Grimm s04e02 Episode Script

Octopus Head

Previously on Grimm Police Captain Sean Renard, three right upper, left lower.
Did the Captain say what was in the bottle that he wanted me to take? He just said you had to drink it, or something really bad would happen.
And Adalind did it.
I just found out where Adalind is.
She boarded Lufthansa flight to Vienna.
She's going back to the Royals.
She thinks you have the child.
Which may not be a bad thing.
I know you.
Criminology student, right? Uh, yeah.
Theresa's been staying with us.
Did you see what happened? Yes.
She killed the shooter.
You cannot run.
You left the scene of a crime.
To get Nick.
I think she's telling the truth.
Henry Slocombe.
Danny has been in a terrible accident.
Some sort of severe head injury.
The Gedachtnis Esser.
Wha The nature of our defensive resources could be compromised.
"It is not known how this Wesen removes the memories of its victims, "only that it can.
" This is a key piece to the CVA project.
Just hurry up and get to Vickers.
Code Blue to ICU.
Excuse me, O2 line up.
three hundred.
He's asystolic.
- Pulse shock's flat.
- We're losing him.
- Clear! - I got no response.
All right, let's call it.
Time of death, 1:34 p.
"A Man's real possession is his memory.
"In nothing else is he rich, In nothing else is he poor.
" Ma'am, please do not come in here right now.
to post-op.
Cardiology to post-op Are you all right? VIENNA All payments to Weston Steward were cash deposits made by a courier from Lisbon.
The courier was an independent contractor with no idea the cash came from us.
Are there any wild cards? The King will be out for blood.
Whose blood depends on how careful we are.
Take it.
Ja? Are you sure it's her? It's Adalind Schade.
I'll ring her back.
No, sir, she's here.
In Vienna? At the gate.
Adalind, how nice to see you again.
You bring good news I hope.
I did it, I did what you asked.
You took the Grimm's powers? I did.
We will need confirmation that what you did to Mr.
Burkhardt actually succeeded.
It worked.
I swear it worked.
Well, there's a bit of conflicting information.
You see, one of our operatives had his head lopped off at Mr.
Burkhardt's house.
You wouldn't know anything about that, would you? No.
But I did what I had to do.
I did what you wanted me to do.
Please let me in.
I need to see my baby.
What do you think? I doubt she would have come all this way without attempting to accomplish what you asked.
I'll get confirmation.
Please, Viktor.
I need my baby.
All right, open the gates.
Is the west wing ready? I'll make sure it is.
You can stay there.
You're going to be with us for quite some time.
Thank you, Viktor.
- How is she? - Wonderful.
How's Juliette handling this? She's trying not to blame me.
You ought to try doing the same thing.
Go ahead, Trubel.
Octopus Head is checking into the Multnomah Hotel.
We're on our way.
Has she gained any weight? She's been eating okay, hasn't she? Oh, she has quite an appetite.
Who's taking care of her? We all are.
She's very important and it's rather nice having her here, she's brightened up the whole castle.
Ha! I do wish I could have seen the look on Mr.
Burkhardt's face when he realized he'd slept with you.
How was it, by the way? I did what I had to do.
I did it for my baby.
It wasn't fun.
That's a shame.
It's not every day a Grimm shags a Hexenbiest.
Or was it the other way around? Where are we? Why are we down here? This is the most secure part of the castle.
No one can get to your child here.
By the by, did you know Sean Renard is in hospital? What happened? He was tragically shot at Mr.
Burkhardt's home.
Nick shot him? Actually, no.
HOW is he? Hanging on by a thread.
I know how close you and Sean were.
Right his way, dear.
Where's my baby? I don't have your baby.
It was taken from me by the Resistance.
The very people who helped you escape from me.
Now, don't you regret that decision? You can huff and puff all you want, you're not going to blow this house down.
Viktor! It was built for Hexenbiests.
Viktor, don't do this! Viktor! You bastard! You can't do this! I did what you wanted me to do! All right.
Here you are, Mr.
You are on the fourth floor.
Elevators are to your right.
Thank you.
Hi, this is Henry.
I can't get to the phone, so please leave me a message.
Henry, it's Kent.
I don't know where you are, I've been trying to reach you.
Get back to me as soon as you can.
I'm heading home, call me there.
He checked into room 402.
How'd you find that out? You're kidding, right? We know he's the guy we're after.
But now we're going to need some background on him to see how he connects with the victims.
All we got is he can steal people's memories.
And their cars.
Why don't we just go in there and take him down right now? 'Cause we don't have any evidence or motive that ties him to the crime.
