Katekyo Hitman Reborn! (2006) s01e34 Episode Script

The Varia Comes!

1 Why have you come to Japan?! If you don't answer me, I'll slice you into pieces! Tell me! I need not answer thee! Are you really in a position to say that?! You're weak.
I cannot I cannot be vanquished here! Target 34 The Varia Arrive Mom, is the food ready yet? This is Lambo-san's! Wait, you not run! Eat with everyone! Wait! No way! So it's done already? Ciao-su.
What's going on this morning? And you're still making more? Tsuna, what is this about? Did you get 100 on something? No I failed yesterday, just like every other day.
So what happened, then? M-Mom Mom! Mom!! Oh, Tsu-kun.
Tsu-kun! Waving a knife around is dangerous! Oh, that's so cleaver of you.
Just kidding.
Th-That was terrible.
So what's going on? You're acting weird! Really? You think so? Totally! It'll be some time before you can understand a grown woman's feelings.
But you, a baby, understand them? Oh, right I haven't told you Told me what? Your father's coming home.
Huh?! It's been two years.
Is it really that shocking? W-Was he found? Found? What do you mean? I mean, he just up and disappeared, right? Disappeared? Perhaps he hid himself after learning about a national conspiracy to keep the authorities from finding him.
Or maybe he was falsely accused of a crime and has been living on the run, but the real culprit's been found so he can finally come back.
That sounds like something out of a movie! As if that happened! Goodness, Tsuna, you honestly thought he disappeared? What? B-But If he had vanished, how would we have paid for food and your school, plus the loan on this house and all our living expenses? N-Now that you mention it We've kept in touch.
Your father was working overseas, drilling for oil.
He's a wonderful man of the soil.
Man of the soil?! Man, that's pretty boring.
Being a man of the soil is boring?! Well, I can see why you'd misunderstand You don't talk about your parents, so I thought the subject was taboo.
I thought he was dead.
B-But Mom, you told me he disappeared! Oh, yeah That's because right before your father left I'll be back, Nana.
Okay, dear.
Nana, you like romantic men, right? Yes.
Tell Tsuna that I disappeared and became one with the stars.
It's more romantic that way.
That's it! You figured I'd just accept that?! Sounds like an interesting dad.
So when will he be back? Pretty soon.
I got a postcard with a picture.
A postcard? Yeah, it's right here.
Be back soon -Dad Can you even get oil there?! See, it says he'll be back soon! It doesn't even say when, but you're gonna start cooking now? Looks like we'll have a lot of food every day.
Lots of food! Lambo-san loves lots of food! A passionate welcome back! Isn't it great that your dad's coming back? Yeah, I-I guess so.
To think that your father is in good health.
I, as your right-hand man, must be first to greet him the moment he returns! No, no, that's okay.
You don't need to meet someone as crazy as him.
He's crazy? Well, he was always saying and doing ridiculous things.
When I was younger, he wasn't around much, so I asked him what he did.
I fly all around the world and manage the traffic at construction sites.
he said.
All around the world? That's wild.
Weird, isn't it? No, not really I didn't really understand back then.
But now that I think about it, it was pretty strange.
Besides, it's weird to not come home for two whole years.
Even if someone like him did come back now Boss Wanna hang out somewhere? Nice, baseball-brain.
Let's do that, boss! What?! It's better if you don't think about what's going on in your family too much.
Gokudera-kun My house is way more messed up! That's one hell of a thing to say with a smile.
Anyway, let's go.
But school We're only taking supplementary classes today.
Plus, it's Sunday.
We all need a break now and then.
Yeah, it's Sunday.
Why don't we give everyone a call? Don't call those idiots.
Wow Everyone's looking out for me Th-Thanks, guys.
Lambo-san's Family, coming through! I told you not to call the idiots.
Eek! Who do you mean by idiots?! That's one big family But, sweet, Kyoko-chan came! Hey, Tsuna.
Wh-Wh-What is it? You'll have to do the homework from the classes you skipped later.
Don't remind me! Hey, Big Tsuna, I wanna go to the arcade! Wanna play against me? I won't lose! I'm good at whack-a-mole! Huh? What's wrong, Kyoko-chan? Lambo-kun's gone.
What?! Oh, she's right! Where did he go? I-Pin found him! Th That's He looks like he belongs there, but I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Please forgive us! I'm making a fool of myself in front of Kyoko-chan Don't do that again, Lambo- Lambo?! Lambo?! Eyeball torpedoes, fire! Fire! Fire! Fire! Fire! Lambo-sama have mercy on me, please! Hey, wait! Lambo, I-Pin! Win Yay! Yay! Hey, Tsuna, Lambo-san's thirsty.
Okay, okay.
