.
Female talking when they found her? In and out of consciousness.
Alonzo banks.
Didn't take his cash or his jewelry.
Owner said he was a regular came in on the weekends, a high roller.
He and his date were seen leaving the diner, found minutes later by a customer walking out.
I'll check inside.
I saw him hauling ass across the parking lot just as I walked out.
He was parked right over here young, black kid, late teens.
Didn't get a good look at his face.
- Was he with anybody? - Not that I saw.
Almost ran me down getting out of here.
You get a look at the vehicle? Yeah.
Silver impala, pretty new.
I got an eye for wheels.
Had a 1970 impala coupe real beauty.
Didn't happen to get a look at the license, did you? Yeah, saw half.
Did you know Alonzo banks or the girl he was with? Just to wait on.
They pretty much kept to themselves.
Did he seem upset, get into an argument with anyone? Not that I saw.
Anything else you know about him? What? Just he wasn't a guy to mess with, you know, maybe involved in a gang or something, but I don't know anything about that.
I just do my job.
Do you mind if I get this? It's my boyfriend.
He's probably wondering where I am.
Go ahead.
Hey, are you home? - Got a hit on something.
- All right.
You're not gonna believe what happened after you left.
I saw it.
I saw what they did, joy.
I saw them kill that guy.
What? And they saw me.
Oh, my God.
Are you sure? Yes, I'm sure.
I don't know what to do.
Don't talk to anybody.
Look, Alonzo was a bad man, Jared, which means that whoever killed him is worse.
Should I go to the cops? You think they'll be able to protect you? That's not how it works, not in this neighborhood.
I'll call you when I get back home.
He ain't gonna say nothing.
He saw our faces.
He was talking with the waitress in the diner.
They had something going.
Dread, come on.
You think a scared little punk like that is going to the cops? I don't know what he's gonna do, but I know what we're gonna do.
- Morning.
- Morning.
How'd you sleep? Oh, good, for once.
Oh, I found some apartments online really affordable too.
- Oh, hey, that's great.
- Yeah.
Oh, uh, coffee? Did you want to drink some coffee? Sure.
I'd love some.
You okay? Sure.
Um Sorry.
I, uh Coffee.
I'm Make some.
Look, you know, I should find something today, so I'll I'll be out of your hair.
Look, we've known each other for a really long time, and we've always been able to be really open and honest with each other.
And I just I kind of think that, um What? What? I just think that, um well I don't really know how to say this.
Uh, it's not easy to say, so I just come out with it.
I am a Kehr Seite Schlich Kennen.
That's German for someone who isn't but knows.
Knows what? What you are.
What are you talking about? I know that you're wesen.
And it just it's not a problem for me at all, so I just want you to know that I'm totally okay with it.
But I don't want you to feel like this is something that you need to hide from me.
Look, I don't I don't know what you mean.
I think you do.
You know what? I have enough problems right now, okay? Obviously, I did something to make you mad or to make you think that I'm lying to you No, that's not it.
But whatever it is, I'm just gonna walk away now before one of us says something we regret.
Alonzo banks did six years on an assault and possessions charge.
Guy allegedly ran Portland's Northend Cru.
I busted a northend banger a few years back not a gang you want to mess with.
Unless you're trying to send a message.
- Rival gang hit? - Could be.
I could check with the gang task force, see if they know your vic.
Yeah? I got three cars that match the description and plate numbers of the suspect's vehicle.
You run them? I was about to.
Then I got this.
Payback for the millions spent on the red light camera program.
Silver impala was seen running a red light two blocks from the crime scene less than a minute after the 911 call was made.
Coincidence? I believe not.
We know the owner? Registered to a Tyler Z.
Let's see what Mr.
Ellis has to say.
- Who is it? - It's the Portland P.
We're looking for Tyler Ellis.
Zuri? What are you doing here? You two know each other.
Zuri was my physical therapist for my achilles.
Zuri, this is Detective Burkhardt.
So what are you doing here? There must be some mistake.
We're looking for a Tyler Ellis.
I'm Tyler.
Uh, I go by my middle name.
It's a family thing long story.
Is that your silver impala out front? Last time I looked, yeah.
You want to tell me what this is about? Well, we think your car was seen leaving the scene of a crime last night.
My car? Where were you last night around 1:00 A.
? Asleep.
I-I was in bed by 10:00.
Do you mind if we come in? All right.
Sorry, sorry.
Let me just do you live alone? Well, my brother Jared lives with me.
Does he have access to your car? Not without my permission, but he was here all night.
Oh, but you said you were sleeping.
