Grimm s05e09 Episode Script


1 Previously on "Grimm" It's not even in the city plans.
I think it was built during Prohibition.
Leads down to the tunnels beneath the city.
Did you find out where it goes? There was this big door.
It looks like it hasn't Ben open for a hundred years.
"Dear R, maybe you don't want to hear from me.
I'm thinking about coming to Portland"? My God, I don't want to deal with this! What does this guy want from you? - Just be more relaxed.
- How about I take my gun off? Yeah, like that.
- Meisner? - You know him? He was working with the Resistance.
Well, he's here now.
Trubel came by.
She told us about these people that she's working for.
They're fighting this underground war.
Against who? Wesen.
The hot spots are Wesen uprisings: Brazil, Northern Ireland, Pakistan, Ukraine.
A world run by Wesen.
Hitler tried once.
Now Black Claw is trying again.
- Are you going to help them? - I don't know yet.
I think whatever we decide we all decide the same thing.
It won't stay on.
Maybe it's broken.
Hit it.
Maybe you should have a more dependable light source if you're going down there.
I got my phone.
- Nick.
- What? What if the door at the end of the tunnel isn't supposed to be opened? What if it's locked for a reason? Oh, it's been locked for a hundred years.
Some very bad things live a very long time.
And that's why you're gonna lock the door behind me.
- Nick.
- I'm kidding.
Look if we ever do get in any problems here, I want to make sure we have another way out.
This could be it.
- Just be careful.
- I will.
What if there's a lot of water on the other side, and you drown? Not helping! - What? - You need to see this.
This unidentified man was spotted in London on July 13th.
This is 30 minutes later just outside the city.
57 injured, 17 killed.
And one of the dead was William Fennell, a judge who sentenced two Black Claw soldiers to prison.
August 27th.
We identified the same man at a political rally turned violent.
17 injured, 3 dead.
Among the dead, Baris Celik, a rising political force in women's rights.
She also ran an underground shelter for Wesen women abused by their Wesen husbands.
Her throat was ripped out.
October 17th.
An apartment building fire.
Injured eight, killed two.
In this case, the target, Akira Kamazari, was one of the eight burned beyond recognition.
He was the key witness in an upcoming trial of a Minister accused of corruption with ties to Black Claw.
Surveillance found the same man two blocks from the apartment 45 minutes before it caught fire.
Where is he now? Here.
PDX surveillance found him at 6:57 last night.
Meisner: Do we know what flight he was on? Not yet.
We still haven't been able to establish an identity.
I can't take him out until I know who he is.
We lost track of him after that.
So how many will die before we find him? Well, we can't wait any longer.
We have to find out where Burkhardt and the others stand.
Oh ohh! Nick, can you hear me? Yeah! You get it open yet? No! Well, Trubel's here, so you may want to forget about that for a while.
Coming up.
Open, you son of a bitch! Am I doing this right? Yeah, just support his neck.
Never held a baby before.
Well, you must be doing all right, 'cause he's not crying.
Hey! You look like you know what you're doing.
I have no idea.
I think I've had him long enough.
Hey, bud.
Come here.
Meisner wants to meet.
What do you have? No, not just you, but with everybody.
What do you mean everybody? I mean whoever's willing to help.
Nick, somebody just came to Portland.
Okay, we've connected him to Black Claw attacks in a lot of different countries.
Look, this isn't going away.
I got to go.
We need to know who we can count on.
That's got to be deep enough.
Where's my money? I want it now.
No no! No! No no No! With drought conditions continuing over the next several days and long-term moisture deficits across the state remaining at near-record level.
This drought doesn't end soon, the only thing these farms are gonna be raising are subdivisions.
Corner's over where that old barn is.
Somewhere inside.
Let's go find it.
High demand and very low inventory.
This may price some local farmers out of the market.
After this, let's grab a coffee.
I stayed up too late last night.
You make it to 9:30? What the hell? Call 911.
Spice & Tea.
Can I help you? Rosalee? Yes.
You get my letter? Yes, I did, but I need you to stop.
You should've wrote me back.
I really have nothing to say to you, so I would appreciate it if you didn't contact me anymore.
