Grimm s03e12 Episode Script

The Wild Hunt

- That is hot.
- It's too much? Not for me.
Are you sure you wanna eat at Ampersand? It's pretty expensive.
I'm sure.
- What? - Nothing.
No, no.
That's embarrassing.
Come on.
It's me.
I am not going to tell you about my first time, forget it.
If you tell me yours, I'll tell you mine.
- You'll think it's stupid.
- Aren't they all? Okay.
My first time was with my brother.
Your brother Freddy? Seriously? Yes.
What about you? Well, it was with my mother.
Well, that had to have been a better experience than what I went through.
She must have at least explained it to you.
Oh, yeah, but still I mean what, you mean your brother didn't Oh, no.
No, he pretended like something was really wrong with me, and when it came over me, I felt like I was having a hot flash.
I was sweating.
I thought I was dying.
Oh, man! So you had no idea you "woged"? Not until I started crying.
Then he finally showed me what I looked like in the mirror.
I will never, ever forget how hard he was laughing.
That is terrible.
Well, he stopped laughing once I bit him in the ankle.
Oh, there's an image I'll cherish.
Should we get another one? At $170 a bottle? Not unless we're celebrating something.
Are we celebrating something? No, no, just a great night out.
The car is stopped.
I'm approaching the vehicle now.
Copy that.
Let me know when you're 10-8.
I had to track down the starwheel in Triberg, because it was impossible to find one with a set screw for both the one-day and the eight-day regular movement.
And if you think that was hard, don't get me started on the 4.
75-inch gong coil.
I'm really full.
I'm gonna go get out of these clothes.
No, I want to show you the clock first.
- Monroe - It'll only take a second.
- It's really nice.
- No, you got to watch it work.
Now, make sure you listen to the tone of the cuckoo on this one.
Will you Marry me? Will you Marry me? Will you Marry me? Will you Marry me? Will you? It's too much.
It it's over the top.
I mean, yes.
- I mean, I will.
- Really? You're not just saying that 'cause of the clock? No.
Then I guess You better wear this.
You were worthy.
Season 3, Episode 12 "The Wild Hunt" Aren't taxes just so much fun? Barrel of dead monkeys.
Thank you.
So, you know, I was thinking that we haven't heard from your mom since we got that email in Visnja Gora.
Yeah, I think she just messages whenever she can.
- Are you trying to avoid doing taxes? - A little bit.
But I was wondering if I should Communicate with her on my own.
Hold that thought.
That's bad.
Where? I'll meet you at the precinct.
What's wrong? Someone killed a highway patrol officer.
- Oh, my God.
- I got to get out there.
Look, if you want to send a message to my mom, feel free.
But we can't be surprised if she doesn't respond.
Be careful.
- So where do you wanna do it? - Here.
At the house? - I mean in Portland.
- Oh.
Church wedding? I think I'd rather it be outside.
- What do you think? - Outside is good.
When? I was thinking maybe The spring? Oh, my God.
I can't believe we're talking about this.
I know.
And I-I can't believe I'm wearing this.
It's really not a dream.
It is for me.
Me too.
So We invite family and friends.
- No enemies.
- No enemies is good.
We have to invite Nick.
Of course we do.
And Juliette.
Juliette's not really the problem.
I just think some of our Wesen friends might not be copacetic, rubbing elbows with a Grimm.
- Maybe we should just go to Las Vegas.
- No.
This is our wedding.
Everybody has to accept everybody for who they are.
Besides, my parents would kill me if I got married without them.
- Speaking of that - Hmm? When am I going to meet them? I think it's it's probably the right time now, right? Yeah.
No, we should we should be crossing that bridge - You know, soon.
- Today.
- Ross.
- Hank, Nick.
Appreciate you guys getting here so quickly.
Pulling out all the stops.
This is a real bad one.
Officer Aguilar, wife and two kids, on the job for 12 years.
A real good guy.
He was involved in a high-speed chase about 9:35 last night.
- Was he running video? - Yeah.
We're sending copies to every agency.
Were you able to get the make and model of the car? All he said was "A white muscle car.
" He was doing his best just to keep up.
Assumption is that he caught whoever he was chasing, but he was a tough guy, I can't believe he was taken like this.
Whatever happened, he never got a chance to fire his weapon.
We're hoping the video will give us more.
Looks like blunt force, maybe a broken neck.
Yeah, we'll know more when the M.
has a chance to look at him.
In the good old days, scalps served as kill verification for payment.
Or as proof of your prowess on the battlefield.
Let's hope it's not the good old days again.
Okay, okay.
You really got to stop putting this off.