What is going on here? We have a murder.
Late last night, a car matching yours was seen speeding away from the scene.
Jared, these Detectives are here.
They want to know where you were last night.
I told them you were here, and it's probably some kind of mistake or Jared? Get off of him.
- Get off of him.
- Zuri! - Zuri, stop.
- Jared! Don't fight back.
Don't lose your temper.
Calm down.
Come on, hey.
I'm not gonna hurt you.
- It's okay.
- Just breathe.
Let's get up.
You all right? Zuri Take your hands off of me.
Jared has no priors except for running the red light last night.
Zuri's clean too.
Well, their dad is not so clean.
Harrison Ellis currently serving 25 to life in Oregon state pen for murder.
Any connection between Alonzo and Harrison Ellis? - Not yet.
- What about the mother? Listed as deceased.
So Zuri took on the responsibility of raising her brother.
Look, Hank, you know her.
Maybe it's best you just sit this one out.
Yeah, I got some skin in the game, but I'm gonna see this one through.
We don't have much to go on.
Witnesses can't I.
Jared, and we can't tie him to the crime scene.
You think that 17-year-old kid beat Alonzo to death? Not without a motive.
Jared, we're going to ask you about last night.
All you got to do is tell the truth.
Why'd you run from us? Did you take your sister's car last night without her knowing? Where'd you go? To see my girlfriend.
What's your girlfriend's name? Joy.
Waitress at Ray's diner? You ever see this guy before? He was in Ray's.
You know him? No.
What about in the parking lot? You see him there? I didn't see anything.
Somebody beat this man to death.
You didn't hear him scream? You didn't hear his girlfriend scream? A customer saw you leave, Jared.
You were there when it happened.
Who killed Alonzo, Jared? If it wasn't you, who was it? I don't know, they were gone by the time I got there.
Who's they? So you did see something.
Was there more than one? I didn't see anything.
I didn't see anything.
Who are you afraid of? No, I'm not saying any more.
Where is he? I want to see him.
He's scared, Zuri.
Yeah, of course he's scared.
You arrested him.
He saw something.
Did he tell you? No.
I didn't even know he was gone.
Look, we need you to talk to him, convince him to tell the truth.
About what? Alonzo banks, a known gang member, was killed in the parking lot outside of Ray's diner the same time your brother left.
Now, we know he didn't have anything to do with the murder, but we think he may have seen something.
You think I'm gonna let him testify in a gang case? - Zuri.
- Burkhardt.
Not gonna happen.
I am responsible for him.
I am all he's got.
I know how this works.
If you're not gonna charge him, you need to let him go.
We'll let him go, but I want you to know this is not over.
The killers are still out there.
Hospital called.
Alonzo's girlfriend was just moved out of the I.
I'm Detective Griffin.
This is Detective Burkhardt.
I don't talk to cops.
We want to find out who did this to you.
Get out.
Look, you don't tell us, the guys that did this walk.
I got nothing to say to you.
How about you just listen to what they did to your boyfriend? Oh, get the hell out.
'Cause after they were done cracking his skull, they didn't stop, Mercedes.
No, they broke his nose.
They shattered his jaw.
They just kept beating him until he was unrecognizable.
Now, you just want to let whoever did that walk away? Get the hell away from me! Get the hell away from me.
- All I want to know - Get away from me.
All I want to know is who attacked you and who killed Alonzo.
Right now I'm here as a cop, but I can come back as a Grimm.
So you're thinking if she's wesen, they're all wesen? Could be.
Have you ever heard anything about wesen street gangs in Portland? Can't say that I have.
But gangs are really not my thing.
Groups, in general, tend to make me a little constipated.
I mean, I get it, you know.
I get the whole tribe mentality, us-against-them, safety-in-numbers thing.
But hooking kids on drugs and violence at what? Zero tolerance, wesen or no wesen.
- Wesen or no wesen what? - Gangs.
Have you ever heard of a gang called Northend Cru? Yes, I have.
One of them is some kind of wesen apparently.
What's that? Northend Cru are all Yaguarete.
And you know this because? I used to buy drugs from them when I was going through my rough patch.
That was years ago.
Do you remember any names? You don't forget names like smoky and stink eye, but real names, no.
No, nobody ever used real names.
What about 7th street savages? They're a Seattle gang.
So hang on a second.
When you were in Seattle, did you also buy from no.
I just knew people who did.
But Northend and 7th Street don't mix.
It's why 7th street never comes to Portland.
Until now.
Killing Alonzo was their way of letting Northend know they're here.
That's quite a way to send a message cutting off the head of the serpent.