Is that the guy who wrote those letters? I'm going to hang up now, Tony.
Please don't contact me again.
Hey, what's with the attitude? Listen, jackass, you contact my wife again, I swear to God you'll live through Hello? Hey! What is that guy's problem? Just about everything.
- We're not here.
- Calm down.
It's Nick.
Hey, Nick.
I, uh, wanted to catch you guys before you opened up.
Do you have a minute? Yeah, sure.
Look, Trubel came over last night.
She wants to know if we are willing to work with Hadrian's Wall.
Um, aren't we kind of doing that already? What do they want us to do, take an oath? I don't know I think they just want us to talk.
Well, you know me.
Not so big on groups.
Yeah, look what happened to the Wesen Council.
I think it might be worth talking to them, just seeing what they have in mind.
Does this include Juliette I mean, Eve? I think it probably will.
- Is that something you can do? - Yeah, Nick, we don't really know that much about who she is now.
Hank, I'm at the Spice Shop with Monroe and Rosalee.
Everything okay? Yeah, I'll tell you when I see you.
I got a body in a barn off Route 30 in Skyline.
Just got the address.
I'll meet you there.
Look, Nick, I think we really need to find who these people are before we sign off on anything with them, okay? Okay.
Hello, I'm Sean Renard.
I spent the last 20 years in law enforcement.
I'm not talking to you today as a police officer but as a neighbor who lives and works in our community.
I've never endorsed a political candidate before, but this election, I'm making an exception because we have an exceptional candidate running for mayo.
His name is Andrew Dixon.
What time is it? - It's time for your close - up.
And as concerned about this city as I am.
Go to his website learn more about what he stands for.
I hope you vote in this election, and I urge you to vote for Andrew Dixon.
You look good on camera.
Your posture emanates authority.
Hmm, this posture? No That posture.
Gets people to trust you.
Well was I convincing? Very.
I think I'd rather vote for you right now.
Where's the body? Inside on a cross.
- Like a crucifixion? - Looks like.
Well, this is a bad way to start the day.
Somebody dragged a cross into a barn and hung a body on it.
And it seems like he's been given a whole new outlook.
Gotta mean something.
Who found the body? Two surveyors called it in 7:30 this morning.
We got their names and numbers if you need them.
This guy looks like he was stabbed with a spear or something.
There's a circle on the ground.
Probably made with his blood.
Let's get CSU out here, get some soil samples.
- Yep.
- We ID the body? Vic is Robert Lewis, age 33, from Haverstraw, New York.
Got a long history of homelessness, arrests for vagrancy, petty crimes.
There's a symbol carved into the wood up top.
It's like an upside down triangle.
This goes back to 495 B.
- So we're talking old.
- Oh, very.
It was used in Greek philosophy and medicine.
It's the symbol for water.
It became widely used in the Wiccan rituals during the 18th century.
An occult group known as the Order of the Golden Dawn associated the elements with spiritual beings.
Water elementals were referred to in the upper right point of the pentagram.
So this is an occult ritual.
Looks like.
Got a little more info on our Vic Robert Lewis.
Made it to the West Coast about five years ago.
Last known residence: streets of Downtown Portland.
Periodic appearances in the shelter in Chinatown.
So what's with the upside down triangle? We think we got an occult killing.
Well, if this is an occult killing, why choose Lewis as the victim? And does he have any history with the ritualistic or occult crimes? Not that I've got, but maybe there's something in New York where he's from.
Yeah, run it.
Actually, wait.
There's something I have to ask both of you.
Meisner wants to know if we are willing to work with him and Hadrian's Wall.
Work with him how? My guess is to fight Black Claw.
- In uniform or out of uniform? - Probably both.
I wish I knew more about him.
Me too.
What do you know about this Meisner? Just that he helped Adalind escape the Royals in Europe, he helped Adalind find my mom, and that Trubel seems to trust him.
Guess it can't hurt to have a meeting.
I'm not committing to anything until I know a lot more.
I'm good with that.
Now, when are we gonna meet? I have no idea.
Well, until you do, I'll see if the NYPD's got a record on our Vic.
You know maybe they hung Robert Lewis from the cross because no one would miss him.
