Grimm s03e13 Episode Script


Previously on Grimm.
Your child is very active.
That means it will not be long.
It's only been six months.
We must get you into hiding.
We must not arouse the suspicion of Prince Viktor.
We've linked this attack to two other scalpings.
So it seems that we have a serial killer who's targeting men in uniform.
"The Wildesheer scalp their defeated enemies.
"They sew these trophies of war into cloaks of hair, "supposedly giving them the power of the warriors they've defeated.
" Will you Marry me? - Will you? - Yes.
I mean, I will.
This is our wedding.
Everybody has to accept everybody for who they are.
Surprise! - Mom, dad.
- Your parents? Don't worry, it's gonna be fine.
No, no, no, no.
A Fuchsbau? What the hell is going on here? This is never going to work.
I cannot listen to this ignorance.
- I'm leaving.
- Rosalee No.
I need some time with this.
Oh, Nick.
A Grimm! Mom, dad, no! No! Stop! __ Not in my house! Nick, dad, stop! Unh! Mom, no! He's a friend of mine! No, no, no, no, no! Stop! Everybody, stop! Nick is a friend.
A friend? What the hell is going on here? Nick, these are my parents.
- He's a Grimm! - You're friends with a Grimm? - Yes.
- I am so sorry.
I really didn't want to hit you.
Although they did just try to kill me.
Let me try and understand something here.
You're Blutbaden.
I'm Blutbaden.
Your mother's Blutbaden.
He's a Grimm! I can explain.
And you let him into your house.
Did you not hear what I just said? Nick is a friend.
First he's engaged to a Fuchsbau, then he becomes friends with a Grimm.
No, no, no.
That is not happening.
Not in my house.
Well, maybe your Grimm friend would like to take it outside.
No, he would not like to take it outside, because he'll kill you, okay? I've seen it happen.
I've seen him do it.
You've hunted with a Grimm? Wha He's a cop.
I mean, I just Alice, we're leaving.
Look, I don't want to cause any problems here.
- A little late for that.
- Please, just why don't you just shut up? I don't know what you two are doing here, but it's wrong.
I don't even know who you are anymore.
Monroe, I am sorry.
I had no idea.
Why did you come over? I Just never mind.
Nick, what do you want? I wanted help on a case.
Yeah, no, that's what I figured, 'cause that's what Monroe is good for.
Oh, Monroe, you know that's not true.
I'm not so sure I do.
Well, I can see that now is not a good time.
Not very.
I'll call you.
Maybe I do count on Monroe too much.
If he had a problem helping you, he would have stopped a long time ago.
This isn't about that.
Maybe you're right.
But I should stop asking him for help for a while.
What did you want to talk to him about? We've got a killer scalping victims.
We think it's wesen.
- Whoa.
- Yeah.
Yes? Prince Victor? Stefania Vaduva Popescu is here.
Your highness.
Things seem to be moving right along.
Faster than I expected.
How much longer do we have? A few days at most.
What is she sucking on? Mandrake root.
I gave it to her to slow things down.
But if you want the child born in the castle, then I suggest we move quickly.
We shall wait no longer.
Stefania Vaduva Popescu is in the castle.
Are you sure? She's meeting with the Prince now.
- Do you know her? - I know of her.
My mother knew her well.
She's the biggest black marketeer over there.
Do we know if she's had any contact with Adalind? No, we don't.
We do know that Adalind and Frau Pech were working together.
Frau Pech is probably dead.
This explains how Adalind is getting her powers back.
And now Stefania is betraying Adalind and brokering the child to the royal family herself.
What do you want me to do? I want you to get to Adalind before they do.
We have no time to wait.
You have to meet with Meisner, tonight.
I'll set it up from here.
What if I can't get away? Then find an excuse.
Fake your own death for all I care.
Do not let them get to Adalind first.
I have to go.
Yeah? Captain, we've got new intel on our cop killer.
Oh, yeah? What is it? We canvassed every bank and business with a surveillance camera in a three-block radius of the hotel where the killer was staying.
And we got bupkis on the suspect.
