Grimm s03e11 Episode Script

The Good Soldier

_ So the house in Southwest Hills I sell them a security system for 10 grand.
Wife calls me out there three times this week.
Can't figure out the system.
So this last time, she opens up the door.
She's wearing nothing but a poofy bathrobe.
- Okay.
- So I'm saying to myself, "wifey she's a little bit lonely.
I mean, this is what this is all about.
" Just make sure hubby doesn't walk in and find you tripping her alarm.
Hey, I need to drop a bomb.
Do I know you? Yeah, you know me.
You know me real well.
What do you want? You don't know? I got nothing to say to you.
You don't have to say it to me, but you are gonna have to say it to somebody.
What can I get for you, sweetie? She's not having anything.
She's leaving.
Don't let me get in the way.
I thought I'd be able to put this behind me, but I can't.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Maybe this will help you remember.
Now you won't forget.
You're out of your mind.
I'm not going away until you admit what you did.
You need help.
"Life is the scale upon which is measured the depth of a man's soul.
" Nice.
Who said that? I did, just now.
You didn't recognize my voice? Hey, have you seen my mini fluted socket? No, I have not seen your mini fluted socket.
Hey, how about after I finish this prescription for Mrs.
Wurstner, we go grab some kung pao? I'm starving.
Did you get a letter from your mom? Oh, yeah.
That came a couple days ago.
Isn't this, like, the first communication you've had with your mother in seven years.
- Good news or bad? - I don't know yet.
She wants me to come down to Medford and have dinner with her.
You gonna go? I'm not sure.
Do we know what she wants? This weekend is the anniversary of my dad's death.
Well, seems to me like she's kind of reaching out to you.
Will you come with me? Of course.
You sure I won't be in the way? Might be a good thing.
So when? When do we do this? She wants me to come down tomorrow night, so I guess I should tell her that you are joining and that you're a vegetarian.
I'm telling you, she's in Portland.
I just saw her at the hall! How the hell would I know that? I'm telling you, she's crazy.
She sliced up her arm.
We're gonna have a problem.
I got to call you back.
Don't you want me anymore, sergeant? You got to be kidding me.
Hey! Get the hell off my property! Come back here again, I'm gonna throw your ass in jail.
Move! What are you gonna tell the police? You want to play games with me? Huh? You think you'll get away with this crap? I'm never going away.
The hell you aren't.
I'm never going away.
I'm never going away! Crazy bitch.
Victim is Ron Hurd, homeowner and senior sales associate from McCabe security.
Renta-cops for the rich.
When he didn't show up for work, the company sent their rep, Troy dodge, to check on things.
Door was unlocked, no sign of a break-in.
Dodge found the body inside and called us.
Guy in charge of home security killed in his own home? Apparently he didn't turn on his alarm.
Center wound too big for a bullet.
Bullet that big would have gone through his body and through the wall.
Too round for a blade.
It doesn't appear to have been fired, - but he was ready for somebody.
- Yeah, not ready enough.
A medal box.
When a soldier gets discharged from the service, you get your medals and badges framed.
How do you know that? My father was in the service.
Big red one, first infantry.
Bronze star, silver star.
So why would someone want to kill our victim for his war medals? No idea.
Ron was a good man.
I worked with him at the company since 2011.
- Before that, we were in Iraq.
- You were in the service? Ron was 10th battalion.
I worked for Artemus.
The military contractors? - Yeah.
- Looks like Mr.
Hurd had a pretty good security system any cameras? Not part of the employee discount.
You didn't touch or move the body? No, sir.
As soon as I saw what happened, I called 911.
That's the company looking for an update.
Okay if I take it? Yeah.
Hello? So we got a security guy killed in his own home, had his gun right next to him, didn't call 911, didn't turn on the alarm.
Sounds like he let his killer in the house.
But what made the hole that big in his chest? - We don't have a murder weapon.
- And why steal his medals? Well, maybe the killer didn't think he deserved them.
Why would you care? Unless you were military yourself.
The cops are still here.
Ron called me last night.
Frankie's in Portland.
What the hell for? You think she killed Ron? I don't think she could.
Just watch your back.
- Ready for coffee? - Oh, yeah.
- Did you talk to your mom? - Well, yeah.
We're on for tonight.
How are you doing? You okay? How did she sound? Was she emotional? Were you emotional? I mean, seven years that's a big deal.
