Katekyo Hitman Reborn! (2006) s01e08 Episode Script

The Senior Boss Thinks of his Family

1 Dino, I'm counting on you to take care of Chiavarone.
Stop talking about that.
I already said that I won't carry on the Family.
Dino Young Boss! Boss.
Don't worry.
I am certain that Dino will become a mighty boss.
However I've called for "him".
I said that I don't wanna be the boss I'm the Home Tutor Hitman, Reborn.
I'll make you into a great boss.
Target 8 The Senior Boss Cares About the Family The Senior Boss Cares About the Family.
Reborn's probably waiting for me at home.
Should I run away? What?! Welcome back, Master Tsunayoshi Sawada.
Please proceed.
Welcome home, Tsu-kun.
We have guests.
I didn't know Reborn-kun had such a handsome friend Reborn! What did you do this time?! They're in my room too! I've been waiting for you, Tsuna.
What's going on here? 'Sup, Vongola boss.
I've come all the way from Italy to see you.
I'm the tenth-generation boss of the Chiavarone Family, Dino.
Chiavarone? The Mafia?! This won't work.
You don't have the aura.
Ain't got the look.
No ambition or aspirations either.
Plus, he has short legs.
He has no money.
And he has no power.
Doesn't seem like he's got much luck either.
He has none of the attributes of a boss.
We've just met and you're telling me I'm no good?! Reborn! Who are these people? Dino's your "older brother".
Note: Here, Reborn is phrasing his students Dino's seniority as brother.
My "older brother"? Don't let what I said get you down, tenth-generation Vongola boss.
Until I met Reborn, I didn't have any of the attributes of a boss either.
Until you met Reborn? Don't tell me Before I came here, I was training Dino to become a Mafia boss.
Seriously?! Reborn's training was brutal.
I almost died a bunch of times.
I don't get it! I'll have to go through that too? Thanks to him, I'm now the boss of a 5,000-member Family.
I wanted to learn more from Reborn, but he said he was going to train you, so I wiped my tears and saw him off.
Uh, I have no intention of becoming a Mafia boss, so feel free to take Reborn back with you.
You were right, Reborn! He's just like how I used to be.
Huh? I had no intention of taking over the role of boss either.
I figured any person who plots to join the Mafia can't be any good.
Oh, but I Reborn's skill is undeniable.
I'm sure you'll become a fine boss.
But if you're serious about not becoming one He'll bite you! A-A turtle? You're such a troublemaker, boss.
His name's Enzio.
I asked Reborn for Leon, but got him instead.
Leon here's my partner, after all.
What is with these people? Stay away, broccoli monster! Punish and destroy! Ugh, horrible timing.
Idiot! This is bad.
Dino's men are outside.
Hit the deck, guys! The boss screwed up again.
Happens every day.
That one was different.
That guy's cool.
Understood? A boss risks his life for the Family.
Don't tie everything back to that.
Dino, stay here today.
I already got permission from Mama.
That's fine with me, but what about these guys? They can leave.
If Reborn-san is with him, we've got nothing to fear.
I can finally relax.
You guys All right.
Well then, let's tutor the tenth-generation Vongola boss.
Here you go, everyone.
Eat up.
This tastes great! Our dinner table has become a busy place Got any questions you want to ask, "little bro"? I can pass down my wisdom as your "older brother".
I'm glad Dino-san likes me but I definitely don't want to join the Mafia! Oh yeah, have you made a Family already? So far, he's got Gokudera and Yamamoto.
Hibari and Ryohei Sasagawa can be considered candidates.
Those guys are just my friends and upperclassmen! Honestly But why did you come to me, Reborn? You'd have a better time with Dino-san.
The Vongola Family is at the core of our alliance.
It's first among all the other Families.
What?! The Vongola Family's that important? The mood's getting worse Oh my, Dino-kun.
You've made such a mess.
That's worse than Lambo! Dino's a klutz without his men around.
Huh? He's the type who can't bring out his strength unless it's for his Family.
His physical ability drops like a rock when his men aren't around.
What's that? That's a pretty extreme quality for a boss There you go again, Reborn.
Tsuna's going to believe you.
I usually eat with a fork and knife.
I'm just bad with chopsticks.
Of course.
Lambo-san finished eating! Want to take a bath while you're here, Lambo-kun? Lambo-san will! Ah, it's not ready yet.
Yahoo! Lambo?! What's wrong?! D-Dino-san, are you okay? Ow I tripped over myself.
You haven't changed.
That was true?! Where's Lambo? Lambo, what's wrong? Lambo, don't get into the bath with your clothes on.
Uh A turtle?! A turtle?! Oops.
When did Enzio slip away from me? You mean this is that same turtle?! Enzio is a sponge turtle that expands in water.
Once he gets big, he could devour an entire house! What did you say?! Leave it to I-pin.
I-Pin's Gyoza Kempo didn't work! Turtles can go for a long time without breathing.
Don't interfere.
If I can't take care of my own pet, I don't deserve to be the tenth-generation Chiavarone boss! Calm down, Enzio! Ow, ow, ow, ow.
Sorry, I missed.
Now do you see? He's practically useless when his men aren't around.
Seriously? This is honestly Dino-san? The bathtub! Guess I have no choice.