However, a bank camera caught footage of students from Lewis & Clark college shooting a film.
Their camera happened to be shooting across the street from the hotel parking lot when our suspect stole the '97 Chevy pickup.
Which is why it took a little time to track down.
This is what they got.
- Seriously? - Just watch.
Not much of his face.
Still, those are the first visuals we've got on this son of a bitch.
All right, get this out to all the agencies, now.
Yes, sir.
I am so sorry.
If I had known, I never would have told them anything.
We need to talk.
I love you.
I love you.
I am not gonna let my parents destroy the best thing that's ever happened to me.
It's not that easy.
This will ruin your relationship with your parents, and I'm not quite sure I want to be the cause of that.
You're not.
They're the cause of it.
Monroe, I lost my dad.
I didn't speak to my mom or sister for seven years.
This is not an easy thing to do.
You will regret it.
And then you're gonna regret me.
I don't believe what they believe, okay? And if that destroys my relationship with them, so be it.
And besides It's not just you.
- What? - Nick came over.
Oh, my God.
Did they woge? Both of 'em.
Just before they attacked Nick.
So now they know you're friends with a Grimm and you want to marry a Fuchsbau.
I guess you could say I'm a disappointment.
Jackson quarry dispatch from officer Mart.
Jackson quarry, officer Mart.
Go ahead.
I'm investigating a fire, Is the fire contained? Appears to be.
I'm gonna check it out.
Looks like an illegal campsite.
Maybe some poaching.
Do you need support, officer Mart? No, let me see what I've got here first.
I'm not sure anybody's even still around.
Roger that.
I think I might be onto something here.
I've got two vehicles, one, an older Chevy pickup, the other's a jeep.
The Chevy's licensed out of Oregon, E-B-S-7-7-5.
The jeep, license Kansas, D-A-D-8-1-7.
What was the make on that vehicle we got the report from on Portland P.
? Hold on, let me check.
A stolen 1997 Chevy Silverado pickup.
Driver is considered extremely dangerous.
You are advised not to confront the suspect without support.
Sending backup immediately.
You need to put your hands behind your head.
Officer Mart, come in.
Officer Mart.
You okay? I just remembered where we are.
And where we should be.
And why we're not there.
What time is it? - 6:28.
- Oh, no, it's too early.
It's too late.
I gotta go deal with this.
Monroe- - nobody talks to you that way.
- Who you calling? - My mother.
I'm gonna find them, say my good-byes And we're gonna get on with our life together.
Monroe? I think I should come over and we should talk.
Where are you? The Stanbridge hotel.
I'll be there soon.
He's coming over to talk.
I hope he's got a lot to say, 'cause I don't.
I hope those aren't more taxes.
After having delightful nightmares about being scalped, I thought I would find out as much as I could about why somebody would want to do this to me while I was sleeping.
You interested? - What have you got? - Okay.
This dates back to the Scythians.
That's like 44 B.
The Scythians would hang their victims' scalps from their bridles.
Apparently, they were very proud of them.
The more they had, the bigger and badder they supposedly were.
There are a ton of historical references, like the Sachsenspiegel, which was the most important law book of the germanic middle ages.
The book said that the men who were convicted of the most heinous crimes were sentenced to have their heads scalped because hair was considered a mystical symbol of the free man.
Anyway, the gist of all this is, the more scalps you have, the more power you've extracted from your enemies and the fiercer you therefore were on the battlefield.
And that part makes sense.
Hank and I were in the trailer, and we think the guy we're after is using these scalps to make a cloak.
So this is wesen? That's what we're thinking.
Nick, if this guy is targeting police yeah, I know.
I'll watch my hair.
No, this is serious! You're a cop, and you're a Grimm.
If this guy finds out you're here Wesen have come after you before.
I know.
Don't worry.
Where was the body found? Another one in uniform.
I'll meet you at the precinct.
- There's another one? - Yeah.
He's here.
Maybe he's finally come to his senses.
Maybe it's my fault.
I should have told you about Rosalee.
Yes, you should have.
I didn't know you were gonna come out right away.
