Johnny Bravo (1997) s04e07 Episode Script

Get Shovelized/T Is for Trouble

- 1! 2! 3! Huh!
Check the pecs!
Huh! Ha! Huh!
Man, i'm pretty.
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Do the monkey with me!
Come on!
Hey, there, baby.
Yeah, whatever.
Extra stretch, go!
Abs, go!
Legs, go!
Curls, go!
Mouth, go!
- Do you want more
from your workouts?
Well, dig no deeper,
Unless you're digging
withThe shovelizer!
- The shovelizer?
- The shovelizer is like
no other exercise system
On the market.
- That's right.
The shovelizer combines
advanced exercise physiology
With the time-honored tradition
of fine digging.
To guarantee you
the ultimate workout.
- I can really feel the burn.
- Do not attempt at home.
Professional shoveler
on a closed dig.
- The shovelizer
buries the competition.
- So, dig your way
to a better you and
- How can i forget
the time-honored tradition
Of fine digging?
No wonder
i'm getting so soft.
Yeah. Send me one
of those the shovelizers.
- [children laughing]
[children laughing]
- Oh, boy!
It's finally here!
All behold the glory of
The shovelizer.
- Looks like a regular
old shovel to me.
- And a rusty one at that.
- I have 10 shovels
just like it.
- Oh, yeah?
Well, could a regular old
rusty shovel doThis?
- Yeah.
- Enough of your naysaying,
It's time
for johnny bravo to
Get shovelized!
"to use your shovelizer,
"insert shovelizer into ground
and/or ground substitute,
And lift."
Sounds pretty tricky,
but let's give it a whirl.
So far, so good. Huh!
Man, all this shovelizing
has made me mighty hungry.
Time for a johnny snack.
Johnny likes it.
Come on, shovelizer.
We got a lot more
working out to do.
- Not so fast, johnny.
You're not going anywhere till
you take care of your chores.
- Aw
I'll get right on it.
- Hi, johnny.
Check these out.
I just got my teeth
professionally waxed
and whitened.
[cat howling]
- Not bad.
All right, shovelizer,
Time for the real test.
I look shovelrific!
And i owe it all to you,
Get ready for the night
of your life.
I'll have
the peanut butter special.
Heavy on the refried bananas.
- And for the shovel?
- The same,
but hold the jelly.
So, what do you like to do when
you're not shovelizing up stuff?
- Is that the shovelizer?
- Sure is.
- Mind if i cut in?
- Uh, yeah.
- My bad.
- If it doesn't work out.
Uh! Hot diggity!
- I've had
a really great time today.
Being around you has made me
a--huh--buffer man.
- You dig?
- I can dig it.
Well, i guess
we should be heading home.
Got a big day tomorrow.
Mama, if anybody needs me,
I'm off shovelizing!
- shovel, shovel,
shovel, shovel
i'm a shovelizin' man,
i'm a shovelizin' man
i'm gonna shovelize
everywhere i can
from the top
of a dirt pile
to a mound of marzipan
i'm a shovelizin',
shovelizin' man
i'm a shovelizin' man,
i'm a shovelizin' man
i'm gonna shovelize
everywhere i can
from a hole in the ground
to a castle made of sand
i'm a shovelizin',
shovelizin' man
- Ha har!
- Hey, look at me.
I'm digging up stuff.
Ha ha! Play it, boys.
- Arrgh!
- Yee-ha!
- i'm a shovelizin',
shovelizin' man
- [growls]
- It's incredible!
I've never seen
anything like it!
- Why, thank you.
I got it off of tv.
- Ohh
- My prized posies!
- My prized poodles!
- My prized prizes!
- Mm-hmm!
That was--huh! Huh--
some sort of workout.
[doorbell rings]
time to hit the--hey!
Who could that be?
- [mob shouting]
- Uh
- You fancy yourself a shoveler,
do you?
- Well, i do have
a fancy shovel.
- Well, i'm with
the diggers union.
You got a license to dig
with that fancy shovel?
- Someone at the door, johnny?
- Wrong number.
- [mob shouting]
- I gotta get out of here!
I didn't really think this
through, did i?
I can feel the burn!
We're saved!
And we dug all the way
to china!
