Katekyo Hitman Reborn! (2006) s01e04 Episode Script

Hahii! Destroy Girl's Hearts!

1 Target 4 Ayee! A Girl's Feelings are Destructive! Ayee! A Girl's Feelings are Destructive! Hello! Ciao-su.
Gah, she's My name is Haru Miura.
I know.
You often tag along when we're going to school.
He remembers me! What do you want today? Um, would you be my friend? Sure.
Hey! Yay! S-Some girls can be really weird I, uh I know this is out of the blue, but would you let me hug you? What the hell? Don't be so quick to touch me.
I'm a hitman, you know.
Hey, Reborn! You shouldn't say that! You're despicable! What are you teaching this baby?! Wh-What? Babies are angels with totally pure hearts! You would destroy that young and pure innocence with your rotten heart?! I don't know what you're talking about! I'll hug him later.
Right now, I have to protect Reborn-chan from this devil-boy.
Wh-What's going on? Huh? Lambo-san's here to save the day! Reborn! Prepare yourself! H-Hold it in Oh, my.
Are you okay, little boy? He's kinda cute! Th-This hurts Hold it in I'll be sure to continue this later! Hayato Gokudera.
You scored 100 on the math test.
Whoa That's amazing, Gokudera-kun.
Nah, this is nothing.
Tsunayoshi Sawada.
Takeshi Yamamoto.
Y-Yes! Yeah? 20 points.
A failing grade means that you'll be assigned special homework.
Well, this is nothing new.
I-I look so lame in front of Kyoko-chan It's due tomorrow.
You must get every problem correct, or else If I don't get every problem correct, I'll fail.
Tsuna, wanna do the homework together? It should go faster with two people.
Huh? Let's do that! Okay then, do it at our place.
Huh? Huh? Down here.
Huh? Yo! Ciao-su.
Why do you get to decide where we do homework?! Because I'm your tutor.
H-Hey! Tsuna, you've sure got yourself a great tutor! Yamamoto still thinks this is a joke I also called Gokudera.
Huh? Well, that'll help Since he's smart.
Oh, welcome.
E-Excuse us! Hello! Birds of a feather flock together! A couple more shady characters have shown up! Welcome.
Hey, so this is your room? Well, make yourselves at home.
I'll do just that.
Uh, this is my room, you know.
It sure helps that Gokudera-kun is a good student.
Who'da thought it? Shut up! I, Hayato Gokudera, will do anything to help the tenth-generation boss become a strong Mafia boss! Hey, you're too loud! This is definitely a bad environment for Reborn-chan.
Hang in there, Reborn-chan.
I'm coming to save you! Eek! Are you one of Tsuna's friends? No.
I'm his enemy.
I'm on Reborn's side.
Oh, so you're Reborn-kun's friend.
Once I've read the textbook, it isn't that hard.
Th-That's the right answer.
So his grades are only bad because he's busy playing baseball, but he can do it when he tries.
Still, I had no clue what problem seven was talking about.
So you're still an idiot, Yamamoto.
Right, boss? I didn't understand half of the problems, let alone problem seven.
B-Boss, let's show your true strength by solving problem seven! Prove that when 100 sheets of paper 11.
5cm long on each side will stack up perfectly when dropped from a height of 3 meters.
I have no idea what this means! Boss! I've brought snacks! What?! Wh-Why are you?! I'm keeping an eye on you to make sure Reborn-chan isn't affected by your bad influence.
And that's supposed to explain the outfit? So, Tsuna, you know someone from Midori Middle? Huh? You mean Midori Middle, as in that super strict and elite girls' school? Isn't she wearing their uniform? Maybe she can solve problem seven! Fine.
But, if I solve this problem, you can no longer have anything to do with Reborn-chan! Well, that's for Reborn to decide.
Solve it, then, if you can! G-Gokudera-kun! I've seen this problem before! Just a little longer.
A little longer I've almost got it! Peek-a-boo.
I see you.
I'm sorry! I can't solve it! What was all that talk about being able to solve it, you deceitful vixen? I said that I've seen this problem! I never said I could solve it! Yet you're calling me a liar! You shouldn't make her cry.
Yeah, Gokudera-kun.
H-Huh A member of the Mafia should treat women with utmost care.
U-Uh, sorry.
Who are you? I'm Lambo.
Who am I? You're Lambo.
Lambo-san's here.
Not now Don't ruin the mood! I-I'm just passing through.
Eating cookies brings happiness! And once I'm happy, I want to sleep! Freaking little I can't take this anymore! We meet again! I'm so happy! I don't get her That's right.
This is a middle-school problem.