Okay, I thought I had a little more time.
But I should have said something, okay? But that shouldn't even matter.
It does matter! These mixed marriages never work.
We are not living There is reasons we stick to these rules.
Ignorance and bigotry.
Bart, let him talk.
I don't have to let him do anything.
And I can't believe you're still doing this vegetarian crap.
Why don't you just wear a sign saying you're ashamed of who you are? - I'm not ashamed of anything.
- Oh, yeah, I saw that with you and your Grimm.
Are you serious? Nick is different.
Oh, he's a vegetarian too? Mm.
Look, I just came to say that I'm sorry you don't care to understand who I am or listen to anything that I have to say.
But I love Rosalee, and I'm gonna marry her.
And if that destroys the family, then so be it.
Oh, please don't say that.
You're not giving me any choice.
You just refuse to respect who we are.
I'm sorry you feel that way.
What have we done? The right thing.
Why are you calling me in the middle of the night? - They're coming to get you.
- Who? Viktor is sending Verrat agents to te you back to the castle, and once you're there, you'll never leave.
How do you know that? Because your friend Stefania was at the castle.
She's betrayed you.
She works for Viktor, not you.
Why should I trust you? Because I believe the child you're carrying is mine, not Eric's.
Viktor wants the child, not you.
What am I supposed to do? Meisner is on his way, with Sebastian.
- Sebastian? - Yeah, he works for me.
Now, I suggest you leave with them as quickly as you can.
They are your only chance.
Someone's at the door.
You remember when I once told you you would have to choose a side? Well, this is the time.
You must leave immediately.
- Get dressed.
- I will watch from downstairs.
I'm pregnant.
I can't go that fast.
- Do you want to live? - Yes.
Then put on a coat and put some clothes in a bag.
Yeah? Two Verrat are on their way up.
There may be more.
Okay, we have to go now.
The Verrat are here.
Okay, answer the door.
Tell them you're not alone.
But what if they come in? That's exactly what I want them to do.
Go! Fraulein Schade.
Prince Viktor requests your presence.
At this time of night? - Yes.
- Adalind, who is it? These men want me to go with them.
- Who the hell are you? - What is your name? What is my name? Well, excuse me, this isn't your room.
What is your name? Get up.
Please, he's just a friend.
Do you work for the hotel? - I won't ask again.
- Oh, God.
Get up now.
Unh! Oh! Danke.
I'm not sure that was me.
Let's get out of here.
Not a good way to start the day.
Where's the body? Over there.
Some of it.
Body's kind of all over the place.
Victim is Thomas Mart, works for the forest service.
Checking out an illegal campfire where a deer was poached.
Reported it, was investigating, call went dead.
They sent out a team to investigate and found the Chevy pickup we've been looking for, the one stolen from the hotel manager.
Mart also reported seeing a jeep here.
Kansas plates.
We got an apb out on it.
That would be Mart's right arm.
Left leg is over there in two pieces.
Looks like animals got to him after the attack.
Anyway, I hope so.
I'd hate to think this happened to him while he was alive.
You said there were two cars reported.
He couldn't have driven both cars here.
That means there's more than one killer.
Why are you helping me? You and your child are very important to us.
We work with the resistance.
So does Sean Renard.
Frau Pech came to me months ago, offering to sell your child to the royal family.
We are not going to let that happen.
Pull over.
This is good.
In the middle of nowhere? Well, it's better if you don't know where we have gone.
What do you expect me to do? Walk.
Bonne chance, mon ami.
Toi aussi.
Now what? It's freezing.
You will warm up as we go.
- Hey.
- Juliette.
How are you doing? Oh, a pleasant mixture of sadness, anger, resentment, and bitterness.
Nick told me.
I'm so sorry.
That's why I came over.
I didn't know if maybe you wanted a shoulder to pound on.
Oh, thanks.
How's Nick doing? I heard he had his own meet and greet with Monroe's parents.
He feels really bad about that.
Monroe was in no place to deal with anybody last night.
What did Nick need? Maybe I can help.
It is the most terrifying series of murders, and the worst part is, the killer has been scalping his victims.
