Grimm s04e03 Episode Script

Last Fight

Previously on Grimm I have to see her.
I don't have your baby.
Viktor! We're losing him.
Time of death, 1:34 p.
Can I ask you something about the girl staying at Nick's house? Theresa Rubel? She's a suspect in a double homicide and I'm having a bit of a problem with this.
I'm Special Agent Chavez.
He's not the Grimm.
I think I know who the Grimm is.
You Okay? Hey.
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
What's going on? What the hell? I don't know where I am.
"Stars, hide your fires; let not light see my black and deep desires.
" I don't know where I was.
What Do you know where you are now? Yeah, I had this blinding headache.
You said you saw something? Some kind of old room.
You're scaring me.
Yeah, me too.
I'm okay.
Uh, you were on your knees, Nick.
Yeah, you couldn't see us.
We're taking you to the hospital.
No, I don't need to go.
Don't argue, we're going.
I'm not gonna fall down.
You kind of just did.
I got the door.
Let me drive.
I see.
No, no, wait! Please.
Let me go! Let go of me! Calm down, nobody's gonna hurt you.
Look at me.
Look at me.
You're the Grimm.
What do you want? You cut off Weston Steward's head.
I'm sure he was surprised to see what you are.
Detective Burkhardt took you in.
Why? Does he know you're a Grimm? Listen carefully.
There are people who find what you are and what you can do very important.
They would be extremely interested in your services.
If you're thinking it's the FBI, it's not.
No idea what you're talking about.
What you're doing now is not nearly as important as what you can be doing.
Being able to identify and destroy dangerous Wesen influence in society is a very valuable gift.
It should not be wasted.
There is a home for you.
A select group, all working together, all with the same goal.
I'm sorry we had to do it like this, but I had to make sure you were who I thought you were.
All we're asking is for you to think about it.
I'll be in touch.
And, Theresa.
Tell no one.
For your sake and theirs.
I'm not seeing anything out of the ordinary, nothing that would explain headaches or visions.
No chest pains, slurring of speech, pains radiating down your left arm? No.
Yeah, he was talking to me, he just couldn't see me.
Well, I can't say this is something I come across every day.
I'd like you to see an ophthalmologist to make sure there's no optic nerve damage.
Ladies and gentlemen, good evening once again, and welcome to Kingston's Boxing here in Portland, Oregon.
Are you ready for the main event? You're late.
Bobby, don't hold back.
How ya feelin', huh? Hey.
Keep your eye on the prize, kid.
You're gonna be world champion someday.
Please don't.
Let's get him out there.
Let's go, kid.
And now, it's fight time at Kingston's.
Wearing black and gold, weighing in at 164 pounds, with an impressive 9-0 record, Portland's own Okay.
Clay Pittman! Introducing Tyler "Hitman" Stephens! Come on, get out.
Come on, come on, let's go.
Son of a bitch broke my jaw.
He broke my damn jaw! That's not enough! Get the hell outta here.
This ain't over.
Come on, Clay.
That's it.
Yeah, that's it! Get up! Get up! - I didn't think so! Get up! - Get up! Another first round knockout at 37 seconds in the first round That's it, baby.
Clay Pittman! Yes, yes, yes, yes! You coming to bed? What's that? This is what I saw.
Except there were rats.
Rats? Looks like some sort of prison or a dungeon.
Why would you see something like that? I don't know.
This started after what Adalind did.
It's gotta be connected.
I just wish things were back to What? Normal? I don't even know what that is anymore.
Being a Grimm? Not being a Grimm? Not being a Grimm and knowing.
Look, I'm sorry.
I'm just tired.
Right, so then I guess now is not a good time to ask you why Wu brought this over? He wanted to know why we have a murder suspect staying with us.
And why Hank and I introduced her as a criminology student at a crime scene.
I think you're gonna have to tell him the truth, Nick.
I'm not a Grimm anymore.
What am I supposed to tell him? Hey.
You Okay? Yeah.
No, all good.
Clay was born ready.
Your boy ought to be grateful for the opportunity.
I expect that contract this afternoon.
You booked another fight? Seattle kid hurt his shoulder.
I'm puttin' Clay in his place.
He was in the ring all of 37 seconds, Abe.
He's good to go.
It's too soon.
Three more wins.
Just three more and we're fightin' in Las Vegas.
