Instinto (2019) s01e07 Episode Script

Episode 7

- Why did you call me?
- Can we talk in my office?
Go ahead.
I had sex with Eva two days ago.
I'm in no mood for crap,
so tell me what's going on.
It didn't mean anything to me,
I want you to know that.
Marco, don't fuck with me,
I'm in no mood for jokes.
I thought you should know, Diego.
That bitch stole BOX from me.
It has exactly the same functions
and operating system.
Did you hear, Diego?
Your wife got into the company
and took the whole BOX development.
Aren't you going to say anything?
You reap what you sow.
Sorry, what?
She just made public
a project that belongs to me.
She ruined our launch
and my three years on the project.
Are you telling me
we're not going to do anything?
This is the result
of you coming to ALVA.
Where the hell are you going?
Let's go to my office.
Are you banging Marco?
Are you banging Marco?
He says yes,
he just told me in his office.
That's bullshit.
Eva, did you fuck Marco
two days ago, yes or no?
Of course not.
- How can you think that?
- I don't think anything.
He arranged to meet me here
and told me this shit.
Eva, yes or no?
What a son of a bitch.
I can't believe
this is happening to me.
You know he's making this up
to split us up, right?
- He wants to end our relationship.
- No, Marco doesn't do this.
He's been trying to get me
away from you from the first day.
Did you see how he reacted
with the Barbara thing?
It's him.
He's behind all this.
That's crazy.
Otherwise, how did Bárbara
get access to my project?
He wants to destroy me,
whatever the cost.
No, Eva. Eva, Eva.
Come here.
Tell me we won't separate.
Promise me we won't separate.
Promise me.
With this there's no doubt, Marco.
It's plagiarism.
I need a fuller report
that details exactly where we are
with each of the functions.
They're not publishing the details.
We have nothing to compare it to.
Okay, I'll see to that.
But I need to know if they're bluffing
about the times
or if we were as advanced
as the press say they are now.
We'll get on it.
I also want to know if
they're adding new features
that weren't foreseen in our project.
- I'm going to report Bárbara.
- Sorry?
I'm reporting her for
the theft of BOX.
You do know the project
belongs to ALVA?
I'll decide if Bárbara's
reported or not.
- And I'm going to call her.
- Then I'll report ALVA.
You leave me no alternative.
Will you excuse me a moment?
Let's get to it.
I will not let you
talk to me like that.
I'll report the company unless
measures are taken against Bárbara.
You played with fire and got burnt.
I'm starting to think
that you're behind all this.
You're a coward.
If you had anything to say,
you should've said it in front of me.
You desired me
from the first day.
And you still do.
I don't want to hear you
talk about Bárbara again.
You're not going to destroy
my relationship with Diego.
You already have.
- Everything alright?
- Yes.
I read it in the press.
I didn't know Bárbara had
- Shall we go?
- Yes
It's here.
And the center allowed the boy
- to freely leave
- The verb "allow"
isn't suitable in this case.
I want the complaint to be
alongside the custody request.
That was clear.
That's why I wanted
to see you, Mr. Mur.
It seems you took your brother
to live in your house
without any kind of consent.
In my house there's no risk
of him running away.
And of having a crisis?
Are you qualified to take care
of your brother?
The center that takes care of José
is one of Spain's finest.
Dr. Villegas has presented
the progress reached
in the last 6 months
and it's quite striking.
The person who looked after
my brother made this progress,
- not Dr. Villegas.
- Fine, and where was this person
- when he ran away?
- On leave.
That's why José ran away,
to find her.
You know that it would be
a provisional measure.
Excuse me?
Authorizing your brother
to live with you.
You must also present a contract
and the qualifications of the person
who is to take care of him.
Of course. How long do we have?
24 hours.
When do we find out about custody?
Very soon, but first we have to
thoroughly assess
the latest custody request.
I thought you knew.
Your mother has also applied
for custody of José.
If you'll excuse me
This is how things are:
His lawyers are trying
to get him stay with him
until the case is heard.
So, I prepared an appeal
so the order is reestablished quickly
and José goes back to the center.
I don't want this to
hinder us later on.
Sign here and here.
I'll do the rest.
Laura, are you listening to me?
I don't want to continue.
Don't you see that this could work
in Marco's favor in court?
- If José chooses him
- No, I
I don't want an appeal
or a court case,
I don't want anything. It's over.
What are you saying?
My son José
needs people who understand him,
people to take care of him,
people specialized in
what's wrong with him.
- I can't give him that.
- No, we have a deal.
Well, we have a deal
and we're breaking the deal.
We have a deal
and because I'm paying,
and I've decided that it's over.
