Johnny Bravo (1997) s04e10 Episode Script

The Time of My Life/Run Johnny Run

- 1, 2, 3! Huh!
Ooh! Check the pecs!
Hoo! Hah! Hoo!
Man, i'm pretty!
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Do the monkey with me! Come on!
Hey there, baby!
Yeah, whatever.
Look at me.
I love you.
Wow! You're even prettier
with my eyes open.
Hey, mama!
I'm off to go chickalating!
- So, there really was a band
called a flock of seagulls.
- Mama, what are you doing
Looking at my old
high school yearbook?
- Johnny!
- Didn't i tell you never
to show this to anyone?!
- No. Not that i remember.
- Seriously, johnny,
What's the big deal?
Besides, it's educational, too.
I'm learning all
about hammer pants
And "knight rider."
- You know, sometimes it's best
To forget the past and think
about the future
Like what are we having
for dinner tonight, mama?
- Sweet cream on
an ice cream sandwich!
- That sounds good!
- Who is this girl?
- Oh, yeah.
That's sandy.
Sandy "the most prettiest
girl in school" baker.
- And, as i remember,
the most popular, too.
- Yeah, but she
was no big whoop.
- hey, johnny?!
hey, johnny?!
- It was me that was whupped.
- sha ba ba ba ba doo
- Sandy.
It was like she was
from another planet.
- shoop da doo
- And was just visiting earth
To show us humans what
perfection was all about.
- da da da da da da, doo
- But it's not like she
was stuck up or nothing.
Na-uh! Not sandy.
- sandy doo
- Even though she
had every right to be.
She ran track and field.
- i know
- Was the class president.
- for sure
- Got straight as.
- like, totally
- And once she even taught
a group of orphans how to ski.
- there's nothing
that she couldn't do
- That's sandy.
If cool were a kingdom,
She'd be the ruler.
- sha da da doo bee da doo
- Oh, yeah.
Now, that was a flashback!
- So, was she your girlfriend?
- Now, suzy, you might
find this hard to believe,
But my johnny boy wasn't
always the hunky stallion
He is today.
- Ooh!
Mama, don't talk about
me like that!
It gives me the wig!
- What do you mean?
- Just turn the page, dearie.
- Yeah?
What about it?
- Look closely.
- Mama!
- Johnny!
Is that you?!
- In a twisted,
twilight-zoney kind of way.
- So, you just liked
sandy from afar?
- Yeah. Sandy was
never my girlfriend,
But we did have a thing.
I knew it from
the first time we met.
She was totally into me.
- Johnny bravo!
Or should i call you
johnny candy bar wrapper?
- Candy bar wrapper?
- Yeah, because
candy bar wrappers
Go in the trash!
- [grunts]
- Yeah!
- Candy bar wrapper?
- Dude!
Where do you come up
with these lines?
- Oh, did you like that one?
It came to me last night
After i threw my candy bar
wrapper in the trash.
I thought, "candy bar wrapper,"
Oh, this is too good not to use.
- [laughing]
Man, you're like a comic genius!
- Yeah, trent.
You should write for the movies.
- Oh!
Hey, sandy.
You're looking good.
- And?
- And, heck,
I'm looking good.
- And?!
- And, uh
- Sorry?!
- And i'm sorry.
- You're a sorry
and pathetic loser
For picking on people who
don't have huge muscles.
- You really think
my muscles are huge?
- Will you just apologize
and get out of here?!
- Hey, johnny,
no hard feelings, eh?
- Yeah, whatever.
[bell rings]
- Oh, yeah!
You know what that means!
- P.E.!
All right, all right,
all right!
Awesome, awesome, awesome!
All right, all right,
all right!
Awesome, awesome, awesome!
- Can i give you a lift?
- If you don't mind.
- Whoa! I'm sorry.
I didn't realize
how light you were.
- No problemo.
- Are you all right?
- I am now.
- By the way, my name's sandy.
