Intelligence (2020) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

Oh, hi, Sally.
It's Mary.
Well, actually, I was wondering
whether we should take the Brownies
somewhere else this weekend.
Oh, no reason.
No, nothing to do with work.
Oh, gosh. Um
Well anywhere, really.
And in short, that's why I have
to sleep completely naked.
Well, that's good to know.
OK. So just to remind everyone,
we're still on Amber Alert,
following the poison water attacks
that took place in Paris
over the weekend.
How far is Paris?
Aside from Paris,
what else is going on, Joseph?
Do we have a systems update?
Yes. Not great, I'm afraid.
Tuva's already looking into
who might be behind it,
but we had an attack on one of
our own servers last night.
Oh, fucking tense.
I know.
When exactly did it happen?
There you go.
WOMAN: (OVER PA) Attention,
please. This is a test.
Please take no action.
What on earth are you doing?
I still get PTSD from my time
in Afghanistan.
You never served in Afghanistan.
No, I know, but the drone footage
I saw was very realistic.
How much data was compromised?
Mostly odds and sods, really. Uh
Mostly dates from the middle server.
But they did manage
to capture a tiny bit
of Mary's internet
browsing history.
Oh, no.
Please tell me
none of that was sensitive.
No. Apart from I have been
looking online for a new bra.
Really? What type?
Just a brown one.
Yeah, baby.
Found him. This is our hacker.
Fuck me.
Oh, my God.
Gosh, what a dish.
Sorry. Jerry, do you mind
using less bad language?
Shit's fine, though, isn't it?
I say shit all the time.
No, you just talk shit.
There's a difference. Ooh!
Oh, yeah!
You have to let go.
This guy is good.
He once hacked the NSA database.
The NSA database, really?
You know, maybe maybe we should
bring this guy in
make him part of the team.
Absolutely not.
I'm serious.
I mean, Tuva used to be a hacker.
I don't know if I appreciate
the term 'hacker'
because I'm also a singer.
The only reason Tuva is here
is because she made a bargaining
plea with the government
in exchange for some
highly sensitive intel.
Please don't say
It was about the Brexit campaign.
..what that was about.
My point is, we should keep
our enemies close.
Surely we can agree on that.
Look, give me 48 hours with him.
If it doesn't work out,
I'm willing to take the hit on this.
Why not?
I have complete faith in you.
Looks like I'm finally
rubbing you off.
On me.
Rubbing off on you.
Rubbing off on you.
And finally
Yes. Yes, that's it.
You're rubbing off on me.
You wish.
One final thing.
Barnaby Bailer will be delivering
his seminar
on the politics of cybersecurity
this week,
to which you're all invited.
Bailer? The Middle East attache?
I love that guy.
He and I used to make these, um,
these cupcakes together
when he was over for 9/11.
Who's running his protection detail?
'Cause last time got pretty rowdy.
I'm sure his people are on it, given
his somewhat contentious legacy.
Well, I'll pop down there,
just to be sure.
Know what I'm saying?
I can't hear you.
Um Just in case
it should come up
I actually used to date
Barnaby Bailer.
What the fuck?
Jerry, please.
When we were in university together.
I don't suspect he'll remember me,
It was all, you know, very brief.
What? Like in a premature ejaculation
kind of way?
Sorry, I really didn't know
what that is.
Well, I'm sure Joseph can show you.
Why, what is it?
Jerry? What is it?
I don't know. Shall we look it up?
Thank you very much.
Thank you. Thanks.
My contact at the NSA has agreed
to let me view
Jerry's internal file.
Can you save it onto the private
server? It's important.
Sure. Do you want an ice-cream?
Did you hear anything I just said?
Is everything OK?
Oh, yeah. Don't know where Jerry
got to, that's all.
He and I usually have a coffee
around this time.
Well, I bring him a coffee
and just watch him drink it.
Thanks, Mary.
Quentin! Hello.
Sorry. I picked up Mum's glasses
by accident this morning.
I thought you said she couldn't see.
Oh, well, she can't at the moment.
What are you up to this evening?
Um, well,
I usually help Mum with her bath
on Wednesdays, so
Let me know if I can ever
be of service.
No, I didn't think Mum
would like that.
She wouldn't know if she can't see.
She would know if there were
four hands in the bath.
Half an octopus.
See you later.
So I thought I'd start out
by giving you, like, a quick tour,
and then, I don't know,
I thought we'd just, you know,
hang out, grab a drink,
maybe some tail.
Guys. This is Tom.
He's the one that hacked
our server the other night.
Hey, Tom.
This is Mary.
Mary's been with GCHQ
from the beginning.
When was it founded, Mary?
Right. So then.
Oh, well. Not quite.
I'm actually a lot younger
than I look.
Really? By how much?
Oh, gosh.
No-one's ever asked me that before.
Plus, she's absolutely filthy.
You know what I mean?
The mouth on her.
This is Tuva.
What did you What did you
get up to this weekend?
Not much.
I just went to a club,
got with a couple of soldiers.