I warned you.
I don't take cases unless it's to win.
You don't get it, huh?
I'm paying here
and I've decided it's over.
We took it this far,
and now it's over.
I'm in charge here.
We carry on and bleed Mr. Mur dry
or I'll make trouble for you.
- Are you threatening me?
- Yes.
It's the only language you understand.
I can't pretend like you, you know?
I'm not going on with this.
You should've thought of that before.
I also have a lot to lose
if this doesn't go right.
- Really?
- Yes.
- Lose what?
- A win in a media case
means much more than
what you're paying me.
I'm so unlucky with
the people I come across.
All scum, like you.
Besides, you're going ahead,
otherwise all of Spain
will hear your story
and for Marco that'll be
quite a scandal.
Come on, shower's over.
- I slopped over, Carol.
- "Slopped over"?
You "slipped over".
You put it on like a jacket.
- Maybe they'll lend us one.
- My clothes got wet, Carol.
Look, here, a comb.
Will you comb your hair?
Comb it, I'll get some clothes.
Maybe they'll lend us some.
- My clothes.
- Yes. I'll go get some clothes.
Is anyone there?
What are you doing?
I'm looking for clothes for José,
his got wet.
- Here, buy all you need.
- But I need them now.
I don't have any clothes for him.
You've got lots of clothes.
Right, but they're mine.
Can't you let me have anything?
A T-shirt, trousers,
something soft like that?
No need to give it back.
New clothes,
let's get you dressed.
These aren't my clothes, Carol.
- These aren't my clothes, Carol.
- But they look good on you.
- No.
- Yes.
No, they're not my clothes, Carol.
José, you look very handsome,
very handsome.
- Handsome.
- Handsome, yes.
They're Marco's clothes,
he's lent them to you.
Look. Look at yourself.
- Marco.
- Like Marco, the same.
You're like Marco, very handsome.
- Very I'm Marco, Carol.
- Yes.
I'm Marco, Carol!
I'm Marco, Carol!
José, tie your shoelaces
or you'll fall over.
We have to learn this.
- I'm Marco, Carol!
- It's homework.
Do you want to help?
I'm expecting a work call,
it's important.
I'm going to fall over, Carol.
- I'm going to fall over, Carol.
- No.
- I'm going to fall over, Carol.
- If you fall, you get up.
We're going for a walk,
if you want to come.
I want you to work for me.
I already have a job.
I have to present the papers
to prove
that someone is qualified
to take care of José.
They won't let him stay here
until the case is heard.
If you're not interested,
I'll find someone else.
Though I'd like
to not have to do that.
Are you sure you want
to live with José?
You'll have to change a lot of things.
The way he is now,
he needs someone with him all day.
Do I come to live here?
I'll have to think it over.
They gave me 24 hours.
José, come here.
It's time, say goodbye to Marco.
- Goodbye, Marco!
- Goodbye
- Hello. Do you want something?
- No, no.
I don't have much time,
I told you.
Congratulations, I found out.
I knew it wouldn't take you long
to get a good job.
Why did you call me?
You don't want to congratulate me.
No, I wanted to say I'm sorry.
I was wrong.
I chose the wrong person.
Has she left you already?
That was fast, huh?
After the news hit.
What you're doing makes no sense.
- You know the project's not yours.
- And she knew you were my husband.
Things sure do change.
I'm in no position to preach,
much less to you.
- Clearly.
- I know, I know.
But this is hurting a lot of people,
not just Eva and me.
Gosh, I'm sorry.
But even if it affects other people,
they won't be concerned about me.
Don't you think?
- Marco's not in on this, is he?
- Please
You really called me about this?
How else did you access BOX?
Your friend Marco
left it up to me to protect you.
See if you can get some perspective
and grow up a little.
Fill in the questionnaire
on symptoms and email it me.
- Marco.
- I know I don't have an appointment.
I'm so glad to see you.
I want to apologize for
not answering you the other day.
I caused this instability
José is living in my house.
I haven't lived with anyone
for 15 years.
It's normal to be scared.
Until when?
Someone will have to
take charge of him.
It's your house.
You'll set the limits.
Not with her.
The fear is about her?
I'm not going to abandon my brother.
- I know you won't.
- And if I can't stand his presence?
the time has come
to take a step forward.
It's why we're working on this.
To leave behind what we were.
- Pol.
- I thought you had regrets already.
- How are you?
- Fine, fine.
You left very early.
I want to try resume work
with the patients.
That's good.
That's good. Any news of Nacho?
He's not answering his phone.
Well, give him time.
- And you, give yourself time.
- Thank you.
- Pol.
- Yes?