Won't we learn the answer if we ask an adult? But we can't ask just anyone I can think of one.
I was with an adult in the kitchen just now.
In the kitchen? Her name is Bianchi! Bianchi?! Big Sis?! I've brought some night snacks.
You won't let me in? Yo! Don't just sit there saying hello! Hayato, you're too conscious of me as the opposite-sex.
Th-That's not the problem! You siblings sure are close.
We're not! What a hopeless child.
Solvent sakura rice cake! Now listen, she's Hot! How do you like the power of my poison cooking, the solvent sakura rice cake? Poison cooking can pull that off too? The poison cooking Gokudera-kun ate as a child left him traumatized.
Eek! That's dangerous! I'm the one who suggested Bianchi-san.
So if she solves the problem, I win.
Hey! Don't decide that yourself.
Yes This doesn't matter at all! It lacks love.
And it has nothing to do with me.
My problem sheet! No worries, we still have mine.
I'll let you copy it.
I know! This problem was in a book my dad was reading! He teaches mathematics at the university.
You should've called him first, then! I'm not surprised that you kids can't solve this problem.
It's a complex, university-level problem.
University-level? The answer is that it can't be solved, because it could never happen.
Really? You can't trust a university professor? No, it can be solved.
You didn't consider the possibility that the paper was glued together to begin with.
Glue You've forgotten the Stickybond Theorem.
Oh! How could I have forgotten? Wait, was this a trick question? Those sideburns Y-You must be Dad, you know Reborn-chan? Reborn-chan? That's not his name.
His name is [Note: Borin is "Reborn" jumbled in Japanese.
Borin! He's the one who periodically appears in academia to solve every single problem previously considered impossible! The mathematical genius, Professor Borin! For real? Uh, he's asleep.
He was talking in his sleep.
He's just a baby, after all.
Well yeah, I guess In that case, Reborn-chan, you'll be living at my house.
Uh, wait, hold on I was the one who solved the problem.
The match ended in a draw.
Just to make things clear, I can't leave this house until I've trained Tsuna to be a strong tenth-generation Mafia boss.
Mafia? Tenth-generation boss? Reborn-chan In that case, I must take action! Yesterday really sucked.
Huh? I'm so tired my ears are buzzing.
That's not my ears How long is that thing going to keep chasing me?! Ow Ts-Tsuna-san.
Good morning.
Uh, who are you? It's Haru.
I was up all night, thinking.
So you dress up like that when you don't get enough sleep? No! That would make me an idiot.
Then why? If Reborn-chan is really a hitman, and you're really going to become a tenth-generation Mafia boss, then you should be really strong! What?! If you win, I'll accept everything.
I won't say anything about how Reborn-chan lives his life.
Please accept this challenge! You okay? I-I'm fine! Man, why do I have to run into you so early in the morning? Because we live in the same area.
That's not what I meant! W-W-Wait! I'm not listening to you! Boss? Tsuna? Tsuna! Damn it! I'm not going to become a Mafia boss! So you're just toying with Reborn-chan, then?! No, I'm not! Geez! Don't move out of the way! Don't move? Boss! Move out of the way! Up there! You're underestimating me.
I won't fall for such a trick! Eek! Are you okay? You're okay, right? No, definitely not.
Why are you carrying stuff like that?! S-Save me! Th-This is bad! Her armor is too heavy! And I can't swim! H-Hey, one of you save her.
You save her.
Re-Born! I'll save Haru, like my life depends on it! This is the Screw Shot.
I can't go on Eek! It's over! Hang on to me! Hope you've learned your lesson and you'll stop stalking the boss.
Girls shouldn't be waving something like that around.
Ah, it's Loser Tsuna.
Hang on to me! I I'll save Haru, like my life depends on it! I thought people only said such cheesy things on TV.
Sh-She hasn't learned her lesson.
What's going on here? An early-morning swim? Aren't you cold? Huh? N-No, w-well, there's a reason for this I'll save Haru, like my life depends on it! Quit that, Kyoko-chan's here! You'll catch a cold if you don't cover up.
You were wonderful.
Tenth-generation boss.
I've fallen hard for you.
Wh-What are you talking about? I want you to hold me tight.
Boss! Please wait! He is an idiot.
Crowds are such a pain.
Calm down! Haru! Please call me Haru, boss! Give me a break! Tsuna, wait up! Next Episode Ciao-su.
Tsuna and the others are taking it easy, so I set up a dangerous bet.
You don't need to do that! Th-That person is Next time: Target 5 The Head Prefect's Amusement The Head Prefect's Amusement Watch like your life depends on it.