Katekyo Hitman Reborn! (2006) s01e33 Episode Script

Summer Vacation Ruined by Loans?

1 The sea! Oh, how I love the sea! Are you like, 60? I'm so happy the day's finally come where I can go to the ocean with my friends! Look at those two.
They're so hot! They've gotta be models for some magazine! Hi, everybody! We changed! So cute! Kyoko-chan really is cute.
For some reason, I'm proud! Target 33 A Summer Filled with Debt? A Summer Filled with Debt? Lambo-san's the first to the ocean! I-Pin won't lose! First to the ocean! Hey! Whose fault is it that we're here? Lambo-san's got no clue! We're all here to work part-time jobs to pay for the slide you broke at the city pool! Mr.
Tsunayoshi Sawada We request 300,000 yen as compensation for the waterslide.
Namimori City Pool So your brother works as a lifeguard here too? Yeah, he's helping his senpai out.
So our job is to be lifeguards? What, you didn't know? No, Reborn only said it was a job at the beach.
So a lifeguard, huh? They used to rescue me a lot when I was swept away or drowning.
Thanks for coming, guys! I, the Extreme Lion Puncher, Namimori's Rumble Fish, am spending my summer as a lifeguard-in-training! Can he save drowning people with those weird moves of his? Good question First, let me introduce my companions But before that, Master Pao Pao is suffering from heatstroke! He's totally lazing Why is he even here? And We can't have you dumping your trash here.
It makes more work for us! I-I'm sorry! Okay then.
Clean up this whole area! Get going! How awful Let me introduce you.
These guys are the senior lifeguards.
These guys? They used to be members of Namimori's Boxing Club.
Hey, is this your sister? H-Hi She just might be my type.
All right, let's have fun with the girls.
You guys protect the peace of the high seas while we're gone.
W-Wa-! Wait! We're not doing your job for you.
That's right, senpai! We didn't call them here so you could play around.
Don't you get it, Ryohei? We want the kids to understand what a wonderful thing being a lifeguard is.
That is a complete lie! That makes sense.
So not the sound effect to use there! Okay, I'm going to help my brother! That's right.
I'm going to stay with Tsuna-san and the others.
So which one's Tsuna-san? You mean Tsuna, like, tuna, right? Bet he swims like a fish.
That's freaking hilarious.
I'll rip your limbs off, dumbass.
Oh? You wanna fight? Damn straight.
Unfortunately, I'll pass.
What? If we're gonna go at it, we'll fight with sports.
A three-on-three swimming competition! The loser has to do whatever the victor says! What? You little idi- Sounds fun.
We accept your challenge.
He was silenced by physical force! See that little island over there? We'll race around it.
Best two out of three, wins.
Okay, I'll go first.
I'll be second.
Can you be third, boss? What? Me too? I dunno if Sawada can do it.
I'll go.
No way! If you swim, we're doomed.
I-I might actually be a better choice than Kyoko's brother But I don't know if I can swim in the ocean.
Tsuna-kun, good luck! Yeah Crap, I agreed! We'll be supporting you with all we've got! Okay, let the competition begin! Fight to your limits, guys! First race, ready! We train differently than middle-schoolers! Yeah? I don't think I'm going to lose in that category! Yamamoto's in the lead! Yes! Wow! Fight! First to turn back! Think you can? Senpai, is this the guy? The one you wanted us to teach a lesson to? Huh? Yamamoto's not coming back? What happened? Bet he got a cramp and is resting on the island.
Let's keep going.
Race two, ready! Wonder what happened to the first swimmer.
I think I can tell you.
That baseball-brain wouldn't stay out there just because of a cramp.
He was probably attacked by a bunch of your guys on the other side of the rocks.
He might've let his guard down, but I won't.
They're not there.
There're plenty of juniors who listen to us.
Where's Gokudera-kun? Darn, your second guy get a cramp too? Suspicious! Something is definitely going on! Normally, it'd be our win, since it's two out of three.
