Katekyo Hitman Reborn! (2006) s01e28 Episode Script

It's a Lie! We killed?

1 This is the place, huh? I've been waiting for you.
Well if it isn't Reborn-san.
I see you haven't changed.
It's been a while since I've required your specialty.
Show me what you can do.
You can count on me.
I'll use my skill to give the boss a scare.
Target 28 No Way! I Killed Him? No Way! I Killed Him? Tsu-kun, it's bedtime.
Go to sleep already.
You'll disturb the neighbors if you make such a ruckus so late at night.
But just a little longer 'Cause Kyoko-chan's coming over tomorrow! Tsuna-kun! Kyoko-chan, what's wrong? Can I visit you at your place on Sunday? Huh? You want to come over? Uh-huh.
There's something important I need to discuss with you.
Something important? Kyoko-chan's coming to my house to discuss something important! I wonder what it's about.
And tomorrow Lambo and I-Pin are going to the amusement park with the tickets they won at the shopping district's lottery.
Bianchi left this morning to search for new ingredients.
And Futa went back to Italy to do some research for new rankings.
Which means, by pure coincidence, I'll be alone with Kyoko-chan! There won't be anybody to bother us! That's good to hear.
Reborn! Shoot, I forgot about him Hey.
Huh? What? You shouldn't treat members of the Family as hindrances.
Huh? You never know what might happen in this world.
Reborn was talking all weird What could possibly happen in peaceful Japan? A-A thief?! Was last night all a dream? Huh? Wh-Who is this guy? You've finally done it.
Your self-preservation instincts have awakened your talent as a hitman.
Wh-What are you babbling about? In extremely rare cases, after a person has taken too many Deathperation Shots, he may automatically go into Deathperation Mode when in trouble.
You're finally acting like a member of the Mafia, Tsuna.
Where's the proof that you're not trying to pull a fast one on me? Huh? Don't tell me Huh? What?! No way Did I do that? I never would've thought you'd be capable of such a thing.
You're despicable.
N-No, Kyoko-chan! There must be some kind of mistake! Wh-What'll I do?! Tsuna-san, look at me! Haru! I'm going to be a houseboat for the cultural festival.
Eek? Are you also practicing for a play? Amazing! He looks like he's really dead! N-No He's actually dead And I did it Eek! Why are you here too? We don't have practice today, so I was bored.
Excuse us! Oh, welcome.
Tsuna's upstairs.
Th-This is bad! Good morning, boss.
Yo, Tsuna.
Good morning Did something happen? Go-Gokudera-kun Yamamoto My life is over! I have no choice but to turn myself in! I'll wait for you to be released! I'll send you lots of letters! Tsuna-san I await your return! Shopping time.
Shopping time! So, there you have it.
Calm down.
You don't remember doing it, right? That's right.
Besides, is this guy really dead? Hey, if you don't snap out of it, I'll blow you sky high.
H-He moved! C-Call an ambulance! That won't be necessary.
I brought a doctor.
Don't tell me your doctor is Yep, that's right.
He's hammered What is this? I'm about to go on a date with a pretty little senorita.
F-Forget that! Take a look at this guy, quick! Oh, that's right.
That's right.
Someone's about to die here.
Let's see What are you doing?! Ouch If she's got this much strength, she should be fine.
Who are you looking at?! He's your patient! Hey, how many times do I have to tell you? I don't treat men.
Now that you mention it, that's right.
You knew about this, didn't you?! You knew about this all along! You are seriously a creep.
This is hilarious.
Yamamoto Anyway, is that guy even alive? If his pupils are dilated, he isn't breathing, and his heart isn't beating, then he's dead.
His pupils are dilated.
He isn't breathing.
His heart isn't beating.
Which means He's dead! I specialize in the living.
See ya.
So my life really is over! Don't worry.
Huh? I invited someone else over.
Someone else? Hello.
Hi-Hibari-san! I've come so the baby will owe me one.
A deal of sorts.
Yeah, I can dispose of this.
Huh?! Wh-What are you saying?! He'll get rid of the body so no one will ever find it.
Like the crime never happened.
That's wrong in so many ways! I'll send some Disciplinary Committee members over later.
What?! The Disciplinary Committee is going to cover this up?! See ya.
Ah, no Hold on! Tsuna-kun! Hello! This is bad! Kyoko-chan's here! Ciao-su.
Thanks for coming.
Ah, hello.
Well, come on in.
Yes, excuse me.
Tsuna-kun Yo, Sasagawa.
Ky-Kyoko-chan I hope you're having a nice day.
Come in.
Have a seat, have a seat.
Thanks, Tsuna-kun.
Should we have done that to the body? It was an emergency.
We had no choice.
We can't let Sasagawa see the corpse.
I should be the only one to bear this cross.
Th-That's true Okay.
I'll listen to what Kyoko-chan has to say and ask her to leave right after she's done.
Ah! What's wrong, guys? Things are looking desperate! I-It's over! Lambo, wait up! It's not Lambo-san's fault! Wh-What's wrong, you two? It's Lambo's fault.