Now get your ass out there and tell him.
Who's this? Clay messed me up, man.
You gotta make this right or I'm reporting you to the Commission and they'll pull your license for what you do.
Twenty-five grand or you're done! Damage to the optic nerve can cause blind spots, pain, distorted vision But your nerves look healthy.
Now lean back.
However, there seems to be an unprecedented level of activity in the macula.
Which means There are cells in the retina known as cones.
Most people have three types, blue, green and red, and the overlap of these cones allows people to see a spectrum of colors.
A small percentage of women have a fourth cone that allows them to see colors invisible to the rest of us.
Are you suggesting that Nick has a fourth cone? In the area where the abnormality appears, there could be a fourth or even a fifth cone.
So, basically, I'm a freak.
I mean, Nick, do you see things the rest of us can't? Not that I know of.
Not a surprise.
Since no one can really see the world the way everyone else sees it, people with special vision tend to be unaware of it.
Is this something that could have just appeared recently? No, he'd have been born with it.
Then what's causing the headaches? There's some swelling in the area, which may be preventing light from triggering the cones.
Now whether that's temporary or permanent, I don't know.
And Juliette is really struggling with the whole "finding a cure for Nick" thing.
You know, him going back to being a Grimm.
Can you blame her? No, not at all.
I mean, we get it.
It's just She actually asked us Didn't so much ask, more suggested.
That not finding a cure might be the only way for her and Nick to have a normal life together.
But there are a lot of bad Wesen.
Very few good Grimms.
Adalind did this 110 Nick.
How do we know there weren't any long-term effects? Exactly.
I mean, look what she did to Juliette.
And you.
So, we're sort of thinking maybe we should talk to your captain because he might know what was in the potion that Or at least where he got it.
They just moved him out of ICU.
Hey, you got a minute? Actually Look, I know I'm inter-truding here but I think this is really important.
Hank, what are you doing here? Well, it's not my business anyway.
Look, it's about the wedding, and that girl.
She's a Grimm.
And, you know, there's a lot of talk around.
Everybody's kind of on edge, not knowing, is she good, is she bad Are we in danger? Bud, she's a friend of Nick's.
You have nothing to worry about.
Oh, well that's a relief.
You know, in a way maybe it's sorta good news.
You know, having two Grimms.
What? Nick can't see us anymore.
Oh, my God, he's blind? No.
He can't see Wesen.
He's not a Grimm anymore.
Oh, I gotta sit down.
This is terrible, this is worse than I thought.
You know, probably best if you don't tell anybody about this.
Okay? Yeah, yeah, yeah, you're right, you're right.
There's a lot of Wesen out there who would like to know he's not what he used to be.
I gotta get home and not tell anybody.
You got my money? Hey! How you feeling? Better.
Man, you had me worried.
I mean, you were looking right at me and couldn't see me.
Gotta say, I was a little freaked.
What'd the doctor say? It's all good.
What've we got, Wu? Uh, city worker found the body this morning, dragged him out of the water.
Body's pretty beat up.
Looks like it's been in the water all night.
Vic's name is Robert "Bang Bang" Moore.
"Bang Bang" was on his license? Didn't look at his license.
I arrested him on a DUI 100 years ago.
He's an ex-boxer.
Did time for aggravated assault.
Some pretty big holes.
Not from bullets.
Probably dumped farther up river.
We got an address for Bang Bang? Just ran it.
Where's the city worker? He's right over there.
Hey, Nick.
Nick, we really need to talk.
Do you know where your brother Bobby was last night? Ugh He went out to meet somebody.
Do you know who? No.
But he was mad.
He got busted up real bad the night before.
Where? Kingston's Boxing.
Had somethin' going on at the fights.
When I got home from work, I saw his face.
What was he doing at the fights? He was pickin' up work maybe? He didn't tell me.
Thing is, he couldn't stay away.
He gamble? Bobby just loved boxing.
And he was damn good.
Just got hit too many times.
If I hadn't given her to Viktor, he would have killed me and you.
So you had no choice but to give my granddaughter to the Royals.
I know you better than that.
You wouldn't have given her to Viktor.
But giving her to the Resistance wouldn't have guaranteed her safety, either.
However it would be advantageous if the Royals thought the Resistance had her.
Are you going to tell me where she really is? I don't know.
But she's with someone who owes allegiance to no one.