I'm very proud of you.
Uh, I didn't actually talk to her, verbally speaking.
You didn't call her? I emailed her.
I'm sorry.
I just I thought it would be easier that way.
And? So far, so good.
We have to be there by 5:30.
They eat early.
- "They"? - My sister's going to be there.
- Deetta? - Yes.
The same deetta who spent the best years of her life sacrificing at home while Rosalee frolicked up and down the coast.
I'm really glad you're going with me.
I don't think I could do this by myself.
Well, I suppose we should bring something, you know, to ease our way in.
A bottle of wine would be nice for my mom and a quart of Jack Daniel's for the martyr.
It sounds fun.
Ron Hurd did three tours in Iraq honorable discharge.
Iraqi war service medal and two purple hearts.
So Ron's a hero.
Apparently not to everyone.
Last credit card purchase was at VFW Post 97896, $35 tab at the bar, settled up at 11:03 P.
And his last three calls on his cellphone were right after that to a Jim McCabe.
- As in McCabe security? - Yeah.
First two calls lasted only a few seconds probably voice mail.
Last call at 12:09 lasted just under two minutes.
Well, let's go talk to Jim McCabe and hit the vfw on the way there.
Hey, honey.
We have a nice surprise.
An old friend's dropped by to see you.
She hasn't seen you since Iraq.
You two catch up.
I'll get you something to eat.
What the hell do you think you're doing? I really like your wife.
She's very nice.
I guess you never told her about us.
Get out of my house.
We've got a lot of catching up to do.
It seems like I cut myself.
That's what happens when you hold something in for too long.
- You want iced tea or a soda? - Anything! Get out of here, or I'm calling the police.
I want you to call the police.
You know you should.
You're gonna be seeing a lot more of me until you do.
How's sex with your wife? You ever think of me? What happened to your friend? She had to leave.
- Somebody's in the mood.
- At this hour? Are you two handsome soldiers here for the dance class? Well, take off your coats and partner up.
Uh, no, we're just, uh - Is there someone who works here? - Well, Candy's in back.
But if you change your minds, you're welcome to join in.
Can I help you? Yeah, we just have to ask a few questions about a patron who was here last night.
- Okay.
- His name's Ron Hurd.
Oh, God, what did Ronny do now? - He was murdered last night.
- Excuse me? His last credit card transaction was here at 11:03 P.
I don't believe this.
What time did he leave? Just after he paid for the drinks.
- What happened? - Did he leave with anyone? No.
He came in alone, and he left alone.
Was he with anyone while he was here? Yeah, the regulars.
Had dinner at the bar.
Bought a round of drinks for the guys.
- Do you know who? - I can get you names.
Anything unusual happen last night? Actually, there was.
There was a young woman who sat with him at the table, but he didn't seem too happy to see her.
That was right before he left.
Do you know her name? Never seen her before, but - But what? - When I cleaned his table last night, I found what I thought was something pretty weird.
It was a cocktail napkin with blood on it.
What did you do with the napkin? Do you remember what the woman looked like? Late 20s, early 30s, dark hair.
- Was she military? - I don't know for sure, but she looked like a tough lady.
How long did she stay after he left? Not very long.
I'd say she left within five minutes.
You don't have any surveillance cameras, do you? Who's gonna steal anything with a bunch of soldiers around? - Is this it? - Yeah.
How do you get yourself to bleed like that? Might be some kind of pattern.
I don't know.
So are we gonna go in there sometime today or This may not go so well.
On the other hand, it might go really badly.
Look, we've come all this way.
You got to at least make an attempt.
You're right.
Let's do this.
Okay, okay.
You know, I appreciate the spirit, but this is not an assault.
Hi, mom.
This is Monroe.
Oh, how nice.
Hey, Rosalee.
Hi, deetta.
This is Monroe.
It's a pleasure to meet you both.
Good thing you got here when you did.
Dinner's almost ready.
Please come in.
Make yourselves at home.
What the hell are you doing, Frankie? Mr.
McCabe, two detectives are here to see you.
Send them in.
McCabe, we're Detectives Burkhardt and Griffin.
You're here about Ron.
- Yes, we are.
- I'll help you any way I can.
As soon as I heard about what happened, I started racking my brain about who could have done this.
I'm afraid I haven't come up with much, but I have put together a file for you.
Ron's full employment record, clients he dealt with, jobs he worked it's all in there.
