Julie and the Phantoms (2020) s01e03 Episode Script

Flying Solo

[whimsical music plays]
[rock guitar riff plays]
[students muttering]
Hey, where'd the rest of the band go?
Wait. Were those holograms?
Yes! Yes, they were holograms.
[chuckles lightly]
I plugged it into the ceiling projector
before the show.
I'd explain it, but it involves algorithms
and science stuff.
[students applaud]
That's wild.
They could see us when we were playing,
but not when the music ended.
We should double check.
Yeah, I don't
I don't think they can see us.
I wish I couldn't see you.
OK, people, show's over.
Let's get back to class, please.
What was that? "Were those holograms?"
-Hey there. Hi. Reggie.
-What even is that? What was that?
Could I call you some time?
What's your number?
Mrs. Harrison, I am so sorry
for not asking for permission.
I just wanted to show you I belong here.
As amazing as that was,
your spot's already been filled
by another student.
Come on,
that thing is way too big for him!
He'll grow into it.
I wish that I could help you,
but my hands are tied.
Mine aren't, and as much as
I didn't approve of this little stunt
that you pulled,
I will not go down in history
as the principal who kicked Julie Molina
out of the music program.
[chuckles] Thank you!
when you win your first Grammy,
I want to be thanked.
Thank you.
[Mrs. Harrison] Oh! Aw!
-Welcome back.
Wow. You did it.
Thanks to you.
Hey, you OK?
Uh I'm great.
When did you start playing
with a hologram band?
Oh, it was just one song.
We're not a band.
They're a band, a hologram band.
Definitely holograms.
Yeah, I saw.
Why have you been
keeping those cute boys a secret?
There's a reason for that.
It's just really crazy.
Oh, I'm all about crazy. Let's hear it.
OK. Um, so they're
from Sweden.
Yeah. Turns out they they're
not only great at making meatballs
but also good at making music.
Yeah, so they play there,
I stream them here, we play together,
they leave, then that's it.
Anyway, who's excited
that I'm back in the music program?
Jules, are you lying to me?
Yeah, I'm lying.
Since when do we lie to each other?
Flynn [sighs]
I'm sorry.
[scoffs] "I'm sorry"?
That's all you've got?
Wait, Flynn. Wait, no!
Come Wait. Come on.
[Julie] Come on, Flynn.
Hey! Nice job!
Julie! Julie!
Those holograms were so cool.
It's like we were in Coachella, but, like,
not in the desert and without the sweat.
[girl giggles]
It's true.
That was incredible.
It was way better
than when you cried and ran out.
Hey, um
maybe we should get to science.
Uh, yeah, then maybe you can study
the chemical properties of manners
or something.
Was that supposed to be a comeback?
Wow yourself.
Another winner.
Hey, that was kind of cold.
You two used to be friends.
I've earned my chair, Nick.
Julie lost hers
after she didn't sing a note for a year.
Then suddenly,
she drops in unannounced to upstage me
with her little hologram act?
I worked hard on that routine.
Julie's no friend.
[bell rings]
[Nick groans]
I stepped into that.
-[guys] Julie!
You! Stop doing that!
I'm serious.
Whoa! This one's all on you.
We were already here.
Well, actually, we were over there,
and then we came over here.
Are we not gonna talk about what happened?
Yeah, the whole school saw you.
It's kinda freaking me out.
OK, good,
'cause it's kind of freaking me out too.
You know, you could see us,
and people could see us
whenever we play music.
And my clothes are made of air,
but for some reason,
I'm still getting a wedgie.
[inhales sharply] So many questions.
The important thing is
that we rocked that place.
They were loving you!
Are you kidding? They loved us.
That was a great song, Luke. Thanks.
And did you guys see
the cheerleaders looking at me?
I think they were looking at me.
-Please tell me they were.
-Bro, they were looking at you.
-Oh, I knew it!
I'm so
I'm so confused, you know?
The afterlife should come
with instructions
or a quick start guide or something.
Well, the good thing is that
everyone thought you guys were holograms,
and I got back into the program.
-Why do you look so bummed?
-Yeah, dude, you're making this face.
That is not my face.
-[Reggie] Eh
-It's your face.
And things just got weird
between me and Flynn.
She asked about you guys,
and I couldn't say.
Sweet. Girls are already talking about us.
Stop. I'm serious.
I can't tell her about you guys
for the same reason I can't tell my dad.
She'll think I've gone off the deep end.
This dude definitely thinks
you've gone off the deep end.
[janitor] Hmm
Mm. [chuckles]
I gotta get back to class.
Later, Julie.
Oh, tell those cheerleaders I'm single.
Oh, and that he's dead.
Oh no, no, no! Leave that part out.
Leave that
-She's gone.
-[Luke] Whoo!
I think he's practicing his model strut.
