Grimm s05e11 Episode Script

Key Move

Previously on "Grimm" This definitely belonged to a Grimm.
These books belonged to Josef Nebojsa.
Do you have more? - There are 20.
- I've heard of the guy that your uncle got the books from.
- How? - There's a black claw on the wall of his house.
Looks like we got our trailer back.
Oh, my God.
Another key? Three of them.
Go get the other two keys from upstairs.
We're going to the Black Forest.
If it's in Wolfach, where is it? Well, these maps aren't exactly to scale, so whatever it is could be anywhere.
I mean, in town, or Well, Wolfach was probably a lot smaller then than it is now.
Okay, according to this, it's been around since 1084 and probably goes as far back as the Romans.
Well, at least we know some kind of village was there.
But whatever is there now was probably built on top of whatever was there.
So wherever it was hidden is gonna be that much harder to find.
When they made the map, they must have done something to pinpoint where they put it.
Otherwise, no one would ever be able to find it.
The only reason to make a map is so you can find something again.
They must have left a clue somewhere on this map.
Unless it's one of the keys we don't have.
I have a feeling this is gonna take a while.
I'll make some coffee.
There's got to be something.
What isn't obvious? It's from a DEA sting five years ago.
Former assemblyman and mayoral candidate Steven Gallagher buying an eight ball in a hotel suite.
This can't be tied back to you.
It won't be.
How come I've never heard about it? Because they were looking for the dealer, not Gallagher.
And Gallagher made it disappear? Friends in low places.
How did you get it? Don't worry about it.
We're doing this for the right reasons.
Well, the people have a right to know.
If you're not smart enough to bury your dirt, you don't belong in the game.
I was thinking about going home, but I'm not really tired.
Whatever is not obvious is really not obvious, because I am not seeing anything remotely unapparent.
I wish I knew what I was looking for.
Is it a letter, a number, a word? And why couldn't they have just done "X" marks the spot? That's what I would have done.
Would have done a big "X" marks the spot.
- Mm - hmm.
Maybe we do need the other keys.
Maybe they didn't leave a mark.
Then what's the point of making a map? To drive whoever has the map crazy.
No, they did this so they could go back and find whatever they took from the sack of Constantinople.
I mean, you don't just make a map and imprint it on the side of seven keys for fun.
It's the Middle Ages.
This type of metallurgy took a lot of work.
You see, legend has it there are seven keys.
- Seven? - Forged by the knights who fought for the seven royal families in the Fourth Crusade.
Now, when you put the maps together, they make one big map, leading to the location where the knights hid the precious wealth they took from Constantinople after they sacked and burned it.
Those knights are our ancestors.
Seven knights who were Grimms make a map, because they thought whatever they stole from Constantinople was worth hiding, so it could be found again.
There's three rivers that all converge near Wolfach.
Maybe that's the "X".
But rivers can change their course over time.
That would be a moving "X".
All right, there were seven Grimms, all knights, fighting in the Fourth Crusade.
Fighting for what? The power and the glory of God.
So maybe they buried it in a church.
I'm just saying, if you're fighting for God.
Check the churches.
Well, I have been for the last three hours.
Some of these symbols aren't churches.
I think they're castles.
All churches have steeples.
How many churches do we have near Wolfach? All right, on the key map we have one, two, three, four, five this part of the map is missing.
So here on this map, two more churches.
Which makes seven churches.
But they wouldn't have split it up over seven churches.
Wait a minute.
All the churches have steeples except for this one.
This one has a cross.
I don't think that's a cross.
It's too short.
Looks kind of like an "X.
" And it's right in Wolfach.
That's why we couldn't see it.
They hid it in plain sight.
Maybe "X" does mark the spot.
Holy ground! A sacred space! It makes perfect sense they would bury it in a church.
Church was a safe place for the knights.
And they had every reason to believe it would be around for hundreds of years.
So we found it! I mean, maybe.
Maybe we found it.
Maybe we found approximately where it is.
We still don't know what it is.
