Katekyo Hitman Reborn! (2006) s01e29 Episode Script

Broccoli's Sweetheart?

1 More! Here you go.
You sure do eat a lot, Lambo-kun.
I'm a growing boy! And your omelettes are delicious, Mom! My rankings show Big Tsuna's mom's omelettes to be first-rate! Aww, thanks.
More! Well I'm sorry, Lambo-kun.
I'm out of rice.
Our family's gotten so much bigger, I need to buy a bigger rice cooker.
Our family? That's not right They're all just freeloading here.
Geez, calm down.
You're not paying anything to be here.
Neither are you, Bianchi.
Japanese saying: A Guest does not eat more than two bowls of rice.
If there's no rice, I'll take your omelette! No! Stealing forbidden! This I-Pin's! Tsuna, give me your omelette! Gimme! N-No way! Gimme! Sucks to be you! You can't get it here.
Hold it in Or maybe I won't! The Ten-Year Bazooka! Good morning, young Vongola.
Seems I'm just in time for breakfast.
Pretty smart, Lambo.
Adult Lambo is taller than me! You're having omelettes today, I see.
Romeo Not good! Wait! This is bad! Reborn? Thanks, Tsuna.
Wait! I haven't even started eating! Yummy! Target 29 Her Lover is Broccoli? Her Lover is Broccoli? I haven't seen him at all since then.
I wonder where he lives? Hana Hey, Hana! What is it? Weren't you listening to me? Sorry, I was lost in thought.
I hope that's all You've been strange lately.
I'm fine, I'm fine.
Where is he from, though? Wait! The Mafia is all about survival of the fittest! Give back my omelette! Stay away! Romeo must die! Gimme back my omelette! Tsuna and his friends are always having so much fun.
What's wrong, Hana? I've finally found that hunk! It's time for afternoon announcements.
We'll start with a song request! Hovering over green from Namimori Library Lain with verdure, Namimiori's neither big nor small Normal is all Why would I borrow a book like this for six months? Secret of the Dinosaurs How do I return it? I'd be totally embarrassed if anyone saw me.
Hana Kurokawa? Yo.
No, this is You look like you've never done this before.
Want me to return it for you? You sure? Sure, why not? Thanks.
The Brothers Karamazov She's reading difficult books Come to think of it, she has a very adult feel to her.
Why is she best friends with the innocent Kyoko-chan? But man, I never thought you had it in you.
You were talking with a girl from Midori Middle on the roadside yesterday, right? Your girlfriend? Yesterday? Yesterday Tsuna-san! A new candy store opened in front of the station! Want to go with me? Does she mean Haru? Haru's just a friend.
Well, I was more or less sure of that.
Yeah? You two seemed rather friendly.
No, not really.
See? You went all red.
There is something between you two.
There is not! I won't tell Kyoko about this What? So introduce me to your hot friend, okay? What are you talking about? So I can tell Kyoko you have a girlfriend? She's not my girlfriend So I can tell her.
Anything but that! Even if it's not true, I don't want Kyoko-chan to hear it.
And worse, if Haru gets wind of this Is that what Tsuna-san said? That means I'm officially the fiancee of a Mafia boss! I'm so happy! Congratulations, Haru-chan, Tsuna-kun! I hope you're very happy! Oh I'm so excited! I'm extra-specially super grateful today! I don't think I'll be able to persuade her otherwise So who is this hotty? Yamamoto? Gokudera-kun? I'm not into guys my age.
They all look like monkeys to me.
Monkeys? She considers the incredibly popular Yamamoto and Gokudera-kun monkeys? The one I want to meet is super hunky, quiet, calm, has a sexy voice, and is oh so mature Who? You were playing tag with him this morning.
The guy with the cow-print shirt.
Cow-print? A-Adult Lambo?! That's a unique name.
So he's Adult-san? Adult Lambo is a wonderful name! The hell it is.
Anyway, if you don't introduce him to me, you know what's going to happen, Sawada.
Oh well, no harm in introducing her Big Tsuna is a clear winner in the "can't refuse a request" ranking.
Fu-Futa! What are you doing here? There're a lot of things you can rank at a school.
Who's the kid? U-Um Good afternoon, high-ranker in the "misunderstanding-induced love at first sight" category, Hana Kurokawa-san.
Hey, be quiet.
Well, whatever, I'm not interested in kids.
I'm back.
I wonder if Lambo's here.
Ah, hello there.
Thank you for visiting the Sawada household.
Who are you?! I am the master of the house.
Don't be arrogant about it! Oh, who is this? Hello.
I am Hana Kurokawa.
What a lovely girl.
I guess I'll leave the younger generation to their own devices and go read my paper.
You're younger than both of us! Enjoy yourselves.
What's the point of that outfit? Even if you can meet your hotty, it'll just be for a moment.
Lambo-san has arrived! He's here You back, Tsuna? Studying is hard! Where's my present? You think I'm going to give you a present every time I go to school? Maybe she senses a connection between the ten-years-younger Lambo and the adult one? Get away.
I hate kids.
I-I see This is your hotty, though.
Speedy, speedy, super express! They're playing train? I'm so pissed, I broke out in hives! I understand your feelings, but that's a bit much.
Hello there! I bought a chiffon cake at that store I was telling you about yesterday! Haru! Chiffon cake! Chiffon cake! You are dating.
W-We are not! Her timing couldn't be worse.
Eek! I think I've seen you before or maybe I haven't.
