Grimm s05e10 Episode Script

Map of the Seven Knights

Antiquarische Buecher.
Felix, it's Andrea Stroh.
Andrea, how are you? Good.
I assumed I'd still find you at the shop.
Look, I'm in Prague doing an appraisal, and I've found something that might interest you.
Some kind of very old text, leather-bound, hand-written.
I'd never seen anything like them, but I think you should come and have a look.
I'd bring them to you, Felix, but I'm afraid I might damage them.
I was wondering if you could come to Prague tomorrow.
I know it's short notice, but I've got to get this done as quickly as possible.
I will meet you at 12:00.
Text me the address.
I'll see you then.
They didn't tell me much about the owner, Mr.
Died six months ago at 96.
Lived alone for a long time.
Had no will, no relatives.
But the court wants everything sold as quickly as possible for taxes.
What I want you to see is in the attic.
The chest alone is at least 200 years old.
Oh! Don't worry; I almost didn't look further when I first opened it.
There must be 15 of them.
Could be more.
What do you think? Did I waste your time? No.
But I must take these back to the shop.
Of course.
So this is Nick's new home, sweet home.
Wouldn't be the first place you'd look for him.
Or the last.
Guess you don't have to worry about anybody killing your neighbors here.
Yeah, I don't know.
I think it's kind of homey, you know, in a, like, post-apocalyptic, neo-industrial, steampunk chic kind of way.
Pull the cars inside.
I'll get the car.
- Hey.
- Hey.
So welcome to the "fome.
" It's a cross between a fortress and a home.
I think it's kind of awesome.
You don't have a turret, do you? - No, but we have a roof.
- Got to see that.
This way.
Stairs are over here.
Here's a little fome-warming gift from all of us.
Thanks, you guys.
And there's something in there for Kelly.
You know, I have never met Kelly.
Well, he's asleep, but let's take a look.
Not without me.
I'll open the wine.
Oh, please.
Wow, dude.
Nice view.
Yeah, not too bad, huh? Lordy.
So how's it going between you and Adalind and Kelly and Eve and Well, Adalind has been great.
Who would've thought that she would've made such a wonderful mother? Right.
How does she feel about you? I don't know.
We don't really talk about that.
Well, how do you feel about her? I'm not sure.
I'm not sure how I'm supposed to feel.
I hated her for so long, and now we're living together, and we have this kid.
And it all just feels so strangely normal.
I mean, if you can call this normal.
Well, I am the wrong guy to ask about normal.
But all I can say is, it feels like Adalind is a completely different person, you know? Yeah, like Eve.
About that do you think she has any idea who she used to be? I mean, Juliette? Well, she says she remembers everything, but she talks about Juliette as if she has nothing to do with her.
Sounds like a complete split personality.
I don't think they have a name for this.
Just when you think people can't change, right? But, dude, seriously, it is so weird that you slept with both of them when they were each other.
I mean, come on.
Relationships are confusing enough as it is without getting into that kind of, you know bizarre arithmetic.
Can I help you? Books.
I'm sorry.
Are you relatives of Mr.
Nebojsa? No.
Look, I'm here doing an appraisal on the property Oh! Where are the books? There aren't any books.
They've all been taken.
Where? Leipzig.
The Antiquariat.
Now, please let me go! That was really uncalled for.
Oh, God, Nick.
What happened? Monroe, hier spricht dein Onkel Felix.
Uncle Felix? Ah, bitte.
I I'm sorry; I can't think in German this late at night.
Ja, I am sorry to call you this early.
- Oh, God, who died? - Oh, no.
Nobody died.
Oh, good.
Nobody died.
The reason I call you so late your mother told me that you have a friend that is a Grimm.
Mom told you that? That is the reason why I'm calling you.
I have something your friend would be very interested in.
I emailed you some photos.
This cannot wait.
Do not forward these photos, and delete them when you are done.
Hello? What was that all about? Uh It's my Uncle Felix.
He owns an antiquarian bookstore in Leipzig.
