Ijon Tichy: Raumpilot (2007) s02e06 Episode Script

Das Erinnerungsstück

SPACE PILOT - The Star Diaries
Freely produced by themes from the novel
"Star diaries" by Stanislaw Lem
Flying my rocket on Monday
the 10th of October
on my way to the Egg Planet,
I didn't want to take anymore detours
to finally get some fresh omelet eggs.
What's that? I wanna fly
straight ahead for a change.
I have my reservations, Mr. Tichy.
It looks murky.
I wouldn't risk flying through it.
What? Give me the map!
One potato
two tomato
divided by zero
Aha, the straight path.
Fly through it!
My gut feeling says that it's safer
to make a small detour.
You're a holograph. You can't
have any gut touchy-feely stuff.
Apparently I do, I'm more than a
hologram, and my gut says: No!
But my rational mind decides
and it says: go.
Fly through!
This is how I imagine my home planet.
My subconscious drew this
Are you scatterbrained? This is
the brochure of the Egg Planet.
An important document,
now you've smudged it.
There's a special offer on eggs!
"One egg free on your birthday."
They also sing happy birthday.
When's your birthday, Mr. Tichy?
Enough! Out, both of you.
The Fog Fog of Clarity
Marine Fog
Fogula Cognitionis:
"The fog of awareness".
- Wow
You jokester, have you forgotten
how to speak?
Mr. Tichy, something
weird is happening in this fog.
Don't worry.
I've worked out a new course.
You think it's reasonable to set a course
based on the colors of the numbers?
You're questioning my rational mind?
Well, see how you like this, then!
So much for your rational mind
and my gut feelings
You're getting worse and worse!
It's really bad.
An existential emergency-crisis.
- You don't say.
I Ijon Tichy, a genius
in logical thinking
have forgotten a number:
the date of my birthday.
You don't say.
I know how to find it.
One potato, two tomato
Now, Mr. Tichy
let's just relax a little
Get comfortable
and space will seem much better.
One potato, two tomato
- Yes, two tomato.
I think we're dealing
with a little mental block.
We have to, somehow, access
your subconsciousness.
- Yeah.
Stop it, Mel!
I can make out a butterfly.
What do you see?
A birthday egg
What else
It's all the same to me
Mel, get the radio.
Now we're going to dance.
Come on, join in.
It'll totally relax you.
That was your favorite cup.
Get a little mad.
Let your feelings out.
Ok, he's catatonic.
Totally blocked up.
Tomorrow's a new day, you're sure
to remember your birthday then.
Good night.
It's me
Do you think maybe
I can snooze
at your place tonight?
Don't tell me the Cosmic Hero
is afraid of the dark?
No, no, no
But that cupboard belonged
to my granny. It's a memento.
Maybe it will jog my memory,
help me remember
My birthday for example.
I see, Mr. Tichy, a memento
But just this once.
I had a queasy feeling.
I must've turned on the secret
elevator in the cupboard.
It led to a secret cellar
in my rocket.
And was full of old junk.
When did I put this stuff down here?
My favorite cup
And then I realized something.
There was a second cupboard
and there was a strange noise
coming from it.
I had to see this.
Good morning, Mr. Tichy.
Time to wake up!
Good morning, Mel.
See how uncomfortable it is for me to.
You're totally scrunched up, Mr. Tichy.
What's that? Some jackass
broke my favorite cup.
It seems a night in the closet did you
good. Your block is gone, anyway.
What's it to you?
- Very good!
Let it all out. It's good for you and
you'll remember your birthday.
Here, go on!
Hey! Are you sick-headed?
You scrap of crap appliance.
I'll show you what happens
when I let out my angry rant-rage
on you!
And now, out of the rocket,
you scrappy appliance.
I've never seen him like that.
What do we do
when he wakes up?
You're much heftier
than I thought.
Go away, sniffle-snout.
Back here again
No way, I've spent long enough
in this dark cellar.
It's my turn to sit up there.
- What's all this old junk?
Out of my way!
I always wanted to do that!
What do we do with him?
Come on, Mel. Help me!
How did this get here?
It's Mr. Tichy's favorite cup.
