Happy! (2017) s01e07 Episode Script

Destroyer of Worlds

1 I don't wanna die.
Previously, on "Happy!" Ahh! I serve at your pleasure, Mr.
They are important gifts for important people, and I expect them to be bright and shining under the tree Christmas morning.
Cal was taken from a Sonny Shine event.
And so was Hailey, I get it.
One of those kids is mine.
So, you're gonna make a call and you're gonna deliver her to me, midnight, tonight, your house.
- Where's Hailey? - Where's Mikey? Anyone wanna guess what this is, then? I let go of my finger and, well, there goes the neighborhood, including your precious password and if you give two shits, your wife and kid.
Mikey is not in the trunk.
Ah, fuck.
Okay, kill him.
The only thing that still even believes in me is my kid's imaginary friend.
Nick, I'm here! [GRUNTING.]
About to say is very difficult, and I'm only gonna say it once.
I believe in you, 'cause you and me, we've got a job to finish.
Jessica? She really is intoxicating, your mother.
Lovely voice, real talent.
She could've been really big.
I love hearing you sing.
It's time you stop protecting me.
But now it's time for me to protect you.
Ma? Come on.
Mom? You will get a Sentimental feeling When you hear Voices singing let's be jolly Decks the halls with boughs of holly Rocking around the Christmas tree At the Christmas party hop Mistletoe hung where you can see Every couple tries to stop Rocking around the Christmas tree Let the Christmas spirit ring Later we'll have some pumpkin pie And we'll do some caroling You will get a Sentimental feeling - When you hear - [ELECTRIC GUITAR FLOURISH.]
Voices singing let's be jolly Deck the halls with boughs of holly Rocking around the Christmas tree Have a happy holiday Everyone dancing merrily In the new Old-fashioned Way [ZIPPING.]
Sorry, McCarthy.
You want a ride in the van? Left some takeout in the backseat overnight, but we can crack a window if you want No thanks.
Just take her.
Got something I gotta do.
They are killing the shite out of that motherfucker.
Is that a table saw? It very well could be, yeah.
New plan.
Are you off your goddamn nut? You think you're just gonna waltz on out of here like some Piccadilly on parade? I am waltzing on out of here because right now, Nick Sax is bulletproof.
You waste me, you waste the Missus, and the booger-eating heir to the porcelain throne.
Now, which one of you dinks wants to drop that Yule log on the boss's chest this fine Christmas Eve, hmm? I'll drop that log, you motherfucker.
Please! You lunatic, take me if you must, but I must, because, I don't know, call me a stickler for tradition, but, I just think on Christmas, that families should be together.
Am I right, or am I right? Oh, dear God! We're literally about to die.
Just keep smiling there, kitten, and pucker up that sphincter.
'Cause Nick Sax shoots early and often.
Feliz Navidad Feliz Navidad [DISGUSTED WAILING.]
Prospero año y felicidad Feliz Navidad Feliz Navidad Feliz Navidad Prospero año y felicidad I wanna wish you a merry Christmas [PANTING WEAKLY.]
A merry Christmas I wanna wish you I'm satisfied.
Now, wait a second.
Oh, a gentleman.
Get the hell off me! All right, your Mister and I have some unfinished business.
Any idea where he scurried off to? What are you gonna do to him? In my work, I take a jazz approach You know, strictly improv But assume that once I'm done, he won't resemble your husband anymore.
339 Cherry Blossom Court.
His sister's house in Jersey.
The car knows the way.
Tell him I want a divorce.
I wanna wish you a merry Christmas Hmm.
I wanna wish you a merry Christmas Best Christmas ever.
Of my heart I wanna wish you A merry Christmas I wanna wish you a merr [EXPLOSION.]
That's right, baby, you eat.
I remember that time you snuck out and stole the Benz [LAUGH.]
You wanted to show up at the club and impress the girls with a fancy car.
Wanted to be a big shot, just like your brothers.
Wait, no, no, no, Mikey, no, no.
Ut det mihi cibum statim.
What did Blue do to you? What did he do to you? [NORMAL VOICE.]
- Good morning.
- Oh! - [THUD.]
- Ooh Uh-oh.
It's really you.
Sonny Shine.
Shine Sheinberg, Louis J.
Sonny Shine is for my fans of all ages around the world.
It's Christmas Eve, shouldn't you be out jousting other parents over the new Tickle Me Humperdonk? I got mine months ago.
You'd have to be a fool not to see how those were gonna fly.
My daughter, Hailey, is your biggest fan.
We once stood in line at 4:00 a.
to get tickets to your studio audience.