We should talk.
Some other time.
Yes, of course. Come up.
You alright?
- Hello.
- Hello. May I?
Yeah, sure.
- Want something? Water, coffee?
- No.
Can we talk?
Yeah, sure. Let's talk.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry. I miss you, Carol.
I don't know when we fell apart.
Your project, my mother, José,
the center it all got complicated.
- But we were sure of things.
- No, I'm not sure of anything.
We need to sit down
and work out what happened
- and your project can resume
- Now you're interested in the project?
Look, Raúl, I think I'm going to
leave my job at the center.
- What?
- Yes.
José's brother has asked me
to take care of him
while he sorts out custody and
I'm going to focus on that.
You've spent over six years
working on that project.
Over six
You're giving it up?
No, but I'll finally do it my way.
You're leaving one of the country's
top centers to look after José?
To care for José, yes.
And then what?
What if it doesn't work out?
What if his brother gets tired of him
- or this custody sham falls through?
- That's out of line.
José's been in the center 15 years
and he suddenly misses him?
- It's not like that.
- It is like that.
Otherwise he would've been
concerned about his brother.
Marco suffered the same
abandonment as José.
He just has more resources
to get over it.
It's not like that.
You can't go around saving lives.
- You need help too.
- No.
It wasn't your fault,
it was an accident.
- Raúl, no.
- You have nothing to prove.
Don't go there.
I'd love to be able to help you.
Take care.
- Good morning, Mr. Bernal.
- I want to see
the security tapes of
Mr. Mur's office right now.
- I'm sorry, I'm not authorized.
- I know, but I'm asking you.
- Sure, but
- Show me that footage
- or you're fucking fired.
- What's going on? Diego
What are you after?
I want to know how those panties
got in your office.
I want to see it now.
Let's go.
Marco, put on the footage.
You shouldn't do this.
- I want to play ball, Carol.
- Later.
- Shall we play ball, Marco?
- Later we'll play.
- Shall we play ball, Marco?
- Later, later.
The papers you wanted.
- Thank you.
- The ball, Carol.
You're welcome.
Come on, let's play.
- Want to play ball, Marco?
- You can stay here.
We'll go outside.
Want to play ball, Marco?
Later, we'll play later.
Are you coming?
Are you coming later?
- Cool.
- Later.
See you later.
- Marco's coming later, Carol.
- Then let's go.
- Come on.
- I'm going to beat you, Carol!
- Olé!
- Olé!
- You lost, Carol.
- Come on.
- Olé!
- Good.
Can you play alone for a while?
- I'm going to beat you, Carol.
- Okay?
Just a sec, I'll be right back.
- One, two Good!
- Olé!
- Again.
- I won, Carol.
From where I was
I saw you
and came down.
How is he?
Surprisingly good.
- Olé!
- Look at him.
- Are you alright?
- Can I come over?
Just a little?
I won't touch him.
I'll just come closer, okay?
- Let's see if he wants that.
- Okay.
José. José.
- I won, Carol.
- Hey, look at me.
- No more ball, okay?
- No.
- It's over. Look at me.
- I beat you, Carol.
We're going to say hello to someone.
Do you want to?
- Okay.
- Yes?
- Yes.
- Let's go. Give me the ball.
- I beat you, Carol.
- Are you going to take it?
I beat you!
Look, say hello to Laura.
Hello, Laura. Hello.
I want to play ball, Laura.
- Let's go!
- Olé!
Go, again.
I won, Carol!
It's mine, Laura!
It's mine, Laura!
- Olé!
- Olé!
I'm going to win, Carol!
One, two three. There.
That was bad.
The ball's mine!
I've got the ball, Carol.
- That woman shouldn't be here. Let's go.
- Let's play ball, Marco.
I have nothing to say to you.
Let's go.
I have to talk to you
about the lawyer.
- I won't let you separate us.
- I don't want to do that!
I don't want to talk to you.
Please, let's go, José.
- Marco! Marco!
- It's over. Say goodbye to Laura.
- Let's go.
- Let's play ball, Marco.
- No more ball, José.
- Can you look at me?
- Look at me.
- Let's play ball, Marco.
José, let's go.
The game's over.
- Say goodbye to Laura.
- Goodbye, Laura.
I want to play ball with Marco.
Why did he get mad?
I don't mean be a happy family,
- but José needs to see
- She shouldn't have come back!
- She's his mother and yours.
- A mother doesn't abandon her children.
She does anything to stay together.
That's what a mother does!
- I don't know what happened
- You've got no fucking idea!
- She deserves a second chance.
- Don't meddle in my life again.
Then find someone
to look after José.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
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