Katekyo Hitman Reborn! (2006) s01e07 Episode Script

The Limit! Passionate Brother!

1 The Boxing Club awaits for strong man! Kameyama! All right! You got him! That's Ohyama-senpai's specialty, a straight thrust punch! No need to bother counting.
Okay, who's next? Me! The captain of the boxing team, Ryohei Sasagawa! My motto is "to the limit!" I've been waiting for you, Sasagawa! Yeah! A match between the captains of the Boxing and Karate Clubs! I won't be holding back! Get a stretcher ready.
Yes! We're counting on you, Ohyama-senpai! "To the limit" straight right! Ohyama-senpai! "To the limit" left hook! And the finisher, "to the limit" right uppercut! Man, aren't there any stronger, extreme men?! "To the limit" Target 7 To the Limit! Passionate Brother! Who are you? I'm Lambo.
Who am I? You're Lambo.
Lambo's a nice calf bomberhead! What are you doing up there? Whatcha mean? I just happened to be passing by.
Would a passerby be carrying that stuff? You've got some great toys! Yamamoto thinks they're toys The Bovino Family's boss went to a lot of trouble to send these to Lambo! Reborn, where are you? You rang? He was down there! It's a shadowing technique.
The trick is to conceal your presence.
Bang-ba-bang! Reborn! Prepare yourself! Tsuna's mom made this cake.
Lambo-chan loves shortcake! There's a bomb in it, though.
The pin from a grenade?! No mercy at all! It's fine.
He's just an nuisance.
Still, they make pretty amazing toys these days.
Hold it in Wh-What's wrong, boss? I forgot! I promised Kyoko-chan! Promised what? Well, yesterday Tsuna-kun, any suggestions for the social studies independent project? You're in our group, so help brainstorm.
Huh? Well Will you come early tomorrow morning to discuss it? Please? Y-Yeah, sure.
Don't be late.
You're the king of tardiness.
I-It'll be fine! I made that promise.
Man, now what? I'll be late no matter how fast I run.
You won't know until you try.
Race to school like your life depends on it.
Wait! Time-out! It's Deathperation Time! Re-Born! Re-Born! I'll race to school like my life depends on it! He's always so amazing after he strips down to his boxers.
The boss forgot his bag.
Can't be helped.
Let's take it to him.
So what happened to the boss? You'll see soon enough.
That's a shortcut! What? That's It's Loser Tsuna from 1-A.
Outta the way! Outta the way! Outta the way! Wait up.
Looks like I made it in time.
You're the real deal for sure.
Huh? Shoot! Someone's latched onto me! A-Are you okay? You've got greater power, stamina, and passion than I had heard! A true once-in-a-century prospect! Huh? Join the Boxing Club, Tsuna Sawada! What? H-How do you know my name? Your match with Mochida from the Kendo Club And the volleyball match where you sacrificed a man's most important part with a crotch block! Boxing is the most appropriate sport for a passionate man like you! Th-This guy's eyes are on fire! Can't you see it, Sawada? That's the Madison Square Garden star! No! No! I've never heard of that star! It's the holy land, where World Championship Boxing takes place! That's the star we're aiming for, Sawada! You can't see any stars during the day! This guy's dangerous! Brother! What's up, Kyoko? Kyoko? That sounds awfully familiar Kyoko Kyoko? Geez.
You left your bag in the middle of the road.
Huh? Kyoko-chan?! Oh, sorry about that.
Ah, Tsuna-kun.
Good morning.
Huh? What? G-Good morning.
Why are you with my brother? Y-Your brother? Kyoko's my younger sister.
She's in your class, right? Ky-Kyoko-chan's big brother? I didn't know Kyoko-chan had a big brother like this.
Don't tell me you grabbed Tsuna-kun and started making trouble for him.
No! Yeah, lots of trouble! Tsuna-kun, you can just ignore the stuff he says about boxing and stars.
A-Ah That's right.
I haven't introduced myself yet.
I'm the captain of Namimori Middle School's Boxing Club, Ryohei Sasagawa! My motto is "to the limit!" "To the limit" S-Such passion Right? He's always way too passionate.
The team would love to have you, Tsuna Sawada! Uh, um No, Brother.
You can't force Tsuna-kun to join.
I'm not forcing him! Right, Tsuna Sawada? What? W-Well That's right.
Okay, I'll be waiting for you in the gym after school! Wait, I Farewell! U-Uh Isn't he such a boor? Still, he can be surprisingly kind.
But you really are amazing, Tsuna-kun.
I'm a bit glad, actually.
Huh? I haven't seen Brother look so happy in a while.
It's getting harder to turn him down Everything's going as planned.
The idol of Namimori Middle School Kyoko Sasagawa.
Boxing Club There's just no way I can start boxing.
But how do I turn him down? Hey, Sawada.
We've been waiting for you! Uh, well I'm not interested in boxing We've been waiting for you, Tsuna.
E-Everybody's here! I raced over at sonic speed the second school was out just to see you look gallant! I-Pin's here too.
So is five-year-old Lambo-san! H-How did you all know? Reborn contacted us.
He set this up?! Gokudera was also here.
But his stomach suddenly started hurting I can guess why.