It's Leon's turn.
What?! Romario, didn't you leave? Huh? Stupid.
Back off and let me handle this! Dino-san is cool after all! Sorry about that, Enzio.
I'm glad our house wasn't destroyed I'm off! Buon giorno, tenth-generation Vongola boss.
Dino-san's What are you guys doing? I didn't ask you to come pick me up.
We aren't here for you, boss.
We were just walking around and happened to end up here.
All the way from the hotel by the station? Dino-san's really loved by his men.
Good morning, boss! Gokudera-kun? I woke up early, so I went for a stroll and ended up here.
He's saying the same thing Tsuna-san! I went for a walk and ended up coming here too! I'm so lucky to meet you early in the morning! The sun just rose and she's already super intense Morning! What are y'all up to? Yamamoto too 'Sup, "Hurricane Bomb".
This is the first time we've met.
You're Bronco Dino.
G-Guys, we've gotta get going or we'll be late for school.
Anyway, we're off! Allow me to accompany you part of the way! So that's Tsuna's Family, huh? He's still a child.
You seem concerned.
Well, yeah.
Does he look usable? Beats me.
The most important thing in a Family is trust.
I can't accept them until that's been shown.
Want to test them, then? Dino-san did? Yes.
He's famous for rebuilding the Family he inherited.
The Chiavarone Family is now the third largest in the alliance.
So Dino-san's good at managing stuff, huh? He sure is cool.
I don't like him.
Why? Anyone older than me is my enemy.
That's a lot of enemies! Hey, Tsuna.
Did you do your homework? Ah! I forgot! Me too.
Guess we can get yelled at together.
Boss! Tsuna! Wait.
Those guys are from the Momokyo-Kai, the yakuza who control this area.
Yes, call the police! My cell phone! You guys can't beat them.
Leave this to Dino and his men.
I can't do that.
There you have it.
Take care of the rest! I like it.
They're only thinking about saving Tsuna.
Though they aren't very calm Tsuna-san! You're safe! What a relief What are you doing, Dino-san? Sorry about that.
I was testing your Family.
Testing? That Momokyo-Kai stuff was a lie.
I wanted to see if they'd want to save you.
I'm taking off, boss.
Yeah, thanks.
Tsuna, you're a lucky guy.
It's hard to find a Family that cares so much about its boss.
Like I said, I don't have a "Family.
" They're my friends.
That's right.
I forgot to tell you.
Huh? The Momokyo-Kai actually exists in this town.
What?! Then those two actually went to see them?! What are you thinking, Reborn? Those two kids don't have a chance! Why are you always so extreme? That's right! What if something happens to them? He fell asleep! Gokudera-kun! Yamamoto! Momokyo-Kai I'm scared It's Yamamoto's school bag.
So they're here Over there, huh? Let's go! Huh? Tell us already, would ya? Spit it out! Where's the boss? What? They beat 'em up? Boss, you're okay! You seem to be in good shape.
Y-Yeah These guys are pretty impressive.
What've you done, brats? Note: His shirt says "Boss" Seems they've been looking down on us.
Some really strong guys've shown up! They just keep coming.
Hey, wait! These guys are different from the ones you just beat up.
You can't handle them yet.
What? This is all my fault.
I'll pay the medical and repair bills, if necessary.
So can we call it even? Huh? Don't mess with us.
We'll be taking the money.
And you guys won't be leaving this place.
A breakdown in negotiations, huh? Well then, we'll have to force our way out of here! Let's go! What are you doing, bastard? Ow That's right.
Dino-san can't do anything when his men aren't around.
What was that? Don't underestimate us! Uh, no way Save me! The tenth-generation Vongola boss should be doing the saving.
Fight for yourself.
Here's a bonus.
Re-Born!! Re-Born I'll beat them like my life depends on it! Those were Fist Shots.
Wh-What's with his hands?! Not bad, Tsuna! B-Bastard! Boss! Tsuna! You okay, boss? We've got your back.
Yeah! Those guys We can't let them show us up, boss.
You guys Why are you standing around by yourself? Be quiet.
All right! Let's go wild! I'm convinced now.
I can leave Tsuna to you guys.
No, that's not really That goes without saying.
The job of protecting the boss goes to his right-hand man.
Meaning me.
Yeah, at least you're safe.
Gokudera-kun, Yamamoto Guess I'll be leaving, then.
Huh? Already? Being a boss keeps me pretty busy.
Uh, why did you want to become the boss? Because the Family was important to me.
I wanted to protect them if I could.
You feel the same, don't you? Tsuna.
You're a trustworthy man.
Dino-san Well, I'll have Enzio say goodbye Dino-san?! My, you're so lively, Tsu-kun.
You must be so pleased to have someone who can be a big brother to you.
No, that's Dinner's almost ready, so go get everyone.
Help yourself again, Dino-kun.
I'll get you a knife and fork this time.
Want to stay another night? Your mother makes good food.
B-Boss, you okay? That smells good.
Can we join in, Tsuna? It's food! We won't be eating for a while.
Huh? Why? Wh-What?! Ciao-su.
The mission this time is to catch an escaped doctor.
Lambo-san will catch him, so let me eat that takoyaki! That doctor's a huge pervert! Next time: Life-shortening Skullitis.