Well, his last known address was Chinatown.
Maybe someone missed him there? Right.
Now, watch out for spider webs.
No one's been down here since the last time we showed the property, and that was about six months ago.
Previous companies never did anything with the basement.
What's that smell? With this dry spell, they've had a problem with rodents.
But that's Portland.
I have the number of a good exterminator you can use.
Aah! Yeah, that's Robbie.
When was the last time you saw him? Yesterday at the shelter.
He was bragging how some guy was gonna give him 50 bucks to do a job and offered him another 50 when the job was done, you know? A hundred bucks for the day.
You know what the job was? He didn't say.
Did he tell you the name of the guy who wanted to hire him? No.
Did you see the guy? No I I can't believe Robert's gone.
You know, I-if I'd known he was gonna get murdered, I would've told him not to go.
It's Wu.
Hey, what's going on? We got another guy on a cross.
Same M.
, right down to the mirrored eyes.
Where? Basement of a foreclosed building on Powell just off 56th.
We're on our way.
Building is in probate.
Owner died before it could be sold.
Real Estate Agent called it in.
Found the body about two hours ago.
Might want to use some Vapo.
This was a little ripe.
How long has this body been here? Couple weeks at least.
Definitely not a new one.
Looks like he was gored to death too.
Got ourselves a serial killer.
Serial crucifier.
Same circle of blood around the body.
Got a different carving on the back of the cross.
I wonder what that one means.
It's Celtic.
It means water or, more specifically, "the trinity of earth, air, and water.
" No one knows that much about it because it's just so old.
Looks like it was popular with druids.
It was carved into the entrance to the tomb of Newgrange in Ireland, but that dates back 3,200 B.
That's old old.
Both of the bodies were hung on crosses.
Each cross had a different symbol carved into it, but they each signified the same thing: water.
Let's hit the books.
We're you able to take anyone alive? I tried, but they just kept on coming.
They wouldn't stop.
I got one.
Where? Will he be able to talk? Eventually.
We'll take him with us.
Wait a minute, these symbols that cross almost looks like a Couldn't be.
That stuff's ancient history.
- What is? - Fuilcré rain rituals.
They involved runes and crosses and blood.
You know, the usual cult ritual hoopla.
Hey, what is a Fuilcré? - Kind of a bovine ish, ox - like fellow.
Actually, one of the first to self-domesticate and cultivate the land for food instead of, you know, hunting Kehrseites.
Yeah, sure.
Until you consider the human sacrifice factor.
Whenever the crops weren't doing so well, they'd perform this ceremony to bring rain.
So it was a rainmaker? Supposedly works for droughts like the one we're in now.
Yeah, but guys, really, this stuff is seriously ancient history.
I mean, the last Fuilcré ritual was like 500 years ago, give or take a century.
All right, so why'd they stop? Grimms.
According to legend, any family that continued the practice was wiped out.
I mean, like down to the last child wiped out.
A little severe, but got the job done, that's for sure.
Take a look.
These two runes were at the last crime scenes.
This says, "The last recorded Fuilcré ritual was in 1596.
" Let's see.
"Hennah, do enney.
" Who am I kidding? I can't read this.
It's like Middle Irish.
Let me see.
Well "Do-fortbaither ind fhuil for talmain immar uisce," translates to "And the blood will spill on the Earth as water.
" "Ocus dolbfait inna secht n-idbarta a narathar.
" "And the seven sacrifices will form The Plow," I think? I don't know, the next pages are burned.
My mother's family is Irish.
I spent a lot of summers there as a kid.
There was no TV.
Wow just when you think you know somebody.
Hold on, you said seven sacrifices? Yes.
Well, if we've found two, then there are five more.
I think you need seven to form The Plow Whatever that means.
Well, that means there's going to be five more murders, if they haven't happened.
Both crime scenes used the exact same type of wood.
6x6x12 beams, so if we're talking seven crosses, that means someone out there is buying a lot of that kind of wood.
I'll have Wu check the lumberyards.
Our second victim, Demitri Bolger.
Born in Bulgaria, emigrated to the United States in 1992.
First arrest in Portland: vagrancy six years ago.