Nurse's office Damn that stupid sister of mine A veteran Muay Thai fighter's come from Thailand after hearing about you.
Huh? A veteran from Thailand? Meet Master Pao Pao.
Reborn! I want to see a head-to-head fight between the new guy and the club's captain.
Wh-What are you talking about? You suddenly want me to box?! Become the Madison Square Garden star and make Kyoko-chan happy.
Yep, it's just as Master says.
A little sparring with me'll be a great way to test your ability.
You agree with him?! H-Hold on a second.
Ready over here.
Let's do this, Sawada! I'm not gonna hold back! P-Please do hold back! The match is starting.
Fight! Don't let your guard down, Sawada! Jab! Jab! Jab! Tsuna-san! That was a slip! A slip! What's wrong? Stop screwing around and show me your true strength! Y-You don't get it This is all I've got.
Stand up, Tsuna.
Kyoko's watching.
Huh? Ky-Kyoko-chan is? You can do it, Tsuna-kun! Kyoko-chan! Tsuna-kun.
You're a total fake! Okay! Let's go, Sawada! I wanna go home Y-Yeah, I should just get knocked out and lose.
What, you refusing to accept me? You're not gonna accept me as a worthy opponent, so you're screwing around? He's super passionate even when he's angry! Fight like your life depends on it.
Huh? Wait, if I go into Deathperation Mode I'll win like my life depends on it! [Note: Famous final line from Boxer Joe Yabuki, the main character of "Ashita no Joe" by Tetsuya Chiba.
I'm burnt out, like a white ash You're so mean, Tsuna-kun! How can you do this to my brother?! I hate you! Very bad! No! No! No! Don't shoot me! Then here.
What? You shot him with the Deathperation Shot? No way If you shoot a passionate guy like him with a Deathperation Shot What's wrong, Sawada? Let's keep goin'.
Huh? He hasn't changed at all? Let's go! Bring it on! If someone doesn't change after being hit by a Deathperation shot Does that mean It has no effect if you shoot someone who's always ready to die? Ryohei Sasagawa.
An impressive fellow.
He's always ready to die H-He really does live life to the limit.
You're up next.
If I shoot you both, you're even, right? What? I was filled with regret.
Not because I couldn't beat Kyoko-chan's brother, but because I'd hesitated to turn down his offer It's Deathperation Time.
Re-Born! I'll turn down the invitation to the Boxing Club like my life depends on it! Tsuna! Nice! Die, both of you! A double KO! I don't pry into private details.
I believe that men can learn everything about each other through their fists! Join the team, Sawada! No way! That's it! That movement! "To the limit" straight right! You dodged my punch! I like you even more! Join the team, Sawada! Absolutely not! Join! Join! Join! Join! No! No! No! No! Tsuna's amazing for dodging all that, but that guy's not too shabby himself with that flurry of punches.
He has the talent to be a hitman.
Join! Join! Join! Join! No! No! No! No! I refuse! That's my Tsuna-san! Crap I really knocked him out.
Now Kyoko-chan will never talk to me again! I'm liking you even more, Sawada.
Your boxing sense is platinum! He's totally fine! Let's settle this! W-We've got trouble! What's wrong? Did something happen? The Karate Club's after Kyoko! What? Kyoko-chan?! What? What's wrong? She's right here.
Namimori High School has come! Prepare yourself, Ryohei Sasagawa! Ohyama! So you're Ryohei Sasagawa? My younger brother says you're pretty strong.
Younger brother? The captain of Namimori High School's Karate Club, Daigoro Ohyama! I'll fight you! Bring it on! Br-Brothers?! Sasagawa, if we win this match, the Karate Club will take your sister! Say what?! Yeah.
They really want Kyoko to be their manager.
The Karate Club has been made up of dirty guys since we first joined! We've always longed for a manager with a pretty face! This is for my younger brother and his buddies! I won't hold back! Yes, sir! Come on! Y-You can't force someone like that! Gokudera! Hayato! If it's for the boss, I can do it, even if Sis is around.
What'll we do, Reborn? Just wing it.
Let's go, poison cooking.
Get'em!! Yes, sir! Extreme rush! Take this! Gyoza Kempo! It stinks! Poison cooking! Take this! Pickpocket Bomb.
Everybody's so strong! Lambo-san's even stronger! So I don't need to bother.
"To the limit" Extreme corkscrew punch! Kyoko-chan! Tsuna-kun! I won't let you get in my way! Counter-punch, Tsuna.
He did it! That's more like it, boss! You're amazing, Tsuna-san! A super dangerous punch filled with your love for me! Don't add in love out of nowhere! D-Did I do that? Yep.
Without any help from a Deathperation Shot.
The bonds within the Family have grown stronger.
Family? What's this Family thing? You'll need an extreme man like this guy.
I won't give up! O-One day, we'll get the girl of our dreams! Yes, sir! What are you people doing here? Hibari-san? If you're grouping up here, I'll bite you to death.
We're sorry! Ciao-su.
Tsuna's senior has come to Japan.
Whoa! A huge turtle! Cranes live for a thousand years.
Turtles live for ten thousand.
That's not a reason to worship! Next time: The Senior Boss Cares About the Family.