Oh! I'm sorry.
We can come back.
No, please, come in, we need to talk.
Monroe, Rosalee, this is my mother, Elizabeth.
It's nice to meet you.
You've spoken to Nick.
That's all right, she's up to speed.
In order for you to help your friend, you need to know what was in the potion.
I could show them where Adalind made it.
You are not going anywhere.
They need to know what she used and how she did it.
They won't be able to do this without my help.
You're not well enough.
Nick helped bring your granddaughter to safety.
Now if it wasn't for him, she'd be with the Royal Family right now.
And you think Nick can help keep them from finding her? Yes, as a Grimm.
I'll go with them.
No! We don't need to take you away from your son at a time like this.
Don't be afraid of me.
Afraid? No, no, it's To beat a Hexenbiest like Adalind, you need a Hexenbiest like me.
Open! Stan Kingston? Come on, Clay! Put some energy in it! You gotta make weight.
Time! Mr.
Kingston? I'm Detective Burkhardt.
This is my partner Detective Griffin.
Is there a problem? You promote the fights here? That's right.
Clay! Come over, meet a couple of fans.
This young bull is gonna be the next middleweight champion of the world.
His trainer, Abe Tucker.
Hey, how's it going? Nice to meet you.
Tickets, anything you need, gentlemen, just drop your cards at the door.
We're investigating a murder.
Murder? Bobby Moore.
Bobby Moore? You gotta be kidding.
We understand he worked a fight here.
Hey, I don't know what you were told, but Bobby was in no condition to work anymore.
I mean, he was a great fighter in his day, but he stayed in the game too long.
But you saw him.
Yeah, I threw him a few bucks to keep the riff-raff out.
That's about all he could do.
Don't you have security for that? I help ex-boxers whenever I can.
Bobby's sister said he was pretty beat up the other night.
He did his job, I paid him, he left.
That's the last I saw of him.
Either of you see him after that? No, sir.
Probably got into it with some drunk at a bar somewhere.
Wouldn't have been the first time.
If you do think of anything else Bobby was one of the guys in my dressing room.
I hit him too hard, didn't I? Didn't I? You didn't do nothing he didn't get paid for.
Do we believe Kingston? Did you just ask if I believe a fight promoter? Clay looked nervous.
Yeah, Bobby Moore was an ex-fighter.
Whoever gave him that beating had to know how to handle themselves.
That's not normal.
Not even close.
Stan did two years for fraud and tax evasion, was acquitted in '07 of manslaughter.
Settled six law suits with ex-fighters out of court, but still got his promoter's license.
What have you got on the kid? Still lives with his mom.
Been in the fight game for less than one year.
It's cheating, right? If he's Wesen? There are probably Wesen in all sports.
But in boxing, that kind of edge can turn you into a killer.
Maybe they're all Wesen.
Stan, Abe, and Clay.
May want to bring Trubel in on this.
She could tell us what kind of Wesen we're dealing with.
She almost got killed the last time, Hank.
I can't protect her anymore.
She's a Grimm.
And I'm not.
What are we supposed to do, bring her into every case that we think involves a Wesen? That's not fair to her.
She's not a cop.
Nick, she still has a lot to learn.
The more you teach her, the better she's going to be.
And until we find out what's going on with you, we need her to be her best.
I can smell it.
Really? Because I'm not picking up any Adalind's life, her mother, her fear, her loss Oh, that smell.
This is where she mixed it.
Don't do that.
There's a lot of both of them in here.
We need to find the spell.
Look for a book that won't open.
I'm sorry? A book that won't open? Won't that make it kind of hard to read? Just find it.
What's up? We got a boxer who might have been involved in a murder.
You think he's Wesen? Could also be the trainer, the manager or one of the other boxers.
We want you to spend some time at the gym.
Doing what? Working out.
Don't piss anybody off, don't follow anybody, don't start any fights.
I like boxing gyms.
Used to sleep in one in Chicago.
I picked up a few moves, too.
Well, don't use them.
The boxer we're looking at is Clay Pittman.
All we want to know is who's Wesen.
Here's a new phone.
I texted you the address of the gym.
Got it.
You see something, you call.
She'll be fine.
Whose alibi you wanna check out first? Let's start with the kid.
Clay just had a knack for it.
Such a quiet boy, I never knew he had it in him.
Well, he's done real well.