Rap sheet's very similar to our first victim.
Last known address? Streets of Portland.
Tracked down a lumber order you might be interested in.
How interested would we be? Those wood beams you asked about? Bulk purchases 6x6x12s.
- Where? - Columbia Lumber.
You get a customer name? That they wouldn't give me over the phone.
Gonna have to put a little shoe leather into this one.
Ask for Mr.
Duncan Fargo.
Are you Duncan Fargo? I figured you guys might be coming by.
I got the paperwork in my office.
Look, it's not like I don't want to cooperate.
It's just I can't go giving customer information out over the phone to whoever calls.
I don't trust anybody nowadays over the phone.
And now that I know you guys are actually cops, I'll cooperate however I can.
I can't get in trouble for this I mean, legally? You'll be fine.
This is the only bulk purchase made of 6x6x12s in the last two months.
But the guy got lots of other lumber in that same purchase.
Charged to a Mark Holloway.
The address where we delivered it to is right there on top.
Only I'd appreciate it if you guys didn't mention my name.
I don't want my customers thinking I ratted on them.
Or even if they broke the law? That's your territory, guys.
Can I help you? We're looking for Mark Holloway.
Well, who are you? I'm Detective Griffin.
This is Detective Burkhardt.
Who are you? I'm Jonathan.
Mark's my dad.
What's this all about? We just have to ask him a few questions.
Is he here? Yeah, he's working on the tractor.
Back behind the barn.
Thank you.
I'm Detective Burkhardt.
This is Detective Griffin.
Just want to ask you about a lumber purchase.
Why? Sir, were 6x6x12 beams in your last order? Yeah.
I buy a lot of lumber.
Something illegal about 6x6x12s? Depends on how you use them.
Mind if we take a look at them? I don't have them.
Where are they? They were stolen.
What's this all about anyway? Two homicide cases involved beams with the same measurements.
We're checking out lumber purchases in the area, crossing off names, and yours is on the list.
Oh, my God.
We're taking you in for questioning.
You're a Grimm! Get back on the ground! Get down.
Stay on the ground and put your hands behind your back.
Kill me.
Just don't hurt my family.
Assaulting an officer You should start thinking about yourself.
I'm not here to kill anyone.
Dad? Dad, what are they doing to you? Stay out of it, son.
Where are they taking you? The precinct.
Why? What'd he do? I had nothing to do with this.
You've never seen these two symbols? Two bodies were crucified matching the Fuilcré ritual.
How do you know about this? How I know is not why we're here.
The lumber used in the crucifixion matches an order you placed at Columbia Lumber.
And all you're telling us is that the lumber was stolen.
Now, doesn't that seem convenient? I didn't do anything.
You attacked a police officer.
He's a Grimm.
I thought he was gonna kill me.
Did you report the lumber stolen to the police? - No.
- Why not? It was only $300 worth of wood.
You think the police are gonna drop everything to find that? - When was it stolen? - I don't know.
It was delivered when I wasn't there.
They put it in the barn.
It could've happened at anytime.
I don't lock up the barn! You ain't seeing the problem here.
You're a Fuilcré.
You know about these ancient sacrifices.
Your farm's having trouble because of the drought.
You even ordered the same type of lumber used in the crimes.
So how do you explain that? There is something.
A couple of weeks ago, a man came by our house, said he represented a group dedicated to bringing back Wesen culture, traditions, and rituals.
You know, everything that had been given up thousands of years ago.
I don't know, it didn't make sense to me and I wasn't interested.
What was his name? Donald, uh I don't know.
Something Smith, Jones, something common.
Can you describe him? About my height, less than 200 pounds, short hair.
He looked normal for a fanatic.
Did he leave you his card, any contact information? There was a flyer talking about some meeting the group was gonna have.
Do you still have it? No, I threw it away.
Do you recognize this? Yeah, it was on the flyer.
I never saw it before that.
What's it mean? You buy his story? He has motive, if you consider an ancient rain crucifixion ritual motive.
I don't know, DA would have a lot of fun with that.
You're gonna have to connect Holloway to these victims with some kind of physical evidence.
All right, we can charge him with the assaulting an officer.