- And my name's johnny!
Huh! Johnny bravo.
- Johnny bravo!
Aren't you in my spanish class?
- Si, senorita.
- Hey, do you want to
study with me tonight
For the test tomorrow?
I sure would love the company.
- So, she asked you out?
- What can i say?
Even as a 98-pound weakling,
I still got it.
- Had it.
- Got it.
- You still got it,
But you had it.
- Suzy, you go to
school too much.
- Can i get on with my story?
- I can't wait!
- Anyhow,
That night, i asked sandy
to go with me to the prom.
- You didn't!
- I did!
- What did she say?
- Oh, yes, johnny, yes!
I would love to go
to the prom with you!
Oh, my gosh!
I have to pick out a dress!
I've gotta go!
I'll see you soon, johnny!
- Yeah!
I was about to go to the prom
With the prettiest
girl in school,
And i thought to myself,
"she deserves better."
She deserves to go to
the prom with a hunkin' stud
With a buff bod!
- Meaning my johnny boy
needed a new set of pecs.
- Mama, can i just
tell my story?!
- I'm sorry, baby.
Go on with your meanderings.
- "darn it!
"i'm tired of being
a bag of bones!
"i'm gonna show that biff
by ordering this workout
"from flex bigarms!
"boy, that only took a week!
"hey, bully boy,
"why don't you get out of here
"before i give you
a knuckle sandwich!
"oh, billy! You are all man!
Golly, what a hunk!"
Only 6 more weeks to the prom.
All i have to say is,
"good-bye, bag of bones,
Hello, hunky meat muscle!"
- i've finally found a love
to sweep me off my feet
an everlasting love in you
turn around, feel the sound
hey, you, work it out
come on, come on,
let's talk it out
it's time this time
live in the now
it's like i always
dreamed it could be
jumping the gun
heavens above
hey, you, work it out
come on, come on,
let's talk it out
when i'm with you, baby
my feelings get
the best of me
you know you drive me crazy
i'm reaching out
work it out
that's all right with me
hey, you, work it out
come on, come on,
let's talk it out
- So, there you have it.
I was now a johnny burger--
Extra beef.
Hah! Huh!
I think i'm in love!
Huh! Hah!
Oh, yeah.
If being a hunk is wrong,
Then i don't want to be right.
Hah! Oh, mama!
I wish i could stay,
But i think someone
has a prom to go to.
- I can't believe you
got all buffed out
Because of one girl!
Oh, waitYes, i can.
[doorbell rings]
- I couldn't wait
to see her face.
I mean, let me tell ya,
I was looking good.
Handsome hunk delivery!
- No way!
She didn't!
- Oh, yeah, she did.
Sandy ditched me out
on prom night.
I wanted to talk to her
once we got back to school,
But i never saw her again.
I think she was hiding from me.
- Rude!
How could she say yes
and then leave you hanging?
Don't you wish you could
talk to her again
And ask her
"what's up with that?"
[horn honks]
- Speaking of which,
Now is your chance!
- What?!
- Surprise!
I invited sandy over to visit!
I found her on the internet.
- But--
[doorbell rings]
- Go, johnny!
You can do it!
- Bravo residence.
May i help you?
- Johnny?
- That's my name.
Don't wear it out.
- Oh, johnny, it's so
good to see you again.
You really filled out.
- Yeah, well, i did it for you,
But you wouldn't know
anything about that,
Would you--since someone
didn't show up to notice.
- Huh?
- Yeah!
How come you stood up
johnny on prom night?
- What?!
Prom night?
We didn't have a date
for the prom.
I didn't even go to the prom.
- What?
- What?
- What?
- Yeah, don't you
remember that night
I came over to study with you?
You asked me to the prom
Even though you knew that
my family was moving away
And that i wasn't going
to be able to go.
I thought that was
the sweetest thing.
I would love to go to
the prom with you,
But you know i'm
moving next week.
- I guess i missed
that last part.
