Grimm s04e01 Episode Script

Thanks for the Memories

Previously on Grimm We should do this more often.
Is Nick okay? No, and I need to know where he is.
Look, I know this sounds crazy, but he has to drink this.
Nick! Nick! Oh, God! Take it, Nick.
Everybody just back off! No! How did they know that she was a Grimm? Trubel walked right in while everyone was Woged.
No, they weren't.
You really couldn't see 'em? No.
"Knowledge is Power.
" Police Captain Sean Renard, right upper, left lower.
Get him on the table.
Two, three Stent's in, breathing.
V-tach on the scope.
All right let's call down, get me five liters on standby.
When did he go in? Do they know how bad it is? Yeah.
Yeah, thanks.
Captain's in surgery now.
They don't know anything except he's been shot more than once.
Three times, I think.
He was gonna shoot him again, except he saw me.
That's when I ran.
Had you ever seen him before? No.
And he didn't know I was a Grimm until he Woged.
- He was Wesen? - A Hundjager.
He was kind of surprised.
That's why I had time to get the machete.
He thought I was just a girl.
I wish I could've seen his face, before you cut it off.
Did the Captain say what was in the bottle that he wanted me to take? No, he just said you had to drink it, or something really bad would happen.
And Adalind did it.
Hey, maybe what she did to you won't last.
You don't know Adalind.
She's a Hexenbiest, a witch.
In more ways than one.
Oh, yeah, I read about them.
That's how she transformed herself to look like me.
She did What? She made Nick think it was me.
Why in the hell would she So Nick would sleep with her.
I swear to God I'm gonna find her and I'm gonna We should turn around.
We have to deal with this.
I killed that guy.
In self-defense.
They're gonna be all over Trubel.
What am I supposed to say? You're just gonna tell the truth, except for the part about the Hundjager.
And Adalind.
And the bottle he brought for Nick.
All right, look.
We better figure this out pretty quick.
And if we have to lie, we better all be telling the same one.
Henry Slocombe was lead engineer.
Importance of our allies All right it's a CVA project What I'm talking about here is Smart Censor Technologies.
These have a yield resistance on a regional We have to have military preparedness.
No, I think what we need persistent threats on the national level.
It's unprecedented.
No, Alexandra's still in Paris.
Yeah, she's not home until Thursday.
No, I'm not having a good time.
See, unlike you, I actually miss my girlfriend when she's gone.
Hey, listen, I've got somebody at the door.
Can I call you right back? Okay.
All right.
Yes? Henry Slocombe.
Do I know you? Sort of.
I'm a friend of Danny Rivera's.
Lawrence Anderson.
Sure, yeah, Dr.
Yeah, you're working on the CVA project up in Arlington.
I'm sorry we've never had a chance to meet face to face.
Oh, me too.
Danny's always spoken very highly of you.
So, what can I do for you? Look, I'm sorry to bother you.
I just got into town for a conference.
I'm afraid I have some bad news.
Danny has been in a terrible accident.
What? I didn't wanna do this over the phone.
Oh, my God.
I hadn't even heard anything.
I'm sorry.
Yeah, why don't you come on in? Please.
Come on in.
I probably should have called.
No, that's okay.
What have you heard? How bad is it? I don't have all the details.
Some sort of severe head injury.
No! Forceps, Doctor.
Bullet fragment hit the pericardial sac.
Administering fluids.
I'm seeing a liver laceration.
A bullet has tumbled, it's pressing on his spine.
He's bleeding like a sieve.
That's one.
What if they arrest me? All right, just remember it was self-defense.
What about the machete? How's she gonna explain that? Just tell them it was mine, and I keep it in that room.
Hey, Burkhardt and Griffin just got here.
Did you hear me? What? I said they're here, Burkhardt and Griffin.
Where you guys been? We were at a wedding.
Had our phones turned off.
Isn't that the Captain's car? Yeah.
Hey, who's the primary on this? Uh, Meacham and Pogue.
Listen, we got some bad news.
We know, Captain's been shot.