So what? He wants to sell you books at 3:00 in the morning? No, he said he sent me some pictures that my friend "the Grimm" might be interested in.
He knows about Nick? Apparently, my mother told him.
Oh, great.
I know.
What are these pictures? I don't know.
Let's go back to bed.
No, I'm wide awake now.
We're looking at these pictures.
All right.
Holy crap.
That looks like it's from a Grimm book.
Where did he get this stuff? You've got to call Nick.
I found it.
It was in the attic.
I haven't looked at this stuff in such a long time.
There it is.
Deutschland, 1980 to 1990.
Uncle Felix was born in Freiburg, 1949.
I'm telling you, when it comes to the printed page before 1900, he is an aficionado supreme.
In fact, most of the books and maps I have in my collection came from him.
That's him.
He never married or had children.
He was always more interested in books than anything else.
Honestly, if I hadn't met you, I probably would have ended up the same way, except with clocks.
Then it's a good thing you met me.
This is true.
I'm really glad you came right over.
This is some amazing stuff.
This is Uncle Felix, the guy who called.
- He's Blutbaden? - Yep.
More of a Book-baden.
Not really a physical guy.
What did he send? That's on the computer.
Follow me.
He said he was doing an appraisal.
Uncle Felix is called on a lot to, like, appraise old books or book collections.
He works for museums and collectors all over Europe, and I got to tell you, these books look really old.
Some of these Wesen, I don't think I've ever even heard of them.
- Me either.
- He knew what the books were? He did.
Look, he's a smart book dealer.
He knows the value of these books is obviously gonna be different for a Grimm than it'd be for someone who thinks they're just, you know, fairy tales.
Did your uncle know a Grimm? Not that I know of, but look, having a relationship with a Grimm is not exactly something you want to talk about in public, especially not in the old country.
Do you trust him? You mean do I think this stuff is real? Hell yeah, it's real.
Uncle Felix wouldn't touch a forgery.
Did he say how much he wants? No, I think he wants to find out if you're interested first.
Look, I'm not trying to pressure you.
I'm just saying this stuff looks amazing.
Especially after all you lost when the trailer was burned.
So if you're interested I'm interested.
Antiquarische Buecher.
Uncle Felix? No, he's not here.
Well, who's this? I work here.
Who's calling? I can give him your name and number.
No, that's okay.
He's got it.
Just tell him Monroe called.
Yes, Monroe called.
Two of these people are still out there.
You know, this Black Claw is getting to be a real dangerous pain in the ass.
We we can't go to the FBI, NSA, or the DA.
At least HW knows what's going on.
How much do you think a Grimm book is worth? You need some money? Monroe got a call last night from his uncle in Leipzig, Germany.
He's a book dealer, and apparently he found some Grimm books.
And he called Monroe at 3:30 in the morning to see if I wanted to buy them.
I got some photos.
They do look really old.
How the hell did a book dealer from Leipzig know what you were? Monroe's mother mentioned me.
So much for confidentiality.
Whatever price this guy wants for those books, make sure he didn't kill a Grimm to get 'em.
Yes? It's time to set a couple things straight.
What? That last night at Nick's house, I wasn't trying to kill you.
You know that.
You're talking about Juliette.
I know you weren't trying to kill her.
I mean, I wasn't, but I would have.
She was trying to kill Nick.
I would expect that from you.
Yeah, I need to know how you feel about Nick and Adalind and their kid.
Juliette is dead.
I know she's dead.
I'm asking you if you'd ever hurt them.
I wouldn't.
I don't owe Juliette anything.
But I do.
Okay, she helped me.
She would have killed you too.
Glad we talked.
Polls have got us in a dead heat.
If the election were held tomorrow, it could go either way.
We've taken the high road, and Galligher hasn't.
We have to stop being the nice guy.
I'm not trying to be a nice guy.
I just don't want this campaign to be like every other campaign.
I don't want to get elected because I'm the guy they hate the least.
Pointing out a couple of flaws about your opponent does not make you the bad guy.
You wrestle a pig You get dirty, and the pig likes it.
But George Bernard Shaw is not running for the mayor of Portland.