I don't want to charge him with that if I can avoid it.
I know why he did it.
There's supposed to be seven sacrifices for this ritual, and we have two bodies, one of which is at least a week old.
Both victims are homeless.
Problem is we don't know if this is a second victim or the seventh.
There's a possibility of five more.
We've checked every missing persons report from the past month, but homeless people aren't usually reported missing.
What do you want us to do with Holloway? Hold him for 72 hours.
See what you can come up with.
You know, my great great grandfather on my mother's side was a big believer in rituals and sacrifices.
I think that's what got him burned at the stake.
Yeah, both victims were gored to death.
Like with a horn? Yeah, then hung up on crosses.
This wasn't a Fuilcré, was it? You know about that? When I was a Hexenbiest, freaky rituals are kind of our thing.
Yeah, I was looking at the books with Monroe and Rosalee, but some of the pages were burned.
And we know that there are seven sacrifices that form the image of a plow, but we don't know what the plow is.
Well, Fuilcré religion revolved around stars and The Plow is what they called Ursa Major in England and Ireland.
Ursa Major like the Big Dipper? Seven stars.
So the killings are going to form a Big Dipper to match the constellation.
Yeah, maybe.
The Aztecs had this ceremony built around Orion's Belt.
It was called "fire drill.
" Why they called it that, I don't know.
But every time Orion's Belt rose above the horizon, they would sacrifice a man on top of a pyramid.
What? How do you know these things? Home schooling.
I'm going to ask you a few questions.
If you don't cooperate, someone else will ask you questions.
You cooperate? Occultatum Libera! I don't think he's gonna cooperate.
He's all yours.
I'm getting coffee.
So you don't want to talk? Well, if you don't want to talk, then you won't be needing your mouth.
If you can't talk to me, then You probably don't want to see me either.
Speak no evil.
See no evil.
We're missing one, aren't we? Oh, that's right.
Hear no evil.
How long is he going to take? Depends on how much information you want.
I want all of it.
Then we'll give him some time alone with his thoughts.
Freight train engineer called it in, 5:45 this morning.
Wasn't exactly sure what he saw, but thought we should take a look.
So this happened last night.
Train came through here 11:30 last night, didn't report it.
I'm thinking it had to happen sometime after that.
Blood's still tacky.
Same M.
Another one of these damn runes.
Probably means water.
There's no way Mark Halloway could have done this.
- Have Halloway released.
- Yeah.
Alright, can we figure out this sacrificial big-dipper now we have three bodies? We should try.
I'd be able to figure out where he'll kill next.
If he hasn't already.
The guy we arrested said someone came to his house, gave him a flyer with a Black Claw.
That was about a meeting.
Have you ever heard of any Black Claw meetings or anything like that? No! I can ask around if you want, but What do you want me to do if I find out? Go.
Try to see who's running it, maybe get some photos if you can, but don't risk getting caught.
No, don't worry.
I can be as good a brainwashed zombie-headed zealot as anybody.
Okay guys, Our first victim was found here.
Our second victim was found in the basement off Powell here.
And our third victim was found on the rail road tracks there.
We don't know which stars these are, so we can't anchor the map.
Well, I mean, it looks kind of like a ladle, right? I mean, we just we need a reference point, that's all.
Wait, that's Huntington Graveyard, right? Yeah.
Well, the last star in the handle of The Plow is the star Alkaid, which in Arabic means Chief of Mourners.
Well, then, if that's referring to Huntington Graveyard, then that could be our reference point, which would mean that these four points are the next sacrificial sites, right? All right, well, I'll have officers check those locations now.
Has it been long enough? If you don't want him to lose his mind.
Can you hear me? Would you like to see me? Would you like to talk to us now? What's his name? I don't know his name.
I swear, I swear! I do know that he's a courier.
I just I don't know his name.
He delivers messages, but that's it.
What kind of messages? Anything they want done.
What's he doing in Portland? He's here? I-I didn't know that.
If he came here to deliver a message, who's he giving it to? Lucien.
Lucien Petrovitch.
- Petrovitch is here? - Yeah.
He's the only one who can talk to the other cells.
Where is he? Nobody knows.