No! Shovelizer!
Don't do this to me!
Don't do this to me!
We've been through too much!
How will i ever replace you?
- Let me guess.
Uh! That is so 11 minutes ago.
What you need
is a super sleigh blaster!
- Super sleigh blaster?
- That's right.
The super sleigh blaster
combines advanced
exercise physiology
With the time-honored tradition
of fine mushing.
- I'll take it!
[growling, barking]
- Yeah, i'd like
two french toast tacos
And a maple salsa shake.
And deliver 'em
straight to my mouth.
Courtesy of me--
Huh! Johnny bravo.
[doorbell rings]
It's taco time!
- Johnny bravo?
- That's me.
- I'm mr. T. And i--
- Look, mister,
i'm kind of in a hurry,
So could you just make
with the tacos?
- Do i look like
i have your tacos?
- Yes.
- [growls]
- Uh, no?
What did you say
your name was again?
- First name: Mister.
Middle name: Period.
Last name: T.
- Does that "t" stand for taco?
- You crazy? The "t" don't stand
for no taco!
- Uh!
- The "t" stands for truthful
and trustworthy, which i am,
Integri-t, which i got.
"t" is for tuxedo jacket,
Tweed trousers,
and tam-o'shanter cap,
Which i don't need 'cause
I'm my own tailor.
I make my own threads.
- Ohh! Is "t" for
teeny-weeny, eeny-meeny,
yellow polka-dot bikini?
- No, fool.
"t" is for don't mess with me
when i'm verbalizin'.
- Hey, that doesn't start
with a "t."
- The "t" is silent.
- But--
- i said don't mess with me!
Now, quit your jibber-jabberin'
and listen up.
"t" is for trouble,
Which, according to this letter,
you're in a heap of.
- "dear mr. T.,
My name is johnny bravo."
Hey! That's my name, too.
"i go to aaron city
elementary school."
That's crazy! I went to
aaron city elementary school.
"every day at recess,
little ricky simmons--"
Little ricky simmons?
- That's right, so how does it
feel to be flat on your back,
Johnny flat-on-your-back-o?
- But i'm not flat
on my back.
- And i'll be back tomorrow
to flatten you again.
Ha ha!
And the day after that!
And the day after that!
And the day after that!
And then after the weekend!
And twice the next day!
Ha ha ha!
[music playing on tv]
- You bullying bulls
sure got bad attitudes!
- "every day at recess,
"little ricky simmons,
the school bully,
"bullies me.
"please help me
bully him back
Like you bullied those bulls
on tv."
Help me, mr. T.
You're my only hope.
- I flattened you good.
- Mama!
Mama! Mama! Mama!
Now i remember.
I wrote you that letter
when i was a kid.
- Look, i'm sorry
i didn't get here sooner,
But it takes a lot of time
to personally respond
to all of my fan mail.
Now, about this
little ricky simmons--
- Little ricky simmons!
- Evidently for some people,
"t" stands for traumatized.
But for me,
"t" stands for teach,
Train, and toughen you up,
Which is what i'm here to do.
- Really?
- You calling me a liar?
- Uh, no, sir.
- By the time
i'm done with you,
You'll be able to stand up
to that little ricky simmons.
- Little ricky simmons!
- Oh, mama.
We got a lot of work to do.
Now, the first thing
you want to do
When you're dealing
with a bully
Is to try
to talk things through.
- Like, please don't flatten me?
- No!
- Leggo my elbow?
- No! If a bully
is hassling you,
You talk through things
like this.
- Aargh.
- Not, "uhh!"
- Hi-ya, johnny.
- Ooh-booga!
- Gesundheit.
- Hi-ya, mr. T.
- Hi-ya, suzy.
"t" power!
- "t" power!
- So you guys know each other
or something?
- Oh, yeah, we go way back.
Suzy, show johnny
how we talk down bullies
When they get in your face.
- [grunts]
- Yeah! Like that!
[both grunting]
- Ungaah.
- [grunting]
- Ohh-uhh
- [grunting]
- [weak grunts]
What you guys said.
- You know, maybe you'd do
better with a catch phrase.
- A catch phrase?
- Yeah, get yourself
a catch phrase.
That way, punks know
who they are talking to.