We got to find out.
We've come this far.
We can't stop now.
Five out of the seven keys? I'm going with you.
Ich spreche Deutsch, man.
You don't.
You're gonna need me.
He's right, Nick.
Can't do this alone.
I'll be fine.
Wait, wait, wait, what if Black Claw knows about the keys and knew they were in the trunk? Black Claw doesn't know we have the trunk, and the guys they sent to find it are dead.
But the trunk did belong to Josef Nebojsa, whose distant relative was a knighted Crusader.
And a Grimm.
And since it was seven Grimm knights who buried whatever it is they buried Black Claw could know about it.
Exactly, so we should go sooner than later.
Hey, you guys can't travel under your real names.
Black Claw knows about you and Monroe.
To be safe, you can't go as you.
I know somebody who could get you fake passports.
Better than coming from us.
- So when do we go? - Tomorrow.
First flight we can get.
What are you gonna tell Adalind? The truth.
Looks like we're going on a crusade.
These keys lead to nothing but death.
You and I both know that.
There are a lot of powerful people who will do anything to get their hands on these.
Adalind, I It's not worth it! This is a fantasy someone had 800 years ago.
This might be a waste of my time, but I have to go.
My aunt gave me one of these keys.
She believed in it.
It almost cost her her life.
And I owe it to her.
I probably owe it to her too.
Monroe's going with me.
Rosalee will be here with you and Kelly while I'm gone.
When are you leaving? Tomorrow.
Look, I know you're worried.
- Yeah, I am.
- But you're probably right.
It's probably nothing.
What if I'm wrong? What if what they buried is something evil, something they never wanted found, and for good reason? Well, then they wouldn't have made a map.
They would have just destroyed it.
What if it couldn't be destroyed? Then they would have just buried it.
I know I can't keep you from going.
It's something you have to do.
But I also know there's a chance that you won't come back.
Adalind And I can't let you go without you knowing how I feel about you.
And I don't care if this is a mistake.
I love you.
Hanano's been here a few days.
If he's moving, a camera should have picked him up by now.
What's going on? We haven't been able to locate him.
No other sightings of Marwan Hanano since he arrived in Portland.
Guy looks different in every photo.
He's gonna be tough to find.
We need to know why he's here.
Every place he goes, London, Kiev, Osaka, people die.
If Black Claw brought him to Portland, it's not for a vacation.
They could know about you.
You could be the target.
It's possible.
Then the sooner I find him, the better.
I got it.
- Right here.
- Got it.
Go, go! Oh, c'mon, man! Yo, a little help? Right here.
Take it.
All right, let's go.
Let's go! - Where is he? - He'll be here.
- I don't like waiting.
- Leave it.
- He doesn't need a gun.
- Target has to be shot.
Why? It can't look Wesen.
That's not my problem.
I'm out of here.
You shouldn't get so excited.
People who get excited make mistakes, then people die.
Open it.
22 caliber? It's what you asked for.
Extra narrow 20-inch synthetic barrel, bolt action, threaded muzzle, aluminum sound suppressor, six times scope.
I'll put it together for you.
No, you won't.
If you made a mistake, I'll find it.
I don't need a scope.
Heeled bullets? I made 'em.
One box.
I only need one.
What are you doing? Seeing if you're any good.
Are you crazy? You kill someone, and the cops are gonna be all over this.
Don 't.
Not here.
What the hell? It'll do.
I hope you brought the key, Nick.
Hank doesn't have much more time.
Would have thought he meant more to you than that.
See you at the funeral, Nick.
I'll be sure to cry.
Adalind, I think it's time we settle our differences.
You okay? Yeah.
Really? Are you? If anyone had said what we did last night was even a possibility, given how we met No, I wouldn't have believed them either.
Everything in our lives is so complicated, but last night, that all kind of went away.
At least for a little while.
Nick, I got to show you something.
Where are you? His name's Marwan Hanano.
He works for Black Claw.
We don't know much about him, but we've connected him to a bombing in London, a riot in Kiev, and a building fire in Osaka, all in the last year.