He called you last night at 12:10.
Yes, he did.
Mind telling us what that conversation was about? He called about work a job we're doing in South Portland.
It's a little late to be calling about work.
As you know, security's a 24-7 job.
Before he called you, he was at the vfw having drinks till about 11:00.
There was a confrontation there with a woman.
Did he mention her to you? No.
We just talked business.
Was he seeing anyone? Do you know who the woman could have been? No.
Ron loved the ladies.
Unfortunately, they only loved him back about 10% of the time.
Anyone you can think of who might want him dead? Personal security's a tough business.
We don't always make a lot of friends.
That's Troy.
Is that Ron? Yeah.
We spent time together in Iraq.
Most of my employees have some sort of military training.
- And who who's that? - Bobby Hammond.
- He work here too? - He did.
Moved to Phoenix a couple years ago, opened his own shop.
Look Does this mean anything to you? No.
Where'd you get that? It was left on Ron's table at the vfw.
I don't know.
Well, you mind if I make a copy of that photograph? Go ahead.
Thanks for this.
Ron Hurd was in Iraq three tours of duty.
The other three, Jim McCabe, Troy dodge, and Robert Hammond, were all working for Artemus security contractors.
They were all in Iraq at the same time, they're all ex-military, but only the army guy's dead.
I got a hit on Robert Hammond.
- What? - He's dead.
- When? - A week ago.
- Natural causes? - Uh-uh.
Home invasion.
You need to calm down.
I can't do this.
I can't do this anymore.
I think we have to come clean.
Forget it.
It's her word against ours.
I told Betsy.
Why the hell did you do that? Because I'm sick and tired of living with this, lying about it.
The cops are gonna find her, and when they do, this is all gonna come out.
Jim, we were wrong.
This is the only way.
But can we think about this? I've thought about this for four years.
Adalind just got back to her hotel room.
How's she doing? Something very strange happened tonight.
I followed her to the cafe, and I'm not quite sure what I saw, but I think she had some kind of pain.
Because of the pregnancy? That's what it looked like, but it's what happened after.
She reached for her coffee, and I swear she never touched the cup, but it moved away from her hand.
And then she put her hand out again, and this time, the cup moved right into her hand.
- And what happened after that? - I'm not sure.
Some kind of power surge, and the lights exploded.
But I don't think it had anything to do with her.
You can be sure it did.
Be prepared to make a move because they will too.
It won't be long now.
She's getting her powers back.
I have to go.
- You wanted to see us? - Yeah.
I spoke to Captain wilton at the Phoenix P.
This is the paperwork he sent over on Robert Hammond and the ongoing investigation into his murder.
We got a cause of death? Yeah, apparently he was stabbed with a poison spike.
- They I.
the poison? - Inconclusive.
We're still waiting on Harper to get the tox screen back on our Vic, but the spike in the chest is the same.
So two of these four men are dead, killed in the same way within a week of each other.
And the other two are here in Portland.
They both work for McCabe security.
That one's McCabe.
Could one of them be killing the others? Well, there could be some bad blood between them.
One army guy with three military contractors we know why? They were all friends.
Check with his C.
See what he knows about the relationship between them.
We got it.
This is delicious, Mrs.
- Oh, call me Gloria.
- Gloria.
I really appreciate you doing the vegetarian thing for me.
Not a problem.
What did you put on these green beans to make them taste so mmm sublime? Salt.
So Rosalee tells me you repair clocks.
I do, actually.
I'm from a long line of clock folk, all the way back to the black forest in Germany, where my great-great-grandfather was a master designer of clocks.
You can make a living at that? He gets clocks and watches to repair from all over the world, and he's very, very good at it.
I didn't think a Blutbad would have the patience for that kind of detail.
Did you really just play the wesen card? So, deetta, um, what do you do? Well, I used to be the pacific northwest sales rep for Simpson dental devices.
That must have been very interesting.
But now I make false teeth here at home.
See, I felt I had to come home after my father died.
- Deetta.
- Why stop her now, mom? Well, I'm just saying, I came home, and you didn't.
- I mean that's what happened, doesn't it? - Yes, that's what happened.
You came home, and I partied my little ass off up and down the coast.
So false teeth I mean, how do you get into that? And you know what, Rosalee? I'd be okay with all of that, really.
But not showing up for your own father's funeral? Even a drug addict can pay a little respect.