He's so nervous,
he's almost making me nervous.
OK, look,
you guys know I don't handle change well.
All right? Death?
That was a change.
OK? Then we became ghosts.
All right? Another change.
And and now we can be seen
whenever we play with Julie.
Big freaking change!
Yeah, but, bro, it was a good change.
With Julie, we can play on stage again
and be the band we never got to be.
Come on.
I mean, you gotta be down for that.
Yeah, I mean, who wouldn't be? I just
-You know, I wanna figure out why.
-Forget why.
Man, I say we invite Julie
to join Sunset Curve.
Yeah, totally.
I mean, like, think about it.
With a new lead singer,
this band would be legendary.
I'm our lead singer.
Dude, that girl has the voice of an angel,
and she can make us visible.
Without her,
we're just like elevator music.
You don't gotta be so mean about it.
And we're on the runway again.
OK, I'm sorry, all right? I just
I gotta go clear my head.
Dude, you're a ghost. Just poof out.
Don't tell me how to ghost!
[inhales, exhales sharply]
[man] Can I get a photo
with you and my family?
Great, thanks.
-[Marilyn giggles]
-[man 2] Yeah. It's right over there.
-[woman] Yeah.
[tense music plays]
-[woman] Thank you.
-[man 2] You're welcome.
Oh God, I'm busted.
[Alex] Oh God!
[clears throat]
-[man] That'll be great.
-[Alex] OK.
-[rock music plays]
-[boy] Beep beep!
[chuckles] Comin' through. Hey!
Oh! Nice hat.
Cheese! [chuckles]
Aah! [coughs]
Ah. [coughs]
[exhales sharply, groans]
[clears throat] Oh man!
Oh, you dinged my board.
I dinged your board?
Dude, you ran me over.
You're lucky I didn't
Y-Y-You you you ran me over.
You're a ghost?
Mm. Yeah.
Ever since I learned the hard way that
[seductive rock music plays]
skating in traffic was bad.
Hey, sorry I, uh, smashed into you.
I thought you were a lifer,
and I'd just pass right through.
Uh, a lifer?
Yeah, that's, uh
That's what we call people who are living.
You're new to this whole ghost thing,
aren't you?
[chuckles] Yeah. Is it that obvious?
Totally. [chuckles]
Hey, I'm, uh I'm Willie.
Oh, uh, Alex.
So, um, what brings you to Hollywood, man?
You, uh, sightseeing?
Picture with that, uh
[clicks tongue] Marilyn girl?
Uh Yeah, actually,
I was having a minor afterlife crisis,
so, you know, just clearing my head
until you tried to crack it open.
I did pancake you, huh?
I'm sorry.
Um, so, minor afterlife crisis?
Yeah, I just I just keep freaking out
about everything, you know?
Shouldn't we be in Heaven or something?
Who's we?
Oh, uh, me and my bandmates.
We all died.
Now, that's tragic, man.
You guys had some kind of accident, or
Yeah, you could you could say that.
We ate some bad hot dogs.
-Whoa! No way.
Weirdly, that is what happened to Mozart.
Wow. That's actually comforting.
Thank you.
[Willie chuckles]
Hey, do you mind
if I ask you a couple more questions?
That's kind of your thing, isn't it?
All right.
You just gotta keep up.
[Alex] Hey! Um wait up!
[sighs heavily]
-Aah! [chuckles]
Good. You're home.
What's all this?
Ah, just, you know, some stuff
on other schools with music programs
and and some private lessons stuff.
I know it looks like a mess,
but your dad's got this.
Well, luckily for you,
I got back in at my school.
Wait. Wait, what?
You're not joking me now?
[chuckles] I went down,
I put on a show with some ghosts
Getters, go-getters,
and Principal Lessa let me back in.
Yes! Yes!
Oh! Mm! Ohh!
You're awesome. I am so happy for you.
You are the best!
[Julie giggles]
I got it. I got it.
"The Australian School of Music"?
That's halfway around the world.
I I was gonna bring you home
for Christmas.
Hey, you rock.
The best.
[guitar riff plays]
Reggie, what do you think of this riff?
Sweet. I'm feeling that.
And then I come in with a little, uh
Then Julie comes in
with her killer lyrics.
And Sunset Curve is reborn.
Guys, you aren't supposed to be out here
playing alone.
But we're not alone,
'cause we always have each other.
-[Reggie chuckles]
But but we had the volume level on one.
But we rocked it on volume ten.
You want us to play it again?
I really don't think she does.
[Reggie] No.
We've been waiting for you to get home.
OK, so we have some pretty major news
to tell you.
We had a band meeting earlier, and
we wanna invite you to join Sunset Curve.
And no, you're not dreaming.
Oh, uh Oh, she said, "Oh." Um
[chuckles] That's what you say
when you get socks on your birthday,
not when invited
to join the most epic band ever.
