I Woke Up A Vampire (2023) s01e06 Episode Script

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My birth mother's evil!
She's Evil, Kev!
never go near her.
Octavia said to
Do we always have
to land like this?
Does that mean I'm evil?
and I just can't choose?
What if I am
and I don't even know it.
Am I evil? Maybe I am
tell you if you were.
I'd be able to
- A little help?
- Maybe not.
to fool you with my evilness?
Maybe I'm using my powers
Trust me. I can tell.
Leanna, evil. You, good.
My mom, my adoptive mom.
Maybe her goodness cancels out
She's good.
my birth mother's evil.
That's it! I'll just be neutral.
Just normal neutral Carmie.
I'll just do what I do best.
I'll sing. I'll dance.
I'll be great.
You left out Vampling.

[teacher] Know your steps
by tomorrow, everyone.
grapevine to the left?
Somebody drop me a beat ♪
Somebody hit me with
that high-fly flier ♪
I'm 'bout to hit it
with that O-M-G ♪
Who is she? ♪
Hey, wait up!
"I've studied dance longer
Don't let Little Miss
than you've been alive"
get to you. You're good.
she have danced longer than me?
We're the same age, how could
She says she's been studying at
the conservatory for ten years.
there since she was three.
That means she's been
That explains a lot.
It's me. I'm a disaster.
It's not Leanna.
practicing enough,
I haven't been
and I've just been
busy with stuff.
What's kind of stuff?
middle school type things.
Oh, you know,
I have this chance, sorta,
who I am in the musical,
to show the world
what it is I want people to see.
but I don't exactly know
I thought I knew,
quite know who "me" is yet.
but maybe I just don't
We're teenagers.
We're not supposed to know that.
I guess.
that's a lot to deal with.
And I lost my playbook.
he found one. Maybe it's yours.
Oh, Dylan mentioned
Wait. What? He has it?
Does he know it's mine?
Should I ask for it?
- You need to relax.
- Yup.
How about we hang out?
check out a movie later.
It'll be fun.
Like, you and me, together?
Hang out?
that's how it works.
Well, I think
Are you kidding? I'd love that!
And I know the perfect place.
Carmie! You here?
[Bill] My baby!
My baby is gone! My baby's gone!
He got Carmie?
I tried so hard to protect her,
but you know how she is.
Did he shrink her?
What? Not Carmie.
My Rainey! He's gone!
the cruel, cruel, cold world!
He's lost out in
What do you mean,
"He got Carmie?"
Who's shrinking who?
Uh, just words in my mouth.
They come out.
No connection to reality.
- What do you know about Carmie?
- Nothing. I barely know her.
You're best friends?
Your only friend.
I have lots of friends.
different schools,
They just go to
live in different countries.
My world is falling apart.
- [toy squeaks]
- [crying]
What happened to Rainey?
- I didn't! You lost him.
- She lost him.
holding the leash.
You were the one
- You were distracting me!
- Okay,
I'm hearing a lot of problems
and not a lot of solutions.
- Cover the town with them.
- We can make posters.
[Bill] Posters?
You want to wait for someone
to call with a sighting?
There's no time for that.
Every minute lost my Rainey
gets further away from me.
We need boots on the ground.
A strategy.
it's my favourite child.
It's not just a dog,
[Collector] My greatest film,
The Wolves Come Out at Night,
is showing tonight,
and I can't enjoy it
have no Blendeds.
because I still
not even looking.
It's like you're
Where are the Blend
[quietly] the Blendeds.
[clears throat]
- Relax.
- Relax?
You're telling me to relax?
I have a very important premiere
tonight that I can't be
Excuse me? Are your crystals
ethically sourced?
Yes, I'm very polite
when I buy them.
I need you to keep hunting.
Trust me. I'm a hunter.
I don't do anything else.
Are they charged in moonlight?
Daylight, moonlight, nightlight.
They're very special crystals,
they charge 24/7.
Do you even have a lead?
Okay. Hunting is a delicate art.
It takes time.
before they leave the store?
Do you cleanse them
they're all over the place,
It's a rock,
do you want it or not?
cool it with the negativity.
Hey man,
It's crushing my aura.
You know what?
need this more than me, dude.
Seems like you're gonna
Look, I need those Blendeds.
bring in another hunter?
Or do I have to
There aren't any as good as me.
I'm a Helsing.
Yes. So you have said.
We're legends.
Heroes among mortal men.
have what I am looking for.
Right, but I still don't
If I can't find the Blendeds,
no one can.
what you have to do,
I don't care
I just need you to find them.
I'm running out of time.
Are we clear?
Oh, crystal clear.

