I Woke Up A Vampire (2023) s01e05 Episode Script

Family Tree

[in high pitched voice] Whoa!
- Nailed it. Kev, are you okay?
- I'm not okay.
of an action figure!
I'm the size
Do you think Dylan saw us?
No one can see me.
I'm literally my own mini me!
Hey! Easy! It's dark in here!

Onion, Carmie! I said an onion!
Why do you need an onion again?
Because in the Blended comics,
issue 104,
onions are shown to be
an antidote
shrinking nunchucks.
to the hunter's
You should rethink how much time
you spend reading comics.
This milk smells like onions.
Carmie, stop fooling around!
I can't live like this!
And Rainey is looking
at me funny.
It is his dinner time.
[quietly] What?
- An onion!
- Yes!
What's the holdup?
I hate onions.
I mean [clears throat]
It worked.
[voice returning to usual pitch]
It worked.
no sitting on the countertops.
Uh, Kev,
Sorry, Mrs. Henley.
Carmie, shut the fridge.
Carmie, our friendship
could be in jeopardy.
Your vampire-ness is too much.
I'm the coolest friend
you've ever had,
and now, I'm new and improved.
Besides, what else
could go wrong?

[voices whisper indistinctly]
[Kev] Carmie, you ready?
Um, what scene are we doing?
The answer's in the book.
[voices whisper indistinctly]
Didn't your parents
tell you about this?
[voices whisper indistinctly]
Not them. Your other parents.
or you're gonna get caught.
Hurry up, Carmie,
By who?
Me. [echoes]
[voices whispering indistinctly]
[Kev] Gonna get caught.
[Carmie] By who? [echoes]
[Dylan] Me. [echoes]
[Kev] Put those away!
What are you doing?
I didn't sleep much last night.
trying to tell me something.
My dreams, I think they're
- I don't know.
- Like what?
Weird night for the both of us,
I guess.
How you feeling?
like stretched-out silly putty.
My body,
How are you with Dylan?
My brain, liquefied.
I don't know if I should be
more scared of him
or mad at my birth parents.
It's, like, one thing being
but they didn't leave any info
about Blendeds,
Vamplings, or Mythics.
Who does that?
At least a sticky note saying,
would have be life-altering. Ah.
"Watch out for hunters"
- Uh, hey. What's up?
- Nothing!
I mean, it's not nothing.
It's something,
but that something
isn't anything.
- You feeling okay, Kev?
- [chuckles awkwardly]
Are are you feeling okay?
Uh, why?
Maybe. [chuckles] Maybe not.
- I was wondering, uh,
- [chuckles weakly]
anyone missing a
council, but I have something
Sorry to interrupt this nerd
far more important and probably
way more interesting
I need to talk to Dylan about,
Carmie, I don't think he knows
it was us on the roof.
and he's kind of my friend?
Wow. Dylan's hunting me,
a new original dance number
I want Miss Jordan to put
of mine into the play, so I've
been vision-boarding ideas.
Vision boards don't work.
They do if you envision them!
Anyway, since I know that
you're super into me,
I thought you'd like to be one
of my back-up dancers.
- I'm not into you.
- I hear you.
You're not into labels.
Who is?
So, uh, just put this on
We can get beyond it.
and meet me in the theater.
[music plays]
You lift me up ♪
where you're going now ♪
I'm going
You lift me up ♪
I'm never coming back down ♪
- [Bill] Oh.
- Yes!
for a while yesterday.
You two were out
What did get you up to?
We were reading books.
Uh, books.
[all cheer]
[Jayden] At the library.
Carmie was there.
- [Jayden] She can vouch for us.
- Whoa!
- Mm-hmm. Books.
- Love that!
hanging out together.
All my kids
Don't say anything
about yesterday.
We know your secret, vamp girl.
- [Carmie chuckles]
- Hey, Carm.

Why did you adopt me?