Or, in this case, the head of the Yaguarete.
Serpent's good.
Look, if they're moving into Portland, that means they're probably still here.
Thanks, guys.
Oh, our shady pasts.
Thank God we survived them.
Look, I'm not proud of some of the things I've done, but I'm so lucky that I don't have to hide them from you.
I'm glad you're not perfect.
- Who says I'm not perfect? - Not me.
Where are you? Hey.
Just finished my shift.
- Cops were here.
- What? Yeah, they took me down or questioning.
- What did you say? - Nothing.
They knew I was lying.
- Meet me at my house.
- I can't.
I'm grounded for stealing Zuri's car.
Yeah, she knows.
Jared! I'm on the phone! I warmed up the spaghetti.
I'm not hungry.
I gotta go.
I'll call you later.
I transform rockin' autobot it's so warm girl, you can hit the spot I rock my Hey.
Tell me all about your boyfriend.
Hello? Hey, it's Hank.
Um, Detective Griffin.
I'm just checking in.
How's Jared doing? Well, is this a procedural call, or is it personal? Whatever makes you more comfortable.
Look, I'm I'm really sorry about getting so angry.
Hey, nah.
This stuff is not easy.
I do appreciate you calling.
I just wish, you know, it was about something else.
Yeah, me too.
Hank? Zuri? They're here.
Hank, they're trying to get into the apartment.
I got a code 3 at 432 northwest 22nd, apartment 310.
It's locked.
It's okay.
Get down, okay? Shh.
We could put you in protective custody.
We know you're scared, Jared, but come on.
The only way we can keep you safe is if you help us catch these people.
He was in the diner.
I think he was one of them.
Yeah, he was one of the men at our apartment, that guy.
And he was the other one.
All right, get out an A.
Let Seattle P.
know what's going on.
We'll get you both into a safe house.
That is so beautiful.
You have to play more often.
You got any more? I do, I do I have a Mozart, a Bach, a very nice Brahms.
And I got a Rimsky-Korsakov from Scheherazade that'll knock your babushka off.
Oh, the babushka one.
All right.
Hey, Juliette.
Hey, I know.
I'm sorry I'm just showing up.
- No, come on in.
- Juliette, what's going on? Hey, I kind of need some advice.
Do you have a minute? - Mm-hmm.
- Okay.
Whoa, girl talk.
Guess I'll I'll practice.
If Alicia told you she was wesen before you knew about wesen, you would have thought she was crazy.
She was protecting your friendship.
No, I know that.
I-I really do, but It is just so weird.
I mean, I have known her forever.
And now that I do know, I-I-I want her to know that it's all right.
Look, it's not that easy to admit being wesen, even to wesen.
I did everything I could to deny what I was.
I hid it, hung out with all the wrong people.
You have no idea how badly you just want to be normal.
How do I convince her that it's okay? Just be patient.
She needs to know that your friendship comes first.
You don't realize how different you and Nick and Hank are, that you don't judge or, more importantly, cut off our heads.
I'm just beginning to realize that.
How long do we have to stay here? Until we catch these guys.
Uh, Jared, sorry.
No phones.
What? Why? Your safety.
You'll get it back.
Yours too.
Cars are in place.
Anything else you need? We're good.
Hey, looks pretty comfy.
Who wants a coffee? - I got this.
- Oh, great.
Large latte, two splenda, and No, Wu, you're going home.
I'm staying here.
I don't feel right about leaving.
Little late for coffee anyway.
So, um, I'll let you get settled.
Thank you.
Endo and me are going back for that punk tomorrow.
No, you're not.
You're lucky you got out.
Nobody's going back for that kid.
That kid's coming to us.
Hope he loves you.
No! No! No! Jared? Come I'm coming, I'm coming.
You know, your brother is destroying me.
Yes, I am.
I, uh, made some coffee.
Help yourself.
- Oh, no! Come on, man! - Yeah! Whoo! Man, I'm too old for this.
Oh, yeah, you old.
You old.
Can I order room service? I'm kind of hungry.
Yeah, there's a take-out menu on the table in your room.
Just write down what you want.
We'll go get it.
Anything I want? - Yeah, pretty much.
- Okay.
You been doing your exercises? For my achilles absolutely.
Pointing, flexing, and, um - No, not so much.
- Shame on you.
Look, I know, but it's doing fine.
See? Um Look, uh I'm sorry you have to go through this.
Jared's a good kid.
There are times I just want to strangle him, but, um Then I just try to remember everything he's gone through.
I, um I read your dad's file.
Yeah, my dad.