Your accent's really fresh.
What exactly is it?
It's a mix.
So you hacked the GCHQ server?
I don't know whether to be
impressed, annoyed or aroused.
Probably annoyed.
I could set the sprinklers off,
if you like.
Hey, Tom, this is Joseph.
Yeah, I'm Joseph Harries.
I'm actually Jerry's best friend.
Sorry, no, you go.
Do you always dress like that?
Yes. Why?
No, it's cool. I was wondering
if it was for a bet or something.
(LAUGHS) I can't even tell
if he's joking!
I know. Are you joking?
Do you work out?
Because your I mean,
your traps are amazing.
No. Just came out like this.
Let me introduce you to Christine.
She's like the scary Mary Poppins
of the team.
He seems nice.
I just think he finds me
a little bit intimidating,
which is a shame, really.
No, he's hiding something.
I'm sure of it.
Our hands are tied, Chris. Sorry.
Whitehall don't want us
digging around.
What's that noise?
Are you still on the anthrax case?
Sort of.
Phantom of the Opera, Damascus.
Ooh, it's just starting.
Oh, hey, just out of interest.
Is it possible for someone
like you to hack in to,
say, I don't know, the, uh
the NSA database?
Have a look around?
Delete the odd file?
Someone's actually trying to access
your file right now.
Oh, that's Yeah.
Can you abort that transfer?
Just for fun?
Yeah, I can just do aborted.
What's what's happening?
It's unloading again.
What the
I can just permanently
delete the file.
I would love to see
what that looks like.
I love your cologne, by the way.
I'm not wearing any.
Should I clean up
your browsing history?
Uh, yeah. Yeah. Please.
That would be great.
I'll be back.
Hey, man.
I just wondered if you fancied
going to the canteen together.
They're doing the curly sausage
you like.
Oh, man, I'd love to.
But actually, Tom and I are going out
for T-bones later.
Because I'm not doing anything. I
You know, I look at this guy
and I can't help but think
about that saying,
"You hang around with chickens,
you cluck.
"You hang around with eagles,
you fly."
Yeah, I know.
But the main thing with eagles, they
all have mental health problems.
All done.
So when exactly
Excuse me.
Yeah! Thank you. Whoo-hoo!
Dude, seriously.
How do you stay in shape?
Well, I used to be a gymnast,
but I just got too big.
Yeah, no, me too.
So what kind of stuff?
I mean, can you show me something?
It's been a while.
Come on, man.
I'm out of practice.
Come on.
JOSEPH: Oh, hey, guys.
Come on. Yeah.
OK. Watch this.
(GASPS) Oh! Whoa!
What the fuck?
That was great. No, that was
You see that?
I did. I used to do quite a lot
of that when I was at gym club.
What You You were a gymnast?
Oh, it's mostly combat rolls,
that kind of thing.
What's a combat roll?
Oh, well, hang on. Let me..
Just need a bit of space. Thank you.
It's kind of
Sort of like
Just get your leg over and
Something like like this
You paid someone to teach you that?
Isn't that just a teddy bear roll?
Yeah. Combat roll.
I practised a lot more complicated
stuff in my bedroom, just..
BOTH: Like what?
I can't really demonstrate here
because there's not the space
Not the height.
For you?
Come on!
I just can't really.
I'm not warmed up.
BOTH: Joseph! Joseph!
Joseph! Joseph!
Uh OK! OK!
Joseph! Joseph!
Joseph! Joseph!
CHRIS: original Eureka machine
Oi! Keep your hands up!
No, no, no, I wasn't
You hungry?
I could eat.
Oh, man.
Hey. What the fuck?
Is everything OK?
Yeah. Why?
You know I got tased, right?
No, I know THAT, but what are you
What What happened?
Just fancied a change.
What, from man to woman?
What do you do to your hair?
It was meant to go blond.
No, that would never work
with someone of your colouring.
I mean, you end up
looking like a bee.
So, have you, um
..all finished with Tom now?
Has he gone back Where is he?
Oh, he'll be in later
this afternoon.
We got totally shitfaced last night.
What's up?
Oh, nothing.
Whoa, whoa. Wait a minute.
Dude is this because of Tom?
Listen, you need to relax
and just be your own man.
OK? You do you.
That's the coolest thing
you could do.
Well, you know, just as long as,
you know, I get to
Well, you know, remain
Oh What Like this?
No, this will never change.
Oh, right. Thank you. Oh, good.
So what are you doing tonight?
Do you want to go to the cinema
or something?
No, I'm out again tonight with Tom.
When was the last time
you saw Barnaby?
Oh, gosh, nearly 40 years ago now.
Still think about him every day,
Could I ask
..are you still a virgin?
Oh! Um
Yes. But only fairly recently.
And when was the last time
you washed your wig?
Uh It's not a wig.
So, listen, I was just thinking
having some birthday drinks.
I can't. I'm sorry.
No, it's not tonight.
Sorry. I should've been clearer.
I know you and Jerry
have got a thing, which is fine.
No, I just mean, in general
I probably can't make it.