- [Leanna] Cut the music!
- [grunts]
good at this! I don't understand
You looked like you would be
why you can't do a simple scoop
arm into a hip sway!
what those words mean,
I don't know
but I definitely have skills.
[music plays]
[kids cheer]
unless he can follow my routine.
Enough! It isn't impressive
I need to refocus.
You guys break.
[Leanna sighs]
I know this is all new to you,
and the spotlight.
being next to me
of a behind-the-scenes guy.
Yeah. I'm more
Being with me makes you
Who cares?
part of a power couple.
So, get with it,
straight up dump you, hard.
or I'll
[Leanna huffs]
We're not a power couple!
We're not anything.
[Bill] We actually saved these
just in case you ever asked.
It's the final discharge
from the adoption agency.
Look at your little feet.
[Bill chuckles]
Look at that face.
[Aasha] Oh!
"Birth parents unknown"?
Then where did I come from?
[Bill, Aasha sigh]
We don't know.
At three months of age,
at St. Paul's fire station.
you were found
No one ever met or saw
your birth parents.
with your date of birth
There was just a note
and your name, Carmela.
[Bill] Yeah. They brought you
to Social Services,
and, well, that's when we
showed up. [chuckles]
You wanted me?
What? [chuckles]
Of course we did!
Absolutely! [chuckles]
We weren't even sure that we
could have kids at the time,
and that's when you found us.
And you made us a family.
Hey, is everything okay
with you?
I've been thinking
Yeah. I just
about why my birth parents
gave me up.
then I would understand
Maybe if I knew,
why I feel so different,
uh, just an outsider.
[Aasha] Well, I'm sure
that every 13-year-old
at some point or another.
feels the same
I love you guys.
Love you.
I want some of that loving.
Move over.
[Bill sighs]

[Bill chuckles]
Is this the place?
The intel was incomplete,
but the target was seen
on this block.
So unless you want to start
knocking on doors,
'til we spot the asset.
I suggest we wait
No to the knocking on doors.
Let's not alert the civilians.
- Copy that. Avoids questions.
- Like "Who are you?"
"What are you doing here?"
"Under whose authority?"
Not necessary to the mission.
This could make our careers.
- It's bigger than that.
- [opens bottle]
It can shift the world order.
- [Monroe exhales]
- [Rainey barks]
Cops! Cops!
What's Rainey doing?
They're here for what I did to
that hydrant.
What was he looking at?
That car.
It's unmarked.
Suits, dark glasses.
[both] Secret agents!
You don't think?
What else could it be?
They know about Carmie!
with Tweedle Doom
No one messes
And Tweedle Destruction's
- [both imitate explosion]
- [barks]
- [dials]
- What?
[phone line rings]
Oh, yeah.
[bike bell rings]
if I can handle this.
I don't know
[Kev] Yeah. Neither can I.
All this supernatural stuff
[Carmie] No. I'm serious.
is really starting
to freak me out.
being a 13-year-old girl,
I can barely handle
I mean, with high school coming
up, dating, the patriarchy!
See? Being a Blended is awesome.
Except the being hunted part.
Look what happened to you.
One mess-up, and I might become
a snack-sized Carmie.
It's like, I'm living this,
just writing about it?
and someone's
Who thinks like this?
Octavia Rhodes. What a legend.
She's been pumping out issues
on her own for decades.
But who is she?
No one knows. There's, like,
zero photos of her anywhere.
she's the professor
Rumour has it,
at Devlin University.
of ancient mythology
So she's nearby?
Allegedly, just across town.
who my birth parents are?
Do you think she'll know
the number one Blended expert,
Who knows? She is
besides me.
We need to find her.
[Kev screams]
we would just take the bus!
I thought

You're overthinking it.
Yeah, I know.
Well, let's stop trying
to attack the dance
and just, um, be the music.
[music plays on phone]