Good work, Tsuna-kun.
Oh, n-no, it's always l-like this I haven't been able to say this, but ever since you came back from Kokuyo, I've been relieved.
I thought you were going to be scarier.
But I'm so glad to see that you're still you.
I-I don't really understand Is she praising me? Hey, Tsuna-kun? What was that sound? Wh-What?! Tsuna-kun, what's that?! Oh crap! Forgive me Ow It is thou.
Thou? Who the heck says "thou" in this day and age?! Boss! Tsuna-san! Are you okay, Tsuna? Ow Tsuna-kun, are you okay? Why are you here? Well, pretty noisy in the outfield.
I'm gonna kill the scum standing in my way.
Wh-What's going on? Feels like a storm's coming.
Shut up! What's wrong with this guy?! Women and children should take refuge.
Eek! M-My humblest apologies, Master Sawada.
Huh? I was followed.
But who are you? A Deathperation Flame? We have only just met, yet I have placed thee in great peril.
Huh? Um, who are you? Come with me! Hey, where are you taking the boss?! Tsuna! What is it? We must seek a safer location.
There is something I must tell thee! Hide-and-seek time is over.
He's here! Who is this guy? He does not recognize Master Sawada? Drat, I should have pretended to not know him.
You gonna tell me or what?! H-Hey! You! I know, how about you.
What business do you have with him? Answer me! Or I'll kill ya! No, don't! Um What? Go ahead, try to lay a hand on him.
But you might not get off so easy.
Yup, that's how it goes.
We'll be your opponents.
Gokudera-kun! Yamamoto! I wasn't even carrying my bat with me, so why do I have it? Must've been Reborn's doing Are you involved in this too? I don't really understand, but let me tell you how this is gonna go down.
You stand against me, you die! Right back at ya.
That's a sword, right? I'll face you first.
Stop! He would best thee easily! Oh no His might is too great.
This is bad.
Where did Reborn go? You won't have time to regret this! Here I go! Nice so-called swordsmanship.
You haven't been formally trained, huh? What of it?! You're too easy! Gunpowder! Yamamoto! Damn you! You're too slow! Gokudera-kun! Gokudera-kun! They were nothin' but talk.
Die! Yo, trash.
Feel like talking yet? I refuse.
Then, this will become your grave! This is bad Really bad Wh-What should I do?! Th-These are These gloves are Even if you're going to get a palm reading Even on a hot summer day You must always wear those gloves! Wh-Why are you I'm just a potted tree person, passing by.
There's no way something like that would pass by! Where have you been while we've been in danger?! I've got my own stuff to take care of.
I had to get the women and children to safety.
I had to find this costume in the closet too.
You didn't need the costume! You little runt.
Did you think you could defeat me? You're nothing but a stray dog.
I guess I'll start by questioning this kid.
What?! So he's reached his limit Die, you mongrel! Re-Born! Long hair! I'll beat you like my life depends on it! What just happened? That Deathperation Flame and the emblem on those gloves You're the Japanese kid people've been talking about.
I see! He came here to meet you.
What are you planning? You're either gonna spit it out, or die! Punk! You're weak! Weak! So his Deathperation wasn't enough I want to put him into Hyper Deathperation Mode with the Criticism Shot, but if I do that, he'll be so sore he won't be able to move for two weeks.
Take this! Not yet! Take this! N-Not good! Hey! How long are you gonna run?! You coward! Damn.
A-Are y-you okay? My name is Basil.
My master instructed me to give thee something.
Me? And who's your master? Take these.
What are they? Reborn-san should have knowledge of them.
What? Reborn does? But Reborn will not fight! Take these and flee! Wait Even if you tell me that I see I can't let those beauties get away.
I'm gonna finish you guys off and take 'em with me! Damn.
What's going on? What's going on?! This is bad.
How do you want me to finish you before I take those back? Thou cannot let him take them, Master Sawada! B-But Gokudera-kun and Yamamoto I couldn't even beat him with a Deathperation Shot You never change Superbi Squalo.
You never change Superbi Squalo.
That voice Fighting kids, are you? Aren't you ashamed? D-Dino-san And now what you've all been waiting for.
The horoscope for next week! Top three, maggots.
Lambo-san is here too! You do this then.
Yeah, maggot! Hold it in The first sign is Being adventurous is your key to good fortune.
That means I'll be able to find a great love next week.
Hold it in Number two for next week! Humor is your ticket to being popular.
Gemini! Next week belongs to Lambo-san! Hold it in And now for number one! Give yourself a makeover and you'll be extremely lucky! Libra! I'm lucky every day.
So's Leon.
Thanks to Lambo-san! See you again.
Bye- bye.
Next time: The Seven Vongola Rings.