and my mom for a while now.
It's just been me
We're all we need.
Well, new friends are nice,
too, though.
- I'm glad you guys are here.
- Of course.
Me too. We move around a lot.
It's tough sometimes.
with your best friend, right?
But at least you move
[Madison] Well, she does make
a mean sundae.
The secret is black pepper.
Mom! That's a family secret
you just spilled!
trust Carmie, can't we?
I think we can
Your secret is safe with me.
I like her.
Me too. Maybe a little bit more
than you.
Oh, not a chance.
What's up with you?
It's been a perfect day.
What are you so worried about?
I don't know.
You and your mom.
It's nice.
I'd be close to my birth mom
Sometimes I wonder if
like you guys are.
I didn't know you were adopted.
I love my parents,
No big deal.
I just wonder if
but sometimes
you're like the most?
Which parent
If could be like my birth mom,
but I don't even
know who she is,
I possibly find out?
so how could
Why is my life so complicated?
Everyone's life is complicated.
going on, under the surface.
There's always something
looks like on the outside.
No matter what it
Even with Leanna?
Especially with Leanna.
Come on, the day is not over.
Let's go get scared.
[both giggle]
Bye, Mom.
Bye, honey.
[Aiden] Rainey!
[Jayden] Here, boy!
place we saw Rainey.
This is the last
Before you lost him.
I did not.
Quiet. You'll scare him off
arguing like that.
[Jayden] Here, boy!
We can't go home
without the dog.
It's his favourite child.
You heard Dad.
Kev, you're not cutting it.
Yeah. We need expert help.
You got me going,
got me glowing ♪
Hoping you're devoted, ooh ♪
Ooh ♪
[Leanna] How many?
Oh, it's you.
Two popcorns.
Fine. Two pops!
Yup, here you go.
We're trying to make money here.
Ugh, less popcorn.
So, how's it going?
Late afternoon showings
are the worst.
and this is what you get
Tickets sales are slow
cast me as the lead.
when you don't
- Leave now. Next.
- Okay.
One popcorn, please.
Thank you. Take your seats.
Welcome, everyone.
Yes, please.
[microphone feedback]
Ladies and gentlemen,
the masterpiece that
you are about to see tonight
delves into
the symbolism of the werewolf.
the classic hubris
It explores
that is endemic to mankind.
Sweet, werewolf movie.
This'll be hilarious.
If it's anything like his suit,
it won't be any good. [laughs]
way than to premiere this film
And what more appropriate
night of the Blue Moon.
on the auspicious
- Now settle yourselves,
- [gasps]
my friends, for The Wolves
Come Out at Night.
I thought it was tomorrow.
In the beginning,
there was a man,
and also a wolf.
[audience laughs]
[audience laughing]
This isn't a comedy.
mankind's eternal struggle
This is an allegory for
for existence.
A monster werewolf!
[woman in movie]
A werewolf monster! No!
[audience laughing]
Are you okay?
I'm fine. Never better.
Yeah, yeah.
[audience laughing]
Seriously, Mads, are you oka
[audience laughing]
Walkouts already?
Okay, let's make this quick,
I have a busy schedule.
crossed eyes, bulldog.
One foot tall,
- Okay. Likes? Dislikes?
- Likes Taco Tuesday.
Dislikes codependency.
Okay, here's what I'm thinking
- We don't know your credentials.
- Wait a minute.
How are you qualified
to find our dog?
What's your experience?
I am highly qualified.
Oh, I assure you,
and delivered on 37 targets.
I have tracked, captured,
This will be 38.
It's up to them.
Dad will kill us if he isn't.
- What's in the bag?
- Noted.
None of your business.
Now, stay behind me.
Follow me, don't think.
[Aiden] What's this?
[Dylan] Okay, stay behind me.
Follow me, don't think.
Let's catch a canine.
Everything leaves a trail.
The prey
I mean, the canine, was here.
Yeah, we know that.
This is where she lost him.
I did not lose him,
you lost him.
How'd you learn to hunt so well?
and rescue mission.
This is a search
but how do you do it?
Right, whatever,
one with the target.
We must become
Slip inside their minds,
feel what they feel,
fear what they fear.
We must become the canine.
[twins barking]
What? You never lost a dog?
[twins barking]
[Carmie shouting]
[glass shatters]
This is my favourite jacket!
[both growling]
I knew it. I knew it. I knew it.
I knew you were a Blended,
am I right?
And you're a
She-Wolf, that's right.
with the Blue Moon. Day, night,
But I always get confused
pops up out of nowhere.
let me guess, a Vampling?
And you're,
You know about me?
Sweet teeth, by the way.
Of course.
Though, uh mine are
pretty great, too.
love being a Blended?
Don't you just
doing whatever we want,
Running free,
No one can hurt us.
staying out late.
Yeah, that's not my life.
to clean my room.
I use my powers
Girl, you have got
to get out more.
we can't tell anybody,
Our only problem is
because I'm killing this look.
Kev knows.
About me, I mean.
Don't tell him about me.
I'll have to eat him.
I'm just kidding.
The whole safety in the shadows
and everything.
Not kidding. Don't tell him.
Let's go.
- [Carmie] Where are we going?
- Wherever we want.
Hey, Madison. Watch this.
- [chuckles]
- [growls]
Nice! What else can you do?
Not bad!
[howls, voice cracks]
powers pretty fast.
You learned your
Imagine what we'll be like
when we go full Mythic?
You've already decided?
Yeah, I'm pretty sure.
This is the best!
I get to make the rules,
tell me what to do.
and no human can
we won't remember anything
You know about how
or anybody?
It doesn't matter.
I have to be my true self,
and I love my wolf self.
I'll decide what I do.
What about your mom?
Uh, I know.
But she understands.
It'll be fine with her.
She just wants me to be me.
Try it again.
[howls, laughs]
Hey, I wonder how
the movie ended.
- [wolf howling in movie]
- [audience laughing]
My mother was right. I should
have gone to law school.
[audience laughing]
[audience applauding, cheering]
I was right!
In your face, Mother.
[audience cheering, applauding]
appreciating my comedy film.
Thank you, thank you for
[audience applauding]
Goodnight, everyone!
You can't like this,
this is terrible.
see actual talent,
If you want to
Did I mention it's starring me?
come see the school musical!
Powers beyond our imagining.
Who wouldn't want that?
That does sound nice.
Sound? You already have them.
My powers are pretty great.
howl like you can.
Even if I can't
You'll only get stronger.
I like the sound of that.
I can do whatever I want,
It's cool knowing that
when I want.
Cool? Carmie, we're invincible.
That's why we're Mythics!
We're stuff of legends.
Yeah. Yeah, we are.
We're legendary.
[both chuckling]
[phone pinging]
and they're searching with
Rainey's missing
Dylan!? I have to go.
That's nice of him to help.
No, it's not good.
He hunts Blendeds like us.
He's a hunter.
Please, that kid?
He has some dance moves,
but a hunter?
I've seen him in action.
He's the real deal.
He's powerful.
I'm powerful too.
And so are you.