He arrived a few days ago at PDX on a flight that originated from Quito, Ecuador.
Why is he here? We don't know.
We haven't been able to find him.
This guy stays under the radar.
Meisner thinks he might be here on assignment.
Just wanted to let you know.
And that's all we have on him, which, honestly, isn't much.
Hey, Rosalee? Hey, Nick.
Wu got you and Monroe on the 8:55 p.
flight to Stuttgart with one stop in Frankfurt.
And Stuttgart's only, like, a two hour ride to Wolfach.
But you have the passports? - She got 'em.
- I can be there at 5:00.
We are on a flight out tonight.
Wish I was going with you.
Someone's got to find this guy.
Gonna make sure this goes out.
Is Marwan Hanano his real name or an alias? We don't know.
How'd you get this information? Meisner.
He wanted us to be aware of it.
We got a Wesen terrorist, working for Black Claw, loose in Portland.
We don't know where he is, what he wants, or who his contacts are.
I'm assuming Meisner wants us to find him so H.
can deal with him.
Basically, yeah.
All right, put out an APB but strictly a find and follow.
Do not engage.
Report contact only.
You know how to contact Meisner? - We do.
- Let's find this guy.
Yes, sir.
Hey, look, I'm gonna be off the grid for a couple of days.
Anything I need to know? I don't know yet.
So what is the charge on this Marwan guy for the APB? Murder suspect.
Keep it local.
Don't let the Feds in on this one.
Look, I'm out of here tonight, so I'm gonna have to dump this one on you guys.
We got you.
Hey, Nick, you be careful over there.
What he said.
Will do.
You got to take care of Mommy while I'm gone.
You better come back.
I will.
'Cause I don't want to have to explain to him why you didn't.
Hey, Nick, come on in.
He's almost ready.
I did a little more research on those churches near Wolfach in the Black Forest.
There are ten all together, but only three of those are Catholic.
And it has to be Catholic, because Martin Luther didn't nail his "Ninety-Five Theses" onto the door of the All Saints Church in Wittenberg until October 31, 1517.
So all the other churches are way too young.
Well, then those are what we'll start with.
Oh, and I have your passports.
I'm traveling under my uncle's name, Felix Dietrich.
And you're traveling under my brother's name, Frederick Calvert.
This is really good for something completely illegal.
Well, guess we should hit it.
I'll just put that stuff in the car for you.
You better be damn careful.
I will.
I love you.
- You're welcome.
- Hey.
I'll have a Hey, check it out.
I think that's him, over at the food cart.
I can't tell from here.
Are you sure? - Close enough.
Let's go.
- It's a find and follow.
It says not to engage.
Call it in.
I'll stay with him.
Possible suspect sighting.
Northwest 12th and Johnson.
Officer Fogel en route.
Two bicycle cops just spotted Marwan.
- Where? - Lovejoy Fountain Park.
Flight 11 arriving from Paris.
Man, I haven't been in the Black Forest since I was, like, 25.
We used to come here every couple years when I was a kid.
My family hunted here for, like, hundreds of years.
And when you say hunted, you mean Oh, you know.
Lots of stuff.
I've got something.
APB just came in.
Hanano was spotted near Lovejoy Fountain Park.
Did they take any action? No, but it looks like Marwan did.
There's a report of a cop being attacked four blocks away.
His partner is the one who responded to the APB.
Did he kill the cop? No, reported as an assault.
Bring up all surveillance in the vicinity.
Let's figure out where this guy went.
- Where's the officer? - Right over there.
What happened? My partner Officer Fogel spotted the suspect.
Followed while I called it in.
When I couldn't get Fogel on the radio, I started looking, and by the time I got here, Fogel was covered in blood.
Did he describe his attacker? He was yelling about some monster thing attacking him.
I mean, he was obviously in shock.
Did you see the suspect you were following leave the area? No, he was already gone when I got here.
Is this the man you saw? That's the guy we were following.