Anyway, Nick thinks it's wesen, but why am I telling you this right now? You don't need to hear about this.
The victims were scalped? Yeah.
Hey, Juliette.
- Hey, Monroe.
- How did it go? Let's just say it went.
I feel really bad about what happened to Nick last night.
Some of the things I said It's okay.
Monroe, he feels really awful too.
Did Nick tell you why he stopped by? No, no, my folks kind of got in the way of that.
Somebody is murdering people and scalping them.
Nick thinks it's wesen.
That's not why I came by, just so we're all clear.
Caccia Morta.
But it can't be, could it? I mean, that's what it sounds like.
If it is, that's really serious.
I've got to talk to Nick.
Nick, got the registration of the Kansas plates.
The jeep is registered to a Walter Murphy from Wichita.
- Is he a cop? - Corporal, U.
- Did they find him? - No.
Reported awol three weeks ago.
Well, I don't think we're looking for Walter Murphy from Wichita.
I don't either.
Nick, we need to talk.
Hey, I'm sorry about last night.
Yeah, I'm sorry too, dude.
But we got bigger wesen to fry.
Caccia Morta, you ever heard of them? Caccia Morta.
I think we just read about them in the trailer.
That's the same thing as Wildesheer, right? Close enough.
That's why I was coming over last night.
Well, you better come over now, because this is way more complicated than your average wesen rampage.
But just you, okay? This is too dangerous for a Kerseite Schlich Kennen.
At least until we figure out how to deal with this.
This is it.
- Who lives here? - No one.
It's been in my family for a long time.
I'm hungry.
I'll first off start a fire, then I'll get us something to eat.
We're in the middle of nowhere.
How are you gon Oh.
There's some bedding in the trunk.
- I'm ready.
- I'm not.
What? I'm not ready to lose our son.
You've already lost him.
Then I'm gonna get him back again.
Alice, we are leaving.
- I'm not going.
- I am.
I know.
Do what you want.
You know, I think I will for a change.
Why am I here? Because Adalind is not.
You didn't get her? Apparently, someone tipped them off and they escaped.
You let them get away? It is my instinct to blame you for this treachery.
I came here.
I told you it was time.
Perhaps you're getting more money elsewhere.
I am not an idiot.
I wouldn't betray you.
If we've been betrayed, then it's coming from your house, not mine.
Someone close to you has betrayed us both.
Rosalee, it's Alice.
Are you still here? Now what? I need to talk to you.
Thank you.
Quite a shop you have here.
I don't think you came to talk about my shop.
No, I didn't.
If you have something to say I love my son, and I don't want to lose him.
Clearly, he loves you, and I hope to God you love him.
I do.
Very much.
Look You two have to decide for yourselves what's right.
Even if it's a mistake.
I'm I'm not saying that it is.
I can't say that I'm satisfied with every decision I've made.
But I've never challenged our traditions because I believe in them.
Why are you so sure we'll fail? Because I know how tough marriage is, even when you're the same.
Then why are you here? You know we don't agree with you.
I wanted to talk to you to see see if you'd be open to the Vertrautheiten.
Do you think that would help? It couldn't hurt.
What are you doing here? I was on my way to the airport Uhhuh.
And your mother wasn't with me.
- What did you do? - I said I was leaving.
I thought she'd come with me, but she didn't.
So I came here, but she's not here either.
Look, dad, I don't have time for this, okay? Nick is on his way over here right now, and I don't want another episode.
The Grimm is coming here? I didn't come here to argue.
Oh, what, you got a few more cultural cliches for me to live by, or what? Dad, listen, I have no interest in trying to change you or mom, okay? But I do have a very real interest in living my life my own way.
I get it.
But believe me, that's not the real problem.
This friendship, if that's what you call it, with the Grimm, it goes against everything we believe in! You don't know Nick.
Know a Grimm? How can that be possible? The fact that I'm standing here is proof that it is indeed possible! But I didn't plan on introducing you to Nick right now.
That just happened.
And let me just say let me just say the first time I met Nick, it didn't go so well either.
