Katekyo Hitman Reborn! (2006) s01e02 Episode Script

The End of School!?

1 Tsunayoshi Sawada.
Nickname: Tsuna.
A student in Class 1-A at Namimori Middle School.
His average test score is 17.
He can only vault over three boxes.
He can't do a chin-up.
To train Loser Tsuna, who sucks at everything, to become the tenth-generation boss of the Vongola Family, I have come all the way from Italy.
My name is The Home Tutor Hitman Reborn.
Target 2 The End of the School?! Wake up, Tsuna.
It's morning.
Mmm Five more minutes It's no use.
I'll use the traditional Vongola Family method to wake him up.
Three, two, one! Wh-What are you doing? Are you awake? Do you normally wake a person up by electrically shocking their heart?! I'm glad you woke up safely.
Every once in a while, the person doesn't wake up.
Because they were electrocuted to death! This is your schedule for today.
Schedule? Tsuna's Schedule Morning: Introduction of Transfer Student Afternoon: Volleyball Match.
A transfer student will be introduced this morning? Volleyball match in the afternoon The match has nothing to do with me, right? I'm a reserve.
Yes, but they're suddenly short on members.
So the reserve for the reserve for the reserve for the reserve, meaning you, gets to play.
Huh?! Why?! Beats me.
Y-You couldn't have There's no way you Of course not.
That's right.
Even if you are a hitman, you wouldn't go that far.
I heard they all ordered pizza from the same place and got upset stomachs.
So it WAS you! This is all to help train you to become the strong tenth-generation boss of the Vongola Family.
This isn't funny! I'm horrible at anything involving a ball! And didn't I already tell you? There's no way I'm gonna be a Mafia boss! It is your destiny.
You need to know when to surrender in life.
Like I said, I don't want a baby lecturing me about life! Don't worry.
I'll be sticking next to you and training you.
That's the biggest reason I'm worried! Good morning, Tsuna-kun.
G-Good morning, Kyoko-chan.
Did you know that our class is getting a transfer student today? Th-That's right It was in Reborn's notebook.
I wonder what they're like.
Think it'll be a boy? Or a girl? No clue Allow me to introduce our transfer student.
He just returned from studying in Italy.
Hayato Gokudera.
Hey Isn't he, like, super hot? And he studied abroad! Italy, huh? That's where Reborn's from.
Is it just me, or is she smiling at him?! Huh? Wh-What is it? M-Me?! Wh-What's he doing?! D-Did I do something wrong? Gokudera-kun! Your seat is Gokudera-kun! Do you know him, Tsuna? I-I don't He's a delinquent for sure.
But that's part of his charm.
He's so scary it sends shivers up my spine.
We're definitely making a fan club! What is this? Why me? I'm exhausted from being on edge the whole time.
Yamamoto We're counting on you today, Tsuna.
Counting on me? In the volleyball match.
You're on the volleyball team? He's on the baseball team, but he's good at other sports too.
You've been so amazing recently, you've caught everyone's eye.
Forget one! I just took 100! We're counting on you today.
Use some of that last-ditch power.
Yamamoto Well, but that was Yeah.
You were really cool back there.
People stopped calling you Loser Tsuna after that.
Now that you mention it Do your best.
I'll be cheering for you.
Y-Yeah, you can count on me.
What should I do? Well, I guess I can manage if Reborn shoots me with a Deathperation Shot.
Show me that the previous incident wasn't a fluke.
Reborn! Reborn! Where are you? That's odd.
He should always be watching me Huh? What's that smell? Fire Extinguisher Ciao-su.
I'm taking my coffee break right now.
Hey! Why are you in there?! I have hideouts all over school.
When did you set that up? Th-That's right.
Anyway, shoot me with a Deathperation Shot.
The match's coming up.
I need to show off for Kyoko-chan again.
I can shoot you, but you'll die.
Yeah, I'll die! Huh? You won't revive after being hit by a Deathperation Shot if you have no regrets.
Do you have regrets when you're on your high horse after being complimented? I see Which means The Deathperation Shot won't work?! Wanna give it a try? If you're lucky, your death will be painless.
It's okay! It's okay! Then good luck to you, hero.
Wh-What am I gonna do? Everyone finally stopped calling me Loser Tsuna If I suck during the match, everything will go back to the way it was.
That's it! I should Tsuna decided that he had no choice but to run away.
That's all I can do.
But that would mean letting Kyoko-chan down.
That's the problem.
Reborn?! I'm serving as your inner voice.
You don't have to say that stuff out loud! A man should choose death over escape.
That's so irresponsible! Like it's got nothing to do with you! Nobody will laugh at someone who fails giving his all.
That's how a man fights.
Reborn And, I got pushed into coming by Reborn again In that case, I'll get this over with and then run away.
Fight, Tsuna! Hey! Here comes some dependable help! Th-They're really expecting me to do well.
Tsuna-kun, do your best! That's the guy from the other day We've been waiting for you, Tsuna.
Show us another winning special move! G-Gokudera-kun's here too?! Leader, preparations are complete.
I see.
All right, Sir, you can begin.
The match between 1-A and 1-C will now begin! That's our baseball star Yamamoto! Takeshi! Thanks! Thanks! It's headed your way, Tsuna! Go! Attack! Tsuna-kun So lame What are you doing, Tsuna? It's no use.
