Katekyo Hitman Reborn! (2006) s01e05 Episode Script

The Director of the Discipline Committee's Avoidance of Boredom

1 Ciao-su.
Namimori's weather is beautiful, as always.
And Tsuna's screwing up, as always.
But even Loser Tsuna was able to form a Family once I became his tutor.
That's Hayato Gokudera, who came all the way from Italy.
He says he's Tsuna's right-hand man, and he won't let anyone take his spot.
He's an explosives expert.
This other one's a baseball player and all-around superb athlete, Takeshi Yamamoto.
Oh, and there's one more who doesn't actually matter, but I guess I'll introduce him.
That would be Lambo, the stupid cow.
Hold it in Poison Scorpion Bianchi followed me here.
I'm just that popular, I guess.
This is Haru Miura, who lives in our neighborhood.
She's a dangerous, destructive girl who's completely beyond comprehension.
And this is Kyoko Sasagawa, Tsuna's Madonna.
It's unrequited love, though.
She doesn't feel the same.
These are the folks who make up Tsuna's Family, for now.
I think he could use some more, though.
Target 5 The Head Prefect's Amusement The Head Prefect's Amusement Tsu-kun, get up! Breakfast is ready! Okay.
Everybody's already eating.
I went ahead and ate without you, Tsuna.
They're multiplying before my eyes! Here, Reborn.
Say "ahh.
" Lambo loves gratin! Hot, hot! So hot! I can't eat stuff that's so hot Are you okay? Here, have some water.
Hold it in You should blow on your food before you eat it.
That's right.
Here, Reborn.
Tsu-kun, you'd better eat too or you'll be late! And somehow, this is becoming normal T-Today I'll give Tsuna-san my Love-filled lunch! See you later.
H-He's here! Ts-Tsuna-san! Eek! H-Haru Yes, it is I, Haru Miura, whose life you saved the other day and whom you promised would become the future Mrs.
Sawada! I did not! I didn't promise anything like that! Tsuna-san, take this lunch I made for you! L-Lunch? I was up for two nights making it! Two nights? That's terrifying.
Don't worry about it! This is all part of being a Mafia boss's wife! It's nothing! She wants to get married! She's nuts! Here! Morning, Tsuna-kun! Kyoko-chan If she sees me with this, she's sure to get the wrong idea! You two sure are close friends.
She DOES have the wrong idea! No, this is I'm Haru Miura from Midori Middle School.
It's an honor to meet a friend of my beloved's.
I'm Kyoko Sasagawa.
I'm in Tsuna-kun's class.
Nice to meet you.
And things are advancing before I can even explain Conference Room As you can see from the handout, these are the room assignments for the various school committees.
Huh? What the heck? One of them gets to use the reception room! That's not fair! Which one is it? H-Hey! It's the Disciplinary Committee! Discipline Is there a problem? No, not at all! I-I'm sorry, Hibari-san! Good.
Please continue.
But isn't it weird for a committee to get to use the reception room? Yeah, that's true.
That's right! Plant Life Committee He's absolutely right.
Absolutely right! I'm opposed to giving the Disciplinary Committee special treatment! Opposed! Opposed! Opposed! Absolutely opposed! You guys sure are chummy.
There's only supposed to be one leader per committee.
The Plant Life Committee is special! That's right.
We have to worry about global warming and stuff.
That's right, we're very ecologically-minded! I see.
Your problem's not that you picked a fight with Hibari It's that you ganged up on him.
The weaker you are, the more you want to be part of a group.
Kyoya Hibari, also known as Hibari.
He's head of Namimori Middle School's Disciplinary Committee, yet he also commands a gang of thugs.
Kyoya Hibari.
Birthdate: Unknown, Gender: Male, Place of Origin: Unknown, Blood Type: Unknown, Family: Unknown, Notes: Namimori Middle School Disciplinary Committee Leader.
Other particulars under investigation.
Attached Files: Zero How intriguing.
Why are we yawning in harmony? He was just imitating me.
I was not! I just happened to be bored.
Don't go yawning in front of the tenth-generation boss without permission! Oh come on, it's just a yawn.
Next time you yawn in front of the boss, I'm gonna shove one of these in your mouth.
You and your fireworks These aren't fireworks! Come on, don't start that again.
But he's just so insolent! You don't need to be on my case all the time.
I'm the tenth-generation boss's right-hand man! You, on the other hand, are more like the corns on the bottoms of his feet.
Stop it, guys.
Both of you.
If you say so, boss Man, I really am bored.
I wish something shocking would happen.
It will.
