Katekyo Hitman Reborn! (2006) s01e32 Episode Script

A Shark in the Public Pool

1 Put your back into it! We're opening up the pool tomorrow! Any eighth-grader who can't swim fifteen meters has to practice kicking with the girls! What?! For real? That's bad Enomoto's always shipping people off to the girls.
But seriously, who can't swim fifteen meters? Th-There is.
Right here.
Enomoto did the same thing to people who skipped gym last year.
Which means I'll seriously With Kyoko-chan watching I-I'll never be able to live that down! Tsuna, you can't swim, right? Ah, yeah, well Thought so.
Let's go practice at the public pool.
Wait! No! I'll keep you company.
Really? Thank you, Yamamoto! As his tutor, I appreciate the help.
Reborn! Why are you here? You're here again, kid? Hey! Yamamoto If you do that, everybody will see him! Hey, Yamamoto! What've you got in the pool with you?! Th-This is bad! This is a ventriloquist's dummy.
That's such a stretch Oh, I see.
That's stupid.
Put that thing away.
No way They're going to accept that? Tsuna, you're going to learn how to swim.
Hard training time! Huh? T-Training? Target 32 A Shark Showed Up in the Public Pool A Shark Showed Up in the Public Pool?! Reborn only came so he could cool off.
Well, it'll be easier for me this way.
Okay, start by trying to swim.
It's shallow enough for you to stand.
Okay I see.
We'll have to start from scratch.
Let's practice breathing first.
B-Breathing? Got it, Tsuna? You dive in like, whoosh.
Then splash, splash, and a boom.
Got it? Then you'll be able to swim like a fish.
Simple, right? That made no sense! Well, just try doing it instead of thinking about it.
W-Wait! He's going entirely by feeling and I have no idea what he means! I-I'm sav- Huh? Lions throw their cubs off a cliff to make them stronger.
And if any make their way up, they kick them back off.
There's also the practice of throwing rocks on them.
Silence Rest in peace I'm gonna die! In the Mafia, you're always one heartbeat away from death.
That's so not reassuring! Now, now The kid's trying to cheer you up, in his own way.
I'm pretty sure he's not.
Okay, let's try the swoosh, swoosh, splash stuff again.
N-No You know, Yamamoto Help me! Please save me! Huh? Haru? Help needed! Um, need help? Tsuna-san, help! Understand, Tsuna-san? I'm in big trouble right now! I'm drowning like I'm on the Titanic! Tsuna-san My life is burning out You're the only one who can save me! Come, Tsuna-san! Help! Help! You were standing just fine But Reborn-chan told me that you forgot how to swim! Huh? And yet, when I fell into the river a while back, you were so manly when you saved me.
Oh, uh That was But don't worry.
You'll be able to swim if I'm in trouble! Love is a miracle! Huh? Come! Help! Help me! Cut it out! That's not how it works Look at those weirdos.
I wish those freaks wouldn't come here.
Yeah, no joke.
E-Eek Th-They're calling us freaks Boss, hold on! That's good.
You're starting to get the hang of it.
But It's so embarrassing to practice with Haru holding my hands! A devoted trainer makes for a quicker path to getting better.
Come on, Tsuna-san.
One, two.
One, two.
Well yeah, this beats Yamamoto's way of going entirely by feeling Yep, great job.
Good boy.
Good boy.
But could you stop teaching me like that?! Boss! This voice is Are you truly sick?! Go-Gokudera-kun? I've never heard of a disease that renders the victim unable to swim! What should I do?! How can I help?! Wh-Who said that?! This guy I'm so relieved that you aren't sick.
As if such a weird disease actually exists.
You're one to talk! Come on, guys We cleared up the misunderstanding.
That's right.
Now that I know the situation, I can't allow these two to run free.
I'll make it so that the boss can swim.
R-Really? Surface Buoyancy Gravity Are you listening, boss? In order to swim well like this, you must pay attention to the balance between gravity and buoyancy.