Yeah, I wasn't talking about arresting him.
Just keep an eye on him.
Let us know if he moves.
And nothing more.
All right.
Hey, you got any money for lunch? Make it last.
Thank you.
Hey, I need a receipt.
All right.
She'll be fine.
Let's go.
I know.
Me neither.
The Verfluchte Zwillingsschwester is a really badass spell.
I don't think we're going to find anything in my books.
You know what? This is beyond anything I've ever dealt with.
What if we can't help Nick this time? Honey, all we can do is try.
The Captain must have known what Adalind did, because he brought something to give to Nick.
But how do we find out what that was? I don't know.
Find out where Adalind cooked it up.
And reverse engineer it.
Nick is still a cop.
Right? Can't he figure out where the Captain was before he went to Nick's house? I mean, he had to get the stuff somewhere.
Unless he made it himself, because he is a Zauberbiest, after all.
Kent, thanks for stopping by.
I moved out.
Laurie and I are getting divorced.
It's been coming a long time.
Kent, that is awful news.
Let me give you my new number and address.
Hello? Hi.
This is Lawrence Anderson, is this Captain Vickers? Yes.
I worked on the CVA project with Henry Slocombe.
Have you seen him? I'm trying to locate him.
Actually, actually, that's why I'm calling.
He's been in an accident.
How bad? It isn't good.
He has a very serious head injury.
Alexandra, his girlfriend, I don't know if you know her, she was found murdered in his house.
What? Look, I don't wanna do this on the phone.
How about I come over to your place and I can just fill you in on everything.
Good idea.
I'm, I'm up in Northeast, I'm on my way.
I'm having a problem with Lawrence Anderson's motor vehicle records.
They're not coming up.
I got an address match in Seattle.
And it looks like he works at Satellite Defense Technologies.
Do we know what that is? We'll find out.
Got it.
They're heavy in aerospace and defense technology.
Same kind of work Dr.
Slocombe was involved with.
Maybe there's a connection.
Let's see what kind of employee Lawrence Anderson is.
And when did the accident take place? Okay, and what was the injury? Yeah Hold on, I'm going to put you on speaker so my partner can hear this.
Go ahead.
Yeah, I was just saying it's a real tragedy what happened to Lawrence a couple of weeks ago.
He suffered some kind of head injury.
Can you describe the injury? I can describe it, but I can't explain it.
Nobody can.
He got four wounds to the back of his head.
Was he able to tell anybody what happened? No, that's the real sad part.
It's like he's suffering from dementia.
He was one of the smartest men I've ever met.
MIT, Harvard, Military Intelligence.
He was involved with Military Intelligence? Oh, yeah, top security clearance.
Intimately involved with some pretty important government programs.
Now he doesn't even recognize his own daughter.
Can we talk to her? Sure.
I'm going to put you on hold while I get her number.
So the guy we're following isn't Lawrence Anderson.
So we got Slocombe and Lawrence Anderson, both working for defense contractors.
This guy's not just stealing memories.
No, he's stealing secrets.
So he's a Wesen spy? And there's no way to prove what he's stealing 'cause it's all in his head.
Which means the CIA or the NSA will never know the extent of what he's got or what they've lost.
How do you explain that to the Feds? I don't know, but we may get a chance to try.
Here's Chavez.
Now what? Burkhardt, got a few minutes? We need to talk.
Someplace private.
All right.
Trubel, this is Hank.
Is he still at the hotel? No, he left.
He's on a bus.
Where are you? I'm with him.
Look, he dyed his hair and he's wearing glasses.
I might not have recognized him if he didn't come out of 402.
You were supposed to stay at the hotel.
Hank, I got this.
He's getting off at Sandy and Sixty-sixth.
Listen, this guy's dangerous.
Keep your distance and check in every 15 minutes.
Got it.
Is this on the record? Off.
Just between you and me.
So what are we doing here? Why was Captain Renard in your house? I told you, I don't know.
Did you know FBI Agent Weston Steward? No.
Do you know why Steward would want to kill Captain Renard? No.
You understand the problem here, Detective? Your captain was shot in your house by one of our agents.
Sounds more like your problem than mine.
Agent Steward went off the grid.
We don't know why.
Next thing, he shows up dead in your house.
An FBI agent with no connection to a police captain suggests to me that he was working for or with somebody else.
You think there's a conspiracy.
Unless you have a better word for it.
Why don't you tell me about the young lady living in your house, Theresa Rubel.
From what I've found out, she's had a few problems.