Reborn? Ouch! That hurts! You're full of openings.
Ouch, ouch! I said that hurts! What's with the outfit? Is it a big chestnut to look surprising? [Note: Big Chestnut = Big Kuri, which rhymes with Bikkuri=Surprising.]
He's right, isn't he? No, this is a sea urchin.
He's passing it off That's pretty funny! This is my camouflage spy suit used when tailing targets who commute in packed-trains.
If you wore something like that, every single passenger would stare at you.
But everybody's so scared of the spikes that they stay away, so I can relax.
What's that got to do with spying?! Bianchi made this during Home Ec in elementary school.
The girl with the poison cooking? So anyone who gets pricked by one of these spikes will be on their way to heaven in thirty seconds.
Exactly thirty seconds.
It's precise.
B-Boss! Boss, are you okay? B-Boss! Boss! It's fine.
He'll wake up in ten minutes.
I know a good place for him to rest in the meantime.
Reception Room You mean here? I didn't know this school had such a nice room.
The reception room is hardly ever used.
It's furnished and has a great view.
It's the perfect setup.
Setup for what? We're going to make this room our Family's.
Yeah? Sounds fun.
A secret base! Are you a kid? Sounds good.
A Family needs a hideout.
Then it's settled.
What are you doing? Who allowed you in here? What the heck do you want? Don't talk back to us.
This room belongs to us, the Disciplinary Committee.
Who's this brat? Jerk.
I don't care who you're with, you're outta here.
What? You're annoying me.
Why you You You gonna fight the Disciplinary Committee? Jeez Oh well.
Little brat! Mops are for cleaning, you know.
All done? Yeah.
I put some coffee on.
You didn't need to help.
I could've taken them all myself.
Yeah? You looked like you were in trouble.
They can't even handle being watchdogs.
Who are you? That's Kyoya Hibari.
Oh, so you're with them? Gokudera, wait.
This room is now the Vongola Family's hideout.
Family? What kind of group is that? Group? Get out of- Who is this guy? I've heard of him.
If Hibari doesn't like you, he'll use his retractable Tonfa to beat you up.
I hate weak bottom-feeders who band together.
You When I see one, I want to devour them.
Jerk This guy's going to be trouble! Get lost! One.
Why you! Let's go.
You've got good moves.
But you're favoring your right hand.
I see You're with the Baseball Club.
Guess I was right.
Is that all? Yamamoto! G-Gokudera-kun too! Wh-Why? What happened? There's one more? H-Hibari-san of the Disciplinary Committee? Y-Yamamoto! Gokudera-kun! They won't get up.
I made sure of that.
Does that mean this guy beat both of them himself? Now then I-I'm too scared to move.
Wh-What are you doing? Cleaning my room.
They're cluttering it up.
W-Wait! Y-You can't do that! Do something, Rebo-?! Where did he go? Why now? Quit it! Try and stop me.
Do it out of Deathperation.
Re-Born! I'll beat you as if my life depends on it! You idiot! No you don't! Mind if I tear you apart? A coffee bean? Not so fast.
I don't know who you are, but I'm very upset right now.
Mind lying down and waiting for me? Wow, you're pretty impressive.
And you're pretty strong.
I'd love to fight you.
Some other time.
You deliberately forced me to meet him?! It was a risky gamble.
You were lucky to get away with just a bump and a few scrapes.
Huh? What does that mean?! That was combat training so you don't become complacent in times of peace.
Actual combat is the best way to train, you know.
Wh-What are you talking about? Damn it, I can't believe that guy beat me But what should we do? He'll be after us for sure now! Relax, man I'll make up for my failure.
I'll get him next time, boss.
Tsuna saved you both today.
Good work, Tsuna! Thanks! You're too easygoing! Aww, come on, let's all be friends! It's important for Family members to help one another.
Our bonds as a Family have deepened.
Reborn might do all kinds of crazy stuff, but they actually have a meaning.
That baby Don't worry.
Hibari will be useful to us in the future.
I've come to pick you up, Reborn.
Big Sis There goes his Bianchi-phobia, right on cue.
Boss, I'm going home.
Man, must be tough.
Hayato really does worry about it too much.
Lambo's here too! Reborn, prepare to die! He self-destructed! Hold it in Ciao-su.
I'd love to meet you again.
Attacked by a dog and saved by a kid? That's pathetic.
But even so, that kid just send the dog flying without touching it Psychokinesis?! Next Episode: Target 6 Ni-Hao Gyoza Fist! Ni-Hao Gyoza Fist! Watch like your life depends on it.