They know you mean business.
- Like,
it's "t" time, sucka!
- All right.
It's "t" time, sucka.
- But you gotta mean it.
It's gotta come from the heart.
Like, i pity the fool!
- [man screams]
- [cat howls]
- See? It works, 'cause i do,
in fact, pity the fool.
That's why i'm here with you,
isn't it?
- Good point.
- Now try it again,
this time from the heart.
- Right. From the heart.
From the heart.
- [howls]
- I thought we
would try something
a bit more physical.
- [caws]
- Are you serious?
- Toucans may look sweet,
but they are real crafty,
And tough as all get-out.
- Get out!
- If you can tackle the toucan,
you can tackle the fear.
- Then consider this fear
tacklized. Ha!
- Get him, bravo!
Show him what you made of!
That bird ain't so bad.
He ain't nothin'!
Come on, now!
Can that toucan!
- Gotcha!
- [chomp]
- owee!
Leggo my nose!
It smells like
tropical lemon here!
- If you want to beat this guy,
you gotta want it.
You gotta be hungry.
- I am hungry.
- I can't hear you!
- I am hungry!
- Good. Then, let's eat.
I'm gonna show you how to make
healthy snack alternatives.
You put peanut butter
on a celery stalk.
I know what you're thinking--
this bad boy is good to go.
- You read my mind.
- But wait!
Add a handful of raisins.
Now you've got
a delicious, nutritious snack
That can't be beat--
The ants on a log
triple threat--
Crisp, salty, and sweet.
Crazy fool! Never
underestimate the power
of healthy snack-making.
- Ok.
[rock music playing]
- i roar like a lion
or a walrus in a tin can
like a rhino or a salmon
in a tin can
you gotta be
the best you you can be
- growl like a blue jay,
howl like a tube sock
- bloom like a baker,
shout like a bug
- buzz like an angry bee
burn like a cup of tea
you'll win in the end
you'll win in the end
oh, yeah
you gotta be
the best you you can be
- growl like a blue jay,
howl like a tube sock
bloom like a baker,
shout like a bug
- run like an angry bee
run like a cup of tea
you'll win in the end
you'll win in the end
- [squawks]
- You done good, johnny.
I'm proud of you.
I want you to have this.
- Thanks, mr. T.
- Only the toughest of the tough
can wear that
And still lay down
a mean whupping.
- Then why aren't you
wearing one?
- You think i'd be caught
in something like that?
I've done all i can for you.
It's time to face
your childhood nemesis.
Now you've got to decide,
Are you gonna be somebody
Or be somebody's fool?
- Somebody's fool!
Somebody's fool!
- Little ricky simmons.
Little ricky simmons?
- Yes.
- Johnny? Johnny bravo?
Is that you?
- Yeah. Look, i don't want
any trouble or nothing.
- Oh, i would never dream
of troubling you.
Please, come in.
May i take
your sheep-herding garments?
- Sure.
- Johnny, i'm so happy
you're here.
There's something
i've wanted to tell you
for a very long time.
- Does this have something to do
with flattening me?
- You know, i had a lot of pain
in my childhood.
And well, i took a great deal
of that pain out on you.
I just wanted to say
I'm sorry.
- Really?
- Really.
- Whoa!
- Ha ha ha!
So how does it feel
to be flat on your back,
Johnny flat-on-your-back-o?
- Not good-o.
- Then, how about sweatin'
to this oldie?
- Not the wet willie!
- Johnny, don't forget,
Healthy snack alternatives.
- What?
- Ants on a log, fool.
- Yah!
- johnny o
Where are you?
come on out
johnny o
Flat-back-o johnny!
Come on out!
johnny o
Let's get this party movin'
and groovin'!
Whoa! Yeah!
This delicious, nutritious snack
can't be beat.
- It's a triple threat--
Crisp, salty, and sweet.
- It's a taste sensation.
You know, johnny,
you're all right.
- Friends.
- I love it when a plan
comes together.
So, little suzy,
what did we learn today?
- Don't be afraid
to face your fears.
- That even the helpless
can be helped.
- As peanut butter and raisins
meet celery stick,
Friends meet friends.
- So now you know.
- And knowing is growing!
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