Who is this girl? Oh, Kyoko-chan's friend Hello.
I am Haru Miura.
I'm Sawada's classmate, and nothing else, Hana Kurokawa.
Well, if you introduce me to the hunk, I won't say a word.
Uh, but She was saying, "shoo shoo!" That makes her a shoo shoo hag! N-No mercy These kids won't get it until you break a few of their bones.
Th-That was a very destructive hit.
The shoo shoo hag is scary! The Ten-Year Bazooka! But I guess this is for the best.
Now he'll be adult Lambo.
Eek! A-All right! There he is! But where did he come from? It's that pervert Haru hates! Huh But why is he dressed like that? Strange, bizarre, unfathomable! Shoo shoo Shoo shoo Hag! Hag! Shoo shoo! Hag! Shoo shoo! Something seems different about him Today, he's not only a pervert, he's also kind of scary! The Ten-Year Bazooka was broken.
When did he come back? It broke when he ran it into the wall.
Thanks to that, his mind is the same, but his body changed with the Lambo from ten years in the future.
Huh? Then, that's adult Lambo's body, but normal Lambo's mind? How wonderful! That's a grown man for you.
He doesn't forget how to have fun just because he's got razor-sharp coolness.
Is that how you're taking this? Look, look, I'm a pop-eyed goldfish! Eek! Tsuna-san, this person is way too scary! I'm scared too! And he has a sense of humor.
Women in love are terrifying.
Hello, I'm Hana Kurokawa, Sawada's classmate.
Nice to meet you.
Th-This is it! That's not your name! Your name is shoo shoo hag! You're imitating that kid? That's hilarious.
Uh, Kurokawa, you have hives No, these are just goosebumps.
Maybe it's cold in here? O-Oh dear, this is so sudden How bold Poop! Spanking! Haru! Let's play! Stay away from me! Play with me! This person is super unique Her body is reacting to how obnoxious he is, despite what her heart thinks.
It's an adult's charm Reborn, what should we do? The Ten-Year Bazooka's effects last five minutes.
Right We've just gotta wait five minutes.
It's been way longer than that! That's because it broke.
What should we do?! The Family's failure is the boss's responsibility.
I'm not the boss! And Lambo's not part of the Vongola Family, he's part of the Bovino Family! This says that Lambo is to be temporarily given to the Vongola, starting today.
Mafia Times Lambo to be given to the Vongola Is that what it says?! When did Lambo get outside? Spankies! Spankies! I have to do something! It's fine for a five-year-old to do that, but at his age it's a real problem! I-Pin helps! Follow Lambo! Okay.
Keep your distance! If we walk this closely, people will think we're friends.
Come on, we're going to Tsuna's house, right? I'm not letting that stupid cow into our Family! I'm going to ask the boss to refuse.
Next stop is the Namimori store, the Namimori store! Departing now! Was that adult Lambo? I think I've seen him somewhere before Gokudera-kun, Yamamoto! Boss! Hey, did you see an adult version of Lambo, with broccoli hair? I did, I did! He went thataway! What happened? This sounds fun.
I have to catch him and turn him back! Help me! Bye! See you, mister! Bye-bye.
I always wanted to ride in one of these.
Where are you going? Anywhere! That's not going to fly.
You have to give me a place to take you.
True that Italy? I can't take you to Italy! Okay, to Granny Octavia's house.
All right, where does Granny Octavia live? Italy.
I said I can't take you to Italy.
There's an ocean in between.
You need to ride a boat or take a plane or you'll sink! Understand? Then go forward! Full speed ahead! Choo-choo! Geez Right next.
Where did adult Lambo go? Hey, it's stupid Tsuna! It's adult Lambo! That stupid cow.
I'll blow him to bits! Gokudera-kun, that's not a good idea! The driver is with him! Anyway, let's follow him! Yeah! Let me drive! Are you insane?! Are you okay? Yeah, I'm fine, but my car Can he drive? Of course not! Driving with no license is illegal! There'll be trouble if he has an accident.
I am so awesome! Hey, he stopped! Lambo! Stop messing around! Tsuna! Boss! Oh no! The river's up ahead! L-Lambo, the brakes Ciao-su.
Reborn! It's time for you to die! N-Now's not the time to remember your goal in life! You annoy me.
L-Lambo? The river! What did you do?! I hit him with a hair-growing shot.
I can't breathe! S-Save me! A-Are you okay, boss? I-I'm alive The Ten-Year Bazooka's effects wore off? My goodness Oh my What are all of you up to? Hello there, young Vongola.
You all seem taller than usual, is it my imagination? Now his body's a kid's and his mind's an adult's! B-But with that atmosphere about him, even as a kid, Kurokawa might not hate him.
I said I don't like kids! Get it away! She's not even giving him a chance? So this is how it ends up? Anyway, what happened to that hot guy? Huh? Well, you see, this guy is I'm not going home until I see him.
But it's the same Lambo! Lambo remained this way for a week, and the sound of crying could be heard from the Sawada house the whole time.
Furthermore, Lambo's transfer to the Vongola Family was a paperwork error, and he was soon returned to the Bovinos.
This week's top scoop from Japan.
Mafia Times Don't just sit there reading the paper! The horoscope for next week! Lambo-san is here too! Then you do it! Hold it in Aries is the luckiest this week! Aries You feel great! You'll have good luck if you take a few days off to reset yourself! Ciao-ciao.
Next time: Hide and Seek on a Luxury Cruise!