I think it was the happiest day of her life.
That tickles my heart.
Nothing means more to me than She was kidnapped four days ago at your Wishtacular.
What a world.
What a world.
- My condolences.
- She wasn't the only one.
Seven other children have gone missing within the last two weeks.
And what can I do for you? There's a common thread to all the kidnappings.
All the children disappeared r Uh, around Hmm? You, your shows or appearances.
And you You thought you'd come here and ruin Sonny Shine's Christmas by telling me this, in person.
The police have been ineffectual.
Worthless, really.
But a man as visible, as prominent as yourself You could bring attention to this.
- Resources.
- Resources.
You want money, right? - Doesn't everybody? - I I want you to help shine a light.
God, the letters I get blaming me for little retard Sally's piss-poor spelling test.
Blaming me for Billy's sissy boy lisp.
If I wanted to raise children, I'd I don't, I don't know, I'd adopt some, but I don't wanna raise your goddamn children.
I wanna entertain them! Do you see the difference? Dude.
I'm, I'm [LAUGHS.]
I've been blending Ghee and MCT into my coffee, so I'm totally lit as fuck.
Celebrity problems.
It's not easy, what I do.
Sometimes, I just need a release.
Your breathing, it's very shallow.
You know, it's totally normal, being in close proximity to someone so famous.
Your heart beats faster, you get a little light-headed.
You know, when I was just a little kid, all I wanted to do was sit on Dorothy's lap.
I totally get it.
I'd like to go now.
Oh? You just, you got here, just Please.
For you and Hai it's Hailey.
Hailey, right? If no, no When she decides to come home.
Thank you.
Don't let her leave the building.
Come on, this way.
Back in there! Come on.
Be careful.
Get out.
I told him children are bad business.
Messy, obnoxious, germ-ridden little migraines not worth the aggravation.
"I have my reasons," he says.
"We all have to answer to someone," he says.
It's ridiculous, just a waste of my time.
Did you know that I can train an adult male to denounce every God he's ever worshipped and squeal on all fours like a hog to slaughter in under 24 hours? Because adults have been socialized into latent obedience.
But you Really enjoy hearing yourself talk, don't you, Mister? [OMINOUS MUSIC.]
Well, look who doesn't have a gag.
We located the car a half-mile from here wrapped around telephone pole.
It's a total loss, no sign of any driver.
Oh, my God, Mikey.
About that social media post Your son has been dead for 48 hours, ma'am.
We got a hit and run situation with serious injuries outside.
I'm gonna need a straight answer to who was behind that wheel, or we will haul the whole lot of you - back to the station.
Aww, they got you boys working on Christmas Eve.
That's criminal.
My sister has had a very difficult morning.
Why don't you officers just run along? You can worry about the paperwork later.
Where is he? Go to hell.
Where is he? [CHUCKLES.]
You think your guns are gonna protect you now? I got something way more dangerous: a following.
Yeah, 1.
3 million, and I didn't have to buy 'em, baby.
I can't wait for the whole world to see who you really are, brother.
All right, all right, have a little dignity.
The same brother who sucked his thumb till he was 11, who shat his shorts on the Cyclone at Coney Island, who cried himself to sleep when the boys made fun of his sorry excuse for a pecker.
These mugs may fear you, but I don't, because I know all the secrets, and I have all the receipts.
So, you better buy yourself a pair of paparazzi shades, boo, 'cause you're about to become very famous.
Snap! [LAUGHS.]
Where [GUNSHOT.]
We're gonna tear this place apart until we find him.
Michelangelo! It's Uncle Blue! Aww, come on, Mikey.
Come on.
Give me what is mine.
Give me what I deserve, or mama's gonna get what she deserves.
Don't you think that I won't do it.
Yeah, that was fucking Sick-k-k-k [DUBSTEP MUSIC.]
That was fucking Sick-k-k-k [MUSIC ENDS ABRUPTLY.]
Nick? Yeah? I'm cold, so cold.
Cuddle me? [MELLOW MUSIC.]
Uhh, 'kay.
Ugh, s-s-still cold.
Cuddle me closer? Wh What is it, Nick? Hmm? Ah, nothing.
Just, just, seem different.
A little glint in your eye, kinda Kinda Manson-esque.
Did you Oh, my God.
You little scamp.
You killed something, didn't you? Oh yeah, you did.
I'd know that look anywhere.
I don't wanna talk about it.
Oh, okay.
All right, all right, look.
Look, what can I tell you, pal? The first one it's always gonna stay with you.