We just got off the phone with the hospital.
He's in surgery.
Yeah, he's lucky to be alive.
When we brought him out of the house, I didn't think he was gonna make it to the hospital.
I know you.
The criminology student, right? Uh, yeah.
Yeah, Theresa's been staying with us.
Good thing you weren't here.
She was.
Did you see what happened? Yes.
She killed the shooter.
What? The guy's head was cut off.
He tried to kill her after he shot the Captain.
All right, we better get with Meacham and Pogue on this.
Yeah, all right.
They're inside.
And you stay here.
We're gonna talk to them first.
You Okay? Sort of.
This is where we found the Captain.
Where's the shooter? The rest of him's upstairs.
Have you identified him? Yeah, and it's gonna be a mess 'cause he was an FBI agent.
Name's Weston Steward.
He was carrying a Canadian passport with his picture in the name of Walter Rathenau, along with a lot of Euros.
Yeah, he probably wasn't planning on sticking around.
So, Theresa was staying in the guest room? Yeah.
There are bullet holes in the door.
And, I found a book, kind of a weird book.
I mean, is it her book? A diary, really old.
They talk about cutting off people's heads.
They're not really people, they have really strange names Yeah, the book's mine.
It's been handed down in my family for a long time.
What kind of book is it? Just a bunch of stories.
Really weird ones.
Hey, Burkhardt, Hank.
Last place we expected to get a case like this.
You weren't here when it happened, right? Uh, we were at a wedding.
And you were with him? Since about three.
You know why Captain Renard was here? Could have been a case we were working on.
You knew anything about this Weston Steward, or why he shot the Captain? No.
Got any idea who killed the shooter? He didn't cut off his own head.
That would be Theresa.
She was staying here.
It was self-defense.
He tried to attack her after he shot the Captain.
She called 911, then came and got us.
We'll need to talk to her.
She got a last name? Rubel.
And she's waiting outside.
Hey, maybe it would be better if I just got out of here.
No, I think that would be worse.
Just remember what Nick told you.
Hey, Juliette.
Theresa, these are Detectives Pogue and Meacham.
They just need to ask you a few questions.
We just want you to walk us through what happened.
Uh, we got company.
It's about time.
FBI? What are they doing here? The guy you killed used to be a federal agent.
What? He was a bad guy, and we need to deal with this.
Pleased to meet you.
You cannot run.
The nature of our defensive resources Alexandra.
Do I know you? You're supposed to be in Paris.
Henry? Are you all right? Who are you? Oh, my God.
You were supposed to come home tomorrow! I'm Special Agent Chavez, this is Special Agent Rosten.
The detectives have filled us in on some of what happened.
Detective Burkhardt, we understand that this is your house and you were not here at the time of the attack? That is correct.
But Miss Rubel was staying here.
In our upstairs guest room.
Walk us through what happened.
I should come along with you.
That won't be necessary.
She can handle this, Nick.
What if she gets tripped up on a detail? You gotta let them do their job.
Can't let it look like we had anything to do with it.
They're gonna want formal statements.
Then you're gonna have to go into the precinct.
I don't want you staying here alone.
No, I'm not leaving.
It's our house.
Okay, he He opened the door and was leaving, and then I heard these sounds, and I didn't know what they were until he fell back into the room on the floor.
What happened then? I looked up and saw the guy with the gun.
And he saw me, so I ran and he shot.
That's the bullet hole.
Had you ever seen the man who shot at you before? No.
What happened next? Well, I ran up the stairs, and he came after me.
I ran in here and I, uh, shut the door.
And I grabbed the chair, I put it against the door.
And then he shot, so I jumped back, and I hit my head there, and then I fell back somewhere around here.
Um Then by the time I was getting up, he was already coming through the door.
Where did you get the machete? It was on the chair.
He was coming after me, so I just shoved him into the hallway, and closed my eyes, and I swung as hard as I could.
You always keep a machete in your room? It's not mine, it's Nick's.
Uh, Detective Burkhardt's.