But I'll be nice.
If you take the next round, you win.
It's totally a trap! Wait, senpai! I'm worried about them.
I'm going out to the rocks! Great idea, Brother! You don't understand, do you, Ryohei? They're communicating with nature out on the rocks.
Don't disturb them.
That makes sense.
Brother He was tricked again! Race three, ready! Okay, let's go, Tsuna-san.
The past is flashing before my eyes! But I need to do my best, or Kyoko-chan will be in trouble! I can't let that happen! Wow, Tsuna-kun! Way to move! Hey, I'm swimming! I can tell you're a total beginner.
I'm happy.
I'm actually moving forward.
Somebody save my child! Save me! A kid's being washed away! We have to stop this and go save her! I took this job to pick up chicks.
I'm not going out into the middle of the ocean.
I'll get killed.
No way! Save me! Geez.
He's going to save her! Tsuna-kun! It's too dangerous! What, he thinks he's a hero? Don't underestimate the sea, kid.
They don't understand how scary it is to be swept away.
Hang on! I'm almost there! I-It's all right now.
Huh? I can't move Mister I guess I'm too much of a loser to save people You can do anything if you're Deathperate.
Re-Born! Deathperation Rescue Operation! Not gonna happen.
We've got tons of our juniors out on that island.
Pound him flat! You mean these guys? What?! Well, guys, I think It's time for some payback.
Damn it I won't let you steal all the glory! Give me the kid! I'll take her back.
Out of the way! And thus, Tsuna saved the kid.
But It was a guy with a scarier face who saved me! The non-Deathperate Tsuna was mistaken for a different person.
You've gotta be kidding.
So many yummy places to eat! Lambo-san wants to eat until he's stuffed! I-Pin goes to shops too! Hey, you each get 300 yen! I'm back from the beach, and I have to babysit I-Pin and Lambo? I wanted to go with Kyoko-chan Wow! Target shooting? Reborn? Pack 'em up.
A shoplifter took all my earnings yesterday too.
What'll I do? You guys too? They hit me as well.
You too? That's so sad! I-Pin decided.
One banana, please! Chocolate Banana A chocolate banana? I'll take one! Comin' right up! We put French chocolate on 'em, you know.
It's Belgian, you dumbass.
Wow, they're really into it.
Here you go.
Whoa, Gokudera-kun and Yamamoto! B-Boss We've been waiting for you, Tsuna.
Don't surprise me like that.
That's my line! What are you doing? You didn't hear, boss? Nope.
You wouldn't have come if we'd told you.
Reborn? And Futa? We got special permission from the city council to put up a stand.
According to my rankings, Top 10 Shops! Chocolate Banana Yakidora Goldfish Catching Yakisoba Snow Cones the chocolate banana shop has made the best sales at this festival for five years running.
Bananas Our target is 500 bananas! Lend us a hand, boss! Well, I guess I have to.
Oh, right.
Get your protection money ready.
Protection money? It's a Namimori tradition to pay money to the guys who control this area.
Am I getting a glimpse of the underworld? 50,000 yen.
Hibari-san! What are you doing here? You mean We pay protection money to the Disciplinary Committee? It covers our activity costs.
If you can't pay We destroy your stand.
We'll pay, we'll pay! Yes, you shall.
Our Disciplinary Committee members are the worst around here.
Chocolate bananas, please! Kyoko-chan! Haru! Wow, you're running a stand.
Well, yeah Kyoko-chan looks so cute in her yukata.
What a shame, though.
I wanted to see the fireworks with everyone.
Here you go.
Wow, they look great.
Well, good luck with the stand.
Big Tsuna.
I'm going to go watch them move the shrine.
Oh, may I join you? Oh? You'd like to? See you, Tsuna-kun.
Bye for now.
I wanted to see the fireworks with Kyoko-chan Hey, if we sell all these, we can go watch the fireworks.
