Katekyo Hitman Reborn! (2006) s01e06 Episode Script

Ni-Hao Gyoza Fist!

1 Target 6 Ni-Hao Gyoza Fist! Ni-Hao Gyoza Fist! Ah! I'm out of time! Huh? Give me a towel.
Y-Yes, ma'am! E-Excuse me! He's such a kid.
W-Was that Bianchi? Why is she taking a shower at our place? Hurry up, please! The Ugly Duckling Lambo-san not ready to come out yet! Why is Lambo even here, anyway? Man, why are the two of them here? Mom, where's the other dishes? Good morning, Tsu-kun.
Here you go.
They're already done.
Thanks- My sunny-side up eggs! What're you doing, Reborn?! The Mafia world is dog-eat-dog.
First come, first serve.
Ah! Even my bread! I'm training you.
Feel the coldness of reality, and little by little find the willpower to change.
If you don't, you'll always be Loser Tsuna.
And what, exactly, does that have to do with my breakfast? Give it back to me! Now now, I'll make more right away, so don't fight.
But there's no time left.
Forget it! I'm leaving! Why did it turn out this way? I wish I could be a guy with supernatural powers, instead of a Mafioso.
I'd fly to school in a flash! Huh? Why is there a food stand here? Hm? Is this the next target? Oh wow, that looks good.
Mister, can I have one? They all look great.
This is so good.
I won't give it to you.
This is my breakfast, you know.
A-A kid? Watch out! W-Wow.
What's going on? He's not even touching him.
Um Thank you for saving me.
Is he mad? Um Wait.
Supernatural powers? Yeah, he was all like, bam, without even touching the dog.
Is that even possible? Boss, are you sure you didn't see it wrong? There's no way! I'm sure he was all like- Tsuna.
Reborn! Everyone goes through a stage where they believe in such things.
I don't wanna hear that from a baby! No, I haven't seen them.
No Cleaning's a pain in the butt.
You're from yesterday Hey, it's that kid! Why's he at school? Did he do something? Actually, yesterday Oh, dear Thank you so much for that.
What weird clothes.
Where are you from? So he saved Kyoko-chan too, not just me? What a nice boy.
Especially compared to the kids at home.
Huh?! He's making a scary face again.
I wonder why.
He glares when you thank him.
Huh? You're looking for this person? You're done already? Huh, above me? What was that? Another friend of yours, Tsuna-kun? You seem to specialize in weird friends, Sawada.
Like that cow-boy.
I never asked for it.
I'm being inconvenienced quite a bit, you know.
That baby isn't here today.
How boring.
I wonder if he meant the roof when he pointed up.
He's eating a meat bun while posing! You've done well to come.
I welcome you.
I will kill you! What's this about? This morning, I saved you by mistake, not knowing you were my target.
But now, I will kill you! What are you saying? That is the hitman I-Pin.
And quite skilled.
No way.
He's a hitman?! Also known as the Human Bomb.
Prepare yourself.
Get ready! That's His supernatural power that lays the smackdown without a single touch! It's not a supernatural power.
There's a secret behind that technique.
A secret? H-Help me! I don't understand what you mean by secret! I guess I'll have to do it.
Man, that reeks! What is this? Garlic? My bullet bursted the gas bubble released by I-pin.
That is the secret behind I-pin's ability.
The technique's name is Gyoza Fist.
Gyoza Fist?! I-Pin uses kempo to compress the foul breath from eating gyoza buns and sends it straight to the opponent's nose, causing paralysis of the brain.
With that, the muscles move involuntarily, so it appears like they're being controlled.
In other words, it's the kempo that reeks.
You can't be serious.
Garlic is behind all this? That's pretty lame.
Wow, he's sweating bullets! What's going on? I'd say that the Mahjongg Mega Bomb countdown has begun.
Huh? I-Pin is quite bashful.
When I-pin reaches maximum embarrassment, nine dots appear on its forehead.
Embarrassment?! So that weird reaction is a sign of bashfulness?! The dots on the forehead will drop one at a time until only one's left, then gyoza gas will erupt from all over I-pin's body, causing an explosion.
The destructive force is enough to create a small crater.
So that's why he's the Human Bomb?! Oh, there you are! You forgot this.
Kyoko-chan! Tsuna-kun.
What's wrong? During the countdown, I-Pin clings to people for reassurance.
He does what?! Kyoko-chan, you're in danger! Hey, boss, here you are.
Gokudera-kun, watch out! Toss that kid! O-Okay.
