Huge in France (2019) s01e06 Episode Script

Épisode Six

1 [DRAMATIC MUSIC PLAYING] [DOCTOR] The damage to your facial tissue was severe.
Third degree burns.
You'll never model again.
[GASPS] Sir, can you hear me? Sir, do you know who you are? Sí.
Me Llamo Marco.
Are you fucking kidding me with this casting? I mean, this dude has never modeled a day in his life.
It's such bullshit.
How can he possibly play something he's never been? Isn't that what acting is? Hey.
- Hi! - Hi.
How's he doing? Yeah, Dr.
Barb said it went well.
He should be waking up soon.
I can't actually believe he went through with this.
I was sure we would talk him out of it.
Why would we do that? He needed them for New York.
Not buying it for a second, pal.
Marco is on already? But they just announced their casting in Yeah, but that was two weeks ago.
- So? - I mean, it's a live mini-series.
So Oh, it makes sense.
Hey, guys.
It's a lot right now.
Okay? Yeah.
Are you okay? I'm fine.
Why? I don't know.
You just you've been ignoring Gad since the Hey.
No, I think we should talk about it.
What is there to talk about? All right? It happened.
Let's move on.
I honestly have so many other things that I'm more focused on right now.
- All right.
- I mean, EXhale is imploding.
The whole brand is in jeopardy.
Oh, that's what you were Yeah.
Ever since the retreat that you ruined - No, he ruined it, too.
- I have lost almost 300 followers.
I'm up for verification, as we speak.
How do you think the Instagram board is gonna look at that? I don't think the board gets involved in this No.
But, let's get back to the - Oh my God.
- So Gad was okay? Gad was fine, okay? - Fine? - Yeah.
- Fine? - Fine.
- It was fine.
- Just not as good as you remember.
Here's the thing.
Was it ever really that good? Or was I just young - and caught up in the moment, you know.
- Whoa.
I was on vacation in Paris.
- I meet this famous comedian.
- [JASON] Where's the fucking accent? Did he do any research? Dialect coach? Anything? You know, I slept with a lot of women in France.
- Congratulations.
- No.
It's just to tell you - that I never had one complaint.
- Okay.
But did you sleep with any of them before you were famous? That's a cheap shot.
[KNOCKS] - Sorry.
- Hi.
Hey, okay.
You're right.
- [VIV] How's he doing? - [NURSE] Oh, he's fine.
[NURSE] He'll be out for the next couple hours.
[VIV] Okay.
But only two people in a room at a time.
Hospital rules.
So, one of you has to go.
- Yeah.
- [JASON] Forced! It's fucking forced.
All right.
Well, you know, I will.
I'll go.
I just have to do some damage control anyway.
- [VIV] Excuse me.
- [GAD] Wait.
I wanna I'm not [MARCO] to the location again.
See what else I can find.
You're the best I got on this.
Thank you, Capitan.
Dear God.
- Is this Marco? - Gad! I'm not gonna feel the bunch of questions now, okay? I'm just I'm just not gonna do it.
That was one question.
Well, one too many, okay? episode six [BASTIAN] Marco, I love you.
I don't care what your face looks like.
Look at me.
Changed your mind? Not even a little bit.
You're just as beautiful as the day we met.
What happened? I don't remember much.
It was the Hugo shoot.
They say a light burst.
The bulb was liquid silicone.
Doctors say I'll never walk again.
- But your legs were - On the runway, Bastian.
I'm sorry.
I know how much this means to you.
This isn't about me.
It's about them.
Who's gonna fight for them? Male models won't ever make what the women make.
You just have to accept that, Marco.
You just have to accept that Marco? Did you hear yourself? We work just as hard, don't we? Yeah, we do.
Wear swimsuits in equally cold weather.
Hold poses for just as long under lights just as hot.
Yet somehow, we're worth less.
Why? It's just how the system works.
If you fight against the system, you lose every time.
Why don't you just say what you really mean, Bastian.
I'll lose because of this face.
Get out! Go! - My God! - Wow! I mean, yeah.
I see why Jason wanted this part.
A lot of meat on that bone.
- How's he handling it? - Not well, man.
He's a mess - I knew we shouldn't have done that.
- That was your idea.