Well, I think that's enough time.
- Hello? - Oh, hey, dad.
- It's me.
- Monroe! - Is that you? - Yeah.
How are you, dad? I'm fine.
How are you? - I'm good.
- Alice, it's our son! - You're not hurt, are you? - No, dad.
- You're not hurt, are you? - No, mom, I'm good.
I'm fine.
I just I wanted to call and say hi, see how you're doing.
- Well, we're fine.
- Except for my back.
- He's not doing his exercises.
- I am too doing my exercises.
That's why my back hurts.
Monroe does Pilates and his back doesn't hurt, right? - Your back doesn't hurt, does it? - No, mom, dad, listen.
I just I wanted to tell you something.
I think I told you about my girlfriend You have a girlfriend? When did that happen? Oh, he told me, and I told you.
- I don't remember.
- Her name's Rose.
Um, it's Rosalee, actually, and she is really terrific.
How long has this been going on? Over a year.
And like I said, she's really terrific and she's beautiful and and - Is she pregnant? - Bart, please.
Monroe, you don't have to get married, do you? No, mom, I don't have to.
I want to.
I just asked her to marry me.
And she said yes, and we're planning the wedding, and I wanted to tell you.
Oh, this is just wonderful! Isn't this wonderful, Bart? Well, it's a surprise.
I thought he'd never get married.
Wow, dad.
Why'd you think that? 'Cause you're a perfectionist.
No, I just I wanted to make sure I met the right person, that's all.
Well, when are we going to meet her? Well, like, sometime before the wedding, for sure, you know? But we planned it for the spring, I think, so Are you kidding? It takes forever to plan a wedding.
When are you gonna bring her here? Well, that, I you know, we both work, so She's got a job? That's good.
- How much does she make? - Okay.
I got to go now, dad.
But hey, it's great talking to you, and, uh, yeah, you'll, uh, you'll meet her soon.
Oh, I can't wait! I'm so excited! And if you need us to do anything, you just let us know.
Congratulations, son.
I'm sure she's a very nice lady.
- How old is she? - Wow.
Okay, I got to go, dad.
Love you.
Oh, thank God that's over.
Oregon highway state patrol officer Aguilar was in high-speed pursuit on the highway before the suspect turned off on a frontage road.
Officer Aguilar then caught up to the suspect's vehicle approximately two minutes later.
We received an update about 20 minutes ago from the State Police.
They've linked this attack to two other scalpings, one in San Diego of a border patrol officer, the other attack in San Rafael on a naval captain.
We believe the suspect entered illegally from Mexico and is now headed our way.
So it seems that we have a serial killer who's targeting men in uniform.
No motive for the scalpings yet, other than he's taking souvenirs.
Now based on the pursuit video, we know the car to be a 2011 Dodge Challenger.
No plates, no registration, but it does stand out.
So look for it but do not I repeat do not engage the suspect without proper support.
You got that? All right.
Let's be careful.
Sebastian? - It's good you're early.
- Why? He's with Danilov.
Am I supposed to know who that is? You should.
He's head of the Verrat.
Be careful what you say.
Why are you telling me this? We all need to be prudent now.
Based on what I'm seeing, I doubt your man Breslau held very much back.
- Neither did they.
- Do we know who did this to him? We know these three men were involved.
Meisner, Frenay, and Tavitian.
They met somewhere outside Bratislava, which is where we believe they killed Breslau.
The Resistance is solidifying, and that's distressing And probably the reason Sean Renard was here.
Awfully annoying you didn't kill him when you had the chance.
Sir, I take full responsibility for that failure.
No need to take responsibility, Gregor.
I have bestowed it upon you.
Enter! Adalind Schade has arrived, sir.
Show her in.
- Do you need me to clear anything away? - Not just now.
Gregor Danilov, may I present fraulein Schade.
- Don't you look lovely.
- Thank you.
We'd like you to take a look at some photographs, and see if you recognize anyone.
Does this have something to do with Eric's death? Take your time.
- No, I don't recognize him.
- This one? - Nope.
- How about this one? - He looks familiar.
- His name's Meisner.
He's from Berlin.
Have you met him? No, I think I'd remember if I had.
We believe all three of these gentlemen are associated with a friend of yours Sean Renard.
That makes sense.
I think Sean was in Vienna recently.
There was a note in my room, signed by him.
Did you see him? No.
Would you be so kind as to tell me what the note said? Of course.
Sean thinks that he may have found out who killed my mother.
- Someone killed your mother? How tragic.
- Yes.
I'm still dealing with it.
Somebody here in Vienna killed your mother? No, Portland.