He lose tickets.
I didn't lose them! I put them in my hair.
May I have your tickets? Hold on.
Give me a second.
Uh, that's not right.
Wait, they're on this side.
N-No, that's not them either.
Oh me, oh my.
Where'd they go? It's not Lambo-san's fault! Lambo, wait up! Take your punishment! Wh-What was that about? They're always so spirited.
Huh? Eek! Huh? That's a doll being used in the cultural festival, Dead Boy.
Dead Boy? Uh, when did you put that on? The prop from last year's cultural festival came in handy! Midori Middle's amazing! No, what kind of cultural festival uses a hearse? Cultural festival? Kyoko-chan doesn't believe it.
I guess it was a stretch I see.
She believes it! So Kyoko-chan What did you need to talk to me about? Ah, that's right.
Well, I have a favor to ask.
A favor? Yes.
Actually Sawada! Join the boxing team! Geez, Brother.
I told you to wait at home.
I know! But Sawada's the only one who can succeed me in going to the limit! Once I started thinking about that, I had to run three laps around Namimori Town before coming here! So this is what she wanted to talk about And there's no point in Kyoko-chan coming if her brother's here too.
Excuse me.
I have a delivery.
Wh-What do I do?! I can't leave Kyoko-chan in this room with the dead body! Sawada-san! Is anyone home? Tsuna-kun, you have a package.
Oh, uh, yeah But I get it.
You want to talk to my brother.
I understand.
I'll get the package for you.
N-Now's my chance to deal with the body Ah, I'm going to put Dead Boy away.
'Kay! I don't know what's going on, but I'll lend a hand! Catch me if you can! Wait up, Lambo! Prepare for Lambo-san's counterattack! Eek! To the limit! Here.
Thank you.
I've worked fifteen years as a delivery man, and risk my life to deliver these packages on time.
Pleased to make your acquaintance.
Ah That stupid cow.
What's wrong? Th-The corpse is gone.
What?! Must have been that explosion.
Which means Over there! That's Yamamoto for you.
He's got sharp eyes from playing baseball.
No big deal! I'll be the one to help the boss! I have no idea what's going on, but I'll lend a hand! We're coming too! Eek? Eek! Tsuna-kun, the package Thanks! Just put it in my room! Tsuna-san! Why a cell phone?! I wore this for last year's sports day! See? If I bend over, it folds up.
Oh, this isn't the time for that.
Look at this.
If you call that number, you'll reach the driver.
Oh! Great work, Haru! Hello? Sorry to bother you, but there's something important on your truck.
Yes, what might that be? Give me the shipment number.
No, I'm not talking about a package.
Huh? Then what do you mean? A corpse.
Don't mess with me! Eek! He's mad at me! Well, if you mention a corpse Stop right there, truck! Wh-What is this?! You won't get away! After him, turf top! What did you say, squid head?! Hayato? What are you doing here? S-Sis M-My stomach To the limit! Bianchi! Stop that delivery truck! Why should I? Don't say that! Very well.
This is a chance to try the new ingredients I found.
Eek! Uh, how was something that big inside her bag?! Poison Cooking: Roast Jellyfish! Wow! Awesome! Don't be like that! Bah N-No way It's over! It's hopeless! No, I wouldn't be so sure.
Ah, it's I-Pin and Lambo.
Leave it to I-Pin! Gyoza Kempo! Lambo-san won't lose! Wh-What is this?! It's over Everyone's working so hard to help me But I Then you should do something about this.
Re-Born! Re-Born I'll get the corpse back like my life depends on it! Where did it go?! Find the truck! Found the truck! Shoot! I'll make it to the next stop in time somehow.
Hold it right there, truck! Wh-What is that?! A-A person?! This is nothing! I'm almost there! What's going on today?! You won't get away! He's out of time.
I-It's over I-I have a delivery.
Please sign for this, Yamamoto-san.
Yamamoto? You kidding? Boss.
Thanks, guys.
I have to go to the police.
Boss Tsuna.
Sawada? Tsuna-san The police? Why? Because I killed Huh? Nice to meet you, boss.
He came back to life! Eek! How mysterious! What's going on? This is Moretti, a professional victim.
Professional victim?! Moretti is a Vongola special-op who can stop his heartbeat and fake his death by inducing Addio.
Huh? S-So he wasn't dead? It was all a lie? That's right.
The thing about spontaneously going into Deathperation Mode after too many Deathperation Shots was also a lie.
Why would you do that? Well, this guy happened to be in Japan on vacation.
I figured I'd pay my respects to the boss by showing off my Addio.
You could've used a different method! Not this huge lie! Didn't you know? There's a day in April where it's okay to lie.
That's only on April 1st, April Fool's! Every day in April is April Fool's as far as I'm concerned.
A-As if! Tsuna-kun and the others are taking a long time.
The horoscope for next week! Lambo-san is here too! You do this then.
Hold it in Capricorn will have the best luck.
Capricorn One week of great luck! Give that audition a shot! Ciao-ciao.
Next time: Her Lover is Broccoli?