- Stop it, deetta! - Well, I'm sorry, mom.
But we haven't seen her in seven years, and we might not get another chance.
I mean, was there a really great party that you just couldn't miss or a new boyfriend/dealer you just couldn't I was in jail.
I got involved with the wrong people, and I lost everything.
And I got caught Shoplifting.
I didn't find out about the funeral until after I got out, and by then, neither of you were speaking to me, so what was I supposed to do? How about apologize? Deetta, not a day goes by that I don't regret not being able to say good-bye to dad.
You have no idea how sorry I am.
- Rosalee.
- No idea! I got to go.
No, I told you.
I knew this was gonna happen! It's okay.
No, it's not.
It's not.
It's not.
Yes, it's okay! It's out.
It's not hidden anymore.
I mean, what, did you expect to just show up and have everything be okay? I don't know! I don't know what I was expecting maybe a little, you know, gratitude for picking up the pieces after Freddy died.
Look You and your mom and your sister You share a history Yeah.
Of love and pain, and and that's just family.
There are no easy solutions.
What did you shoplift? A watch.
Really? What kind? Mm.
Those are the details.
You really did these things? I wanted to turn myself in at the time.
Why didn't you? I was a coward.
The others told me I shouldn't, and I listened to them.
They were right.
Nobody's ever going to read this.
Your confession Burn it! Betsy? Betsy! Oh, my God, Betsy! Oh, honey.
Oh, honey! Oh, my God.
Okay I'm ready.
You break my little sister's heart I'll kill you.
I got the video chat set up with Ron Hurd's old C.
, Colonel Adam Desai.
- When? - Now.
He's in D.
at Walter Reed hospital terminal cancer.
Colonel, thank you so much for taking the time.
This is my partner, Detective Burkhardt.
Wish I could be there in person, but the lungs won't allow it.
We understand.
Really sorry to hear about Ron.
We were hoping you could help us connect the dots between him and a few military contractors.
Did you get the photo we sent you? I did.
Jim McCabe, Troy dodge, Robert Hammond.
- So you knew them? - Yes, Artemus security.
Our platoon was stationed outside Balad minesweeping, peacekeeping but half the time we spent trying to undo the damage those cowboys did.
- Damage? - Harassing the locals, theft, extortion dogs without a leash.
You couldn't arrest them? You don't understand the arrangement the military had with the private contractors.
What kind of arrangement was that? A good one for them.
Their deal with the government exempted them from any prosecution.
They were untouchable right up until the winter of 2010, when Artemus finally got kicked out of Iraq.
You said they were exempt from prosecution.
Were they ever brought up on charges for anything? A specialist under my command came to me, said that Ron and these Artemus guys had raped her.
I reported the incident to my superior but was told to look the other way.
But Ron was under your command.
He was transferred before I could do anything except file a restricted complaint.
Went nowhere.
What was the name of the specialist? - Frankie Gonzales.
- Do you know where she is? As far as I know, she's in South Carolina.
Do you remember the date this attack on Gonzales happened? Never forget it.
November 11, 2010.
It's a date.
I hate to say this, but whatever those guys are getting, they deserve.
Nurses are waving at me.
It's time for my chemo.
Good luck on your investigation.
Thank you, colonel.
Specialist francesca "Frankie" Gonzales, discharged in 2012, followed by a page-long list of misdemeanors.
In and out of rehab, license suspended picked up for drunk and disorderly conduct a little over a month ago in Phoenix.
Same place Bobby Hammond was killed.
I think we better find out if she made her way to Portland.
Got a double murder same guy who found your victim's body and his wife, Troy and Betsy dodge.
Same type of stab wound.
You think Frankie's doing this? If she is, I sure wish I knew what she was using.
Hold on.
Let me get Nick.
Wu's on the phone.
He just got the tox report on the first victim.
It's a match to what they found in Phoenix.
Let's have it.
Both victims died from an excessive dose of neurotoxins and enzyme inhibitors associated with the family Buthidae.
English, Wu.
The closest match is scorpion venom.
Obviously, we're not talking a real scorpion 'cause it would have to be 6 feet tall.
That's all I got.
This look familiar to you? November 11th the day Frankie was attacked.
We better find out what the hell we're dealing with.
Neurotoxins, enzyme inhibitors I'm gonna call Juliette.
Yeah, dealing with a 6-foot-tall scorpion, we're gonna need all the help we can get.