Yeah, and I've been trying to help get her straightened out.
She's awfully handy with a machete.
Look, she's had some serious abuse issues.
I've been teaching her how to defend herself.
I didn't expect her to have to use it so soon.
She's spent time in mental institutions.
I assume you know that.
She's been through some tough times, but she's a good kid.
And if she hadn't killed your agent, she'd be dead right now.
Is there anything else you want to tell me? This is your party, I'm just a guest.
Not exactly your average stone-cold killer.
She doesn't look very old.
Thinking 19 to 21.
Going on deadly.
This is Theresa, criminology student.
She's here for a ride along.
Thinking of becoming a cop? You gotta be kidding me.
What a shame.
Recipe's been in my family for generations.
Not that it's any good.
More of a tradition than anything else.
How long do you plan on keeping her in there? Until she gives up every member of the Resistance who helped her escape.
You know, even in her current condition, she's still quite attractive.
Let the game begin.
Can you tell me what level of security clearance Dr.
Slocombe has? Uh, do you know if he's ever had any connection to Satellite Defense Technologies in Seattle? All right, but if you could get back to me, I'd appreciate it.
Got a minute? Yeah, what's up? Can I ask you something about the girl staying at Nick's house? Theresa Rubel? Yeah, what about her? She's a criminology student, right? Yeah.
Um I'm just having a little problem trying to figure out why she's at You know, we're going to have to talk about this later.
We're in the middle of an investigation.
We gotta go.
Wu was starting to figure it out.
What'd you tell him? Nothing yet.
But I don't know how much longer we're going to get away with that.
How'd it go with the FBI? I don't know, it wasn't about Anderson.
Seemed like there was something going on, not sure what.
Well, I got something.
Slocombe has top security clearance, just like Lawrence Anderson.
And Trubel called.
Our Lawrence left the hotel, and he changed his appearance.
She's following him.
She was supposed to We all know what she was supposed to do.
I just saw Burkhardt.
He's not the Grimm.
I'm sure, I Woged right in front of him.
I think I know who the Grimm is.
I'm going to make sure.
Can we talk? Sure, of course, come on in.
What's wrong? I mean, other than everything that's not right.
Hey, Juliette, I'm so sorry.
We haven't found anything.
That's why I'm here.
I mean, we've been doing everything we can with the I know, but maybe you shouldn't be.
What? I don't understand.
We're really I just think maybe we shouldn't be in such a hurry to fix this.
You don't want us to help Nick? No, no, no, no.
It's not that I don't want you to help Nick, but being a Grimm hasn't exactly been the greatest thing for him or me.
And Nick isn't so sure he wants this anymore.
So what I'm trying to say is maybe we should just give it a little time to see if not being a Grimm is better than being one.
You know, there's a chance for us to have a normal life together.
Now, wait a minute.
Knowing what Nick knows, honestly, do you think that's possible? Just because he can't see us doesn't mean he doesn't know.
But shouldn't that be his decision? I mean, you guys have both been such great friends, no matter what happens, that's not gonna change.
I just need a little time to think about this.
Thank you.
How much time is a little time? I don't know, but I think we need to keep looking anyway.
You're really here.
I thought it was a dream.
I'm just glad I made it in time.
I was dead.
For a moment.
I suppose that's the second time you've given me life.
It hurt a lot more the first time.
Who did this to you? Weston Steward, a Hundjager working with the Royal family.
The Family again.
Will they never leave us alone? No.
I would like very much to meet this Weston Steward.
I just remembered, I was supposed to give something very important to Nick Burkhardt.
He's the Grimm I told you about, I need to speak with him.
You don't need to do anything except get better.
You don't understand.
Adalind was with him.
Adalind, Catherine's daughter? Yes, and she used a Verfluchte Zwillingsschwester.
There's one more thing.
A child.
A girl.
Whose child? Adalind's And mine.
So I'm a grandmother.
Not that you look it.
When do I get to see her? Nick.
Where are you? I'm still following him.
He's going after someone else.
How do you know? 'Cause I heard him making a phone call, he said he was gonna tell somebody about an accident and a murder.
Trubel, listen, we don't know who this guy is.
I do not want you getting close to him.
Damn it, I lost him.
Tell me exactly where you are.
Um, Sixty-fifth and Alameda.
Stay put, we're on our way.
He accessed it from off-site, that's the problem.
Look, Dr.
Slocombe had an accident.
I don't know the details, I'm about to find out.
I'll call you back.
Anderson? Yes.
Come in.
This way.
Tell me what happened.