P-Please let this match end soon.
How pathetic.
Don't sweat it! We'll get the next one.
H-He's so bad First set over! Are you even trying, Tsuna?! If you're just gonna mess around, leave! We're serious here! U-Uh I-I actually sprained my ankle in the match with Mochida-senpai Everybody's riddled with injuries Even Yamamoto.
Yet I Nobody will laugh at someone who fails giving his all.
That's how a man fights.
No, we still have four sets.
I'll play like my life depends on it from now on.
Looks like he understands.
I'm ashamed of myself.
For making promises so lightly.
For wanting to take the easy way out with a Deathperation Shot when everyone's worked so hard.
Something's different about him.
I'll do all I can, and apologize to everyone once it's over.
Since you understand Eat lead! Huh? What's wrong, Tsuna? Is something wrong with your legs? Two shots to my legs? Nothing's happening Were they different bullets? There! It's coming, Tsuna! Block! I'll do all I can! The Deathperation Shot is only one of the Vongola Family's special bullets.
I just hit you with the Jump Shot.
Crotch block! He sacrificed the most important part of a man's body to block it.
Now that's passion! That's true passion! All right! Way to go, Tsuna! Okay! Let's turn this game around! Yeah! There! Amazing.
Tsuna-kun's efforts are bringing everyone together.
Game, set! Class A wins! We did it! We did it, Tsuna! Yeah.
We won, Yamamoto! You're really amazing.
Takeshi Yamamoto.
The Vongola Family needs his physical strength and personal magnetism to draw people in.
They've managed to become friends.
Not yet.
I haven't accepted you.
I'm more fit to be the tenth-generation boss! Huh? Huh? The tenth-generation boss? Why does he know about that? Wh-What do you want, Gokudera-kun? It'll be the end of the Vongola Family if they name scum like you the new boss.
Wh-Why do you know about the Family? You're an eyesore.
D-Dynamite?! That was sooner than I expected.
Reborn! You always pop up out of thin air! This is another hideout.
Hayato Gokudera.
Huh?! Do you know him? Yeah.
He's a member of the Family, who I summoned from Italy.
So, you're in the Mafia, Gokudera-kun? This is the first time I've met him too.
So you're Reborn, the hitman the ninth-generation boss trusts most? I've heard stories about you.
Reborn's the hitman the ninth-generation boss trusts most? Is it true that if I kill this guy, I'll be named the tenth-generation boss? Huh?! What are you saying?! Yeah, it's true.
No way! That's allowed?! So you were lying when you said you'd train me to be the tenth-generation boss! If you don't want to die, then fight.
Huh?! F-Fight?! Th-That's not funny! I'm not fighting the Mafia! Hold it.
Wh-Where did that Hayato Gokudera is an explosives expert who keeps dynamite hidden on his body.
I'm also known as "Hurricane Bomb Hayato".
Prepare yourself.
H-How did they light themselves?! I ran over as soon as school got out.
That pretty baby should be coming here! Th-This school is too wild.
Somebody save me! Oh, fireworks? Is there a big sale going on somewhere? I'll finish you with the next one.
Hey, Tsuna.
Y-Yamamoto! Whatcha doing here? The end of the tenth-generation boss Die! Snuff them out! Snuff them out! Ah, so hot! It's no use! What kind of game is this? Looks fun.
Let me join in.
No! Don't! Fight like your life depends on it.
I was filled with regret.
If my life depended on it, I could've put out those dynamite sticks.
Re-Born! I'll snuff out those fires like my life depends on it! Out! Out! Out! Out! Double bombs! Out! Out! Out! Out! Out! Out! Out! Triple bombs.
The end of me Out! Out! Out! Out! Out! Out! Out! That was close.
I apologize.
Huh? You are indeed worthy as the next boss.
Boss, I will follow you to the ends of the earth.
Your wish is my command.
Huh? The loser serves the winner.
It's our family code.
Code? Actually, I never I never had any intention of becoming the tenth-generation boss.
I just wanted to test your abilities to see if you're strong enough.
Gokudera-kun But I was a fool! You've exceeded my expectations.
You even risked your life to save me, your enemy! I, Hayato Gokudera, place my life in your hands! Hold on, I can't handle that Can't we just be classmates? We can't.
I-I'm so scared, I have no words.
What's going on here? Well done, Tsuna.
Huh? Because of your strength, Gokudera became one of your soldiers.
You pass for today, since you didn't depend on my Deathperation Shot.
This guy's out of control.
But still, he's considering what's best for me Tsuna! You're a fun guy! Let me join in! You're the boss, right? He thinks this is some kind of game.
Hey, pal Don't be acting all friendly with the boss.
Oh? What's with that guy? It's the lame underpants man.
Th-The third-year bullies! It appears that I can already be of service.
Huh? Huh?! I'll blow them to smithereens.
I-It's okay! You don't have to do that! That's odd I don't see any big sales Oh, it's that way! Next Episode Ciao-su.
You've gained two soldiers.
Be happy, Tsuna.
I keep telling you, I'm not going to become the boss! H-Hey, Reborn! There's a weird kid outside! And a scary-looking woman too! Target 3 Electric Shock! Cooking of Love and Fear! Next time: Electric Shock! Cooking of Love and Fear!