The Chronocycle,
the broken spare part
my pretty vase
Mel, I think this is not junk
it's memories.
If these really are Mr. Tichy's memories,
then we'd better get rid of his cup.
No broken pieces, no memory
no problem!
"Dear Santa, I want an egg cup
with stars on it.
I was a good boy. Your Ijon."
Let's see where this goes.
What's that?
I didn't snooze well
I have a big fat rattle-head.
Another one?
- You flabby crybaby.
Now I know.
You knocked me out,
so you could go up
Buddy-boy, now I'll even the score.
- Come on then.
Mr. Tichy, I know
what's happening here.
I don't get it?
- That's great.
You finally found a way back
to your blocked subconscious.
Silly crap.
It's a nightmare gone bad
If so, then what is your suppressed
aggression doing here?
Now I understood.
I was inside my head.
But if that was my ugly angry face,
what did he do down here
while I was sub-pressing
my aggressive rant-rage?
Come on, you limp wimp
No! I'll just sub-press the bad anger.
That's what I wanted know!
Keep this place nice and clean, got it?
Excellent, you have your aggression
under control again.
You seem so well balanced now
Wipe that smile off your face!
Well maybe not so well
balanced, after all.
Get your grabby paws off me!
I don't want to go back in the closet!
I'm sick of this!
Not another head-cellar.
Do you at least know
the date of our birthday?
Even if I knew, I wouldn't tell you!
How nice.
It's all stupid-silly
No one's here.
The only reason we're down here
is to find my voice of reason,
my rational self, the real me
and ask him about my birthday.
Mr. Tichy, look at how you treat
your sensitive side.
Don't cry. He didn't mean it.
Hey, Mel-fellow. This is my
No sepulking!
Come here, now!
Mr. Tichy is totally
underdeveloped, socially.
I've often hidden my tears from him,
he can be so mean sometimes.
But first tell us why you're so sad.
Because he forgot my birthday.
Best day of the year
Ok, maybe I forgot a little.
But maybe you know
when our birthday is?
I'm really sorry!
I'm sorry too!
How sweet.
He's overcome another mental block.
What's going on here?
Is this kindergarten, or what?
Who started this?
Was it you again?
- Kiss my ass!
Who's up there,
cackle-laughing like that?
That's the voice of reason.
The rational mind?
The voice of reason is sneering at us.
That's just great!
That's my ingenious mind.
My factual, scientific, real-me self.
It knows and controls everything.
While we're down here
dancing like jackasses!
I want to meet it now!
And ask about my birthday.
It must know!
- Yes, I'd like to know too!
Hey, wait up!
I'm starting to get all tingly.
Move over!
Don't leave without us!
I'm cramped tight!
- You're too belly-fat!
I'm here too.
- Hey, don't mess up my hair!
How does the elevator work?
We could activate
the rational mind with a riddle.
Or just close the door!
The rational mind, he's in there!
I'm a scaredy-mouse
You must be Mr. Tichy's rational mind?
I don't believe that!
You, little rascal?
Mr. Tichy it's no wonder
you can't remember your birthday.
We can't ask this little critter.
That's my rational self?
This little creepy-crawly kid?
Mr. Tichy, now we know.
Today is your birthday!
Happy Birthday for me!
Happy birthday to us all
Silly crap!
- Please let this nightmare end!
Where are we?
It's so cramped tight here.
I've no idea.
- Wow.
It's so dark in here!
The Mel-fellow can talk again.
Look, the fog is gone.
And now that we know
it is my birthday today
we can celebrate a fun little party.
- It was your birthday, Mr. Tichy.
I'm doggone tired. I'm going to bed!
I'll fix the controls and the power cut
tomorrow. You keep your fingers off it.
Your rational mind shouldn't have
to deal with something this difficult.
People later said that
I made the whole thing up.
Nasty people said that I secretly
drank too much alcohol on earth.
But lost all inhibitions
on long space voyages.
God knows how this rumor got started.
An egg cup with stars on it.
How did you know?
"Thank-you" would do.
How did you know?
- Oh, Mr. Tichy
Let's just say
I had a gut feeling!
People are like that.
They'd rather believe a bunch of
silly crap than perfectly good facts.
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