How long have you been staying here? A few weeks.
We're gonna need you to come down to the precinct and make a formal statement.
AUSTRIA We can't afford to have her elected.
I don't care what it costs.
Dig up whatever you can, make something up if you have to, but bring her down.
Is this important? Weston Steward shot Sean Renard.
I'll ring you back.
And he got away with it? Not exactly.
He was beheaded.
Burkhardt killed Steward? We don't know, but it did happen in his house, where the shooting took place.
So, Sean Renard is dead.
No, he's in hospital.
I haven't been able to get details, except that it's critical.
I'll have to inform the King.
My uncle does love his bastard son.
Should he lose a second son, there will be hell to pay.
What happens if the King finds out Weston Steward was one of ours? That would be unfortunate.
It is imperative that you tie Mr.
Steward to Mr.
Burkhardt instead of us.
Why are you calling? Iran into a problem.
We have to abort.
Are you done? I have one more.
Then you can't leave.
You don't understand Whatever the problem, it's your problem.
If you don't finish, then it's my problem.
If that happens, it really will be your problem.
This could get serious.
We have collateral.
Then I'm coming up there.
But you are not to leave until it's done.
We good for letting them take the body? Yeah.
What do you make of the girl? She sees a police captain get shot, killer tries to shoot her, and she chops his head off? If it was my daughter, she'd be a basket case.
Girl's not normal.
If she was, she'd be dead.
What's that? Nothing.
We're done.
Sorry it's such a mess.
What are you doing here? You're supposed to be on your honeymoon.
Couldn't do it.
Not with what happened.
Please, you guys, don't let us drag you into this more than you've already been dragged into it.
Juliette, are you kidding me? You think we could go anywhere with what's going on? You could try.
We don't want to try.
Where's Nick? He had to take Trubel to the precinct.
Is this where Renard was shot? Yeah.
Oh, my God.
Juliette, this is terrible.
I'm just really sorry that all this stuff happened on your wedding day.
Did Captain Renard tell you why he came to see Detective Burkhardt? He said he needed to talk to him.
Did he say anything else before he was shot? I said Nick was at the wedding, and told him where it was.
And that's when he walked out the door and got shot.
And you said you didn't know the identity of the man who shot Captain Renard.
Never seen him.
What did he do when he came into the house? Well, I think he was gonna shoot the Captain again.
Then he saw me and decided to shoot at me instead, so Her story's consistent.
You took the Captain's car.
Yeah, I didn't have a choice.
But you left the scene of a crime.
To get Nick.
Everything she says matches the crime scene.
There's no link between her and Steward.
No motive other than self-defense.
I think she's telling the truth.
Flight number and arrival time? All right, thanks.
Did I ask for coffee? No.
Nick, you gotta take it easy.
You don't wanna look nervous.
Do I look nervous? Second cup of coffee I didn't ask for.
Now, sit down.
Don't drink any more of that.
I just found out where Adalind is.
She boarded Lufthansa flight number 4582 through Frankfurt to Vienna.
She's going back to the Royals.
Makes sense.
She thinks they have her baby.
They must have made some kind of deal.
Yeah, you.
But she's gonna be very upset when she finds out they don't have the child.
Stop with the coffee, okay? We're done here for now.
Miss Rubel's story is consistent.
No reason to charge her for anything.
She's handling it pretty well for someone who just cut off a guy's head.
Well, if I knew something like this was gonna happen, I would have never left her alone in the house.
As long as you're here, you have any idea why your agent would want to shoot our captain? Weston Steward went off the grid several weeks ago.
We've had no contact.
We don't know who he's working with or why.
So if you guys have any ideas, we're open.
We'll be talking.
Was she staring at you? Yeah, seemed like.
What's she seeing? Maybe something Trubel said.
How'd it go? Okay.
- Can we get out of here now? - All right, you guys go.
I'm gonna check on the Captain.
Let me know what you find out.
Kent, I think you better come down here.
What's the problem? I think Dr.
Slocombe has logged into the CVA operation.