He had a hard time with his temper and with drinking, especially after my mom died.
It finally got him in trouble.
I'm so sorry.
And Jared and I we both have his temper, which is, uh, why I'm trying to teach him how to deal with it.
He's lucky to have you.
Let me ask you a question.
Why are you here? I thought the sergeant was supposed to spend the night.
I, uh, just wanted to make sure everything went well.
So far, so good.
Is this okay? This better be for all of us.
Oh, you guys wanted something too? Hey.
What time did you get in last night? Ugh, late.
Didn't want to wake you.
I wish you had.
I, um I told Alicia that I knew.
- That she was a wesen? - Yeah.
Well, how'd she take that? So badly.
But, you know, I talked to Rosalee about it.
- Okay, what did she say? - She said to just be patient.
Alicia's just not comfortable coming out yet.
Coming out? You know what I mean.
So I've just decided to just let things unfold naturally.
Oh, here she comes.
- Morning.
- Good morning.
I, uh I found an apartment.
Oh, that's great.
Yeah, it is.
So, look, I just wanted to thank you both for everything that you've done, taking me in at a moment's notice and just being there for me.
You both have been really good friends, so I-I owe you a lot.
This is ridiculous.
Mm, Juliette, no.
No, Nick.
I mean, I know what she is.
You know what she is.
She knows what she is.
Oh, my God, you are not doing this again.
I'm just saying you don't have to pretend with us.
We know a lot of wesen.
Juliette, you don't know what you're talking about.
I do know what I'm talking about.
Nick is a Grimm.
Oh, no.
- Nick, is she - No, no, no, no, no.
- Alicia, no, don't worry.
- Alicia, wait, no, please - I'm not like you think I am.
- No, no.
No, Alicia! I've got her.
Alicia! Alicia! It's okay.
No, look, it's okay.
Okay, I'm not gonna hurt you.
I'm the same Nick that you've always known.
Joe! - Alicia.
- No! Hey! Stay out of it.
You're coming back home where you belong.
Let her go! - Get out of my house! - Aah! I'm not impressed.
Hey! Oh, God, a Grimm.
Oh, God, don't kill me.
Please don't kill me.
Well, I don't think it's me you have to worry about.
I just wanted her to come back.
I didn't mean to hurt her.
Yeah, you did, you son of a bitch.
We are done.
I never want to see you again.
If she ever does see you again No, no, I swear, she'll never see me again.
Thank you.
I think I should show you.
It's okay.
You really don't have to.
No, I I do.
Now I don't have any secrets.
I wish I could still eat like that.
You and me both.
She does eat like that.
You better watch your mouth.
I'm going to game.
Will you get some homework done? I will, I will.
It's good to see him smile.
It's good to see you smile.
- More coffee? - Sure.
Hello? Sorry I haven't been able to call.
Cops took my phone.
I have so much to tell you.
I miss you.
I miss you too.
I'm home.
Can you come over? Just you? You okay? What's wrong? Jared, they're here.
They're gonna Help me.
If borrowing my folks' car to go see my girlfriend at 17 was the worst thing I'd done, well I'm just lucky I didn't get caught.
So you were trouble.
Well, I had some fun.
My folks would call it something else.
Your folks, are they still alive? Still alive, still together, still living in the same house I grew up in.
That's, um That's been a real problem for Jared, you know, not having a dad or a mom.
Yeah, but he's got you.
I hope it's enough.
Well, when you have someone that loves you, that can get you through a lot of bad.
Excuse me.
I got to get that.
Jared, you in there? Jared? - What's wrong? - He's not here.
What? Jared made a call from my phone.
Do you recognize this number? Yeah, that's his girlfriend, joy.
You know where she lives? Joy! Come to save your girlfriend? You came to the right place.
Stay in the car, Zuri.
- Jared needs me.
- Stay here.
He here? Don't know.
Washington plates.
I'm gonna ask you one more time what'd you tell them? Two cops coming up.
Take care of them.
I'll kiss your girlfriend good-bye for you.
Jared! Just go! Stop! You're a Grimm? It's okay, Zuri.
You know? Yeah, he does.
She didn't have a choice, Nick.
Get her out of here.
What are you gonna tell them? This is how we found them.
What about Jared? Nick's got it.
We need to talk.
So you're okay with all this? I've learned to adapt.
None of this changes the way I feel about you.
It wouldn't work, Hank.
You don't know that.
Why don't you give me a chance to prove you wrong? We'll take it slow, see what happens.
You are such a special man.
But I can't.
Zuri, I don't have a problem with it.
But I do.
Take care of yourself.