Unh! Unh! But you know what? We got to know each other, dad.
And we started to trust each other.
He has saved my life, and I've saved his.
He is different, and so am I, so You know, maybe it's better this way, just out in the open, to deal with or not.
But, he's on his way over here right now, and I'm gonna help him, like it or not.
And how are you going to help him? By killing wesen? Is that how you're gonna help him? I'm not asking for your approval, dad.
Who's head are you gonna cut off tonight? A Blutbad? A Hundjager? Even if it was a Bauerschwein I wouldn't agree.
Caccia Morta.
A Wildesheer? Nick's here, dad.
Just go home.
You can't go up against the Wildesheer.
Stop telling me what I can and cannot do.
Stop worrying about me, and start worrying about mom.
- We can do this another time.
- Not with Wildesheer, we can't.
My dad's leaving.
Come on in.
- That sounded not so good.
- Yeah.
He's in a not-so-good place right now.
But I'm done with that.
Nick, you need to know what you're up against this time, because it's bad.
It goes way back to something roughly translated as "the wild hunt.
" It's like the gates of hell open up and let demons loose on the world.
So stopping these guys sooner rather than later is kind of where it's at.
We can't find them.
We've got no prints, no I.
, no record of where they came from.
That's what I'm trying to tell you.
You don't have to find them.
According to legend, the first thing you hear is terrible thunder and howling wind, as if the Wildesheer are being blown right out of hell.
- Not so encouraging.
- They're hunters, and their life's blood is built upon killing powerful warriors.
And it just so happens, the Grimm is like the most powerful warrior of all.
See? That's the Grimm there, in the middle.
This was one of my favorite books when I was a kid because, you know, the Grimm gets obliterated.
But no, that was before anyway.
My guess is, you're the reason they're here.
You think they know about me? I think it's no coincidence they're in Portland.
I mean, come on, there are a lot more cop/warriors in like New York City, or well, don't I feel special? Listen, the most important thing is, they will be coming after you.
So what we can do is pick where it happens.
And I highly suggest that's not my house, so we should be leaving.
Isn't there anything in the book about how to fight them? Not in that book.
They're supposed to win.
So we pick someplace we control.
It's got to be wide open, you know? We can see 'em coming, but we got to weapon up first, dude.
I need more firepower than my canines.
So, you know how many there are? We think there are at least two.
Well, better than three.
Ogre gun.
Listen to this.
"The vile cloaks of scalped hair they wear into battle "seem to protect them from weapons, making them nearly invulnerable.
" "I do believe that, like Samson, "they have a weakness.
"If one could take their hair as they had taken "the hair of others, it would weaken them.
"But I was unable to get close enough and was forced to retreat before I could test my theory.
" So we're talking about a Samson and Delilah-type haircut? Well, he didn't get a chance to test his theory, but just in case he's right, let's take these for backup.
- Where do you want to do this? - How about the quarry? Plenty of open ground.
Should work.
Let's go.
Okay, so My book could have been wrong.
Unh! Behind you! - What what do we do now? - Get to their hair.
Easier said than aah! I'll take the one on the right.
I'll take the one on the left.
What about the really big guy in the middle? Get off my son! Aah! Aah! Aah! Dad.
You didn't know what you were up against.
If I even if you are friends with a Grimm, I couldn't see you die.
How did you know how to kill them? We didn't.
Nick's ancestors did.
I didn't think it was possible to fight on the same side as a Grimm.
I told you, he's different.
Some things you have to see for yourself.
All my life, I've heard about these guys.
Your great grandfather, whenever it would storm, he'd get scared.
He told us kids, if the Wildesheers ever came back, it meant something really bad was going to come next.
How "really bad"? I don't know.
Just something, somewhere, was going to happen that would change the world.
Thank you.
Any more food? No.
It was good, though.
Aah! Oh, God.
- What? - I think it's coming.
Aah! Can I have the peas, please? Well, this wedding stuff is pretty exciting, huh? Have you guys set a date yet? What? Everybody just calm down.
Okay? Sorry.
This is just gonna take a little getting used to.