Sean thinks it was the Grimm.
It always comes back to the Grimm, doesn't it? We didn't exactly get along.
Well, I believe we're done here.
Thank you so much for coming.
What do you think? She did admit to getting a note from Sean Renard.
Given the threat he's under here in Vienna, why would he chance leaving a note for Adalind about her mother? Could he know she's pregnant? If he does, I wonder if he knows she's carrying Eric's child.
If it is Eric's child.
Adalind returned to Portland last year at Eric's request.
From what I've learned about captain Renard, he not only had a relationship with fraulein Schade but with her mother as well.
That's sort of impressive.
Wouldn't it gum up the works if she were carrying Sean's child rather than Eric's.
Either way, the child would be royal born.
Maybe your failure to kill Sean was not such a bad thing after all.
It might behoove us to find out who the father is.
Sooner rather than later.
Steep it for 15 minutes before and after every meal for seven days.
Thank you.
Thanks very much for your business.
I didn't think you were coming in this early.
Neither did I, but good news.
- Just wanted to let you know - What? Called my folks and told them we're getting married.
- How'd that go? - Actually, pretty well.
I have to say, they were very excited.
You know, my dad wanted to know how old you were and how much money you make.
- Seriously? - Yeah.
My dad's very Kind of old-fashioned.
Sort of on the blunt side.
Some people are charmed, others are alarmed.
Okay, so when am I gonna meet them? Oh, there's no hurry.
And by "no hurry" I mean the later, the better.
- Good morning.
- Hi, honey, it's mom.
Hi, mom.
We're so excited about you getting married that we're coming out tomorrow.
We'll be there by 5:30.
Don't worry about picking us up.
We're renting a car.
Get that extra room ready for us, though, 'cause we're spending the whole weekend - Okay, that's - with you.
Your father and I can't wait to meet your bride-to-be.
- I'm glad - Look, I got to run.
- Can't wait to see you, bye.
- I My parents are coming out to meet you tomorrow.
Oh, wow, okay.
I guess that's good, right? - They're staying with us.
- In the house? In Nick's room.
They always stay in Nick's room.
I mean, it was their room before it was Nick's room.
Oh, my God! We have so much to do! Please tell me that they know we're living together.
- Monroe! - I mm.
- Uh, is this yours? - Yeah.
Can I help you with something? You're making a big mistake here, pal.
Now you're gonna get the hell up, and you're gonna get your ass out of here before you really get hurt, bro.
You are worthy.
I have the feeling I forgot something.
I don't know.
I crossed everything off the list.
Maybe I forgot to put it on the list.
I'm sorry.
I'm stressing.
Look, a little stress is to be expected when you meet parents for the first time.
I mean, they're my parents and I'm a little stressed.
My stomach's in knots.
Are you sure they like bratwurst? Oh, my God, huge bratwurst fans.
You don't even have to cook it for my dad.
You just light a match under it and throw it on the floor.
Oh, this is all happening too fast.
I just wish they would've given us a bit more time.
So what should I call them, huh? "Mom and dad"? Oh, no, I think "Bart and Alice" should be fine.
Not overly formal.
Are they traditional? Traditional? Um, yeah, I guess, in some ways.
What have you told them about me? Well Your name and Wow, first and last? Look I told them you're great and beautiful and that I love you.
But have I provided them with a complete, you know, Rosalee history? No.
It's probably better, considering my checkered past.
Believe me, their past is far from checker-free, so You sure they weren't hoping to meet a nice Blutbaden girl? I think, you know, if I'm happy, they'll be happy.
You keep saying that, but they're old- fashioned.
What about us living together? Look, they're old-fashioned, okay? They're not Neanderthals.
Although my great-uncle Wilhelm had a forehead the size of, like, Gibraltar.
Here, flip those pillows.
I just don't want them thinking that I'm taking advantage of you.
What? Single woman moves in with single man Some people might look at that and think that I seduced you.
Honey, there is nothing in the world that would make them think that.
That's what I forgot.
- Juliette? - I'm in the kitchen.
But not for long.
So I got an email from your mom.
I just finished tracking her to Kerkira, which is on the Greek border of Albania, but she's not there anymore.
- W-how do you know? - 'Cause she's heading north.
Here, will you take a look at this and tell me what you think? Sounds like you were doing a pretty good job yourself.
No, there's more.
"Juliette, good you have recovered.
Tell 'N'" That would be me.
Yeah, yeah, I got that.
"Money not spent has been deposited for safekeeping.
" I mean, those are the coins you told me about, right? Yeah.
That means she didn't make it to Zakynthos.
