Katekyo Hitman Reborn! (2006) s01e31 Episode Script

Welcoming at Mafia Land

1 Tsuna and the gang seemed to be off on a luxury cruise to a tropical resort, but in reality, I had invited everyone to Mafialand.
Just wait until they see what's in store for them! Target 31 Welcome to Mafialand Welcome to Mafialand.
My, what a wonderful place! Now this is what I call a high-class resort.
Theme park! Theme park! Lambo-san's gonna have a blast! I can't wait! Ah, wait! You'll get lost! Tsuna-san! Which attraction do you want to go on? I wanna ride a thrilling roller coaster! The roller coaster here ranks 3rd out of 8,452 attractions so scary you'll faint, so you're guaranteed thrills.
I'm too scared to ride something like that! Hold on! Let's get in line! Lambo-san's first! I'm in front! I'm coming too! Oh man Why not, Tsuna? This looks like a fun place.
I can understand why they're so excited.
Yeah, I guess This doesn't look like a resort that's run by the Mafia They used lots of dirty money to make a place where they could relax.
Yeah, way to ruin the mood.
Hey, it's Reborn-san! Huh? Reborn-san, would you be willing to hold a press conference today? I'll have to decline.
I'm on vacation.
Everyone would love to hear how Reborn-san spends his vacation.
Maybe next time.
You're famous? Pretty much.
Look over there.
Welcome, Reborn! You guys wouldn't have been able to come here without my connections.
This place is so popular that it's always fully booked.
Really?! Whoa, this is amazing.
Thanks for inviting us, kid.
Everybody needs to have a little fun once in a while.
Let's go, Tsuna.
Oh, where's Gokudera-kun? Y-You okay, Gokudera-kun? Boss Don't mind me Go enjoy yourself But No, really Guess it can't be helped.
I'll look after Hayato.
Sis Hayato always used to get fevers whenever he got too excited.
He's still such a child.
No, I'm pretty sure you've got it wrong.
Tsuna-san! There's a gorgeous beach over there! Let's go for a swim after we're done with the amusement park.
Uh, swimming's kinda Tsuna doesn't get to have fun yet.
Huh? You have to fill out the paperwork for coming to this island.
Huh? What paperwork? You have to go to the reception desk and report that you've arrived.
I named you the representative of our group.
What the heck? Don't name a representative without asking! But in this group, you'd naturally be the leader.
What?! We want to enjoy ourselves here, so hurry up.
Yeah, move it! Lambo-san wants to ride! Fine I'll go do the paperwork Why me? Who's next? I'm Tsunayoshi Sawada f-from the Vongola Family.
That was the one thing I didn't want to say Do you have a referral or invitation with you? N-No No invitation That means you'll have to take a Mafia examination.
What?! A Mafia examination?! This way, please.
Wh-Who is he? He's someone with ties to the government.
Here are a million euros.
Use the proper method to hand him the bribe.
I have to do what?! We'll test your practical abilities to prove if you're the real Vongola X.
Huh? What's with that? I have no idea how you're supposed to give someone a bribe.
If you refuse to take the test, you and your companions will be thrown into the ocean.
What?! How can you say something like that with a smile?! Please begin.
What? No way What should I do? And why do I have to do this while everybody's having fun? Over here! Whatever, I just have to give it to him.
Like this, maybe? Okay! Stop right there! Huh? You have to start by saying that the money is a bribe, or he won't know what it's for.
Isn't that kind of blunt?! Unfortunately, you have failed.
W-Wait! What are you doing?! You have been deemed a trespasser.
What?! Help! A subway? Hey, where's it taking me? The hidden Mafialand.
Reborn! You knew this would happen from the beginning, didn't you?! What's the hidden Mafialand? You'll find out once we get there.
What is this place?! We're here.
We're on the other side of the island now? Nice of you to show up, maggot! Give me your name, maggot.
What's with this baby? Ciao-su, Colonnello.
Reborn! Maggot! What?! Out of nowhere?! He's Colonnello, and he's the one in charge of the hidden Mafia Island.
Uh, but you just took him out.
I've been trained, maggot.
No way! This weak bullet definitely belongs to Reborn.
