Katekyo Hitman Reborn! (2006) s01e03 Episode Script

Shocking! Cooking with Love and Horror!

1 Tsunayoshi Sawada.
Nickname: Tsuna.
A student in Class 1-A at Namimori Middle School.
His average test score is 17.
He can only vault over three boxes.
He can't do a chin-up.
To train Loser Tsuna, who sucks at everything, to become the tenth-generation boss of the Vongola Family, I have come all the way from Italy.
My name is The Home Tutor Hitman Reborn.
Target 3 Electric Shock! Cooking of Love and Fear! I won't let you get away this time.
My, they seem to be having fun.
Good, boys should be full of energy.
Hey, wait! Reborn! What kind of tutor blasts his student for giving a wrong answer? This is how I roll.
Math Question 1 Question 2 Question 3 That's so wrong.
You've gained two soldiers.
As their boss, you've gotta work harder so you don't embarrass them.
By soldiers, do you mean Gokudera-kun and Yamamoto? They're just my classmates.
I don't need soldiers, and I'm not gonna be a Mafia boss! Math Question 1 Question 2 Question 3 Right, let's move on to the next problem.
Listen to me! Man Why do I have to take lessons from a baby? What?! You're supposed to use this formula here.
Wait! Hey, Reborn! Look there! Die, Reborn! Hold it in Reborn, let's play! Yes? Who is it? Infiltration successful! Long time no see, Reborn! It's me! Lambo! He came inside! Do you know him? Be sure to learn this formula.
Huh? Hey! Don't ignore me! I'll beat you down! Wow, that's mean.
Ow I must've tripped on something I, Lambo, the Bovino Family's five-year-old hitman, tripped! I, Lambo, who loves to eat grapes and candy! My fated rival, Reborn, tripped me! He's introducing himself while crying! So once again: Hey, Reborn! Try to solve this problem using the previous formula.
What? You're still ignoring him? Hold it in Oh my, what's this? Ta-da! Die, Reborn! Let's move on to the next problem.
It's so cheerful now that they have another friend over.
Y-You didn't have to be that mean.
Don't you know him? Nope, never met him.
Huh? Anyway, the Bovino Family is considered small-time by Mafia standards.
I don't associate with that lower echelon crowd.
H-He's so cool I'm off! Have a good day, Tsu-kun.
Study hard.
But what was with that kid yesterday? Nothing but weirdos since Reborn showed up.
Huh? That cute baby isn't here today.
What a letdown Wow, she's pretty.
Here, help yourself.
Man, that was so lame.
I spilled it.
But why did she give this to me? Huh? What is this?! What was that, anyway? Good morning, boss! G-Gokudera-kun! Don't call me that.
The boss is the boss.
But Oh, you're still playing Mafia? Sounds fun.
Let me join the Family! Y-Yamamoto He really thinks this is a game.
What's that? You must be after the position of the boss's right-hand man.
I won't let that happen! I'm the boss's right-hand man! Come on, let's stop this whole boss and subordinate business.
Stop being such a downer and let me join in.
The more the merrier, right? Yamamoto Hey, you're in the way.
Good morning, Tsuna-kun.
Ky-Kyoko-chan, good morning.
She's as cute as ever.
So is this boy your little brother? When did he?! What is that thing? It's cute.
How old are you, little fella? What's your name? Isn't it a bad idea to bring him to school? N-No! He isn't The head of the Disciplinary Committee, Hibari-san! So the wrong person to run into I'm sorry! I'll return him at once! Boss! Come back before class starts! What is Hibari-san going to do? He's really scary.
How long are you going to stand around? I'll bite you to death.
Uh Lambo, right? Why are you here? I was looking for Reborn.
Are you lost? Yes.
Boss, what is this thing? How does he know Reborn-san? Ah, well he's like an acquaintance of his.
Tsuna, class is about to start.
Hurry back to the classroom.
Hey! Where'd you come from?! My various secret hideouts are connected by secret passageways.
You can't just do that! Ha-ha-ha! Tricked ya, Reborn! This was all an act to lure you out! No, those were real tears.
Prepare yourself! Reborn! Reborn-san, is this guy A hitman from the Bovino Family.
Stand back, boss! I'll handle this.
Don't, Gokudera-kun! Die! Huh? Aw man, he's crying again.
Th-This guy's such a wuss.
What?! How'd he pull that thing out?! Now what? Man, for crying out loud It's been a while, young tenth-generation Vongola boss.
Wh-Who are you? This guy looks familiar Thanks for helping me ten years ago.
I'm Lambo the Crybaby.
Wh-What's that?! Thanks for helping me ten years ago.
I'm Lambo the Crybaby.
Wh-What's that?! The Ten-Year Bazooka, huh? What's the Ten-Year Bazooka? A weapon that's been in the Bovino Family for many generations.
Anyone shot by the Ten-Year Bazooka will switch places with his ten-years-older self.
Present Present \ 10 Years Later Present \ 10 Years Later \ Future But only for five minutes.
No way! This sharp-looking guy is the same Lambo?! Yo, Reborn.
Didn't recognize me, did you? But I'm Lambo, the guy you used to ignore.
He's STILL ignoring him Good grief.
I guess I'll have to resort to brute force.