And you don't wrestle a pig.
You take them to slaughter, and you make bacon.
How do you suggest we make bacon out of Galligher? Well, first you fatten him up with some youthful indiscretions, and then you slit his throat with a couple of covered-up drug charges.
And finally you gut him with gambling debts and some favors paid out to known associates of the mob.
Is any of that true? All of it.
It was discovered during undercover operations and then later buried with political favor.
Look, whether it's true or not, I still don't like using it.
The public has a right to know who they're gonna elect.
And it wouldn't come from us.
That's what the press is for.
I mean, if he called us at 3:00 in the morning, he must have thought it was urgent, so why hasn't he called you back? I don't know.
Maybe he realized the books were fakes or something.
But wouldn't he have called to tell you that? He could have found another buyer.
Well, that would be a shame.
Maybe you should try calling him again.
He's probably just trying to establish how much they're worth, you know? So he has an idea of how much to charge.
I got it.
My God! Uncle Felix! Why didn't you tell me you were coming? There is no time.
You must contact your friend tonight now! Hello? Ah! You are Rosalee.
I am very nice to meet you.
This is my Uncle Felix.
I had to leave Leipzig in a hurry.
Welcome to our home.
Can can I get you something to eat or No, no.
Thank you very much.
You have to call your friend right now.
This cannot wait.
Okay, okay.
You okay? You seem kind of quiet tonight.
Today would have been my mother's birthday.
It's just hard not to think about it when you try not to think about it, because then all you do is think about it.
It's okay.
It'll be over tomorrow.
No, it's okay.
Here I am thinking about my mother, who threw me out of the house, and I don't even know your birthday.
And you don't know mine.
Uh, April 14th.
You know my birthday? Yeah, well, you know.
I guess you did arrest me once.
Mine is June 18th.
Just so you know.
Nick, my uncle's here.
- From Leipzig? - Yup.
Showed up unannounced, and, uh, he says he really needs to talk to you, like, right now.
I have traveled a great distance.
This cannot wait.
We must meet with you tonight.
So Tell him I brought this.
Oh, my.
Nick, he brought one of these books.
I'm sorry; I think you really need to see this.
Okay, on my way.
If Black Claw marks their killing of an antiques dealer They were looking for something and didn't get it.
It's a warning to whoever has it.
It says she was found in the house of Josef Nebojsa, who died several months ago.
Do we know who Josef Nebojsa is? No, but we're going to find out.
- It's Nick.
- Take it.
Nick? I'm on my way to Monroe's house.
His uncle's a book dealer, and he's got some books that may be Grimm.
I'm not sure if I trust this guy.
- Want some backup? - Yeah.
Coming your way.
Do you know how old this book is? Oh, yeah.
It was manufactured in Nuremberg sometime between 1390, 1395, in the Ulman Stromer mill.
Stromer was a councilor in Nuremberg, uh, which was a free imperial city of the Holy Roman Empire.
His paper mill was the first permanent one north of the Alpen.
And he died of the plague in 1407.
He's definitely your uncle.
Excuse me.
Wait a minute.
Who is she? Uncle Felix, these are my friends, Nick and Trub - Theresa.
- Theresa.
Why is she here? She's like me.
Both of you? Two Grimms! No, no, stop! - Stop! - Stop! Stop! Everybody calm down! Don't do this! They are my friends, okay? He is my uncle, okay? So everybody just settle down.
We're all friends here.
Me too.
So where's this book? It is over here.
Ah, but do not touch it with your fingers.
It is too old.
Huh Is it real? It looks like, yeah.
I would not come all this way to trick you.
You have more? There are 20.
20 Grimm books? - Ja.
- Where? I brought them with me.
This definitely belonged to a Grimm.
Ja, I believe it did.
How did you get it? Did you kill him? Oh, no, no, no.
No, I I am not violent, despite what just happened.
No, these books belonged to Josef Nebojsa.
He lived in Prague.
He was very old.
Uh, he died of natural causes.
I was brought in to assess the books by an antiques dealer friend of mine.