You must be very proud.
Oh, lam.
He works hard.
Do you know where Clay was last night? After the gym he came home, ate, soaked in an Epsom bath and went to bed.
Sometimes, I wish he would just go out with his friends.
How long has Clay been with Stan Kingston? Oh, Stan discovered Clay about a year ago.
He told me my son had something special.
He's a good manager.
Oh, and his trainer Abe, too, he's like a father to Clay.
What about Clay's dad, he around? No.
He's Took off a long time ago.
No contact with him? None.
But we will be hearing from him soon as Clay hits it big.
That's the kind of man he is.
Look, I'm not ignorant to the evil around my son.
People wanting to take advantage of him, take his money.
It's hard to know who to trust.
But you trust Stan.
I trust my son.
Found Bang Bang's car about a mile up river from where his body was found.
His cell phone was in the seat.
I need to know if he called anyone associated with the boxing gym.
Already checked.
a call to Stan Kingston.
Lasted 23 seconds.
Thanks, Wu.
We need to get back to the gym.
Could you help me with this? It keeps coming undone.
What's your name? Trubel.
I didn't ask what you are.
It's just a nickname.
It's a good name for a fighter.
What do they call you? Just Clay.
Don't like nicknames.
How do you not like nicknames? They've got Bonecrusher, Boom Boom, Sugar Ray.
All boxers have cool names.
I don't.
Yeah, well, who was your favorite fighter growing up? Didn't have one.
Get out of here.
Never watched.
What, do you even like boxing? You serious? You ask a lot of questions.
I mean, why do you do it if you don't like it? Money.
For me and my mom.
Well, there are a lot easier ways to make money than getting punched in the face.
- Right? - Hey! Hey! What are you doin' talking to him? This ain't no social club.
Go get ready for tonight.
Get lost.
No way.
I paid my 15 bucks.
Are you a fighter? That's right.
Lookin' to get a few bouts, make a little money.
Really? Hurricane! Let's see what you got.
Oh, no.
I'm just getting back You're either gettin' in or you're gettin' out.
Which is it? Guess I'm gettin' in.
Abe! Glove her up.
Keep your hands up.
Didn't I tell her not to get into any fights? I gotta stop this.
Give her a chance, you'll blow her cover.
Come on, sweetheart.
You fight dirty.
Sorry, I Yeah! I like dirty.
You got a lot of potential, kid.
Abe is gonna start training you full time tomorrow.
Now, you go get a shower, we'll talk after.
Keep Clay in the dressing room while I deal with this.
Keep showing up, you're going to have to pay gym fees.
A few more questions.
Oh, I need to get my boy ready for a fight.
So soon? Hey, I line 'em up, he knocks 'em out.
That's how you make a name for yourself.
What do you want? Bobby Moore called you at 3:00 p.
Call lasted 23 seconds.
What'd you two talk about? Yeah, he was lookin' for more work.
Thought he could pick up a few bucks at tonight's fight.
And you just forgot to mention that this morning.
I got more on my plate than worryin' about a drunk has-been.
He say where he was? No, and I didn't ask.
Where were you last night? Oh, come on, guys, I've been through this before Answer the question.
Treated Abe and myself to a fat juicy steak, and a bottle of wine at ringside.
The restaurant, not the gym.
Check if you like.
Why are they back, Abe? They must know what I did.
You didn't do nothin'.
No, I hit that guy, and I hit him, and I kept hitting him.
Clay, you listen to me.
You did not kill Bobby Moore.
You don't know! I can't do it anymore.
No more fights, Abe.
You tell Stan for me.
Tell Stan what? Cops are asking a lot of questions about you, Clay.
No worries.
As long as we're a team, they will never know what you did.
Go get some rest.
Lot of press is gonna be there tonight.
Gonna make your momma proud.
Abe, get some more guys.
Better ones this time.
Kid needs to be fired up.
I'm not going to do it.
Clay can't take it anymore.
I make those decisions, not you.
This kid is going all the way.
Cancel the fight or I'll tell Clay the truth about what happened to Bobby.
You threatening me? After I brought you this far? It's over.
You're gonna shut your mouth and do as you're told.
Stan's Wesen! Abe, too.
But a different kind.
You get a good look at them? Oh, yeah.
Just get me to the trailer.
If I could show you how to get out of here would you be happy? Do you know a way out? Oh, I do.