I'll show you how much ten years has changed me.
Thunder Set! My horns carry a million volts.
What?! No way! Die, Reborn! Electrico Cornada! Hold it in Ten years hasn't changed him at all.
Man, this morning was a mess.
I even got yelled at for being late to class.
And when you were just helping a lost kid Why did you follow us here like it's perfectly natural, baseball freak? Does it matter? Lunch tastes better when you eat it under the blue sky.
Yeah, you're right.
Th-This is You shouldn't eat that.
One bite will send you to heaven.
Reborn! Come out.
I know you're there, Bianchi.
The lady from this morning! Big Sis Sh-She's your sister?! It's been a while, Hayato.
Ciao-su, Bianchi.
Reborn! I've come for you, Reborn.
Let's work big hits together again.
You belong in the dangerous and thrilling underworld.
I made it clear, Bianchi.
My job is to train Tsuna.
My poor little Reborn So unless the tenth-generation boss dies from an unfortunate accident, you'll never be free, right? Huh?! Hold on.
I'll ki- I mean, I'll come for you again once the tenth-generation boss is dead.
Have I become her target? You've got a beautiful sister, Gokudera.
Huh? Nurse's Office Huh? The nurse isn't around.
I'll go look around.
Please do.
Reborn, what's going on? That woman is Gokudera-kun's sister? And that food She's a freelance hitman known as Poison Scorpion Bianchi.
She specializes in poison cooking.
Not another weirdo! She's also my woman.
Do you even know what that means?! I'm sorry, boss Are you okay, Gokudera-kun? I've shamed myself.
Whenever I see Big Sis's face What are you talking about? When I was six, there was a grand party at our castle.
Castle?! Gokudera-kun's actually rich?! I was supposed to play the piano for everyone.
That was when Big Sis baked cookies for me for the first time.
I found out later that Big Sis had the talent to turn everything she made into poison cooking.
How does that even work?! Naturally, my performance was absolutely horrible.
However Wonderful! Marvelous! Genius! Bravo! Encouraged, my father arranged more recitals for me.
Bianchi, bake more cookies for Hayato.
Right away, Father! From then on, I was forced to eat Big Sis's cookies before every performance.
The horror of it all has stuck with me.
Just the sight of her makes my stomach lurch What a tragedy! Gokudera sure is unlucky.
What a bad time for his stomach to start hurting.
Today, we'll give the cakes we made in Home Ec to the boys! Looks delicious! Gimme one! Gimme one! Gokudera-kun isn't here? I'll give mine to Yoshimasa-kun! I wonder if Yamamoto-kun will accept mine.
Tsuna, did you decide who you'll take one from? W-Well I'd like Kyoko-chan's, but Who are you going to give yours to? Oh, um Huh? Bianchi?! Hey! What is she doing? Huh? Where'd she go? Tsuna-kun! Huh? Tsuna-kun, will you eat this? What?! Do you not like sweets? No! Th-That's not it! Don't look at me like that, Kyoko-chan! But if I eat this What should I do?! I believe that people will die for love.
So eat it and die, tenth-generation boss.
For love.
Oh, that looks good.
Can I have one? Sure.
No! I'm sorry, Kyoko-chan.
Way to protect the Family.
That's how the boss should be.
Re-Born! Eat the cake like my life depends on it! Delicious! My poison cooking isn't working?! I shot him in the belly with an Iron Stomach Shot.
It gives him an iron stomach so he can eat anything.
I need more! No! My cake! Hey! What are you doing?! Sawada's eating it all! Not enough! Somebody stop him! I want some cake too.
D-Did I eat everything? Sawada! There's no cake left? Hold it in I can't! It's the a-adult Lambo! In that case I'll feed you my special cake.
Y-You're Now I remember! He's Big Sis's Romeo! You're Romeo! Who's Romeo? That's right.
That idiot bears a strong resemblance to Bianchi's ex-boyfriend.
Reborn, when did you Wait! They look exactly the same! But why do you have this picture?! Ah, Romeo You're still alive Eat this! Poison cooking! What?! I heard things got pretty ugly between Bianchi and her ex-boyfriend right before they broke up.
Hey, Lambo, you okay? G-Get a grip! Hey! The medical technology in ten years might be able to save him.
I'm home.
E-Excuse me! Welcome home, Tsu-kun.
Your new tutor is waiting for you up on the second floor.
Huh? Welcome home.
Gokudera-kun! Wh-Why are you here? For love.
For work.
Reborn can't do anything without me.
Bianchi will be serving as your tutor for a number of subjects.
It's like there are two conversations going on here.
But wait, my tutor?! I'll be handling Home Ec and Art.
I couldn't refuse a request from Reborn.
I'll be teaching you.
No! Smells good Oh? It's Reborn's little friend from earlier.
Come on in.
Bianchi just made snacks for everyone.
Please join us.
Bianchi?! Come on.
There's no need to be shy.
Next Episode Ciao-su.
It'll be bad if you don't do your homework and fail, Tsuna.
Ah! Nothing could be worse than a weird girl starting to stalk me! Next time: Ayee! A Girl's Feelings are Destructive! Target 4 Ayee! A Girl's Feelings are Destructive! Watch like your life depends on it.