They were hidden in the attic of the house.
Then Josef must have been a Grimm or a relative of one.
I mean, he could have inherited them, had no idea what they were.
However he got them is not important.
The fact that they exist is a miracle.
I should have destroyed them, probably, but I can't; they're too rare.
It would be like destroying the Magna Carta or the original pages of Chaucer's "Canterbury Tales.
" I've devoted my whole life to the written word.
I cannot be the one to erase any of them from the world.
I've spent my entire life defending the imagination, the thoughts, and the passions of a writer who would commit these words to the page I am sorry.
I get carried away.
How much do you want for the books? Well, handling such material is very dangerous.
But in spite of the fact that they are priceless, I will let you have them for $100,000.
$100,000? You kidding me? My antiques dealer friend has already been killed.
And whoever did it must know that I have these books.
Here, you can keep the book I brought.
I will contact you in 24 hours for your decision.
Uncle Felix, that's a lot of money.
It is the best I can do.
There's no way I can pull together $100,000 in 24 hours.
But if all the books look like this one And what if they're destroyed? Which is what'll happen if they fall into certain Wesen hands.
I've heard of the guy that your uncle got the books from, Josef Nebojsa.
How? There's a Black Claw on the wall of his house.
It's where they killed the antiques dealer.
HW gets alerted whenever that mark is found anywhere in the world.
HW has got to be funded by the government, right? Yeah.
Well, maybe they can come up with the cash.
I mean, these books would mean something to them too, wouldn't they? Yeah, maybe.
We should talk to Meisner and show him the book.
It's worth a shot.
I'll see what I can find out about Josef Nebojsa.
Right on.
This is a little intense, a little intimidating, a little bit of both.
So, Meisner this is Monroe.
Good to finally meet you.
And I think you sort of know Eve.
Well you're looking very, um good for someone we all thought was dead and gone.
Not that coming back from it is a bad thing.
Uh I guess I actually owe you a thanks for No, you don't.
Is that the book? Yeah.
Do you know about the Grimm books? Yeah, I've seen a few.
Well, this one is pretty amazing, even as far as Grimm books go.
If there are 19 more like this, it would help replace what was lost when the trailer was burned down.
A lot of irreplaceable history was destroyed And not by accident.
If Black Claw is willing to kill to get to these books, they must consider them dangerous.
One of Black Claw's missions is to eradicate all things Grimm Including Grimms.
Can you get us the $100,000 that Monroe's uncle wants? We only have 24 hours.
Actually, make that 22 1/2.
And my uncle will not hang around.
I'll see what I can do.
But this is government money from a fund that doesn't exist, so I can't make any promises.
This is Felix Dietrich.
I received your text.
Ja, uh, ein Moment.
I have the number.
Where do I pick it up? Ein Moment.
After 4:00.
Thank you.
I mean, it was really weird.
She looks like Juliette.
But I have no idea if there's anything of her left in her.
But she remembered you? Oh, yeah, no, she remembers everything, except there's a complete disconnect with her own past.
Mighty convenient considering how much guilt should be eating away at her conscience.
You think she even has one? Not from what I got.
Yes! This is what I was looking for.
Oh, my God, that's the guy.
Hey, Nick, have you heard anything from Meisner? No, not yet.
'Cause we're down to, like, 10 hours.
I know.
Anyway, Rosalee found some incredible stuff about this Josef Nebojsa.
I was able to trace his lineage.
Nick, his ancestors go back to the Crusades.
If I'm right, one of his relatives on his father's side was a knight that fought for the Knights Templar in the sack of Constantinople.
And he was from Zollern, a town in the Black Forest.
Nick, I think this Nebojsa is really rooted, okay? We cannot let these books get away.
I mean, the history of them alone is worth a lot.
Well, I don't have $100,000.
Neither do we, but we were thinking maybe we could all come up with enough to make Monroe's uncle make us a deal.
We got a body downtown.
I got to go.
Dude, think about it, though, okay? I mean, I can stall for time as long as he thinks we're getting the money.
Yeah, try it.
Victim is mid-60s.