- I'm sorry i left crying,
But i just couldn't
deal that night.
- You mean those
weren't tears of joy?
- It was so hard
to leave aron city.
You're the only person that ever
asked me out to the prom.
I'll never forget that.
- Is that why you
kept coming over,
To say good-bye?
- That's right!
- What?! You didn't
tell me that!
- I didn't?
Oops! My bad.
- You mean you didn't know?
Oh, no!
I'm sorry if i ruined
your chances
Of finding another
date to the prom.
Is there anything i can
do to make it up to you?
- Well, you could start by being
My new and number-one
main squeeze.
- Oh, johnny,
that is so flattering,
But i'm married now.
- Hello, bravo family!
- Wow!
Are they all yours?
- I can't help it.
I've always wanted
a huge family.
- Oh, to be so lucky.
- Gee, johnny,
Can you imagine having 7 kids
Just like me running
around the house?
- Yeah, right!
- [screaming]
- Anybody got any kid spray?
[camera shutter clicking]
- Oh, no!
I only have 20 minutes
to get across town
To meet my blind date!
And with mama's car in the shop,
I need to think of another
way to get there, pronto!
What are you gonna do?
Sorry, mama.
Here's a good one.
Nah, no good.
Not this one--
- johnny!
Look what you've done!
Oh, my whole flower bed
is ruined!
- Oh, mama, i need a bouquet
for my big date--
- And you're such
a good little boy
That you're going to replant
My whole flower bed
just like new.
- But i'm gonna be late!
- And when you're finished,
Don't forget to add
plenty of manure!
- Aw, man!
Oh, now that ain't right.
Fresh and--
Clean as a whistle.
- Here, honey, take this,
And buy the girl some
flowers on your way.
[bicycle bell rings]
- Hi, johnny!
Got a blind date?
- How'd you know?
- I'm just cool like that.
But guess what!
- No!
- Close!
I just spent the last 8 hours
Building this giant 3-d puzzle
With the gang at
the old folks home.
All i have to do now
is glue it together
And it'll be the new centerpiece
for their dining room.
- Good for you.
Now, if you'll excuse me.
- Yes?
- Enough chitchat, mister.
I need a bouquet
of flowers quick.
- Certainly, sir.
And may i ask what
is the occasion?
- A date, and i'm late.
So, make with the bouquet, ok?
- Well, i'll try to hurry, sir.
- Great! Here's 5 bucks.
Keep the change!
- Well!
- Help!
- Whoa! Don't do that!
- Mister, my kitty's
stuck up in a tree,
And i can't get her down!
- Sorry, kid,
i'm late for my date.
Oh, man!
Here, kitty, kitty,
kitty, kitty, kitty, kitty.
Come on, johnny
doesn't have all day.
- Wow!
Gosh, thanks, mister!
You saved my kitty!
You are a hero!
Hey, everybody,
Get a load of this guy!
He saved my kitty!
- Wow! Who is that guy?!
- Amazing!
And how did you accomplish
this brave rescue, mister
- Uh, bravo!
Hah! Johnny bravo!
- Johnny bravo!
My hero!
- [clamoring happily]
- Yeah, i'm a--
Oh, man, i'm a mess!
Look at these flowers!
Listen, i got a date,
And i'm really, really late.
- Mr. Bravo, wait!
Well, there you have it.
Local hero johnny bravo.
He's got a date,
and he's really, really late.
But amazingly he took the time
To save a little boy's kitty.
The sweetest man on earth?
More on this at 11:00.
- Hey, johnny.
Need a ride somewhere?
- Hmm.
Ok, carl!
Take me to the park, pronto!
- One park, coming up!
[tires squealing]
Whoa, this is fun!
Just like "dukes
of starsky and the bear."
- Whoa, carl!
- Here we are--the park!
- Wait a minute.
This is the wrong park.
I meant riverside park.
- Oh, riverside park.
Well, come on then,
johnny, hop in.
- Forget it.