You're always gonna remember it.
Do do you remember? Your first? Yeah, what the hell did I just say? Of course I [STAMMERS.]
Look, my point is this.
That you just gotta hope that you did it for a reason.
And I mean a good reason.
And Hailey's a damn good reason.
Can I tell you a secret? One I stinky pinky swore never to tell? What? When Hailey and I were at the Sonny Shine show [TIRES SQUEALING.]
The whole reason she snuck away was so Sonny could hear her wish.
Her one wish she'd waited her whole life.
- Hailey's wish was - Hold that thought.
I'm about to get a little road rage-y.
I think we can agree this one was not my fault.
Officer, is there something wrong? What the hell are you doing in Blue's car? You know, at a certain point, sticking your gun in my face, it's, you know Kinda loses its specialness.
Laws of diminishing returns and all that.
I mean, you want me to take you seriously, at some point you're gonna have to pull that trigger.
Aww, for crying out loud.
Hey, hey, hey.
Give me your keys, again.
Let's do this.
We get Blue, we get your kid.
Listen to her, what is this we stuff? I didn't know, all right? There were a lot of things I looked the other way, but the kids I didn't know, Nick.
You gotta fucking believe me.
Nick? It's Amanda.
Amanda? Merry, I'm in trouble.
It's him, it's gotta be.
Amanda, it's me.
Where are you? Nick? Oh.
He's got her, it's gotta be him.
Who has her? Sonny Shine.
She needs you.
Amanda, listen to me.
- Amanda? - [WHOOSHING.]
- Amanda? - [PHONE BEEPS.]
What the hell? What the hell's a Sonny Shine? He's the one with the rainbow castle A friend to you and me [LAUGHING.]
He'd never hurt Hailey.
He's got Shine Tower 58th and Lex, let's go.
He doesn't live in a tower.
Sonny lives in a castle.
I saw it myself.
What, wait.
What did you say? Hailey and I went there.
Oh, Amanda took us.
It was the best day ever.
It's a great big building with a great big gate.
And there were lights, and cameras, and Lights and cameras? [SOFT, DRAMATIC MUSIC.]
It was you.
I didn't want it to be.
I told myself lies not to believe it.
Those spray-tanned apes were a disgrace To apes.
They threaded their eyebrows, Isa.
They waxed their armpits.
I needed gangsters, and you gave me Spandau Ballet.
You think you know all the secrets? I have done things Things that you couldn't possibly imagine.
I had no choice.
But once I get that password, those days are over.
I answer to no one.
You gonna answer to that? [PHONE BUZZES.]
I had a visit today from a mother looking for her daughter.
I can give you eight good reasons why this makes me upset.
I want them signed, sealed, and delivered tomorrow, Christmas morning.
And if they're not, it won't be me who gets exterminated! [SOFT MUSIC BOX MUSIC.]
You came to me an unwashed, unkempt, motley assortment of Oh, God, who am I kidding? I cannot wait to get rid of you petri dishes.
Ugh, especially you.
This is not the end of your journey, but the beginning, blah, blah, blah.
You were plucked from obscurity to serve a greater purpose, yadda, yadda, whatever.
There were successes [CHUCKLE.]
And there were disasters.
Congratulations, Kenji.
You have achieved top honors because you're Asian.
And as a reward, you will go first.
Your new parents will be very, very proud, assuming you survive the packaging process.
Mister? What is it? I need to go to the bathroom.
Oh, for God's sake.
I told you to go before we started packaging.
Fine, go.
There it is, Nick, home of the Rainbow Castle.
Well, if that doesn't scream perv, I don't know what does.
When I look at it, all I see is, "Let's play!" - Exactly.
- Look.
Checking front entrance now.
Is that normal for children's TV? You tell me, pops.
All right, look, I gotta talk to this little, blue, um Well, you keep saying that, but I've never seen one with wings on its back and a thing coming out of it's I mean, we call it a Go on.
All right, you, look at me.
Happilocus Imaginus, Defender of Zork, First Knight of the Cupcake Kingdom, hero of the Frosting Wars.
Reporting for duty, sir! [DRAMATIC MUSIC.]
She's counting on you.
I'm counting on you.
Go find Hailey.
What? Oh.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, all right, look.
We got a big building here, so Let's split up.
I'll take the front.
I'll take the back.
You good? Mm, yeah.
You got this idea that your ex is some kind of wounded flower.
Amanda's a goddamn pit bull, with one hell of a right cross, by the way.
She can take care of herself.
Assunta, open the door.
It's the Old Don's password.