Well, that's cool. That's cool.
Yeah, I can be really flexible
I haven't booked anywhere 'cause
Just let me know.
I am letting you know.
I can't make it.
Let's not rule anything out.
I mean, it's not for eight months,
OK. I want you guys here, here, here,
here and here throughout.
Got it?
Also, I'm going to need you to clear
a little more space over here
just in case I need to do karate.
I had a bodyguard buddy
who lost his job
because there wasn't enough space for
him to do karate at a key moment.
Right. Back up a bit.
Little more. Little more!
Yeah. Another two or three feet.
Right over there.
So are there any areas you'd like me
to accentuate?
Oh, well.
The vicar at church,
he always says
I have lovely cheekbones.
My only worry is that
if I bring those out any more,
you're going to look like a skull
on a broomstick.
Yeah, alright.
That one alright?
I'll have this one.
You got a light?
Are you still lighting your
cigarettes? I just chew mine.
Oh, yes, please.
I'd really like him to tell
I've got lips.
I'd go for bright pink.
If it's the first time
you've seen each other in a while,
then you want your lips
to look like, um
..a cat's butthole.
Oh! And do lots of men
find that attractive?
No, but Barnaby will.
Let's start.
Guest list. (SNAPS FINGERS)
No. That whole thing needs
to be redone.
If I can't pronounce the last name,
I want them off the list.
Good. Good!
Oh, wow.
Did you do that piercing yourself?
I just slept awkwardly.
Nice to see a bit of blood,
though. Are you coming?
Oh, no, I think me and Tom
are just going to hang.
No. Where are you going?
To the Barnaby Bailer thing.
Barnaby Bailer's here? Politician?
Yeah, I know.
What a fucking dickhead.
No, I should go. It'll be fun.
That's what I meant.
Be fun. Should go.
I need you in that corner.
Jerry Bernstein, NSA.
We did 9/11 together.
Can I get you a little cupcake?
You fucking maniac!
I'd love a glass of milk, please.
Can someone get Barnaby
a glass of milk?
Hi, Barnaby.
Would you mind just taking
a quick pic for a social media?
No. Of course not.
Would you like me in it again?
No, of course not.
You know what? Let me do this.
I'm really good
at wildlife photography.
How do you Right. OK.
One two
Chris, you may want to try to smile.
You know, just imagine
there's been an attack on US soil.
Still no good.
Why don't we sex this up a little?
Tom! Leave that. Come here.
Throw your arm around Baylor.
Yeah. Oh, this is Yeah, this is
better right away. Here we go.
Sorry, Jerry. Hi. Barnaby.
Joseph Harries.
I don't know if you're concerned
about having a natural mouth shape,
but if you say 'Wagamama' a lot,
it gives you a very kind of
honest look.
Alright. Should we try that?
One, two, three.
ALL: Wagamama.
I've actually never been to one.
Oh, it's really great.
The only thing, food always arrives
at different times.
No-one knows.
Chris, take a look at this.
I think it's terrific.
Evelyn looks great.
Hi, Barnaby. How are you?
Hi. I'm I'm good, thanks.
Mary Neaten.
We were at Oxford together.
St John's. Right.
Are you the one that had a stroke?
Oh, gosh, no.
It's just make-up.
Lovely to see you again.
I'm surprised you even remember me.
I don't remember you.
OK. Shall we start?
Great. Everyone! We're gonna start.
Just so you know, I'm going to be
up top in case anyone tries to
Bph! Bsssh!
See where Tom went?
Right. Well.
Hello, everyone, and thanks so much
for having me.
In an increasingly digital world,
cooperation between intelligence
agencies has become vital.
And never has politics played
such an important role
in how we view cybersecurity
as a society.
In 1997
..I started a very long journey
together with my wife, Samantha.
We moved into Downing Street
with a promise
to the people of Britain.
No! Wait! What, what, what?
Let go! No!
Our friends from Greenpeace in.
(LAUGHS) Something.
Anyway, onwards and upwards.
Either we treat hacking offences
as serious crimes
..or face the consequences
..of (SIGHS)
Has someone hacked the system?
I expected better than this,
to be honest.
Ground Control to Major Tom ♪
Now it's all over Twitter.
Anyone know who's responsible?
I must say, I'm looking forward
to explain to Rupert
which one of us decided to invite
a random hacker into the building.
Go ahead.
There's nothing here that says
this was the work of Tom.
Let's get this sorted.
Could be a different Tom.
Guys, I really have to tell you
Oh, my God.
Ground Control to Major Tom
You've really made the grade
And the papers want to know
whose shirt you wear
Want to go get some T-bones?
Now it's to leave the capsule
if you dare ♪
Very nice.
Cat bum.
Thank you.
Hooray, hooray, hooray
Misery is on the way
There are bad times
just around the corner
There are dark clouds
hurtling through the sky
It's as clear as crystal
from Bridlington to Bristol
That we can't save democracy
and we don't much care
We'd better all learn
the lyrics of the old Red Flag ♪
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