Attacked inside his hotel room sometime earlier this morning.
This one's a little unusual, even considering the normal unusual.
Why? Victim's mouth has a lot of blood.
Was he hit? No, looks more like he bit somebody Very hard.
Looks like somebody was looking for something.
Got a possible ID.
Victim's registered as Felix.
How'd you know that? That's Monroe's uncle.
This is the book guy? Yeah.
That must have been what they were after.
"In 1203, "after the siege of Constantinople, "Alexios Angelos was crowned Emperor Alexios IV "of the Byzantine Empire.
"He was pro-Crusader and tried to pacify the city, "but riots broke out "between the Greeks, who hated the Crusaders, "and Latins, who supported them.
"During that time, much of the populace "began to turn against the emperor, "finally deposing him and imprisoning him.
"Then in March, the Crusader and Venetian leadership "decided to take the whole city, dividing the Byzantine Empire between them.
" Sounds a lot like what's happening now.
Only the names change.
Nick, did you hear from Meisner? No.
Monroe, I I have some bad news.
What, we have to come up with the money? No, it's not that.
Your uncle Felix has been murdered.
What? Oh, my God.
I'm at the crime scene now.
I think I need your help on this one.
You need to come down here.
It looks Wesen on Wesen, but it's pretty brutal.
Um yeah, just tell me where.
The Grand Regent Hotel.
I know it.
Oh, my God, honey, I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry.
I can't believe this.
I guess 24 hours was more time than he had.
I'm gonna have to call my mom and I'm sorry.
It's okay.
I'm sorry it had to turn out this way.
So I guess whoever did this got the books too.
I'm not so sure.
We talked to the manager.
Your uncle didn't have a rental car.
He arrived by cab.
Okay, but what does that have to do with the books? Each one of those books weighs nearly five pounds.
You just don't cart around 100 pounds of books on your back.
Your uncle may never have had the books in this room.
Well, whoever killed him, he fought back, right? That's right, yeah.
Looks like he put up a hell of a fight.
Uncle Felix got a piece of him Which means the guy is wounded.
Right? I mean, he didn't walk out of here like he walked in.
Oh, he didn't walk out.
He went out the window.
We'll get some good prints.
We got to find this bastard.
- Hello? - Felix? Heir Herman.
Ich bin zu deinem Laden gegangen.
Da drin ist alles ganz durcheinander.
Hat es bei Dir einen Einbruch gegeben, Oder Uh, momentan kann Felix leider nicht ans Telefon komm.
Ach so.
What'd he say? He said he went to Felix's shop, and it was, like, trashed like somebody broke in.
Find every phone call made and received from this phone in the last 72 hours.
Du musst ins Krakenhaus.
Nein, nein.
Ruf um Hilfe.
Not getting any hits on the prints.
I'm gonna check Interpol.
There were three different blood types in the hotel room.
So there was more than one attacker? At least two.
Having a little trouble with Felix's phone.
It got damaged, I'm assuming, during the fight.
I pulled the SIM card.
It's being checked.
Well, your uncle said the antiques dealer was killed in the house where the books were.
I think so, yeah.
Well, what if it's the same guys? They could have easily found out your uncle got the books from the dealer and followed him here.
You know, I called my uncle at his bookshop, and it was late, but he always works late.
And somebody else answered the phone.
- You tell them anything? - Just my name.
Oh, God, you don't think they could find him because I made that phone call.
Don't go there.
They could've gotten a lot of information about your uncle.
Well, if these guys are Black Claw, maybe HW's got something on them.
Well, your uncle bloodied them up, so one or both of them could be needing a little medical help.
All right.
Wu and I will check hospitals.
Let's go.
Sir, we're gonna have to put you in the ambulance.
No, no, my friend is worse.
You must stop the bleeding.
There's another one.
What happened? Were you attacked by dogs? Yes.
All right.
I got to call animal control and report this to the police.
What kind of dogs were they? I don't know.
What'd they look like? Like this.
What is this, a Wesen database? You're in it.