I'll get there quicker myself!
- Whatever.
- I made it.
Oh, mama!
I'm two hours late!
- Hello there, handsome.
Well, hello there,
handsome, to you, too!
Wait a minute!
Are you my blind date?
Sorry i'm late.
- Oh, no.
You're right on time.
- Check! Check! Check it out!
- [hisses]
- ow!
- [burp]
- What's going on here?
- Welcome to the wonderful
world of vampires!
- Hooray!
- What the
- Hey, man,
welcome to the undead!
Want to play parcheesi later?
- Wait a second!
I can't become a vampire!
I'm a sun-worshiper!
How am i supposed to
keep my golden tan
And my--
This doesn't happen
in my cartoon.
Not if i can help it.
[rewinding sound]
What are you gonna do?
Hey, mama, can i have 5 bucks
to buy some flowers?
- Why should i give you 5 bucks?
- Well, see, i would have
dug up all your flowers,
But this way, i won't have to.
- [sighs]
If it makes sense to you.
- I got a date,
and i can't be la--
Oh, man!
- Oh, no!
My 3-d puzzle for--
- The old folks home.
- How did you know?
- I'm just cool like that.
There you go. Perfect.
Good as new.
- [whistles]
I can't believe we
were able to--
- Yeah, good for you.
Now, if you'll excuse me.
And keep the change!
- Well!
- Help!
- Oh, yeah, you again.
- Mister, my kitty's--
- Right, stuck up in a tree,
won't come down.
Just stand right there.
- What are you doing?
- Yeah, cats always
land on their feet.
- Help!
This crazy man's
hurting my kitty!
He's hurting my kitty!
- [clamoring angrily]
- How dare you hurt that boy's
Precious little kitty!
- [yelling]
- Meanest man on earth?
More on this at 11:00.
- Hey, johnny!
Need a ride somewhere?
- Hmm!
Yeah, but not to the park
you took me to last time.
- What do you mean "last time"?
- Never mind, just step on it.
- Wow! This is fun!
- Now, turn left up there!
- No, johnny, it's a right!
- Left!
- Right!
- Left!
- Right!
- Oh, man!
I made it.
Oh, i'm still an hour late!
Hey, princess!
You wouldn't happen to be
my blind date, would you?
- Hello! Sorry, can't talk!
I'm late!
- Oh, that's cool.
'cause i'm late, too!
We can be late together.
- Oh, fiddlesticks!
- Seriously, i know
i can get this right!
I know i can!
[rewinding sound]
What are you gonna do?
Thanks, mama!
- Any time, honey.
- Hi, johnny!
- Good luck with
your blind date!
- Yeah, yeah, move along.
You got old folks waiting.
- Yes?
- A can of cat food,
a can opener.
Here's 5 bucks, keep the change!
[cat meowing]
No time to explain.
Here, kitty, kitty!
See! Feet-first!
- I wonder what he
uses in his hair.
- Running.
Is it really heart-smart?
More on this at 11:00.
- Hey, johnny!
Need a ride?
No thanks, i'm good!
- You sure?
- A little too sure!
I made it.
Oh, my gosh! I'm even on time!
- What are you, a dog?
- Close! I'm your blind date.
I just wanted to check
if you were a mouse
Or an undead zombie
or something.
- You're my date?
And you have no flowers?
What kind of cheapskate are you?
- Yeah, the thing is, i--
- Where are we going, anyway?
Someplace nice?
- I don't know.
I thought we'd just
go to the lake,
And you can rub my toes
while we talk about me!
- Seriously,
Where are we going?
- Ok, how 'bout we sit here
and talk about me?
I'm kind of pooped anyway.
- I can't believe i'm
wasting my time on you.
- Hang on a sec!
We just got off to a bad start.
How 'bout we skip
the talking about me part
And get right to the good stuff,
Like looking at me?!
- Hah!
- Oh! Oh!
Or what do you say we just
fast-forward to the end?
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