The force of gravity A is countered by the force of buoyancy B, and the center point is Now I'm getting lectured on theory! Since we're at the pool and all, wouldn't it be faster to learn by doing? Shut up! You can't do something if you don't know how it works! I think that devotion is most important.
You're right.
Don't act like you know what you're talking about! Stupid women should keep their mouths shut, stupid woman! Eek! Eek! I'm not stupid! L-Let's calm down.
All right, let's have a contest to see who's the best teacher.
That sounds good.
Thirty minutes each.
Bring it on! We'll compete by seeing how many meters the boss can swim! No way! Don't decide this stuff for me! That's it, Tsuna! Looking good! Now go splash, splash, whoosh! While breathing hoo-hah, hoo-hah.
Don't flap around.
Go whoosh! Nobody can understand you, idiot.
He didn't even make it one meter.
That's odd.
But this is how my dad taught me.
What a shocking father.
Anyway, your thirty minutes are up! I'm up next! Boss, you'll be swimming in no time.
I have a secret weapon.
S-Secret weapon? Wh-What is this?! A special cast for swimming training! Even people who sink like rocks can learn how to swim with this! I-I'd rather not wear this I'm getting a really bad feeling No worries, you'll get used to it.
Start by bending your right arm 90 degrees.
And then, your left arm is opposite that.
Next, change the direction of your legs and the angle of your chest.
This is the ideal swimming form.
Okay, boss! Show them your beautiful swimming! Huh? What's wrong, boss? Tsu-Tsuna-san I guarantee he can't swim like that.
That's not true! This is how I learned to swim when I was a kid! What a shocking upbringing.
Boss! Thought so I'm up last! I'll use devotion and love to turn Tsuna-san into a fish! That's it, Tsuna-san.
Good boy.
Good boy.
Th-That's embarrassing! Looking good, Tsuna-san.
Well yeah, this beats the crap out of Yamamoto and Gokudera's methods Tsuna-san, it's also important to use visualization when mastering something.
Picture yourself as Urashima Taro off to the Dragon Palace and me as the princess.
Huh? Dragon Palace? Princess? I won't let you escape! You'll be staying at the bottom of the ocean with me forever! Th-That hurts! Wh-What's wrong?! Just get here, stat.
It's an order from Master Pao Pao.
I-It's no use I'm not learning jack I won't be able to swim fifteen meters in my wildest dreams That's not true.
Your form's improved greatly.
I'd say you're making progress.
I wonder what the problem is.
Guys Thanks.
But that's enough.
I give up.
Boss It won't be that easy for me to stop being Loser Tsuna.
Sorry, guys.
Don't lose heart.
I'll tell you what you lack.
Don't lose heart.
Huh? A catfish? What you lack is confidence! No! How's that? It's one of my better works.
Hey, you listening? What are you doing?! These clothes are instilled with a jolt of confidence.
Like an electric catfish.
That's not what I wanna know! What about them?! You took out a bunch of other people! Ciao-su.
But Reborn-chan may have a point.
Huh? Yeah.
Confidence is an important factor.
What? But I don't feel very confident Looks like it's my turn! Huh? Leave it all to me, Ryohei Sasagawa, known as Namimori's Rumble Fish! Ky-Kyoko-chan's brother? Sawada! Every sport comes down to passionate training! Here comes the training I hate most! Hey! What are you doing here? Master Pao Pao asked me to come.
You again? You keep complicating things! Your methods are too weak! Sports are about breaking limits! I'm gonna take Sawada to the Olympics! Even if it destroys us in the process! Don't give me that crap! I won't let you have your way! Shut up, squid head! What was that, turf top?! It's a fight! A fight! Go at it! Don't do that here! M-My leg Boss! Okay! I'll save him! Wow, that's ugly! Ow That looked painful A-Are you okay? What's with those moves? D-Don't tell me that's He's creeping me out.
What a great swim.
S-So that was you swimming?! Feels great.
You should take a swim, Sawada.
Didn't you jump in to save me? Oh, that's right.
I had so much fun swimming that I completely forgot.