Shouldn't have done what? Oh, didn't I tell you? Gad and I, we got Jason a fake audition.
- So, that Gad could take Luke - Brian.
- to the Sunglass Hut shoot.
- Brian.
- Yeah? - Can I talk to you for a second? Okay.
My God! What the fuck are you doing? - What? - Are you telling her all this? Oh, yeah.
We we tell each other everything.
- Why? - We're very open.
- I think that's why the sex is so good.
- Is it? Yeah.
- How do you know? - Cause she makes it very obvious.
And how do you know she's not acting? I mean If she is, she deserves a Golden Globe.
Or at least a SAG Award.
- [ELEVATOR DINGS] - What is that? It's a I don't think you understand - It's over for him.
- We have a problem.
Bupbup bup bup bup.
I don't think you understand It's over for you.
[TV ANNOUNCER] Me Llamo Marco Live will return on Fox.
Okay, what did you wanna tell me? - You lost more followers? - Yeah, almost 400.
But this is so much bigger.
Well, I don't know.
Maybe not so much bigger.
I just got a call from Luke's agent.
He didn't get New York.
What? No, Randy Hotchkiss made a call, said it was a done deal.
Well, it's not a done deal, Jason.
It's not any deal.
And it's gonna be the first thing that he asks about when he wakes up.
You're the one who's supposed to deal with stuff like this.
- Oh, am I? Isn't it the new guy's job? - No, don't do that.
Don't do what? You think I don't know? Know what? That Luke likes him better than he likes me.
And so do you.
Oh, don't, Jason.
That's not true.
It doesn't matter if it's true, okay? It's how you make me feel.
- Okay.
- And feelings are never wrong.
You say that all the time.
[TV ANNOUNCER] will return on Fox.
All right, look.
I'm sorry, okay? I'm sorry, but what are we gonna say to him? New York is off.
You go the surgery for no reason? He's gonna wake up any minute.
So, push the button on the morphine and buy us more time.
We're about to come back from commercials.
Is it the Emmys? No, of course not but you know, it's your peers and that counts for something.
- Well, somewhat - Oh, so, what's going on? Is everything okay? So, Luke didn't get any of the shows in New York.
What? - But I thought Randy Hotchkiss - Yeah.
We all thought that.
I don't understand.
What did Jason say? Oh, no.
Jason is gone.
Forget about Jason.
Maybe I can help by How could you possibly help? I don't know.
Let me think about it.
You think about it and I'll go make actual telephone calls just on the off chance you can't save the day, 'kay? A lot of tension between you two.
Sex changes things, huh? - How do you know about this? - Oh, Maddie told me, yeah.
Viv was a little lukewarm about the whole thing.
Oh, is that why you were asking me before about how Brian, this is crazy.
I have never heard this before about me.
- You know? That's crazy.
- Maybe it was an off night then, - right? - No.
It's like comedy.
Everyone has one.
You know that better than anybody else.
I know.
Brian, When you had that night at the open mic.
- Brian.
- It didn't go well.
Brian, thank you.
I don't need you to explain to me how comedy works.
- Okay? - Okay.
Listen to me.
I need you to do something for me.
- Ready? - Okay.
But this, you cannot tell Madison.
- You cannot - No, Gad.
That's kind of a - That puts me in a tight spot.
- What is wrong with you? Does she have to know everything in your life? What I mean she's gonna ask for what we're talking about right now.
So, make something up.
- Okay.
- Listen.
I need you to call Adrien.
- Ad - Adrian.
- My manager in France.
Okay? - Adrian.
He's gonna give you phone numbers of women in France I've - Oh.
- Um - Oh.
- You know? Yeah.
Call them.
And get some feedback.
Copy that.
I'm on it.
- Copy what? - Copy I'm gonna go do it.
[TV ANNOUNCER] This week on Fox's number one scripted series, 911.
Will a baby fall ninety stories to its grizzly Sorry, is that a bad time? To be honest, Gad, it's not great.
We're about to come back from commercials.
I'll keep it short, I promise.
I need to talk to you.
Vivian said he didn't get New York.
Yeah, well.
A lot of people don't get a lot of things they want, Gad.
So, what, we're gonna give up? [JASON] What are we supposed to do? He'll get over it.