Mikey has it and he's going to give it to Blue.
Wait, what? Yes, yes, that's why we must stop him.
Open the door, please.
Okay, all right.
Nonna Bisnonna I should've never let Mikey get on that plane.
I just wanted him to have a good Shh! [MYSTERIOUS MUSIC.]
No talisman.
So, as the thread weaves a tapestry of space and time, so does your brother's soul unwind.
That is not a talisman.
That is a ball of yarn.
That is a cat toy.
Talisman! After 20 years of tithes and offerings and defending you, this is all you've got for me? A cat toy? And after all these years, you lost your faith? This is more about you than about me.
"Who are you looking for?" - Shine, Shine, Shine - [DEVICE BUZZING.]
Keep loading.
I have something I need to take care of.
Hailey! Hailey! Oh, presents.
Sit up straight.
Eat your vegetables.
Put down that smartphone or tablet.
The common refrain of the typical American parent.
Ah, Smoothie.
Time to dance, bitch.
Of course it does.
But did you listen? No, you didn't, and now here we are.
Starting today, your little lives will change in ways you could never have imagined.
There will be moments when you will wonder what you have done to deserve these [MUFFLED SCREAM.]
What the hell is this? I saw you, you were just standing there, fingering yourself.
Why is this truck still here? It's all loaded up, Mr.
We heard gunshots.
Smoothie said that Smoothie said? Smoothie Where is he? [SPANDAU BALLET'S "TRUE".]
Ha-ha-ha, ha-ha [CREAKING NOISES.]
Fuck you.
Funny how it seems Always in time I knew this day would come.
Our destiny is in the stars.
You do see that, Sax, don't you? You're not gonna ask me my sign, are you? The universe, it conspired to bring us back together again so that a movable object could finally meet irresistible force.
Which one am I? [WHISPERS.]
The dumb one.
Now, I have been thinking a lot lately about what I would do if our paths ever crossed again.
That makes two of us.
See? See? It's destiny.
Clearly, you are a man who must be broken.
I am? - But - Hmm? What is pain to someone like you? What is death to someone like you? That is a very curious problem.
You have disarmed me, Sax.
All of my usual weapons, they just seem so inadequate.
And my tried and true methods, they seem so well impotent.
Torture, murder They're hobbies.
- Exactly.
- Yeah.
All trifles to a man who would cheerfully die in agony.
This is the sound I am going to show you something that I bet you never thought you'd see.
Uhh I am going to show you why they call me Smoothie.
But I wasn't curious.
Let's not do this.
You don't need to do that, let's, no Let's just put that right back on.
- Just - Yeah, no.
Aww, fuck me.
Holy shit.
Yikes, ugly lady.
It's not nice to sneak up on people.
Come on, I found Hailey.
The bad guys are loading the kids on a truck.
Now, let's grab Nick before it's too late.
Where are you going? The wrong way, that's where.
Nick is this way.
I know because he believes in me, it's like a homing signal, l-like in that movie, where the iguana phones home.
Remember? Beep, beep, beep, beep.
Mm-mm-mm, mmm, there we go.
No, this way, this way, this way.
Dumb as a soup sandwich.
This way, this way.
You're almost there, just No, do ugh.
Yes, go, go, go, go! [UNINTELLIGIBLE GARBLING.]
Are you cozy? [UNINTELLIGIBLE.]
Oh, oh.
Oh, ah.
Sax, relax.
I am become destroyer of worlds! I will destroy your world, you motherfucker! No! Yes! Yes! Damn you! [GUNSHOTS.]
Nick! Holy guacamole, Nick! That was close, buddy.
We got here just In the In the nick of Oh, jelly beans.
Get it out of me.
Okay, take 'em.
It's gone, the truck just left.
It just left.
Good boy, remember, those presents better be deliver They'll be there! [GROWLS.]
Our new born king to see Pa rum pum pum pum Our finest gifts we bring Mr.
Scaramucci, are you all right? [LONG GROAN.]
What am I? Rum pum pum pum Rum pum pum What the hell am I? You You're the boss.
I'm the boss of nothing.
I'm I'm an errand boy for psychopaths.
Look, don't say that, Mr.
Pa rum pum pum pum If I had that password I am a poor boy too If I only had that goddamn passwo [GUNSHOTS.]
Truck, Nick! The truck's getting away! [BRAKES SCREECHING, DISTANT HONKING.]
Ah, fuck.
Nick, hurry! - [KIDS SCREAMING.]
- Hailey! Hailey! [KIDS SCREAMING.]
We're too late, she's gone.
Good, you two have met.