What's with that? Enjoying yourself too much can be a problem sometimes.
Okay, I'll pull you along as I swim.
I-I'm fine now.
That was so shocking that I've already forgotten the pain.
I see.
I see.
So you totally fell for my swimming? He's so confident about his swimming when it was so much worse than mine After seeing him in action, I've gained a little confidence.
Whoa, amazing.
But should I be feeling confident? You'll be fine, Tsuna.
Don't worry and just have faith in yourself.
If the boss can't swim, nobody in this world can swim.
G-Guys Here comes the finishing touch.
Huh? What is that? What's that?! Sh-Shark! Boss! Hurry! I-It's no use! It's a dolphin! Why is there a dolphin in the pool? This is a special dolphin raised by the Vongola.
If you swim with this dolphin, you'll improve.
Pretty cute guy.
Friendly fella, huh? Uh, he's trying to eat you! This dolphin was raised by the Mafia.
He's famous for being more shark-like than a real shark.
By the way, it loves meat.
Better run before it eats you.
I-It's gonna eat me! Look out, boss! Ow I'm okay, but isn't there a better way to Help! I'm the captain and I wanna go this way! I-Pin wishes to go the other direction.
What's this? Tsuna! You're in the way! This boat is full.
Just get out of here! Shark! Shark! Run for it! Okay, it's the special time you've all been waiting for.
The waves will become a little stronger.
Swim your best.
No way! It's all over! Boss! I'm here to save you! Th-Thanks! Your arms should be bent at a 90 degree angle.
The key to swimming fast is form! Th-That's your idea of help?! Tsuna-san! I'm watching over you! With overheating passionate eyes.
Don't just watch! Help me! H-Help! Gotta tinkle! Gotta tinkle! This isn't the time for that! Tinkle! Tinkle! Tinkle! Oops M-Moron! If I drown and drink the water I'm finished It's okay! We've still got this! Th-This is Wonderful, Tsuna-san! The dolphin's got guts! I want him on our team! This isn't the time to be saying that! Somebody stop me! I'm saved Here's payback for making me pee! Eat this! Wh-What are you doing?! I-I'm still alive D-Don't tell me Tsuna-san, are you okay? Boss, hang in there.
I-I'm finished That's pathetic, Tsuna.
Giving up already? Whose fault do you think that is, huh?! You learned desperation after being chased by the dolphin.
You need technique and confidence, and the desperation that keeps you from giving up.
Once you have all of these, you should be able to swim.
Reborn You That was pretty fun.
A great way to kill time.
That was your real goal?! So what? I think you can swim now.
Give it a shot, Tsuna.
Okay! A hundred more to the limit! Do some more swoosh, swoosh, splash! Give my new theory a try.
Nice kicking.
Little feeties kicking nicely.
All of them at the same time! Okay, here's the last one! Fight, boss! Go, Tsuna! Do your best, Tsuna-san! To the limit! N-No more I'm in pain I-I can't go on Sorry, it's no use.
Tsuna, look to the side.
Huh? This is Fifteen meters?! No way That means I was swimming! I did it! That's our boss! Way to go, Tsuna! You've finally done it! Thanks, everyone Okay, next! Get ready! I can do this I can swim.
Everybody helped teach me.
I can swim fifteen meters! Ready Set Start! Come on, Sawada! Can't you swim the breaststroke?! N-No way Loser Tsuna lives up to his name.
He can't even swim fifteen meters.
He can't do the breaststroke.
Brother said his freestyle is as fast as a flying fish skipping over water.
Is that so? I'm home That was horrid All that effort and I still failed Don't get depressed just yet.
What is this? An invoice.
To pay for the waterslide you destroyed.
Tsunayoshi Sawada We request 300,000 yen as compensation for the water slide.
N-No way! The horoscope for next week! Lambo-san is here too! You do this then.
Hold it in Aquarius Your mind is clear.
Crack a few jokes to become super popular! Aquarius will have the best luck.
Next time: A Summer Filled with Debt?