I don't know if that's who attacked my partner.
I'd really like to get to the hospital to check on him if that's all right.
Yeah, go ahead.
Marwan must have known he was made.
Why didn't Marwan kill Fogel? That would put the whole city on him.
Start checking surveillance.
We really need you to come out for this, Lindsay.
Your support is very important to us.
That would be fantastic.
See you then.
Oh, I'm glad you're here.
I just got the head of the teacher's union to agree to show up this afternoon.
Well, that's a coup.
Have you seen the news? Our opponent's little indiscretion has been playing on every channel since the story broke, and we're up four points because of you.
Well, not because of me.
He dug his own grave.
I just provided the shovel.
- And the dirt.
- Well, that too.
After you introduce Dixon today, don't leave the stage.
I don't want it to look like I'm trying to hog the limelight.
You aren't.
Standing side by side with Dixon gives people confidence, and that gives us votes.
By the way, here's a few points we'd like to include in your intro.
Guess I better read this.
Yeah, you better.
Hey, Rachel, can you come take a look at this? I think they're putting the banners in the wrong place.
No, no, no, not there.
The other side.
We got a hit on Marwan.
We checked it out.
He assaulted a rookie officer out of the North Precinct that made him.
- How's the officer? - In the hospital.
They got him sedated.
He'll live, but he was freaking out about seeing a monster.
So he woged and let him live? Any idea why he was in the area? No.
Find this guy.
We'll be there before midnight.
Just make sure you're ready to go.
We won't have a lot of time.
I was made.
I'll call you back.
They were looking for me.
How did that happen? - I don't know.
- I should kill you.
This is your fault.
If you got made, it's your screw up.
They knew I was here.
Even if they know you're here, they don't know why.
We'll do it later.
We can't.
Too much depends on this now.
This has to be done.
You'll be out of the country before morning.
Once we find whatever it is we're looking for, then what? Depends on what we find.
What if it's something that used to be important back then, but isn't a very big deal now? You know? Like eyeglasses.
Eyeglasses? Did you know the first pair of eyeglasses was invented in the 13th century? - I did not.
- But the thing is, nobody knows who actually invented them.
I mean, the idea of magnifying an image using a convex lens, that goes way back, but the poor guy who created the first, like, wearable pair, gets no credit.
I don't think we're looking for eyeglasses.
Well, that's good, 'cause I can never find mine.
This is a nice-looking little dorf.
I slept with Adalind.
What? I just thought I should tell you.
I mean, it's not like you haven't slept with her before, but this time you, like, actually knew it was her.
So that probably made it different.
I mean, did it? The first time I slept with Adalind I thought it was Juliette, and when I slept with Adalind the other time, it actually was Juliette, and this time I was with the mother of my child.
So, yeah, I would say it was very different.
She's changed so much.
Oh, yeah, she has.
I just hope she stays that way.
Do you think you're in love with her? I don't know.
That's the church.
Yeah, I think it is.
Make a left.
Well, this is the closest Catholic church to what's on the map.
Looks kind of newer than I expected.
Well, they've obviously done a few renovations.
Well, if they've done renovations, they might have already found what we're looking for.
Let's see if there's someone to talk to.
Oh, man, empty churches really give me the creeps.
I always feel like I'm being observed by someone who's not really there.
Hey, you never know.
Well, I'll tell you one thing, if this church was originally built in the 13th century, whatever we're looking for has got to be underneath, because this is way too new.
Hallo? Bitte? I don't think he can hear you.
Hallo? Eek! Ein Grimm.
Ein Grimm! He just totally made you as a Grimm.
I am so sorry.
Did Gottlob startle you? He is a dedicated sacristan, but he cannot hear anything and he frightens easily.
You are Americans, yeah? Yes, I'm Nick Frederick Calvert.
Felix Dietrich.
Wie ghet es ihnen.
Ahh, sie sprechen Deutsch.
Ein kleines bisschen.
But English is easier.
So English it is.