Six stones in, three stones high! Six stones in, three stones high? What does that mean? Six stones in, three stones high! Six stones in, three stones high? Through the wall, you must try! Hello? My name is Hofmann.
You want to find your baby? Uh, yes.
You know a way out? I have got to find her.
Please, get me out of here.
It's a treacherous journey.
You will need your strength.
Eat this.
Oh, my God, you have food.
We must go.
Now! This one won't open.
Let me give it a shot.
I think we got it.
Wish we had these when I was in school.
If you're finished? What? Knife.
I mean, that's a good idea, 'cause that will open her right up.
Please tell me that hurt.
Here's the spell she used.
Can you reverse it? Not here.
It's contaminated.
I need a place that's untainted by another Hexenbiest.
We could go to the Spice Shop.
What? What? I mean, yeah.
Sure! NICK; What about this? He didn't have that horn on his head, but just as ugly.
That's it! That's him.
That's Stan! You sure? "Witness this type of creature intimidating others around.
"This beast cannot be trusted.
" Okay, here we are! "Schinderdiv use their brutal force to pin their victim, "and razor sharp tusks to inflict damage.
" Same type of puncture wounds.
What about this Wesen? "A Heftigauroch is a bull-like Wesen "that morphs into rage when provoked.
" Seriously? We're talking raging Heftigauroch? It's your book, man.
That's Abe, only he looks a lot older than that.
"Their hard heads and strong hands make them great fighters.
"However, despite their inherent ability, "it is not in their nature to fight.
" So they inherit this great ability but they don't want to use it? I bet Clay's the same type of Wesen.
He doesn't even like boxing.
What? They found a body a few blocks away from the gym.
It's Abe Tucker.
What's the exact location? Trubel, come on.
Wait here.
Looks like an apparent suicide.
Jumped from the roof.
That's quite a jump.
Looks like he's got more holes in him than rebar.
Holes that look kind of familiar.
What is it? A note.
"I killed Bobby Moore.
I'm sorry.
" He's short and to the point.
You think Stan was having steak with Abe this time? Let's ask him.
Hey! Don't hold back.
Nobody's going inside.
What are you I got a fight! Anyone who doesn't belong here should go.
This is harassment.
You're not going anywhere.
You killed Bobby and Abe.
You must have some pretty good evidence to make a charge like that.
We do.
You're Wesen.
Got no idea what you're talking about.
Oh, yeah, you do.
You're a Schinderdiv.
You don't know anything.
But I do.
That's right, dude, Grimm here.
Where's Clay? I don't know.
He's got two minutes to get out here or I'm calling the fight.
You broke his neck.
I didn't mean to kill him.
You didn't, I killed him.
He attacked officers of the law.
You were not even here.
I'm calling it in.
Tell Clay he doesn't have to fight.
You Okay? No.
If Trubel wasn't here We can't keep doing this, Hank.
Where's Stan? I don't know.
Abe's not here, either.
I can't go out there, Mom.
I don't want to fight.
It's what you do, Son.
Now, the fans, and the reporters, they're all waiting for you.
You don't understand, it's killing me.
Look at me, look at me.
You know I love you and I only want what's best for you.
I know, Mom.
I got you the best manager and the best trainer, and they did what I told them to.
And when they didn't, I did.
Now you get out there, and you do what you were born to do! You get out there and you fight! Get up! Get up! Get up right now, Clay! Fight! Fight! Get up and fight! Now! Hey! Hey! Stop it! Leave him alone! Clay, you don't have to fight.
Stan's dead.
Dead? She's a Grimm.
Kill her! Kill her before she kills us! Kill her! No, Clay, don't! Put it down, Clay! Clay, put it down.
No! No! I'm done.
No, Clay may Oh, Clay, wait.
Tonight's main event is a forfeit.
Winner by default is Fist of Fury Frankie Solanos! "To a mirrored image it will make.
"Cover the pot with your hat.
"And breathe in the mixture from the vat.
" I wonder if Adalind understood the risk to herself when she made this spell.
Risk to her? What about Nick? To both of them.
it ties them together in unpredictable ways.
How do we reverse it? First we have to make it.
Hopefully you'll have what we need.
If we don't have it, I'll get it.
Got it.
Petals or stems? Both.
Gypsum extract.
Uh, third shelf, far right.
Here we go.