Katekyo Hitman Reborn! (2006) s01e01 Episode Script

What? I'm a Tenth Generation Mafia Boss?!

1 That you, Reborn? The Godfather called you in again, huh? Being popular must be tough.
Is it Roma this time? Venezia? Giappone.
[Note: Giappone is Italian for "Japan.
Japan?! Did the old man finally make up his mind? It's gonna be a long trip.
This isn't a toy.
My name is The Home Tutor Hitman Reborn.
Target 1 What?! I'm a Tenth-Generation Mafia Boss?! Bus Stop Namimori Sawada Whoo! Morning practice! It's another beautiful day! Okay, newspaper time.
Oh? Are you looking for a tutor? Tsuna! Tsu-kun! You'll be late again! He's so hopeless Tsu-kun.
Your room's a mess, as always.
Wake up.
You'll be late.
Honestly, he's like this every morning What's this? Namimori Middle School Math Test And your test scores are the same as always too The Tsunayoshi Sawada who got a 15 on his math test! Y-Yes?! Why're you looking at that without permission?! Are you okay? Here.
My test Wait, what's this? A tutor will be coming over today.
Are you looking for a tutor? We can train your children to become future world leaders.
I found this interesting flyer.
I already called them.
Why do I need a tutor? We can train your children to become future world leaders.
Our tutors are young and handsome! Plus, they'll teach twenty-four hours a day, free of charge, as long as they get room and board.
That sounds like a scam It's already this late?! Anyway, I don't need a tutor! Ciao-su.
["-su" is a common "Tough Guy" ending in Japanese.
Are you Tsuna? Ts-Tsuna? I'll be instructing you from today on.
Uh, what's with this baby? Don't worry, Loser Tsuna.
Hey, how do you know my nickname? Gathering information is all part of the job, Tsuna.
Stop calling me Tsuna! My name is Tsunayoshi Sawada! I don't want a baby like you calling me Tsuna! What was that for? Oh, who might you be, little fella? I'm the home tutor, Reborn.
Home Tutor, Reborn The home tutor Reborn? Don't make me laugh! You're just a baby.
My stomach hurts! M-My face hurts more than my stomach Are you okay, Tsu-kun? Oh! Hurry up or you'll be late.
Th-That's right! I don't have time to waste on this weird baby! I'm off! What was with him? Actually, I'm a hitman.
A hitman? Yeah, right When did you His leash His leash isn't on! You're even worse than I heard.
You're probably the only middle-school student in the world who's scared of a Chihuahua.
I-I saw everything! My heart is racing in my chest! He's so, so cute! Oh, I just want to snuggle him in my arms! Wow, he's cute! Ciao-su.
Good morning.
Namimori Middle School's idol, Kyoko Sasagawa! Is this boy your little brother? N-No, he's not.
Why are you wearing a suit, little guy? 'Cause I'm with the Mafia.
The Mafia? What's he talking about? Wow, so cool! I'm going to be late for school, so see you later, little guy.
Ciao, ciao.
I'm late too! See you again! Tsuna, you've got the hots for that chick, right? That chick is Kyoko Sasagawa.
She's the coolest girl in school.
And it's none of your business.
As your tutor, I have to know about your relationships.
I don't remember ever hiring you! Just leave me alone already! I can't do that.
Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! I give up! I give up! I give up! Man How can a baby be so strong? Didn't I say? I'm actually a hitman.
Don't mess with me.
That hitman and Mafia stuff couldn't be true! Have you told Kyoko Sasagawa how you feel already? D-Don't be stupid.
Why haven't you? Didn't I tell you? Kyoko-chan is our school's idol.
I don't stand a chance.
Your average test score is 17.
You can only vault over three boxes.
You can't do a full chin-up.
A Loser Tsuna, who sucks at everything.
That why? Yeah.
Hey! Why do you know so much about me?! Your eyes tell me everything.
Like hell they do! Anyway, just forget about Kyoko-chan.
Sure, if I had the opportunity to go out with such a cute girl, I could die happy.
But it'd be a waste of time to try.
You really think like a loser.
Shut up! I guess this is where I come in.
Wh-What? Just die once.
Huh? Huh? When you die, you'll understand.
Huh? Just what are you- In that instant, I was filled with regret.
I'm leaving this world.
What a waste If my life depended on it, I could've told Kyoko-chan how I felt It's Deathperation Time.
Re-Born! Re-Born! I'll tell Kyoko Sasagawa how I feel, even if it kills me! Where is Kyoko Sasagawa?! Huh? Was that Hey.
Shoot! I ran right past Kyoko Sasagawa! A dead end! Chesto-! My punches are sharp today! What's with him? Look out! Where'd that crazy dude go? That's Nothing! What's wrong, Kyoko? Nice catch! That's our baseball team! Yamamoto-kun! Takeshi! He's from my class That's The crazy guy from earlier.
Kyoko Sasagawa! Please go out with me! You bastard! Don't be ridiculous, damn pervert! Oh man! I confessed in front of all these people! And I totally look like a pervert! What happened to me? That was the power of the Deathperation Shot.
Reborn! This bullet is the Deathperation Shot.
Anyone shot in the head by this thing dies, and then comes back to life ready to die.