Are the access codes correct? Yes, but I think he's off-site.
You want me to call this in? Uh, probably just working from home.
As long as the access codes are right, I'm not too worried.
Let me see what he's doing.
You've reached Dr.
Henry Slocombe.
Please leave me a message.
He's not answering.
Well, he just logged out.
What do you know? Well, just that he's been in surgery over three hours.
Remember when you told me that there were things that you'd seen that you couldn't explain? Yeah.
I don't know, maybe I'm just tired.
But that book at Nick's was not a normal book.
There were pictures in it.
And the drawings looked a little like what I thought I saw that time.
And from what he wrote, I got the impression that these monsters were somehow inside people, like they were possessed.
Am I making any sense at all? Hey.
Monsters do live inside people.
We deal with them every day.
This is different.
I think whoever wrote this stuff really saw what they drew.
When you told me that you'd seen things, what did you mean? I was just saying that when people get angry, out of control, their faces start to change.
It's like they're not even human.
Something like that.
I don't know.
I don't know.
Nobody sees the world the same way.
And you can't explain everything.
I'm still having nightmares.
Wu I gotta tell you something.
Last year, I thought I was losing my mind, too, until Sergeant? Yes, Doctor.
Uh, this is Detective Griffin.
I wish I had better news.
Captain Renard is out of surgery, but, well, he's lost a great deal of blood, and there's a lot of damage.
His kidneys may shut down.
It's appropriate that you contact his next of kin and have them get here as soon as possible.
Thank you.
Thank you.
The Captain brought something for Nick to drink.
That's what Trubel had in the bottle that broke, right? Yeah.
Thank you.
Then we have to find out what was in that bottle.
I bet the Captain knows.
Not that he's in any position to tell us.
Adalind would know.
I don't think she's gonna volunteer anything.
Well, I sure would like to ask her, and not politely.
How did it go? Well, no charges were filed, so we're good for now.
Monroe, Rosalee, you shouldn't be here.
I know, they should be on their honeymoon.
Honestly, man.
What, are we gonna be hanging out on a beach with what's happening here? I am so sorry I screwed up your wedding.
I didn't know everybody was Trubel, you did what you had to do for Nick.
And what we gotta do right now is find Adalind.
Well, that's not gonna happen, 'cause she's on a flight to Vienna.
She's headed back to Vienna? How's the Captain doing, anyway? Not good.
He might not survive.
I had the stuff you needed in my hand.
I should have just kept going right to you.
Adalind did this, not you.
We just have to find out how.
She slept with Nick.
Oh, my God! What? It's not what you think.
Well, that's good to hear, because what I'm thinking is pretty damn awful.
It wasn't Adalind.
Oh, no? Okay, it was Adalind, but she didn't look like Adalind.
She somehow made herself look just like Juliette.
Oh, no.
That is not a good, "Oh, no.
" I'm just hoping this isn't some sort of Verfluchte Zwillingsschwester.
A what? An entwining twin curse.
They make a mess of things.
All right, well, best place to start cleaning up a mess is the Spice Shop.
Nick, we won't let Adalind do this to you.
Okay? Okay.
Look, man, I don't want you screwing up your life because of me.
I wouldn't even have a life to screw up if it wasn't for you, okay? So quit complaining.
Hey, maybe we should be going to the trailer.
Maybe there's something No, not tonight, all right? We all just need to get some rest.
Okay- I guess I'll see you guys tomorrow.
Do you feel any different? Can you talk to me? I don't know.
It happened so fast.
Oh, wow, this is really screwed up.
And you know I would never have done that.
You really couldn't tell that Adalind wasn't me? No.
No, she looked and sounded exactly like you.
I guess she wasn't interested in talking.
Look, I'll sleep on the couch.
Hey, we're not doing that again.
Hey, I found some interesting stuff on Weston Steward.
Last call he made was to a number in Rotterdam.
GQR Industries.
We know what the connection is? Working on it.
They also found Steward's car parked a block away from Burkhardt's house.
Packed suitcase inside.