Well, no one knows for sure, but we think it was some sort of home invasion.
Oh, my God.
He's at Treeview Hospital.
He doesn't remember anything.
Doesn't even remember his own name.
How can something like this happen? Um, I'm sorry, could I trouble you for a glass of water? Yeah.
Yeah, sure.
Do they have any suspects? Not that I know of.
This is where Trubel said she'd be.
Where the hell is she? This is why I don't have kids.
She's not answering.
Maybe she's still following him.
What if he made her? I can't keep dragging her into things like this, she's going to get hurt.
All right, slow down.
We go back to the hotel, see if we can find something in his room.
Ahhh! I just want my baby.
I just want my baby.
I just want my baby.
Who's there? Who are you? I know you're there.
Please talk to me.
My name is Adalind.
My name is for me to know and you to find out.
That's a good girl.
You've been following me.
Too young to be a cop.
No ID, $6.
75 in your wallet, and a receipt for two Italian subs, you must have been very hungry.
Now why would somebody like you be following me? No matter, I'll find out.
It's all in there.
Anderson, it's the hotel manager.
I have to open the door.
I'll do it.
He's not violent, is he? Nothing in here.
No suitcase, no clothes.
He wasn't planning on staying.
Got an address.
Sixty-fifth Street.
Right where she was.
Let's go.
What'll I do if he comes back? Call the police! You can lie all you want, but I'll get the truth out of you.
Oh, God, you're a Grimm! No! Oh, God! Oh, God! Oh, God! Oh, God! Hank! Get down! Trubel! Do you know who I am? Yeah, Nick, I know who you are.
My head hurts.
You better check on him over there.
I kicked Octopus Head off him.
I hope it wasn't too late.
Come on.
I'm gonna put you in the chair.
What're you doing? You're bleeding.
Get Hey, no argument.
Who are you? Police.
Who are you? Kent Vickers.
Where do you live? I live here.
Why are you here? What's going on? Just stay where you are, help is on its way.
Does she know who she is? Yeah, Hank.
I'm a Grimm.
You know, you scared the hell out of us.
Timothy Croftin Perkal.
Canadian, wanted in Canada, US and Great Britain for espionage.
So we caught ourselves a spy.
You know, I was just thinking, all that stuff he stole from people's memories, what do you think he got from Trubel? No! God! Hey, Captain.
It's good to see you guys.
You too.
You look pretty good for a guy who's been through what you've been through.
How are you feeling? Better than I was.
Listen, Nick, did you get what I brought to your house for you? No.
It's gone.
I'm not a Grimm anymore.
Oh, Nick, - I'm sorry, I tried.
- I know.
We can talk about this when you're feeling a little stronger.
I should've known what Adalind was up to.
I'm just glad the young lady staying a tyour house knew how to handle a machete.
I owe her.
I'm just glad you're still here.
So am I.
Detectives Burkhardt and Griffin, this is Elizabeth Lascelles.
My mother.
Oh! Hi.
She's had a little work done.
Trubel! You want some breakfast? It's almost ready.
Oh, I know.
I smelled it.
That's all I want.
How do you feel? Well, my neck hurts, but I haven't slept that good in a long time.
Hey, can I borrow your bike? Just take it.
See you guys later.
Hey, be careful.
I know, I'm the only Grimm in town, I'll watch it.
How are you doing with all this? I don't know if using her to help me is a good idea.
It almost went really badly.
She's a Grimm, Nick.
She can't really avoid it.
Even if she could, I doubt it would last.
I know, she's too much like you.
Not anymore.
I got it.
Is it the Captain? No.
Um What's the problem? We need to talk.
I couldn't sleep last night.
I need you to take a look at something.
She's a suspect in a double homicide and I'm having a bit of a problem with this.
You see, she was introduced to me as a criminology student.
And I'm pretty sure she's the same young woman who's staying with you.
Can you clear this up for me? Look, it's complicated.
I You okay? Yeah, my head hurts.
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
Nick, Nick, Nick, Nick.
Hey, what's I'm not I don't know.
What happened? Juliette? What's going on? I can't see you.
I don't know where I am.
Can you see anything? He fell down and he said his head hurt.
I'm not in the house.
What do you What do you mean? Where are you? Hey! You all right? Buddy.
Nick, are you okay? What the hell? Juliette.
You can see me? Yeah.
Let's get up.
Let's get up.
Come on.
Let's go.
You all right? I'm not sure.
You said you saw another place? Yeah.
Where? I don't know.
No! Get off of me! Go! Go!