Krisztian Ajandok and Oscar Vasicek are both Anubi, and we've tracked a connection to a Black Claw cell in the Czech Republic.
HW in Berlin already connected them to the killing of the antiques dealer in Prague.
And now they're here.
See if you can find when they arrived.
Two paramedics were killed an hour ago.
Looks an awful lot like what happened to Monroe's uncle.
And the 911 caller spoke with an accent.
Now we have an ID on both of them: Krisztian Ajandok and Oscar Vasicek.
- HW had that? - Yeah.
Wish we had that database.
You got this one? Yeah.
You work that side.
I got him.
Timestamp on this is 11:38 last night at PDX.
See if they rented a car or booked a flight out.
That will tell us if they're still in Portland.
So I finished going over the SIM card data on Felix's phone for the last 72 hours.
Nothing unusual except for the last incoming call.
- Who was it? - Not a who.
It's from a cargo company.
I called and found out Felix is expecting a shipment to arrive sometime this afternoon or tonight.
Without a shipping number, they can't tell me any more.
Where's it coming in? Airport cargo facility.
They closed about half an hour ago.
Won't be open till 9:00 in the morning.
Your uncle had the books shipped.
That's why he gave you 24 hours to think about it.
We couldn't find a shipping order in the hotel room, and Felix would've needed that to pick up the books.
These guys must have taken it.
Got something on the car.
Ford Expedition, rented in the name of Krisztian Ajandok.
Hasn't been returned.
Then they're on their way to get the books.
The cargo company doesn't open up till 9:00 tomorrow morning, but they're not gonna wait for that.
Thanks for your help.
I'll be asking you for yours soon enough.
- I'm going too.
- No.
We're not going to risk you over these books.
That's their rental car.
Then they're still here.
Looks like they killed the security guard.
Das ist es.
You killed my uncle.
You shouldn't have done that.
Ugh! Oh! My uncle was a good man.
We need to get this trunk out of here.
Okay, that should do it.
Let's get them out of there.
Gently, gently.
There's a lot more stuff in here than just books.
Oh, that's incredible.
That is a lot of stuff.
Looks like we got our trailer back.
Something about this lock It's bigger than it needs to be.
I still don't understand why they would kill people for all this.
Its only real value is to a Grimm.
Black Claw is trying to destroy everything that has to do with Grimms.
Hey, wait Wait a minute.
Look at this one.
It's not like the others.
It's like some kind of family tree book of ancestry.
That's not a a regular family tree.
It's only following a few individuals from generation to generation.
And some of them just dead-end.
What's the name of the guy your uncle got the books from? Uh, Josef Nebojsa.
It's the same last name.
Uh, go to the end.
There he is, Josef Nebojsa.
Oh, my God.
They're all Grimms.
That's why this is worth killing for.
Everyone in this book is a Grimm.
See if Burkhardt's in there.
No, it would be, uh, my mother's maiden name, Kessler.
Hey, I think I just saw a Kessler.
Was Walter your grandfather? Yeah.
There's Aunt Marie.
There's my mom.
And there I am.
But if you're in here, maybe I am too.
Nebojsa was keeping this book up to date.
This would be real dangerous if it fell into the wrong hands.
We got ourselves a secret compartment.
It's probably just an extra trunk key.
Nick! You got to see this.
Oh, my God, another key.
Three of them.
Go get the other two keys from upstairs.
- I'll bring those.
- Yeah.
Doesn't all fit together.
No, we're still missing two keys.
But maybe we have enough to figure out where it is.
Wait a minute.
Look at this.
These three hills here with the two rivers on either side connecting to the bigger river here, that is an exact match for what the keys are saying.
And it's in the Schwarzwald.
- The Black Forest? - Yeah.
I mean, I know these maps aren't as accurate as, like, modern-day topographical maps, but this terrain is a pretty good match for this terrain, which is outside of Wolfach, which is right here.
So we can figure out where they buried whatever it is they buried.
Well, not exactly, unless you have the classic "X marks the spot.
" But, dude, we got it.
And it's right here in the Black Forest.
We're going to the Black Forest.