Katekyo Hitman Reborn! (2006) s01e30 Episode Script

Hide and Seek on a Cruise Ship

1 Huh? Oh! Target 30: Hide and Seek on a Luxury Cruise Hide and Seek on a Luxury Cruise.
Wait! I-Pin won't get caught! Follow me over here! Guys! I'm trying to do some homework, so quiet down! Sorry.
I-Pin apologizes.
Lambo-san is gonna play some more! He doesn't listen.
Now it's even noisier.
Don't get distracted by the racket, focus on your homework.
You say that, but it's like this every day.
I just want to relax someplace quiet.
Tsu-kun! I did it! Huh? M-Mom Listen! We won! W-Won what? The prize from the magazine! It's a boat-trip to an island! Wow! But I get seasick It'll be okay! You've only ridden on small boats, but this is a luxury liner! It's like a high-class hotel that floats on water! R-Really It's got huge rooms, cushy beds even the food's top-class! I'm sure they'll serve thick steaks.
Steaks They have a pool, casinos, and a concert hall too! Even those?! And then we'll be arriving at a paradise in the south! The tropical sun will wash away all the bad stuff in our lives! All of the bad stuff, huh? Tsuna-kun! Kyoko-chan.
Let's play together! Take that.
This feels nice, Tsuna-kun.
I want to stay here forever, with you.
I guess I can go if you insist.
And if I invite Kyoko-chan But you can only take two people.
I can't really leave Lambo and everyone else behind and go I wonder what I should do In that case, I'll take them- Oh, no need to worry.
If you're talking about the kids, I'll watch them.
No need to worry.
Oh, you will, Bianchi-chan? I'll watch the house too.
It's good to spend time with your son alone once in a while.
Enjoy yourselves.
Really? That'd be great.
Thanks! You mean I'll be alone with Mom? I wonder how long it's been since I last went on a trip with Tsuna.
It'll be like a date.
This sucks.
I wanted to go with Kyoko-chan.
Well, it's okay.
It looks like this'll be fun.
Okay, we're off.
You guys are in charge.
Take care.
Let's go, Tsu-kun.
Don't pull, Mom! Wow! Is this really a boat? It truly is first-rate! This might be awesome.
I'll be able to relax now that I'm not around Reborn or the others.
That alone makes it worth coming.
Want to grab something to eat? A feast! The thick steaks! Wow! We're in Room 231.
The last name is Sawada.
Sawada? I believe someone was just shown to your table.
Our food! Lambo-san can't eat anymore.
Some punk who stuffed himself and fell asleep is over here! Huh, Lambo-kun? Why are you here? There you go.
Stupid cow He started crying about how your mom was gone.
Wait, why are you here too? Well, when I said you and your mom weren't coming back She started crying too.
It was terrible.
I-Pin's here too?! Why did you lie to them? It's better being with everyone.
Being apart is sad.
Yeah, it's more fun being in a group.
I think so too! So we came along! Sorry, Big Tsuna.
Yamamoto Haru Even Futa?! Yo, Tsuna.
This is pretty awesome.
I've never been on such a huge ship before.
I have, with my family, but being with Tsuna is much more exciting.
It's like a rehearsal for our honeymoon.
And the love boat we'll sail on will head to a tropical island! Tsuna-san! Haru.
Let's enjoy this together! This feels nice Yeah.
I want to stay here forever, with you.
How wonderful.
How did you get The kid asked us if we all wanted to go together.
S-So you mean Gokudera-kun is I thought of inviting him, but he wasn't around.
I left a message on his cell phone telling him where to meet us, but he never showed up.
I see There might be less of an uproar this way.
But if that's the case, I wish I could've invited Kyoko-chan.
Also, the kid told me that he invited Sasagawa and her brother.
But it conflicted with their family trip, so they had to miss out.
I see Sorry, you must've been lonely.
So, does that mean everyone's here? Actually, that means he should be Renaissance! Wear some clothes! How did you guys even get on board?! From the front.
We defeated the guards, fair and square.
You defeated them?! If they find out! Sorry for the disruption, have you seen any strange children around here? N-Not a one! I see.
Guess they're not here.
They're looking for you! Sorry, Tsuna-san.
I wasn't able to stop Reborn-san and Bianchi-san's violence.
It's okay, Haru.
All is forgiven when you do it for love! No, it's not! Who cares? A little hide and seek sounds like fun.
Yamamoto This is bad.
If we're discovered, all of us, including Tsuna and his mom, will get tossed out on some random island.
Wh-What about the island in the south?! No need to worry.
We'll pull it off.
We want a peaceful vacation too.
Right, Reborn? Bianchi.
S-So you plan on hiding until we get to the island? What are you saying? We're hitmen.
We'll get rid of all the guards.
That's so wrong! Let's go! W-Wait! So we're playing tag now? We'll be able to play quite a bit on a huge ship like this.
Should I hide too, Big Tsuna? It's really a lot more fun when everyone's together.
You've got it all wrong! Ah! What should I do?! Man, where did they go? Everyone has really high "Mafia hide-and-seek" rankings so I don't think we'll be able to find them easily.
Really? Ow.
Anyway, let's search everywhere.
I'll go this way.