Sorry. I'm honored, but I can't think
about anything but Flynn right now.
She's still mad at me for lying.
She hasn't even texted me back.
-Yeah, you're in a tough spot.
So, you wanna join the band?
Read the room, dude.
Oh come on!
We need you,
and you need us because you need music.
We found this poem that you wrote,
and Reggie and I,
we added this really cool melody to it.
It sounds awesome.
Where'd you find that?
Uh definitely not your dream box.
-You went through my stuff?
-I know, but
-Yeah, we can do that now.
-No! No, you can't!
Boundaries! Give it back!
No! Hey, you need to realize
how insanely talented you are.
OK? Listen to this.
"If somebody hurts you
If somebody hurts you,
I'm gonna get hurt too."
And my life
My life would be real low, zero ♪
Flying solo ♪
Oh-oh! ♪
It's a killer melody.
[sighs] I wrote that about Flynn
when she was helping me
with all my mom stuff.
I gotta go.
Hey, what about the band?
Oh I almost forgot.
Stay out of my room!
[Luke] Yeah?
We will if you join our band.
I mean, it's just
it's just so random, you know,
that we disappear for 25 years,
and then Julie plays our CD, and then bam!
We're back.
It's kind of funny, right? You thought
when you died you'd get all these answers,
and now you just have more questions.
[Willie chuckles]
[dog sighs heavily]
Why did he
[both snicker]
So, who's this, um Julie?
Oh, she's the girl that discovered us.
Did I mention she can see us?
You understand
my whole freaking out thing?
A lifer can see you?
Yeah, man. No, it gets crazier. All right?
This morning,
we're playing music with her,
we become visible to her entire school.
Whoa, I've never heard
of that happening before.
Maybe this Julie's connected
to your unfinished business.
Yes. Totally.
I would completely agree if I had any clue
what you're talking about.
Right. Um unfinished business.
It's why people become ghosts
when they die.
There's still something
they need to accomplish,
and once they complete it
[clicks tongue]
they can cross over.
OK, so how do we figure out
what our unfinished business is?
I don't know.
You know, some ghosts never do.
I still haven't. But, you know,
I'm not too worried about it
because being a ghost
lets me do my favorite thing
skate anywhere I want
without getting busted.
I mean, bro,
when I'm not skating here or the beach,
I'm skating Justin Bieber's empty pool.
Who's that?
You seriously have so much
to catch up on, bro. Dang!
All right. I'll catch you later, hotdog.
I really don't like that nickname.
It's how I died!
[Willie skates off]
He's cute, huh?
Guess that means
I'm buying lunch that day ♪
I know all your secrets
You know all my deep dish ♪
Guess that means that some things ♪
Wait, so [sighs]
When she says, "deep dish,"
is she talking about, like, pizza, or
Oh! Oh, hey, man. Where you been?
Um, kind of everywhere.
Yeah. No, I met a new ghost friend.
For real?
Yeah, he answered a ton of questions.
Yeah? Like whether Julie
was gonna join the band or not?
Um Well, we didn't
We didn't really get to that,
but I think I know why we're here.
OK? All ghosts have,
like, unfinished business.
So, we need to do our unfinished business
so that we can cross over.
Why would we do that?
I'm just saying,
this is like our second chance.
All we need to do
is get Julie to play with us.
Yeah. Not only can that girl sing,
she can write too.
Luke and I made a killer melody
to one of her lyrics.
Without your drummer. Cool.
Drumming is so '90s. OK?
We're just gonna stomp our feet now.
Well, you know what else is so '90s?
Being rude. All right? Get woke.
These are sensitive times.
Ah! Alex
[Luke] Ow.
[whispers] Learned that
from my ghost friend.
-[chuckles] Woke.
-That's That's a cool word.
-What does it mean?
-No clue.
What are you doing here?
I've been looking all over for you.
Not everywhere, 'cause here I am.
I've been texting you all day.
The least you could have done
is text me back.
I sent a poop emoji.
I think it said everything.
-I was just leaving this.
-I won't need it anymore.
-I'm not taking it.
Fine. Then my dad
can wash his car with it,
though all this betrayal on it
might scratch his paint.
Look, I'm very sorry for not telling you.
But I-I need you to know
how important you are to me.
There's no way I would've made it
through this year if it wasn't for you.
Yet it was three strangers
who got you back into music.
I don't need someone in my life
who lies and keeps things from me.
Goodbye, Julie.
They're ghosts.
The boys in my band.
They aren't holograms.
They're ghosts. And when we play together,
people can see them.
What do you mean "ghosts"?
Like the kind that rattle chains
and go "boo"?
No. And I'm pretty sure
that's just a hurtful ghost stereotype.
These guys are just normal dead dudes.
Well Reggie's a little questionable.
Who are you texting?