- Maybe I can call - Hold on.
Hold that thought.
It's back.
[KNOCKS] I told you to leave me alone.
They chose a cover shot.
I think it's some of your best work.
Wait a minute What is this? What's what? The key light on my left.
They never key my left.
If anything we had a little fill.
That light wasn't supposed to be there.
What are you saying, Marco? This was no accident.
[MUSIC INTENSIFIES] [BRIAN] Ah, yeah Any from the last I don't know.
Let's call it five years, I guess.
He wants to call them to ask them about the sex? Yeah.
I guess Vivian got in his head.
They had sex and it was mediocre.
Oh, Brian.
This is not good.
He's going mad.
Well, I guess he does seem a little off.
Off? What do you mean off? He's not getting any laughs.
I think it's starting to take its toll.
No laughs? How can this be? He is the funniest man in France! - I guess it's not translating? - [MONITOR BEEPING] Hey, wait.
What is that? Oh, this is nothing.
I'm having a little procedure.
It's nothing.
So, okay.
Listen to me.
You must send him home.
He needs to be here.
Where people understand him and love him.
Yeah, well.
He's getting along with Luke, now.
He paid for the implants.
That was That was big.
Brian, what did I tell you when I hired you? Yeah, I know, but Don't let him get close to the kid.
You need to bring him back here.
Okay? This is your job.
[IN FRENCH] Or did you forget that? [IN FRENCH] I didn't forget.
[TV ANNOUNCER] Me Llamo Marco Live will return on Fox.
So, I don't get it.
This Marco guy.
Someone set him up, right? Yeah.
I mean, they're taking a lot of liberty.
If you read the book, which I have not, it's pretty different.
And honestly, man, I'm feeling like I dodged a bullet here.
- You what you dodge - Dodged a bullet, yeah.
What is that, dodge a bullet? You know, dodge a bullet, like I'm not doing it.
I'm glad I'm not doing it, man - Hello.
- Hi, guys.
- Hi.
- How are you? Ah, good.
You went with the 15 cc's? Good call.
Zene, you know what? It's actually two at a time here.
So, I think we should step out.
Okay, Gad.
- Wanna step out? - Yeah.
Let's step out.
- Okay.
- Merci.
Hey, dude.
Can you hear me? Your chest looks great.
I'm so happy Randy came through.
I can't wait for New York.
It's gonna be so dope! Zene said the suites were all booked.
I really think that the three of us should just share a room.
- But don't tell him I said that.
- James.
I'm gonna say this only once: you cannot be a fucking decibel above a whisper while the show is on.
Capisce? [TV ANNOUNCER] Monday at 9, on Fox.
Ah, fuck! Are you serious? My dad said it was a lock.
- What is it? - It's horseshit, is what it is.
- It's fucking horseshit.
- Yes, it's totally horseshit.
- We are in a deep horseshit - Yes.
- situation.
- Yes.
- I know.
- Yes.
So, do you think you can call him? Maybe he forgot or it's a mistake.
- I don't know just - Dude.
It's definitely a mistake.
Okay? - Let me just call him real quick.
- Yes, please.
Call him.
Hey Dad, you have a sec? Hey, you know my best friend, Luke Alan Ross.
The one he made the calls about? Yeah, well now they're saying that New York's a no go.
And you know is there any way you could check back in with them and, you know, push this through? It was really important to me.
You will? Thank you so much.
I'll be on my cell.
All right.
- Randy's on it, dude.
- Thank you so much.
Yeah, it's the least I can do, bro.
I just want him there so bad.
It's really frustrating news.
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
I I would hug you, but I don't know how you guys do it.
- But I mean it, I - Yeah.
Just here.
Yeah, that's it.
- Yeah, it's just - But, I No.
None of that.
Just just this.
Fucking There, it's ea No.
Screw it.
[DETECTIVE] You aware of anyone who want to hurt you? I am gay.
I am Cuban.
I am the world's most famous supermodel.
Everyone wants to hurt me.
So, we'll start with everyone in the world, then.
Why don't you just do your job, detective? Which is what Mr.
Perretti? Hunting down some cockamamy theory when every eye witnesses swear it was an accident? What about this eye witness? The key light was not supposed to be there.