Where's the suitcase? They just brought it in.
Let's have a look.
Your eyes.
Something's wrong.
They're normal.
Can you see me? Are you Woged? Oh, my God! Whoa You wearing that to the wedding? Unless somebody takes it off me first.
Really? Yeah.
This whole wedding thing has kind of put me in a romantic mood.
I support that.
You do, do you? I wish our friends would get married more often.
I was wondering where you were.
I didn't want you to wake up to this.
You should go back to bed.
No, let me do this.
Not alone.
I don't know, maybe this is a good thing.
What do you mean? For us.
My not being a Grimm anymore.
Three pairs of boxer shorts, six pairs of socks.
Here's something.
Euros, Canadian dollars, pesos, rubles.
Passports from Germany, France, United Kingdom.
He was definitely ready to roll.
Looks like Mr.
Steward was working for someone other than the FBI.
We need to check bank accounts, phone records.
Run this guy down.
How many bodies? Any witnesses? Okay, I can be there in 15 minutes.
You get any more sleep last night? Not much.
You gonna be okay? I don't know, it's weird, you know, not being weird anymore.
Just being a regular cop.
You were really good at it before.
I guess we'll see if I still am.
You okay? Working on it.
How about you? Same.
Hey, can I borrow your bike today? Sure, you don't have to ask.
Just be careful.
I will.
Hey, what I mean is, you're the only Grimm in town now.
So, you need to be careful.
Housekeeper let herself in about 8:30 this morning.
House belongs to Dr.
Henry Slocombe, works at Sitre Corporation here in Portland.
Defense contractor, right? Yeah.
Housekeeper discovered the body, called 911.
She didn't see anyone entering or leaving.
Front door was closed and locked.
We checked the premises, no signs of any break-in.
Have we got an ID on the vic? Alexandra Hahn, Slocombe's girlfriend.
Where's Slocombe? When we first got here, Slocombe was sitting on the stairs, pretty out of it.
Couldn't or wouldn't answer any questions, including who he was.
He had four wounds on the back of his head, we sent him to the hospital.
Any history of domestic disturbances? No, no record of any.
About 10 minutes after we got here, next door neighbor, Mrs.
Sellers, came over.
She said she heard a scream, and saw Dr.
Slocombe drive off pretty fast in his Porsche.
She assumed it was just an argument, until she saw us.
Could have been dumping evidence.
We know what time Slocombe got back? His car's not here, and it's not on the street.
Well, if Slocombe drove off, how did he get back? Maybe he dumped the car, too, came back in a taxi.
What if there was someone else here? We got a license on that car? We did.
I assume you want an APB? You assume correctly.
Better get to the hospital, see if Dr.
Slocombe has remembered anything yet.
He suffered some pretty severe trauma.
He's got four wounds to the back of his head.
The CAT scan and the MRI show severe swelling in the hippocampus and thalamus where the brain stores most of its memory.
All right.
Which means what? Which means I'm not surprised he's having trouble remembering anything.
You have any idea what made the wounds? No, but I took pictures.
I've never seen anything like it.
How'd you find this place? A friend of Juliette's is a real estate agent.
I told her I wanted a few acres that were hard to get to and not easy to find.
It has no address, and it's not in my name.
Well, somebody found it.
That's Juliette's bike.
You expecting her? Sorry, I wasn't sure it was you.
What are you doing? I figure I better learn as much as I can, now that, you know, everything's changed.
You rode all the way out here? It only took me two hours.
It wasn't that bad.
What are you guys doing here? We got a case we can't figure out.
Wesen related? Oh, sorry, how would you know? I didn't mean it like that.
It's okay.
Really? No, not really, but we've gotta deal with this.
Look, I'm glad you're here.
We could use your help.
All right, what are we looking for? Some Wesen that probes the back of your head and you can't remember anything.
We've run out of time.
You need to deliver.
Everything you need is right up here.
So stop threatening me.
We have to prove to our client that what you're stealing is worth the fee we're asking.
Give them this.
This is a key piece to the CVA project.