I'll go this way.
Okay, I'm counting on you.
If you catch them, bring them to my room.
Okay! Haru will put her life aside on her mission for Tsuna-san! I've been good at tag since I was little.
Leave it to me.
If we don't find them soon Let's go, Fu- This crowd of people Did they do something already? Where am I? What part of the city am I in? Wh-What's with you? I have to hurry and deliver this ramen Adult I-Pin! Oh, is that her? I-Pin is pretty hot when she's older.
Lambo The Ten-Year Bazooka Sawada-san! Where am I? I seem to have gotten lost.
Um She's with him? With him? Is he making her dress like that? I'm getting weird stares.
If I don't hurry, the ramen for Mr.
Kawahira will spoil.
I-I got it.
I'll show you the way, so calm down.
That helps a lot.
I'll treat you to some ramen next time.
This is a room, Sawada-san.
What room am I in? Why did you close the door, Sawada-san? If you wait in there, you'll return to places you remember.
Honest! Futa, I'm going to search for the others, so wait in the room with I-Pin until she returns to normal.
Got it, Big Tsuna.
Where are you guys? Eek! It's all adult-ish.
This must be fresh milk, barkeep.
Looks like they're not here.
Oh, young Haru-san.
Yes? It's that perverted man! Would you like a glass too? It's delightful.
I I I reject your advances! Remember this for later: Haru has Tsuna-san! Hold it in Ah! Lambo-san's going to drown! Lambo-chan? You were here?! Ramen Ow Something smells good.
There's not enough love in your cooking! Oh, it's Gokudera's sister.
How do you like this? It's overflowing with love.
This is real cooking.
It's avant-garde cuisine.
I didn't know those ingredients could make such a dish.
I never would've thought of it.
They've got some good stuff here.
If my dad saw this, he'd be pretty overjoyed.
Takeshi Yamamoto.
Perfect timing.
I've always wanted to have a duel with you.
I challenge you to a cooking contest of love, right here! Love But I've never done more than help out my dad Give me all you've got! This is a problem Why do I have to run all over? Wasn't I supposed to be going to a resort?! Oh, Tsuna-san! I found Lambo-chan and sent him to the room.
I found Gokudera's sister! That means we only have to find Reborn.
Where haven't we searched? Um Below! Would Reborn really be down here? Let's check carefully, just in case.
Gokudera-kun?! Boss! Huh? Eek! What are you doing? Boss, I'm so amazed you were able to find me! You searched for me? I was searching for Reborn, but whatever.
Why are you even here, Gokudera-kun? That's- You wanted to go on a family trip with your sister, didn't you? No! I want to always be at the boss's side.
I'm his right-hand man! You got on here as a stowaway, didn't you? This place is pretty comfortable once you get used to it.
These guys liked me being here too.
Slow-roasted Pork Ramen I got it.
Here you go.
Then we're just looking for Reborn-san? If we don't catch him soon, there's no telling what he'll do.
Since we haven't found him yet, he must be pretty well-hidden.
Go, Reborn! He's amazing at hide and seek.
That's a problem! Calm down, you've gotta think in times like this.
Think In this situation, where would Reborn be? He'd probably disguise himself to stay hidden If that's the case Then a painting like this If you look at it closely, the eyes seem off.
Good job finding me.
He was in the trees?! Ciao.
He came out! Good for you.
Insight is a quality a Mafia boss needs! Great job, Reborn! But I'm not surprised the boss was able to see through it! No, I'm not happy about it at all.
So you were there! You're good at hiding.
It's an illusion! He was found! This is bad! What should we do?! Should I blast us through? Don't! Um There's a good reason for this.
We're going to get tossed off the boat and put on some unknown island.
Oh, it's Reborn-san! Nice moves taking down the guards.
Way to go, Reborn-san.
It's an honor having you on our boat.
Sorry to cause an uproar.
Here are our tickets.
Hey, you don't need any tickets.
We'll let you on anytime.
What's going on? I got tickets for all of us, obviously.
This ship's going to Mafialand, you know.
Mafialand?! Th-That means! Mafialand.
It's something the various Families spent a lot of cash to set up, all so Mafiosi can relax without having to worry about the prying eyes of others.
It's a super resort island! What?! Then, these people are They're all visitors from the various Families.
So they're Mafia members?! That postcard your mom got saying you'd won was something I sent.
I thought it'd be nice to let your mom rest for once, so I invited her to Mafialand.
That's We can see it now! That's our southern paradise, huh? We're here! But I don't wanna go on an island made by the Mafia! I wanna stay on the ship! But it looks fun! I think it's a theme park.
It's a dream island.
I'm so excited! This is Mafialand? It's a big theme park! There're so many attractions, you can't see them all in one day.
In the theme park ranking for Mafioso who want to act like kids again Out of 254 total, it's number 1 by far! Yay! Lambo-san's gonna play! I-Pin loves it too! What? It looks like a fun place.
I really wish Kyoko-chan could've come The horoscope for next week! Lambo-san is here too! You do this then.
Hold it in Virgo You'll be luckier in matters of love! You'll meet someone in a library! Virgo is the luckiest! Ciao-ciao.
Next time: Welcome to Mafialand.