It's impossible! Detective, I think we should call it.
Someone is out there.
Someone who will not stop at my face.
They want my silence.
I'm sorry Mister Perretti.
I really am.
But I got nothing to go on here.
By what type of lens? [VIV] Yeah, okay.
Just please call me as soon as you hear anything, all right? I only have reception in the stupid waiting room.
So, I'll be here for a while.
Thank you.
There's nothing.
This is gonna be so ugly.
I have a fix.
- You do? - Yeah.
Randy Hotchkiss? Yeah, he's on the case.
Making the calls.
Pulling some strings.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
- Hey! - Hi.
- Oh, hi.
- Hi.
So, I talked to a bunch of women you had sex with in France.
- Okay.
So, what did they say? - Hold on.
I'm sorry.
Did you have him contact women you've been with to prove something to me? Yes, why? Gad was feeling a little insecure about not being able - to please you.
- Forget it.
What did they say? Okay.
Well, they all gave very high marks.
Also they were satisfied every time.
Always the perfect balance of speed and tenderness.
And everyone said that? - Ask him.
Everyone said that? - Yeah.
All across the board.
- I wonder why.
- No.
- No? - This is not No.
Because you're famous? Of course.
Do you know how many famous guys I fucked and lied about how great it was? - What was that? - No, guys.
This is horseshit.
That's not fair.
Just because they know who I am in France you think they don't also enjoy the sex with me? No.
That's not fair.
They did.
I'm sorry Okay.
I buy it if you do.
Brian, - let's talk for a second, please.
- Okay.
Can you come, please? So, you unfollowed me? - You noticed.
- Because of one shitty retreat? Well, it's bigger than the retreat.
EXhale hasn't been working for me good.
But do you think maybe it hasn't been working because you haven't been doing the work? What do I mean by that? Uh I don't know.
But don't you think you should know? You know? Before you just go around unfollowing people and declaring what works and what doesn't work? - She doesn't believe me.
- Yeah.
Is this the bottom.
Sure feels like the bottom, huh? I don't know what to prove it to her.
I don't think you can.
She seems pretty convinced that you're terrible at sex.
- No.
She didn't say terrible.
- What's more important is when Luke wakes up and hears about New York.
You're of no use to him either.
I I didn't wanna go here.
Right? Okay? But maybe it's a back to Paris, what do you think? You know? Get out of Dodge for a bit.
Let things cool off.
Go back to where you're appreciated.
What the What is this production value? What is this? It all takes place on one set? Jesus.
Help! Hey! A little help! Hey! Need a hand over here! I need a hand! Oh, guys! Look, I gotta Support systems are down! We need to get in there and move him right away! I'm checking the HDMI.
It looks like it's [NURSE] The other generator's in Postop two.
Let's move it, folks.
[JASON] I can't tell if it's a cord or if it's just Luke? Luke! [THUNDER CRASHES] [TV ANNOUNCER] Me Llamo Marco Live will return on Fox.
Where's Jason? I don't know.
He's watching it in the nurses' lounge or Hey, Rosy! - Gary! What are you doing here? - Yeah.
- Did you have me paged? - Yes, I did.
Did she just call you Gary? Yes, this is Dr.
This is Vivian.
Yeah, we matched on the app Brian gave me.
You know the app where people meet to have sex.
That's - Oh my God.
- You gave him what? It's a dating app.
It's not for.
Well, we spent the night together and we did different stuff and This is the emergency you paged me for? No, I just thought maybe you could tell her what you told me.
I am so sorry.
- No, wait, Viv.
- This is Remember? What did you say when we finished? - It's great.
- Really? So, you had me leave my patient who has six weeks to live to come down here to tell this woman that you're good in bed? - I'm sorry.
I didn't know all that.
- This is what you're focused on? Our son was just wheeled out in an emergency.
- I'm sorry.
I have work to do.
- Yeah.
No, please.
Actually, he's fine.
- He's fine! - Yes? Yeah, the power surge just messed with the EKG machine.
If you head back to the room, he should be waking up any minute.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
Oh my God, okay.
Let's go.
Thank God, but, honestly we're so fucked.
I mean, unless your Randy Hotchkiss lifeline came through.