But she's hidden them somewhere, hopefully safe.
"Weather too hot now.
" That probably means somebody is on to her, but who? I don't know.
I mean, she's made a lot of enemies over the years.
- "Returning north to find 'L.
'" - Yeah, who's "L"? Probably the Lauffer? The Resistance, the groups of people who are uniting against the Royals.
How many are there? Honestly, I am just getting up to speed with this myself.
I have no idea.
"Safer for 'N' to communicate through you.
" "Do not respond to this as I am in an unsecured location.
'" I don't think that this is a good idea.
Why not? This could be a way to protect both of you.
- Yeah, with you in the middle? - I'm already in the middle.
And don't forget, I got in a lot of trouble before because of things I didn't know.
Look, you have to be very careful how you deal with this.
I know.
The body was discovered a couple hours ago by the street cleaner.
No surveillance anywhere on this street.
Well, money's here.
Name's Lee Mull.
This guy's a Green Beret, so whoever took him down had to be good.
In a really bad way.
Another guy in a uniform, scalped.
Oh, this killer's definitely got an issue with authority.
And hair.
Well, at least we know he's in Portland now.
We need to find that car.
We have no prints from any of the crime scenes.
- No blood except for the victims.
- No witnesses.
The only thing we know for sure is the make and the year of the car.
And the pattern of victims.
Huh, here's an update from the Oregon highway patrol.
Federales in Mexico reported two similar killings in the last ten days.
The victims were scalped.
One was an army officer in Mazatlan.
The other was identified as a police officer in San Luis Potosi.
Patrol officer spotted a car matching the description on stark in the southwest.
Make sure the officer knows not to get near that vehicle and to stay back.
I want more unis out there covering a four-block radius.
Anyone gets in that car, take him down.
I don't know what you're doing in there, but it stinks to high heaven.
You hear me? There's no cookin' in these rooms.
You better cut it out, and you better open this door before I have Hey, look, I don't want any more trouble than I've already got, but, you know, I'm getting complaints from the other guests.
- I'll talk to them.
- No, no, no.
Just finish up whatever you're doing and Open a window.
Get some fresh air in there.
- You have a car? - What? Where is it? Halfway down the block, right-hand side.
Nobody's been back to the car since we got here.
- What the hell? - Could be our guy.
- I'll check it out.
- Just be careful.
If it's not our guy, we don't want to scare him away.
I'll take the other side.
What happened? - He hit me.
- Who? The crazy son of a bitch in 312.
He stole my truck.
- What have we got? - Not sure.
He says the guy in 312 hit him.
That could be our guy.
Get the M.
Call the paramedics.
Get an APB out and find out what kind of car this guy's driving.
We'd better check 312.
Clear! - Hey, take a look at this.
- Ugh, man, that's bad.
- It smells like rotten eggs in here.
- Sulfuric acid, that's why.
That and salt is what they use to tan hides.
You mean scalps.
The Forensics beeds to go over this room and his car now.
Your child is very active.
That means it will not be long.
It's only been six months.
This baby has its own agenda.
- What about me? - We must get you into hiding.
Now? First you need to return to your hotel room.
We must not arouse the suspicion of Prince Viktor.
Shouldn't I be getting to a hospital? Not with this birth.
Why does it hurt so much? 'Cause the child will soon be with us, and you'll be a Hexenbiest again.
Here, chew on this.
It will slow things down.
- You want to hear about the car? - I do.
to Captain Emilio Cervantes, who was reported missing two weeks ago in Calexico, five miles from our first scalping victim, the border patrol guard.
So we still have no I.
on our killer.
In fact, Mr.
Cervantes, the owner of the Challenger, may be another victim who hasn't been found.
What do you got? Lab reports on the hair follicles found in the hotel room and in the Challenger.
We got samples that match our two victims plus get this - 27 other unrelated samples.
- 27 others? - We thinking Wesen yet? - I'm ready to go there.
Well, looks like the original was in Latin, translated into German next, followed by Italian, Spanish, and Arabic.
- I have no idea what this is.
- I think that's Polish or Czech.
Maybe Norwegian? All I know is, it's not English.
Isn't there anything? English next, thank God.
They're into the names of these guys.
Wildesheer, wuotis heer Listen to this.
"The Wildesheer go into a rage on the battlefield, with no fear of death," "mad as hounds, faces smeared with blood of victims," "fighting in a trance-like fury, scalping their defeated enemies.
" "They sew these trophies of war into cloaks of hair," "supposedly giving them the power of the warriors they've defeated.
" Warriors.
They're looking for warriors.
That's why their victims always wear uniforms.