Here you go! Not to me! Toss! Not to me, I said! Yo, Tsuna! We've got make-up classes again.
Yamamoto! Catcher! Back home! This is bad.
If he explodes here, everyone will I have to do something Save everyone.
I might've been able to protect everyone if I knew our lives depended on it.
Re-Born! I'll protect everyone as if my life depends on it! Boss? What was that? What just happened? I saved everyone somehow.
Though I ruined another set of clothes Who is this? What a scary old man.
It's you, the target.
I-pin kill you! Me? This doesn't look anything like me! You're someone else.
I-pin messed up.
You seem to be ultra near-sighted.
You targeted the tenth-generation boss by mistaking his identity.
I won't forgive you! So you were after the wrong person? That happens a lot.
A kid on a job Why? Reborn, say "Ah.
" Here you go.
You're a new friend of Reborn-chan's, so eat up.
Thank you.
Why are you here, I-Pin? I-pin still have much to learn, so I-pin decided to train in Japan.
I-I see.
Lambo-san's here! And now he's here Lambo-san's come to get some breakfast! Welcome, Lambo-kun.
H-H-Hot! What are you doing, I-Pin?! You're slow, Tsuna.
You should protect your food yourself.
Now's not the time! What are you doing, I-Pin? Danger! Run! It's a broccoli monster! He's got it wrong again.
Don't worry about it, Lambo.
I'm a monster! He's playing along! Monster! Everyone's having fun.
Why is it always like this? Really, lots of fun.
Hello! Huh? Hey, Tsuna, we're here.
Gokudera had some free time, so I asked him to come too.
I was worried to just have Yamamoto with you.
I would've been fine by myself Come on, it's a lot more fun if we all do our homework together.
Anyway, come on in, you two.
Go away! Monster! That's What are you doing in the boss's room?! They must be here to have fun too.
You Don't get in Lambo-san's way! You stinky cow! Wait right there! Playing tag, huh? That brings me back.
I remember playing that a lot when I was younger.
Yamamoto, I don't think that's it.
Stupid cow.
What are you doing, Gokudera-san? You're terrible for bullying a kid! And another annoying person's here Haru, why are you here? I came to play! Oh, there's another cute kid here! Shumai monster! Eek! This is beyond near-sightedness.
I'm broccoli! Repel, now! Hold it in Messy haired Lambo-san won't be defeated by someone with a funny head! Hey, Lambo! Stop it! You're just a tail head! Tail head! It's the countdown! Crap.
That dangerous game again? No! No, no, no! Let go! Don't be so rough with little kids! Now is not the time! What should we do?! Wait! What are you doing, Lambo?! There's no time! What should I do?! Let's do this.
You're using the Ten-Year Bazooka on I-Pin? Right, so the explosion took place in the future.
Then the person here is What gives? I was making a delivery and I ended up here? No way, I-Pin's a girl?! I-I don't believe it.
Who is that? Someone you know? She's cute! This is bad.
The ramen is going to get soggy.
Kawahira's really fussy about them.
She's fluent in Japanese too.
Oh, you're Sawada-san.
Good afternoon.
I-Pin, you're a lot more feminine.
What are you saying? Flattery will get you nowhere, but nice try! She's getting embarrassed like a normal person Then, what about the Mahjongg Mega Bomb? And what about kempo? Geez, Sawada-san, I gave that up a long time ago, didn't I? I have to work lots to save up for college.
I-I see.
When I decided to quit kempo, I had my master seal the Mahjongg Mega Bomb with a trigger word.
I guess she's a normal girl now.
People really can change.
Anyway, I've got to make this delivery.
What happened to the tail head?! Oh, Lambo, you're done crying? Broccoli monster My head! I-Pin, what's wrong? Don't tell me the trigger keyword was "broccoli monster"?! Everyone, run for it! What are you doing to Tsuna-san?! Tsuna-san is mine! Let go of the boss! You sure are popular, Tsuna! I don't think that's the issue here- Hi.
It's Sis.
Oh, it's Gokudera's sister.
Hey! Where did tail head go? Let go, let go! Listen to me! Where did tail head go? Hey! That looks fun.
If humans could change so easily, they wouldn't have to go through any hardships.
That's why they need to put in effort every day.
Great lesson, huh, Tsuna? Why does it always have to be this way? Ciao-su! Hitmen, gather up! Lambo-san here! Ni-Hao! Everyone's up to some great stuff next week! Next Time: To the Limit! Passionate Brother! Watch like your life depends on it.