How can I help you? Are you here for confession, or just to look? We're just checking out the sights of Wolfach, looking at some of the old architecture in the Black Forest.
With a particular interest in some of the older churches.
Ja, ja.
It is a beautiful area with many beautiful churches.
Please, enjoy your time in the Schwarzwald.
Oh, could you tell us how old this church is? Saint Laurentius was built in 1594.
It is the oldest church in Wolfach, and as you can see, it still retains some of the original style.
I'm sorry, 1594? We thought this church was older than that.
Are there any older churches in the area? Yeah, something more Gothic, you know? With the pointed arches and the ribbed vaults, maybe a flying buttress? You are talking about something from the time of the Crusades.
- Yeah, we love that stuff.
- I am sorry.
You will not find anything that old near here.
Well, thank you for your time.
Enjoy our village, and you are welcome any time.
Danke schon.
Well, we're only off by, like, 300 years.
Church didn't even exist during the Fourth Crusade.
But this is the church that's closest to the one on the map.
Then we obviously made a mistake.
We got to look at the map again.
All right, I know this map isn't even, like, close to scale, but it clearly shows a church existed here during the 13th century.
- The map is two - dimensional.
Uh, yeah, so? So we're imagining the cross to be on top of the church.
That's usually how they're built.
What if the cross, or "X", really does just mark the spot? Meaning the spot would be further away from Wolfach than the church looks on the map.
Closer to the confluence of these two rivers.
Okay, that means we're in the wrong place.
We need to look at the other map.
All right, this mountain lines up with that mountain, and the confluence of the Wolf and the Kinzig rivers is right in the middle of town.
And that cross lines up with the top of that hill, that's not too far out of town.
That makes sense, right? Build a church on the high ground above the village, before there even was a village.
But if there was this ancient church, somebody would have known about it.
Right, and that priest didn't say anything.
Well, maybe we're not looking for a church.
Maybe they just buried it on top of a hill.
Well, if we're gonna get out there, we better leave soon.
It's about to get dark.
We're gonna need a shovel and a couple of lanterns.
Into the woods we go.
All: Amen.
Okay, so bear right here, and then right before this bend, pull over.
About four kilometers up thataway should put us at the top of the hill.
Let's go find it.
What if it's, like, the Ark of the Covenant, or the Holy Grail, or, I don't know, the Ten Commandments or something? Why would they bury the Ten Commandments? I don't know.
Maybe there's other commandments we know nothing about.
Look at this turnout! This is what I'm talking about, Portland! This is the kind of support that will help make this city great.
So on election day, tell your friends.
Tell your coworkers.
Tell anyone who loves this city to get out there and vote for Andrew Dixon.
Let's make our voices heard! Just a sec.
Who is it? I'm right in the middle of work.
What is it? This will just take a minute.
Is there anyone else home? No.
Whatever it is you're selling, I'm not interested.
This one's free.
Marwan attacked a cop in broad daylight.
Why? Because he recognized him.
But why was Marwan there in the first place? All this guy's attacks happened during major political upheavals.
The bombing in London, the riot in Kiev He must have scouted those locations first.
Well, so maybe he was scouting.
And he likes crowds.
What's in the area? Train station's too far.
You got the shopping district, movie theater, the park.
Isn't the rally there today? Yeah, but a political rally for a mayor in Portland? Little on the small side for this guy.
Unless his target is somebody in the crowd.
All right, rally's about to start.
It's too late to stop it.
Hey, listen, we could be wrong.
Let's hope, but I'm calling the Captain.
You've reached Captain Sean.
Let's get out there.
Crowd: Dixon! Dixon! Dixon! Dixon! Dixon! Dixon! Dixon! Dixon! Dixon! Dixon! Dixon! Dixon! Dixon! Dixon! Dixon! - Look at this.
- What is it? Hanano.
Seven minutes ago.
He dyed his hair.
- He knows he's been made.
- Maybe he's on the move.
Let's see where he might be going.
Mark his radius.
20 miles an hour is about as fast as he's gonna ride.