Maggot! I can see from that huge rifle you've got that your tastes haven't improved, Colonnello.
Not another weirdo Is he a friend of yours? Hey.
This ain't no ring of roses, maggot.
We've just known each other for a long time.
We were born and raised in the same place.
So you're childhood friends? No wonder he's so weird.
Reborn, why are you here? I'm just here as an observer.
My student, Tsuna, is going to be training here.
Huh? What training? On this island, people who fail the examination and are deemed trespassers are given one last chance.
This other Mafialand is where you train.
And the instructor who trains the people sent here is Colonnello, former member of the Italian naval sub attack force Comsubin.
This baby was in the military?! I see.
So you're Vongola X, maggot.
With Reborn as your tutor, it's no surprise that you failed the examination.
But don't worry.
I'll train you good and hard so you pass the re-exam.
I'll be watching your work, Colonnello.
You do that, maggot.
Hold on, don't decide everything for me.
See that whirlpool over there? Dive in it, maggot.
I said to wait! You're just like Reborn, you don't listen to other people.
I'm on a whole different level than Reborn, maggot.
What do you do when your student doesn't listen, Reborn? This.
That's why you're so weak.
I do this! What's with this baby? He's stricter than Reborn.
You're the one who's weak, Colonnello.
I was lying.
This is what I usually do.
And this is what I actually do! To be honest, same here.
Wait! Don't use somebody else to fight your little battles! Hey, Reborn.
Keep your mouth shut and watch.
You're in my workplace, maggot.
I'll help out.
Since Tsuna's my toy I mean, student.
He finally admitted I'm his toy Just his toy! You, dive in there now! Tsuna-san's taking a long time.
Lambo-san is super fast! Help! I can't swim! My head's spinning! Make it back up by yourself, Tsuna.
Move it, maggot.
That's impossible! I-I thought I was gonna die See, you can do it if you put your mind to it, Tsuna.
But you don't have time for a break, maggot! We're still going, maggot! Help! Still going, maggot! Work hard! I'm twice as beat up as usual This has been a great workout.
For us, that is.
Jerks! You're just enjoying yourselves! What are you talking about? You're making wonderful memories at this resort.
I don't need these memories Huh? A new trainee has come.
Boss! Tsuna! Gokudera-kun.
Why are you here? You were taking a long time, so we went to the reception desk.
And then They said to ride that thing to go to where the boss is.
I'm so glad we found you! You probably shouldn't have come Feel free to train these guys as well, Colonnello.
They look like they're worth training, maggot.
You two should get out of here, now.
Enemy attack! Enemy attack! Everyone evacuate to the shelters at once! What enemy attack? Is some kind of event starting? Reborn-san, if this place is being attacked It's probably the Karkassa Family.
Karkassa Family? Why would Mafiosi attack Mafialand? Didn't the Families spend their money to build this place? This place was built by the Families in the alliance centered around the Vongola.
Karkassa's on the enemy side.
Which means a battle is about to break out here?! Look, Reborn.
The pacifiers are glowing.
One of ours is with the approaching Karkassa bunch.
The only one who would participate in something this stupid is Skull.
Why are these things happening at a resort?! Yeah, this is bad The Family assigned to island security today went back to the mainland for the anniversary of their boss's death.
So basically, there isn't anybody left on the island who can fight.
No way What do we do?! Of course, as long as I'm around, I won't let them have their way.
Except it's time for my nap.
Hey! Just ignore Colonnello.
I'm worried about Mama and the others.
We should take the subway back to Mafialand You too?! Master Skull, we've reached the shore! Commence landing! Defeat all enemies within one hour and seize the island! Man Stupid Reborn.
How can he fall asleep at a time like this? The power outage means the subway isn't running.
It's not often that you get to walk down a subway tunnel.
Is this all part of the event? How can you be so calm? Come on, let's hurry up, boss.
Yeah Ah, is that the exit? I see So this is where it leads.
The symbol of Mafialand Mafia Castle! Whoa, that's a huge castle.
That's Everybody evacuated here.
Tsuna! Mom! Gah, Sis Tsuna-san, you're okay.
Big Tsuna, I was worried 'cause you were taking so long.