Yeah, guess so.
There's still time.
Hey, want to work extra hard and finish up early? Your wish is my command, boss! Yeah! Bananas or death! Your choice! Gokudera-kun's enthusiasm is scaring the customers Here you are, two chocolate bananas.
Say thanks to the nice man.
Thanks, mister! At least Yamamoto's doing a great job.
What nice manners! As a reward, you can have another.
That won't help our sales Enjoy delicious bananas, punks! I like your smile.
Have another.
This is bad We won't make it in time for the fireworks and we won't make enough to cover the repairs! I can't watch you guys.
Adult I-Pin! A part-time job? Uh, yeah.
Are you out on a delivery in your yukata? Yes.
I just brought Mr.
Kawahira some mixed ramen.
Yeah? You look good in that yukata.
Oh, Sawada-san I borrowed this from Mr.
Kawahira's daughter.
Anyway, why are you lining up plain bananas? That won't sell.
Put the chocolate-covered ones out.
A shop's display is very important.
I see.
I-Pin's got a knack for business.
You should work on your Feng Shui too.
Chinese stuff! W-Will this attract customers? I'll take a chocolate banana! I'll take three! Okay, chocolate bananas! Three, right? Here you go.
Right, one moment please.
The Family's working together.
Just one more box to go! We'll make it in plenty of time for the fireworks.
Sorry, can I step away for five minutes? What's up? I do the ball throwing game every year at one of the stands.
If I don't do it, it won't feel like I came.
I have nothing left! I bet he makes them cry too.
We don't have many customers now.
I'll bring back a bunch of prizes.
Sorry, I'd like to go to the bathroom real quick.
Sure, that's fine.
I can handle this.
I'm going dancing.
This is great! Now I can watch the fireworks with Kyoko-chan! Our profits! There really is a thief! Hey! Wait! Lambo-san won't let you get away! I-Pin does not forgive evil! Give back our profits! You fell for it.
The senior lifeguards Thieving is our side job, and summer's when we make our cash.
But this isn't enough to make us forgive you.
Forget the fireworks, I'm doomed! I will not forgive evil! Lambo-san'll get the bad guys! I-Pin! Lambo! I thought I'd found an interesting crowd.
Guess I've managed to get all the thieves I was after.
Hibari-san! Who's this punk? N-Namimori's Disciplinary Committee leader! Hibari-san's come to help me? You've saved me the trouble of going around to collect it.
The Disciplinary Committee's taking all the money you've stolen.
He's only thinking of himself! Huh? That's right, I-Pin's in love with Hibari-san! Lambo-san doesn't like explosions! Get away, get away, get away! Huh? Are the fireworks starting already? I don't think it's time yet Don't hold back! Get them both! I don't think even Hibari-san can handle this many You'd better fight too, then.
Re-Born! Re-Born I'll fight like my life depends on it! Bring it! I don't need you.
It's just two middle-schoolers! Get them! Right! Boss We're here to help you.
They'll be fine with Hibari.
No way.
I'm taking all the stolen money.
You will not! There's no way! Yeah! Don't forget about us! Get them! Th-They're tough Are you guys really just middle-schoolers? I'll be taking this.
This money isn't yours! W-We all worked together to get it.
I won't give it to you! Yeah, we ain't handing it over to the likes of you.
What he said.
You owe me one.
We did it! We protected the repair funds! But it's too late for the fireworks Tsuna-kun! Tsuna-san! Big Tsuna! Kyoko-chan! What are you doing here? I called them here.
Y-You did, Reborn? Don't get the wrong idea.
According to my rankings, this is the number one spot to watch the fireworks without crowds.
The fireworks we saw that night were prettier than any we'd seen before.
The horoscope for next week! Lambo-san is here too! You do this then.
Hold it in Gemini is the luckiest! You'll have great memory and get great scores on your test! Ciao-ciao.
Next time: The Varia Arrive!