Compliments of Henry Slocombe.
Tell me about the collateral.
Slocombe's girlfriend.
It was unavoidable.
Did you leave it clean? Of course.
They can't tie me to anything.
I just need to dump the car and get another.
Unless you would like to buy me one.
Just hurry up and get to Vickers.
And don't call me again until it's done.
And get rid of that car.
Sir, stop where you are.
Keep your hands where we can see them.
Did I do something wrong? We need to see your ID.
You the owner of this vehicle? No.
No, it belongs to a friend of mine, Henry Slocombe.
He loaned it to me for the weekend.
Is there a problem? Hey, check this one out.
The Gedachtnis Esser.
Looks like some kind of memory eater.
That would explain the condition of our victim.
"It is not known how this Wesen removes "the memories of its victims, only that it can.
"I surmise it has something to do with "the electrical charges in the brain.
"After an attack, the victims are usually "diagnosed with advanced dementia.
"From interviewing some of these "unfortunate souls, I can see why.
"This is one of the most heinous Wesen I have ever encountered.
"They rob the victims of their very lives by stealing their past, "and leaving them void of any human connection, "devastating to their loved ones, "and leaving the victim unable to identify the attack or the attacker.
"Justice within the confines of the law is, therefore, impossible.
" Burkhardt.
When? Okay, got it.
They just picked up a suspect driving the victim's car.
It's gotta be the Gedachtnis Wesen, right? All right, we're gonna need you to come with us.
Forrest, please dial 118.
Forrest, please dial 118.
Code Blue to ICU.
Code Blue to ICU.
Excuse me, O2 line up.
Let's get him back.
Come on.
- I'll clear the line.
- I've got no pulse.
We're losing pressure.
We need to break the arrhythmia.
I'm monitoring.
He's asystolic.
Pulse shocks flat.
No heart activity.
We're losing him.
I met Henry Slocombe through a mutual friend, Danny Rivera.
I think it was 2007.
When was the last time you saw Dr.
Slocombe? Last night.
His girlfriend, Alexandra, had just returned early from a trip.
They got into a bit of a fight, and I began to feel like a third wheel so I left.
I think it was a little bit after 7:00.
He lent me his car so I could check into a hotel.
What hotel? The Lucia, on Broadway.
I checked out this morning and was in the process of returning his Porsche when I got pulled in here.
Can you tell me what this is about? Dr.
Slocombe was attacked last night, and Alexandra was murdered.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
This is terrible.
They're both dead? Dr.
Slocombe's still alive.
He's in the hospital.
This is unbelievable.
Do you have any idea who did it? We were hoping you might.
Now I understand why I'm here.
I must be a suspect.
How can I help? We need you to write out everything you remember about last night.
Of course.
You said that, that Henry is in the hospital.
Is he okay? The injury was pretty traumatic.
We've been unable to talk to him.
I'd like to see him.
Am I under arrest? No, sir.
Thank you for your cooperation.
You pick up anything? No.
Not that that means anything.
Well, maybe he's telling the truth.
The car wasn't reported stolen.
Well, even if he's lying, it's gonna be hard to tie him to the crime without any fingerprints or any witnesses that remember him.
We don't even have a motive.
Look, there's only one kind of Wesen that can make those kind of marks, and if that's not him, we are wasting our time.
Only one way to find out.
Let's give him some Trubel.
This is everything that I can remember.
You're free to go.
But the Porsche belongs to Dr.
That stays with us.
Of course.
I understand.
The Sergeant will return all your personal belongings.
Sir, if you'll follow me.
What the hell are you doing? You're right outside a police station, you idiot! It's him.
The Gedachtnis Esser? Yeah, he Woged.
Gotta say, seriously ugly in real life.
All right, you better stay with him.
You have the new phone? Uh Yep.
Make sure it's turned on.
It is, I got this.
Be careful.
Yeah, yeah.
Clear! - No response.
- Clear! - I got no response.
- Nothing.
All right, let's call it.
Time of death, 1:34 p.