He never stays in one place longer than one night.
Make sure he tells us everything he knows.
I am, I am, I sw I swear to you I am! I am Jonathan? Jonathan? Jonathan? Oh, my God.
I know how dangerous it is for you all to be here, and I commend you on your courage.
Some of you will think the risk is too great, but we are witness to an awakening.
Welcome to the new era.
An era of change.
An era where people like us That's right.
We all know what we're talking about.
Wesen! All: Yeah! An era where people like us no longer have to live in the shadows.
Too long have we been marginalized by normal society.
- That's right.
- And by normal, I mean.
Kehrseite! - All: Aw, boo! - No! - Boo! - Hate them! But no more.
We must take back our heritage! Take back our traditions! The days of our oppression are coming to an end.
The days of our persecution are coming to an end.
When we stand united, no one no one can stop us.
What are you doing here? Dad, this is our heritage.
How could you get mixed up with these fanatics? - Dad! - Leave the kid alone.
This is my son.
Stay out of this.
We have three bodies and four possible locations for other sacrificial sites.
Three of those of four are out of our jurisdiction.
We contacted the county sheriff.
They sent out patrols.
How'd you explain that to them? Ritualistic serial killer.
They asked if it was satanic.
We didn't say no.
Just heard from one of the sheriffs.
They just got to one of the sites.
They found another body.
It's been there for at least two weeks.
They just sent this.
That makes four dead.
Monroe, you're on speaker.
Hey, Nick.
This is definitely Black Claw, but it's more like a I don't know, it's like a recruiting center or something.
I mean, this guy is really firing these people up.
Well, who's the guy? All I could get was Donald Jones.
I don't know if that's his real name or what, but, dude, this guy is good.
I mean, he is whipping them into a frenzy.
I mean, like, that they are sucking the Kool-Aid fountain dry.
Did you get a picture of him? They said no cameras I want to stay! I'm working on it.
We're going home! That's your culture they're talking about too! These people are insane! They think just because something's old it's true.
They're superstitious.
Let me go! I'm not going! - Jonathan! - Your kid's old enough to make up his own mind.
I told you to stay out of this.
You're not going anywhere.
Hey, hey, whoa, whoa.
Hey, hey, hey! Easy! Guy hey! What is going on here? He a friend of yours? No, I don't him, but we're all Wesen, right? I mean, didn't you hear Donald? We're all brothers and sisters, you know? Not him.
Get him out of here.
Occultatum libera.
Huh, yeah, right on.
Occultatum libera, man.
You okay? No.
Fourth victim has been identified as Tom Harmon.
Last known residence Streets of Portland.
Where's the body? Approximate time of death? At least three weeks? Are you sure? Okay, thanks.
We're you able to identify the fourth victim? Because we're gonna have to do a press conference on this.
We just got a fifth.
What? Burkhardt.
Yeah, uh-huh.
They just found number six.
Where? Now, there's only one left at the end of the handle.
I can't remember what she called it.
Chief of Mourners.
It's Arabic.
Got a call from Huntington Cemetery.
Please, tell me you didn't find another body.
None that weren't supposed to be there.
No wooden crosses either.
Well, maybe he hasn't made the final sacrifice.
Let's get out there.
Oh, wha What the hell? What is what What am I doing up here? Hey, hey, what hey! Hey! Oh, my God, stay away from me! Step away! Get down on the ground! Do it now! Down! Aah! Oh, God, get me down from here! And the blood shall be spilt upon the Earth as water.
Who the hell is that? This guy from the lumberyard.
Duncan Fargo.
The guy I talked to on the phone? He's the one who put us on to Holloway.
He probably stole Holloway's lumber when he delivered it, which is why Holloway didn't know it was gone.
Get me down, get me down.
Please, get me down.
It's all right.
You're gonna be okay.
Just relax.
What is it? He changed into some kind of demon! Tried to crucify me! Help's on its way.
Just try to calm down.
Adrenaline can do crazy things to perception.
Yeah, this is Detective Griffin.
We're gonna need a coroner.
Six dead for some ancient superstition.
That we can't explain to anybody.
Except Wesen.
We'll just write down what we can and go home.
Don't go there.