I'm so glad you're all okay! Lambo-san wanted to swim more! Me too! Now now, we're about to have even more fun.
Huh? Right, Tsu-kun? We're going to fight off the enemy Mafia in this castle, right? E-Even Mom is going on about the Mafia? What a fun event.
That's like Yamamoto-level I'll be making food with the other ladies in the castle.
You can count on me.
Wait! Bianchi's making food too?! Boss, what should we do? How am I supposed to know? The Lefong Family, which controls Asia, shall take command in this battle.
Hold on.
The Beccho Family, with its tradition and status, is better suited to lead this alliance.
Hey now That's not funny.
You gonna one-up the Nuvo Family? You people should back down! Wanna fight, huh? I don't get the Mafia at all If you need someone at the helm, our boss is perfect for the job! Gokudera-kun! Your boss? And which washed-up Family is he from? Got a problem with the Vongola?! That's the next Vongola boss? This is the first time I've seen him.
Please forgive our transgressions.
We have a commander now.
Tradition, status, size, influence The Vongola are in their own league in every category.
Huh? Wait Don't tell me Everybody! Follow our commander, Vongola X! See? Just like I said.
You're our leader.
Of course.
You won't find a better boss anywhere else.
Here they come.
Let's take care of them real quick, boss.
Die! Help! What are the rules in this game? We're pushing them back! S-Something's there! It's the Karkassa Family's strategist, Skull! What? That little shrimp? No doubt about it.
The violet pacifier is a sign of the Arcobaleno! Arcobaleno? That's what Mukuro called Reborn Arcobaleno means rainbow.
And it refers to the seven strongest babies in the Mafia world.
There are seven of them?! Doesn't matter.
I'll take him out! They bounced off.
There's something behind him! An octopus?! I've heard that Skull controls a giant armored octopus.
No way! The octopus's actions are linked to the baby's finger movements! Amazing! How's he doing it? This isn't the time to be impressed! Well? Who's next? What? You haven't eaten that octopus yet? It's probably pretty tasty.
Reborn! You finally woke up? We're in a lot of trouble here.
Why is Reborn-senpai here? "Senpai"? Another one of Reborn's weird acquaintances? Ciao-su.
It's been a while, Skull.
Didn't you notice your pacifier glowing? Since we're here and all, I'll buy you a drink.
To go with some octopus sashimi.
D-Don't be ridiculous! I'm acting under orders from the boss of the Karkassa Family! You're an enemy I must defeat! You're always someone else's lackey.
You're the only one who made me his lackey! But don't underestimate me! Ah, Reborn! You're a quick draw But I only need one arm! Reborn! This is bad.
Kid! Well? I'm no longer the Skull I used to be.
Die, Reborn! What are you doing? Why won't you move? He's hesitating because he's never seen your left hand like that before.
What is this?! I see! He fired a Fist Shot.
The octopus can't move 'cause he doesn't understand his instructions.
Now it's my turn.
Reborn's strong Damn it.
In that case, I'll order the fleet to bombard the castle.
That's impossible.
Colonnello's probably woken up by now.
What? Colonnello-senpai's here too?! Comin' at ya, maggot! Shot! Master Skull, all ships have been sunk! Colonnello's rifle has spoken loud and clear.
So he's ridiculously strong too? Maybe you should've done that in the first place, instead of sleeping! Who cares? You weren't fighting anyway.
That's right He usually makes me do the fighting Was he protecting me today? I personally lay the smackdown on my lackeys.
Stop! Here comes the Reborn aesthetic! That staged event yesterday was fun.
He still thinks that's all it was? We took care of those Karkassa guys.
It's safe to relax now, boss.
Now I can finally enjoy the resort.
Oh yeah! Tsu-kun, what are you doing? The ship home is about to leave.
What?! No way! Get a move on.
If you want to stay, I'll ask Colonnello to train you nice and hard.
I don't want that! The horoscope for next week! Lambo-san is here too! You do this then.
Hold it in Taurus will have the best luck.
Taurus Fun every day.
But don't eat or drink too much! Ciao-ciao.
Next time: A Shark Showed Up in the Public Pool?!