Bastian? Oh, hey.
I saw you at the photo shoot, didn't I? [MUFFLED SCREAMS] No! No! - They promised! - I know, sweetheart.
- I'm so sorry.
- Luca, please.
There will be other shows.
- It's okay.
- Yeah, like in Paris.
They do shows.
I want them out! - Dr.
Barb, get these things out of me! - Luke.
- Such a tough blow, bro.
- [JAMES] It really is.
Come on, I see right through this.
So fucking false.
- [VIV] Jason! - What? So, what? We're just gonna like go to New York without you? It doesn't sound right.
You know what I'm gonna do? As soon as I land in New York, I'm gonna go march into that Fashion Week office, and I'm gonna congratulate those motherfuckers on making the biggest fucking mistake of their lives.
[ZENE'S VOICE ECHOES] - [JASON] So fucking false.
- [ECHOES] And then, I'm gonna walk.
For both of us.
- How would that even - Zene.
So, your father Randy Hotchkiss, right? There was nothing you could do? I wish, but sadly no.
You know, he went to the mat for him, though.
- [VIV] Thank you.
- I know.
And you went on the mat, too.
Right? When you called and you tried to help, right? I don't need credit.
You know? That's not what it's about for me.
But yeah, I did.
Hmm Viv, where were you when you talked to Luke's agent? I was in the waiting room, why? Okay.
To call all these women in France, who praised me sexually, unrelated to my money and fame, you were Also in the waiting room.
Against his will.
Why not closer to the room, like in the hallway? There's no reception in the hallway.
There's no reception in the hallway.
I don't know what this is, but you all can't be in here.
Is it true? Did you call him or not? Okay, fine.
Yeah, I didn't call him.
- There.
Are you happy? - Well, no.
No not really.
- Why? - He's - in Berlin, guys.
- Is he, really? What do you want me to say? That he's not? That I just made all this up? That I never called him in the first place? Well, if it's true, then yeah.
Okay, it is! Now what? Were the suites even booked in New York? I thought you were my friend.
It's nothing personal.
I was just trying to isolate.
Want me to toss him, Luke? Yeah.
All right.
Let's go, pal.
Time's up.
And then go ahead and toss yourself.
What, bro? You care more about Marco than you do me.
And I remember now.
You were just ready to give up.
But Gad, Gad didn't want to.
He wanted to fight.
He's more Marco than you'll ever be.
You take that back.
[VIV] No, it's true, Jason.
You put Marco ahead of all of us.
All right, fine.
I get it.
Viv, I haven't been present.
You know, it's been a real intense ride for all of us.
But the show's almost over.
I'm not gonna bring it up again.
What about the next Marco? And the Marco after that? Wait.
How many Marcos are there? Why There's just one Marco.
We're just using it as Luke, man.
Okay, so I guess I guess this is it.
And this is it? Mhm.
- And this is it.
- I'm not talking to you, man.
You still want me to toss him? - I can just go on my own.
- Okay.
J, let's go.
[BRIAN] We'll just get out of your hair here.
You know what I say? I say fuck New York.
Okay? I was not into this.
But now we get these new pecs, let's take them for the spin.
- Okay? - What do you mean, Gad? I mean Paris.
La capitale internationale de la fashion, Luca.
And there Gad is gonna introduce you to everyone.
He He told you he doesn't wanna do it like that.
- Mom.
I - Luca? I don't know, maybe Maybe it's okay.
Yeah, that would definitely be easier.
I mean All right, Gad.
You're up.
- Okay.
- Let's see what you got.
Yes! Fuck New York! Okay? Yes.
- Well, thanks for coming, guys.
- Of course.
Gad, Brian has something he'd like to say.
What? He's uncomfortable with some of the things you've been asking him to do.
- Really? It that true? - It is true.
And he is no longer going to sit by and allow you to steamroll him.
- Steamroll? - I'll explain later.
Brian has a voice.
And he's using that voice right now to tell you that he doesn't think you two should work together anymore.
- Is that true, Brian? - It is.
Say goodbye, Brian.
What the They tried to silence me.
But I keep fighting.
I will walk again.
Because my name is Marco.
[TV ANNOUNCER] Last Man Standing, up next on Fox.