Okay, the first candidate is from 13th-century France.
It's called a Trasque a small, solitary creature who loves the singing of maidens.
Who doesn't? Probably not what we're looking for.
Okay, then going a little bit further back to 1100 A.
, we have a Shnabeltiermorder.
Okay, what about that? A Manticore? It's the right size.
"I first witnessed what I was later to discover "was a Manticore while my command lay siege "at the fortress of hormuz.
"Pliny the elder described this wesen in his famous "naturalis historia circa 77 A.
, "tracing its origin to ancient persia.
"The beast described had a most unusual body, "reflected by a physical duality.
"Part lowen, it also had a scorpion-like tail "which could protrude from its spine, "having a spike-like nail at the end "capable of injecting a great deal of poison.
"When I attempted to make a move on this wesen, "I discovered there were several more in the ranks.
"I quickly put away my blade to conceal my identity as a Grimm.
"I was to learn they were some "of the most lethal soldiers in our command, for they have no fear of death.
" Whew.
I don't like that "no fear of death" thing.
It's not healthy.
Nick, what do you got? A confession To the gang rape of Frankie Gonzales.
Looks like Troy finished writing it just before he was killed.
The colonel was right.
This is about her.
She's our Manticore.
She killed Ron, Troy, and Bobby.
There's only one cowboy left.
Get the hell away from me.
November 11th! You remember this? Huh? Get out of the car! Get out of your car! Get out! Get out! Back away, Frankie.
Don't fight this.
Okay? If you do, you're gonna get hurt, but we don't want that.
Now, against the car.
Put your hands up.
Lean against the car.
Come on.
It's over.
I didn't kill anyone.
Frankie, we know you did.
First Bobby Hammond in Phoenix.
Then Ron Hurd you caught him at the vfw.
I didn't even know they were dead.
- You followed him home.
- To talk! But when you didn't like what he said, you killed him.
No, I did not.
And what about Troy dodge and his wife? You didn't kill them either? No.
So what, you tracked down the four men who raped you just to say hi? I spent the last four years of my life trying to get past that night Going over every minute of what happened to me.
They got away with it.
I'm the only one who's paid for this.
I didn't deserve what they did to me.
I was a good soldier.
All I wanted was for them to confess, and they wouldn't.
We know what you are.
What? I'm a Grimm, and you're a Manticore, and that's how you killed them.
That's what you think? That's what we know.
Then you don't know much.
What? She's not a Manticore.
What is she? Steinadler.
It was a Manticore that killed them? Who else knows that you're here? Nobody.
Frankie, somebody else knows you're here.
Who did you tell? The only one is my old C.
, but he's in the hospital.
I went to him looking for help to find these guys.
He said I was wasting my time.
I didn't care.
I had to do something, or I was gonna kill myself.
But I did not kill them.
Colonel Desai? He's the only one that gave a damn.
Colonel, it's me, sir.
- Frankie? - How's your treatment going? You know I'm not in the hospital.
You're with the police, aren't you? Tell me it's not true, what they're saying.
I'm just getting the justice you deserve.
I told you they'd never confess.
I should have done this years ago.
I let you down.
I let myself down.
I failed in my duty.
Take care of yourself, Frankie.
He's at the vfw.
You Desai? That's right.
Where's the bartender? I sent her out to buy me a pack of smokes.
It's a little late to quit now.
You said you had something I'd be interested in.
The restricted complaint I filed November 12, 2010, the day after you raped specialist Frankie Gonzales.
Last copy.
This goes away, your problem goes away.
How much? What's a clear conscience worth? Nothing.
Psycho bitch is out of control.
I'd say you were the one who's out of control.
I killed your friends Ron and Robert.
But I didn't kill Troy and his wife.
That must have been you.
The idiot wanted to confess.
I guess it's between you and me now.
I think that's the way it should be.
It's in our nature.
McCabe, back away! Drop it.
Turn around.
On the ground.
Hands where I can see them.
It was self-defense.
Yeah? Not what we saw.
You can't arrest him for what he did to Frankie, but you can for what he did to me.
Troy wrote this? Apparently, he couldn't live with it either.
This is all I ever wanted.
The D.
will probably want you to testify.
I can do that.
The colonel left the hospital four weeks ago.
They'd only given him three months to live.
This was his shot at redemption.
The colonel was a good soldier.
And so were you.