And sewing cloaks of hair That's what this guy's doing? "These Wesen achieved such fearsome reputations," "they also became known as Berserkers.
" - Guess that's where we got "berserk.
" - Well, this isn't comforting at all.
Let me say, I'm glad we're not wearing uniforms.
They're looking for warriors, you'd kind of be at the top of the list.
That's good.
At least, I think it's good.
Wish I could get your opinion.
Hey, if it tastes right to you, I'm sure it's, you know, good to go.
Hey, I want to show you something.
- Oh, family crest? - Yep.
My grandparents gave it to me when I graduated from college.
It's been in the family for over 200 years.
- It's beautiful.
- And for the wine Wow, that's clever, and a little unnerving.
- Let's have a little wine.
- Okay.
I mean, we still have, like, - That can't be them.
- No, that can't be them.
It's probably Nick.
That's not so good either.
A Grimm in the same house as your parents? I'll just I'll tell him we're busy.
- We are busy.
- Right.
Surprise! - Mom, dad.
- Would you believe it? - The plane got here early.
- That never happens.
And we had carry-on, so Oh, honey, we're just so excited to see you.
Yeah, it's it's really good to see you.
Good to see you too, son.
So is Rosalee here yet? Yeah, we're just finishing up in the kitchen.
I can't take it anymore.
I've got to go meet her.
Oh, no, no, no, mom, mom.
It's it's kind of a battleground in there.
Why don't you guys just make yourselves comfortable in the living room, and I'll tell her you're here.
- All right.
- Okay.
Flowers! She cooks.
Thank God.
- What did Nick want? - It wasn't Nick.
It's them.
- Your parents? - Don't worry.
It's gonna be fine.
What? No, I'm not ready for them.
Look at me! No, honey, you look beautiful.
Just have to get rid of this.
And this.
This is the first impression I get to make.
It's gonna be fine.
You're beautiful.
You're wonderful.
You're gonna knock 'em out.
Do you hear that? - His Gilbert Front Mount's out of sync.
- Leave his clocks alone.
- I think I detect a woman's touch.
- Yeah Mom, dad, this is my fiancée, Rosalee.
Honey, these are my parents, Bart and Alice.
Oh Rosalee, it's so very nice to meet you.
I'm sorry I didn't have a chance to get cleaned up.
Oh, nonsense.
You look just as beautiful as he said.
My turn.
No, no, no, no.
A Fuchsbau? What the hell is going on here? Monroe, are you out of your mind? She's a Fuchsbau.
You didn't tell them? You were supposed to tell them.
I was going to, but they're, like, here now, and I didn't think it was important.
You guys don't think it's important, do you? Well, it's just a little unsettling.
More than a little unsettling.
This is never going to work.
What are you talking about? It is working.
Don't be ridiculous.
You can sleep with anything, but You have a problem because I'm a Fuchsbau and your son is Blutbaden? Seriously? Well, dear, you can't pretend to be blind to the situation here.
It's pretty obvious they are.
Wait until they start living together.
We are living together.
Wait, you haven't told them that either? It's really none of their business, okay? - I'm sorry, it's none of your business.
- How can you say that? I'll tell you how they can say that.
Because they're breaking the natural law and they don't care about the consequences.
What the hell's gonna happen when you have children? I'm sorry.
I cannot listen to this ignorance.
- I'm leaving.
- That's probably a good idea.
What? No.
Rosalee! - What have you done? - This is outrageous! - My own flesh and blood.
- I don't know what to say.
- Rosalee, you can't leave.
- Yes, I can.
But I don't care what they think.
I only care what you think.
I think there's a bigger problem here.
This is something you have to figure out with your parents, and you need to do that without me.
- Rosalee - No.
I need some time with this.
What the hell is wrong with you two? What is wrong with us? What is wrong with you? This is not right! You should've told us before we came.
Honestly, I didn't think this kind of stuff still mattered to you.
We've seen how these relationships tear families apart.
And look what this is doing to us already.
Oh, Bart.
Don't go there.
Rosalee and I are in love, and we are getting married no matter what you say or try to do.
This is getting way out of hand.
You need to listen to what we are telling you! You touch me again, I swear to God Thank God.
She's back.
You do not say a word unless it's to apologize.
- I'm not apologizing for what's right.
- Bart.
Rosalee oh, Nick.
I just saw Rosalee drive away.
- You okay in here? - Who is this? Rosalee left, which is what I think you two should do now.
Oh, we need to stop this.
- We go, we are not coming back.
- That's fine with me, dad.
Enough! We're done.
He needs to figure out who he is! A Grimm! Mom, dad, no! No!