Your dad. He told me to text him
if I was worried about you.
And, um
I'm worried.
You're seeing things, Jules.
All right. So you wanna be difficult?
Meet me in my mom's studio in 30 minutes,
and I'll prove to you that I'm not crazy.
And please don't text my dad.
You have 30 minutes.
-Why did you bring eggs?
-Oh! Um No.
[chuckles awkwardly] No.
See, I grabbed those by mistake.
It's not like I was gonna throw them
at your bedroom window or anything.
[Julie sighs]
Thirty minutes! Go.
[Julie chuckles]
Thanks for coming.
We just wanted to rehearse the song
so it was perfect,
which it's not, but whatever.
No, if I'm gonna hear a song
from your imaginary ghost band,
I want it to be perfect.
So, get back in there.
All of you. You too.
[chuckles] They're not out here.
Oh, I know.
All right, guys. You ready?
Uh, actually, can you go over there?
Reggie needs some space to rock out,
and he feels kinda weird
walking through you.
Boy, when you create a world,
you really live in it.
[Julie] Just sit!
[Flynn] Oh!
If you'll notice, there's no equipment
that will produce a hologram.
Feel free to look around.
[exhales] The guys took a poem that
I wrote about you and put it to music.
Aww! I wish I didn't have
to talk to your dad after this.
[chuckles lightly]
It's called "Flying Solo."
Hope you like it.
[beat repeats]
If I leave you on a bad note
Leave you on a sad note ♪
Guess that means
I'm buying lunch that day ♪
I know all your secrets
You know all my deep dish ♪
Guess that means
Some things they never ♪
They never change ♪
We both know what I, what I ♪
What I mean ♪
When I look at you
It's like I'm looking at me ♪
-My life, my life would be real low ♪
-[Flynn screams]
-Zero, flying solo ♪
-[guys] Oh-oh-oh ♪
My life
My life would be real low, zero ♪
-Flying solo without you ♪
-[guys] Oh-oh-oh ♪
Hey! ♪
Yeah, yeah, hey! ♪
Yeah, yeah ♪
My life
My life would be real low, zero ♪
-Flying solo without you ♪
-[guys] Oh-oh-oh ♪
Yeah, you know who I'm liking
Way before I like them ♪
-Duh, 'cause you like them first ♪
-[Flynn chuckles]
And if somebody hurts you
I'm gonna get hurt too ♪
That's just how we work
Yeah, that's just how we work ♪
-It will never change ♪
-[guys] Change ♪
We both know what I, what I ♪
-What I mean ♪
-[guys] Mean ♪
When I look at you
It's like I'm looking at me ♪
My life
My life would be real low, zero ♪
-Flying solo ♪
-[guys] Oh-oh ♪
My life
My life would be real low, zero ♪
Flying solo without you ♪
Hey! Yeah, yeah ♪
Hey! Yeah, yeah ♪
My life
My life would be real low, zero ♪
Flying solo without you ♪
Weird, right?
They're ghosts!
Oh, we prefer, uh, musician spirits.
Julie so does this mean
you're joining our band?
Actually, I think you're joining her band.
I'm gonna go with what she said.
[drums kick in]
My life
My life would be real low, zero ♪
-Flying solo ♪
-Oh-oh ♪
My life
My life would be real low, zero ♪
Flying solo without you ♪
Hey! Yeah, yeah ♪
- Hey ♪
- Hey! ♪
Yeah, yeah ♪
My life
My life would be real low, zero ♪
Flying solo without you ♪
You ♪
-Still wanna talk to my dad?
-No, I'm good.
[both giggle]
[Julie] My life
My life would be real low, zero ♪
-Flying solo ♪
-[guys] Oh-oh ♪
[Julie] My life
My life would be real low, zero ♪
[all] Flying solo without you ♪
Hey! Yeah, yeah ♪
Hey! Yeah, yeah ♪
My life
My life would be real low, zero ♪
Flying solo without you ♪
[Julie] Yeah, you know who I'm likin'
Way before I like them ♪
Duh, 'cause you like them first ♪
And if somebody hurts you
I'm gonna get hurt too ♪
That's just how we work
Yeah, that's just how we work ♪
-It will never change ♪
-[guys] Change ♪
[Julie] We both know what I, what I ♪
-What I mean ♪
-[guys] Mean ♪
[Julie] When I look at you
It's like I'm looking at me ♪
My life
My life would be real low, zero ♪
-Flying solo ♪
-[guys] Oh-oh ♪
[all] My life
My life would be real low, zero ♪
Flying solo without you ♪
Hey! Yeah, yeah ♪
Hey! Yeah, yeah ♪
My life
My life would be real low, zero ♪
-Flying solo ♪
-[guys] Oh-oh ♪
My life
My life would be real low, zero ♪
[Julie] Flying solo without you ♪
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