Come on! Loosen up!
[music continues]
Whoo! Whoo! Whoo!
[Leanna] Dylan?
- Break time is over.
- Yeah!
[music stops]
Uh, I Um, that was
Dylan, you're welcome.
that Dylan and I are an item.
Madison, I hope you know
[Madison] Yep, I know.
You've been yelling it out,
any girl-on-girl crime. Yeah.
Just checking. Wouldn't want
as I taught you! [huffs]
Learn your moves
[Kev screams]
[both grunt]
on your landings.
You have to work
It's hard with passengers.
Do you really think
she'll talk to us?
We're just a couple of kids.
Technically, I'm a teenager.
But Octavia is our only clue
to finding out
who my birth parents are.
She has to talk.
- [someone laughs comically]
- Hey, you see that?
for some kid's birthday party.
Must be looking
- [Wexler] I hate clowns.
- Ooh! Ooh!
- They freak me out.
- [clown] Ooh! Ooh!
There's absolutely nothing scary
about clowns.
- [blows noisemaker]
- [Monroe] Ah!
What is going on?
- [clown horn honks]
- [gasps]
- [Monroe yelps]
- [clowns laugh]
- They're everywhere!
- [yelps]
- [Monroe] Shoo! Shoo!
- It's an ambush!
- [laughing]
- [barks]
- Oh, no.
- Whoo!
Come on. Just just drive.
Not the balloon animals.
Drive! Drive! Drive! Drive!
- [buzzes]
- [screams]
[Wexler] Just go! Go! Go!
[Aiden, Jayden laugh]
Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go!
Go! Go! Go! Go!
Calling Call-a-clown was gold.
And on three-for-one clown day.
Who could pass that up?
- Good job, Tweedle Doom.
- Right back at you,
- Tweedle Destruction.
- [imitating explosion]
- We probably shouldn't be here.
- I don't care. We're fine.
Okay but we don't know
what she's gonna say!
It doesn't matter what
she has to say.
- I have something to say.
- Are you sure?
Dude, I got it.
- Is Professor Rhodes in?
- Go home.
Professor Rhodes doesn't meet
with anyone.
But this is totally important,
life-affirming, "change
the course of world events"
type stuff!
But she doesn't do signings!
I get it. You're fans.
We are not fans!
Um, well, I kind of am.
- Either way, she's not going
- Kev!
to meet with you, ever.
She's a recluse.
are the ancient texts
Her only friends
in the hall of records.
she studies
She is no fun to be around.
Trust me.
This place isn't a daycare!
Now, get moving.
- [gasps]
- Go!
Maybe we can find someone else.
Well, we tried.
You're right. Being a Blended
does have its perks.
Next time, you gotta let me know
before you do that.
I think I might be sick.
Noted. There's nobody in here.
[laughs] Ew.
So weird.
Oh, check this out. Amazing!
- Don't touch that!
- Whoa.
I thought I told you two
to leave!
People like you are why Octavia
likes to be left alone
to do her work in peace.
Is that too much to ask?
She put everything
in those comics.
What more do you want from her?
Carm, let's get out of here.
No. We are not going anywhere.
Um, why not?
[clock chiming the hour]
she's Octavia.
How did you know that?
Who else would it be?
Hiding in plain sight.
Just like you