Huh?! You'll be ready to die for whatever you regretted when you died.
Should have I'm gonna do it! However, Deathperation Time only lasts five minutes.
After that, you'll return to normal.
Then What would've happened if I had no regrets? I'm a hitman.
I would've died?! Anyway, what are you going to do about this? I'm so embarrassed, I can't go to school! I had no intention of confessing to Kyoko-chan! You didn't have the guts to even if you could, remember? Shut up! Ow It didn't hurt when I ran into a truck That's because you were Deathperate.
Deathperation is a state where all the safety mechanisms in your body are halted.
So in exchange for pushing your life to its limits, you'll be able to exhibit incredible power.
I see.
So it's my latent potential But once I'm Deathperate, all that power comes out.
Like I'm going to accept that! What are you doing? Class has already started, half-naked boy.
Ky-Kyoya Hibari-san from the Disciplinary Committee! As a member of the Disciplinary Committee, I cannot allow S-Sorry! It's underpants man! Nice sudden confession to Kyoko Sasagawa! Please go out with me! Heard she shot you down! Of course she did.
Right, Sasagawa? I mean, we're talking about Loser Tsuna here.
Th-This sucks.
My life will become a living hell.
This is all because of that weird baby.
Hey, Tsuna.
Captain Mochida said he'll be waiting for you behind the gym during lunch break to settle this.
Mochida-senpai said he's going to challenge him to make up for the insult you suffered.
What? He was like, "I won't forgive anyone who makes Kyoko cry!" Whoo-hoo! Way to go, Kyoko! Y-You've got it wrong.
We just happen to be on the same committee.
Yeah, yeah.
I can't wait for lunch break.
I'm running away.
I'm definitely running away! Running away because you're scared? If you run away now, that means you'll spend your whole life running.
I don't want a baby lecturing me about life! He's captain of the kendo team! He won last year's prefectural tournament! How can an amateur like me beat him? How does Kyoko Sasagawa feel about this? Even if you're beaten to a pulp, a man who accepts a challenge is cooler.
The memory of a man who fought for his life will last forever.
Reborn I am the star of this match.
It's impossible for that scum to win, no matter what happens.
The judge is a team member in my pocket.
He'd never raise the red flag for Sawada.
He's late! Isn't Sawada here yet? He ran away.
Man, stupid Loser Tsuna.
That means I win by default! Such a petty senpai And here I thought a senpai was supposed to be smart.
It's Tsuna! Loser Tsuna's here! Hey, he really came.
He should've run away.
The crazy guy Tsuna.
Wh-What do I do? I only came because of what Reborn said So here you are, perverted stalker.
The heavens may forgive scum like you, but I will not! I shall punish you! Wait, there's a reason for what happened I won't listen to excuses! Don't worry.
You're a beginner in kendo.
So here's the match.
If you can take one from me within ten minutes, you win.
If you can't, I win.
The prize is, of course Kyoko Sasagawa! P-Prize? What a pig.
Let's go, Sawada! Tsuna! Wait! I won't let you get away! That's Loser Tsuna for you! Sawada-kun You're mine.
Sawada-kun! Don't give up! Ky-Kyoko-chan Fight like your life depends on it.
I'm leaving this world.
What a waste If I knew my life depended on it, I could've beaten Mochida-senpai.
I should have risked my life to take one Take one! Do whatever it takes to get one! The pervert's back! Underpants man! Fool! You think petty tricks will work on me?! What?! A chop? He's going for the head! Forget one! I just took 100! Tsuna used his head there.
He never said what you were supposed to take.
If this isn't enough P-Point! Red wins! Wow! Tsuna won! That was crazy, but you did well! I see you in a whole new light! That was awesome! Did I do this? Even if my life depends on it, I can't beat senpai.
Ky-Kyoko-chan Sorry about this morning.
My friends always tell me I don't know when to laugh.
She thinks my confession was meant as a joke! You're amazing, Sawada-kun.
Like, someone special.
May I call you Tsuna-kun from now on? O-Of course! Oh is this thanks to him? The stuff he says and does is crazy But if it weren't for him, this never would've happened.
That's the candidate for the tenth-generation boss of the Vongola Family, Tsunayoshi Sawada? Wh-What?! The tenth-generation boss of the Vongola Family? Me?! I have been ordered by the boss of the Vongola Family, Vongola IX, to teach you how to become a strong Mafia boss.
I don't understand! What are you talking about?! The founder of the Vongola Family retired and went to Japan.
He was your great-great-great-grandfather.
In other words, you're an official heir of the Vongola Family's bloodline.
I-I've never heard anything about this.
Don't worry.
I'll teach you how to be a strong Mafia boss.
What are you talking about? And don't sleep in my bed! It's bedtime.
See you tomorrow.
Hey! What did you set up here? I forgot to tell you.
If you disturb my sleep, the booby traps will blow up.
He went to sleep with his eyes open! And it's still early! So you act like a baby when sleep's involved?! Take good care of Tsuna, Reborn-kun.
Next Episode Ciao-su.
You have to risk your life to become a Mafia boss, Tsuna.
Like I said, I don't want to be one! Someone is after you.
What, I'm being targeted?! Target 2 The End of the School?! Next time: The End of the School?!