[all shushing]
You called Dylan?
We needed expert help.
But he's the hunter
who's hunting me.
Different issue.
Hey, Carmie. Over here.
Okay. Be cool.
- No, you be cool!
- You be cool.
Target in sight.
[Rainey] And he was like,
"You wanna go?" [laughs]
What? I'm not gonna
say no to a fight.
Put me down, put me down!
Whoa! Whoa! Hey.
along so well her and I.
We were just getting
- [Twins] Rainey!
- You're alive!
[Rainey] Why wouldn't I be?
Thanks, Dylan.
It's what I do.
Isn't that right, Rainey?
My baby's back. My baby's back.
You were lost, and we found you.
Well, our mission's
[Bill] Now that we found you,
I'm never letting you go.
- I'm going to hug you
- The mirror.
and squeeze you forever!
That makes it 38.
My man.
If you ever want to grind hours
playing multiplayer, hit us up.
I'll think about it.
our children in the same house.
It's so nice to have all
Yeah, and some others.
We're a pretty good family,
aren't we?
Even Kev?
- [Aasha] Carmie's right.
- [both laugh]
Sometimes our chosen family
can be just as important.
Mm-hm. Like, I choose Rainey.
- [Rainey snoring]
- And all of you.
Okay, let's get you to bed,
little buddy.
Um, I better run.
Glad everyone came home alive.
See ya.
[whispers] What?
It's a good thing you called,
but why me?
you seem like a good
Oh, well, you just
thing finder type person.
Yeah. Thanks for helping.
friends do for each other.
Well, that's what
They help, right?
Because we're friends.
Right, friends.
Yeah. I'm usually a solo guy,
it's a nice change of pace.
but hanging with you two,
Maybe you'll get used it.
Wouldn't matter.
Some lives we're just born into.
They loved it, Mother.
They loved it.
I can't believe it. Oh!

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