Go, Dylan! Go, Dylan!
You got this!
Dylan, what do you think
you're doing?
- Being the music.
- What?
Hey, Leanna! Maybe Dylan
should be choreographing
your new dance routine.
Madison, stay in your lane.
to crush you, but sometimes,
I know this is going
things just don't work out.
So, I'm gonna come out
and say it.
We are done as a couple.
- Don't beg me to reconsider.
- Okay.
- It makes you look desperate.
- Uh-huh.
I know from experience
that working with exes
can get real messy, so maybe
we can be friends someday,
but the wound is still
too fresh for you.
So, I'm gonna need that leotard
back, because
worthy enough to wear it, okay?
I need to find a dance partner
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
From the top?
Hey, is anyone missing
their playbook?
As if. I haven't needed it.
I've been off book
since day one.
Put those down! [sighs]
[doorbell rings]
Are you expecting someone?
Dad, close the door now!
- [Aasha] What is going on?
- Get them out!
and drive to Mexico, quick!
Mom, find Carmie
We will fight them off
as long as we can.
We won't let them take
our sister.
there's been some confusion.
I'm sorry. I think
- Don't need to know.
- Who's Carmie?
We're here for Tweedle Doom
and Tweedle Destruction.
- Never heard of them.
- Don't live here.
Who did you say you were?
Uh, oh, wait.
My name is Gabby Monroe,
We didn't.
and this is my associate,
Matthew Wexler.
We're e-sports scouts working
for the energy drink NVRSleep.
[gasps] Yes!
Okay. Uh, why do you want
to speak with our kids?
They crushed the underground
gaming tournament
League of Anarchy.
[both] Yeah, we did.
So we want them to join the
NVRSleep e-sports team
for a world tour.
- We knew this day would come!
- Yes!
Yes! Give us one second.
Underground tournament?
Anarchy? Wait. So
[whispers] it's illegal?
It's a grey area, ma'am.
- And when was this?
- Yesterday, sir.
you were reading yesterday.
I thought you said
At the library?
- Uh, it was a metaphor?
- Exactly.
Did your sister
know about this?
We made that up, too.
Oh, you two are so grounded.
[both] But the world tour!
- Consider that canceled.
- [kids groan]
in case you reconsider.
Here's our card,

I'm kind of an artist, too.
You know,
so much about Blendeds?
How do you know
I'm surprised you haven't
figured it out.
I was once like you, a Vampling.
You're a full Vampire now?
That's so cool!
- Uh, Carmela, I wanted to
- It's Carmie.
- [Kev] She hates that name.
- Oh.
And I'm Kev, just Kev. You know,
if you ever wanna do
swing by Hammer and Tong Comics.
a comic signing,
- Thank you, but no thanks.
- I can hook it up.
And sorry, Carmie.
are you enjoying your powers?
May I ask,
I am.
Um, I was.
Lately, they just seem
more like a problem.
Mm. I understand.
You feel special,
but you also feel alone,
like an outsider?
as to choosing human or vampire
Have you given any thought
when you turn 16?
No. I'm still trying to learn
how to land without crashing.
[Octavia chuckles]
I haven't thought about that
at all.
It's a big decision.
You will.
I started obsessing about it
when I turned 14.
I kept a detailed journal
so that way,
I could remember my life,
no matter what I chose.
Remember what?
You don't know?
Whatever we choose to be at 16,
human or Mythic,
the unchosen side
gets forgotten.
I won't remember
being a Blended?
Or human, if you choose Mythic.
I was certain I was going
to become full Mythic
and choose vampire.
So I wrote everything down
about my human life
and the Blended teenage world.
What made you choose?
I fell in love,
and like most young loves,
it ended in a heartbreak
that I thought would never end.
As I wrote down about the pain
of the heartbreak,
I realized that there was also
so much beauty and warmth
to the human world.
The more I wrote about my life,
my family, my friends,
I couldn't let that go
the more I realized
and live in the shadows.
So you chose to become a
is better than no heart at all.
Even a broken heart
Your journal.
Is that what you based all
the Blended comics on?
Yes. That along with years
of research
into the world of Mythics
and Blendeds.
a professor of my own life?
Who knew that I could be
[Octavia chuckles]
do you know anything about them?
My birth parents,
I have so many questions
Can you help me? Please.
That only you can find
the answers to.
This is your journey,
in your heart what to choose,
and it will tell you
for the rest of your life.
human or vampire
who my birth parents are?
Can't you just tell me
They can't help you.
Tell me.
Your father was a human,
around the time of your birth.
and he went disappeared
And your mother
your mother causes pain
wherever she goes.
She doesn't want the Blendeds
to choose human.
She chooses darkness,
and so will you
if you find her
or if she finds you.

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