- Mark it in ten - minute intervals.
That's where he attacked the cop this morning.
He's headed back in the same direction.
Let's find out what's happening in that area.
And now, to introduce the next mayor of Portland, Police Captain Sean Renard.
Thank you.
Okay, I know you're all been waiting to hear from this guy, but before I hand over the microphone I just want to say a few words.
Now, for years I've worked alongside council member Andrew Dixon, but in the last few months, I really got to know Andrew Dixon the man.
I've witnessed firsthand his integrity under pressure, his passion for our city, and the sacrifices that he's made to make this city a better place for all of us.
And I can tell you that his insight into the real issues that we face, his ability to find common-sense solutions, and his unwavering commitment to address the needs of every single community in this city is exactly what Portland needs.
Ladies and gentleman, it's my pleasure to introduce to you my good friend, and Portland's next mayor, Andrew Dixon.
Thank you, Sean.
All: Dixon! Dixon! Dixon! Dixon! And thank all of you for coming out today.
All: Dixon! Dixon! Dixon! Dixon! Dixon! Did you know that between 1524 and 1526 over 100,000 German peasants were killed in these woods? I did not.
Does that surprise you? No.
I guess not.
It was called the German Peasants' War.
Peasants were being treated like crap, so they invoked divine law, demanding freedom from the oppression of their landlords and the nobles.
So they fled into these woods for safety, but they all ended up getting slaughtered anyway.
Imagine, the ground we're walking on was once soaked with the blood of these poor bastards.
- Yeah, you don't say.
- Don't you half-expect their ghosts to rise from the ground as we Can you stop? I think we're getting close.
There's a rally today.
- When? - Now.
There will be a crowd.
I'm going.
If he's there, don't engage.
- What if he has a bomb? - Well, do what you have to, but we need everyone he's connected to.
You got another job.
- Where? - Santiago.
Pack your bags.
You're out of here in 30.
They'll fill you in when you get there.
- You need me here.
- They need you there more.
I grew up 20 minutes from where we're standing.
I have a bone-deep understanding of the challenges that we face every day.
- All: Yeah! - And that's why we've worked with the city legislature to propose bond measures that fund an infrastructure If he's got a device, it's gonna be in a backpack or a briefcase.
And sustainable growth.
One that preserves and increases affordable low-income housing.
We have worked with the banking community to cut through the red tape that sabotages the process of becoming a small-business owner, fighting for legislation that incentivizes the banks and the credit unions to loan to new businesses.
As your next mayor, I will make Portland a city that shines as an example of what can be accomplished when people are given the opportunity to truly succeed, and that success, real success, will come from the genuine desire to see your neighbors, as well as yourselves, thrive.
Portland is a great place.
I say we work together to make it even greater.
- What happened? - Shot him! - Hey! Hey! - No! Oh, my God! We've got an active shooter, Lovejoy Fountain Park, one victim.
All available units.
I repeat, all available units! Andy.
Andy! Everybody, move out of the way.
Paramedics! Andy, come on.
Stay with me, Andy.
- Over here! - Look at me.
Andy? Well, this is the top, and there's nothing here.
Well, there's more trees.
Take a look at that map again.
Good old GPS puts us exactly where "X" supposedly marks the spot.
Well, we're dealing with a very old "X.
" Hold on.
There's a lot of rocks over here.
Does that look weird to you? What? Those rocks look like they're lined up.
This is like a Some kind of pattern? Yeah.
Looks like kind of a rectangle.
It's like some kind of Stonehenge thing.
Dude, that is not a normal rock.
It's squared off.
You think it could've been a foundation? I mean, it's just sunk into the ground at an odd angle.
Maybe it's what's left of the church.
Well, if it's squared off on all sides, it's got to be.
All right, see if you can pry it up.
Okay, here we go.
It's loose.
There, look at that.
Chisel marks.
That is definitely a foundation stone.
Let's check out the other stones.
You feel that? It sounds like we might have dislodged something.
- Nick, the ground.
- We should go aah!