Katekyo Hitman Reborn! (2006) s01e27 Episode Script

Eat Sushi to Celebrate Promotion

1 You're ready early today.
They're putting up class arrangements before commencement.
So you guys are second-years now.
I hope I'm in the same class as Kyoko-chan again.
And then Maybe we'll end up sitting next to each other in class! Tsuna-kun.
Kyoko-chan! Life isn't that easy.
Why do you have to jinx me? I'm just warning you.
Yeah, yeah.
I'm going! Target 27 Eating Sushi to Celebrate Moving up a Grade Eating Sushi to Celebrate Moving up a Grade.
So we're in the same class again, huh? We haven't seen the class arrangements yet.
There's no need for that.
The boss and I will be together, even after ten or twenty years have passed.
That's a little depressing, but I guess I'll have to live with it.
Is something wrong? Nope.
I'm sure we'll be in the same class again.
Good morning.
Kyoko-chan, good morning! We're second-years starting today.
I hope we're in the same class again.
You betcha.
Kyoko-chan feels the same way! Awesome! And to run into her so early It must be fate! Morning, Sawada! G-Good morning! Another day with perfect training weather! Now that you're a third-year, you have to worry about exams and stuff.
Exams? What are you talking about? Huh? You don't plan on going to high school? My aims are always to the limit! A man should train himself every day! Diligence will show you the correct path! Is he all right? Brother's always like this.
Let's go, Sawada.
Sprint all the way to school! B-Boss! Geez, Brother! Wait up, boss! Brother! Wait up, Brother! Are you okay, Tsuna-kun? I-I'm fine.
Yo, Tsuna.
Hm? What's wrong? Oh nothing.
They've posted the new class arrangements.
Oh, already? We're not in the same class this time.
N-No way.
Yeah, it's too bad.
Yamamoto I see.
I see.
Sucks for you! Don't worry.
I'll take care of the boss.
You're in a different class too.
Huh? You're not with Tsuna either, unfortunately.
That is completely impossible! I'm serious.
We're all split up this time.
All split up?! That has to be a lie.
So I'm in Class A? Tsunayoshi Sawada What about Kyoko-chan? There I am.
Next to you.
Kyoko Sasagawa Oh, so it's true See? In Class B.
What?! No way! Goodbye, Tsuna-kun.
Goodbye! No way! That's too bad.
But we're in the same school, so we'll still see each other.
I don't want this! You feel the same way, boss? Huh? The boss and I will never be split up! I'll blow this board of lies to smithereens! Y-You can't! Are you okay with this, boss?! You're going to accept this lie?! That's not the issue here! You can't just blow the place up! It's awfully noisy.
Hi-Hibari-san Huh? Didn't you graduate? I'm free to choose what grade I'm in.
Huh? Nobody can use conventional wisdom to restrict me.
I have no idea what you're talking about.
So I'll be laying down the law as a member of the Disciplinary Committee.
Wanna fight, punk? Who planted a cherry blossom tree here? It's been here for a while Forget it.
This place puts me off.
Does Hibari-san hate cherry blossoms as a lingering effect of Vertiginous Cherryitis? Nothing's left to interfere! So I can go ahead, right? No, you can't! What are you people making a fuss about? I-I'm sorry, sir.
What is the meaning of this?! Why are the boss and I in different classes?! Wh-What are you talking about?! The faculty worked hard to make these classes! Stop it, Gokudera-kun! If you have a problem with these class arrangements, I'll give you a chance.
Th-That voice is I'm Vongolasky, a special advisor for class arranging.
Reborn Who are you, pal? How dare you have a name that sounds like our Family's! Uh, you don't recognize him, Gokudera-kun? I have a blank class arrangement authorization form here.
If you can take it from me, you can write whatever you want on it.
Huh? Hey! What are you saying? That won't be allowed.
Wait, hold on.
Principal? Vongolasky-san comes highly recommended.
Why don't we let him deal with this for now? R-Recommended? By who? By the person I respect most in this world.
He has never led me astray.
There you have it.
Up for it? Of course I am! What? Don't run away! Come back here! Man This always happens when Gokudera-kun's with us This looks like fun.
Let's join in, Tsuna.
Yamamoto? It'd be better if were in the same class, right? Yamamoto He ran into the gym! How can he move so fast when he's barely jogging? Yamamoto, let's chase him down.
Yeah! Moron.
You trapped yourself.
What?! Whoa! Not good enough.
He got us.
Science Room I'm pretty sure he ran in here.
Gotcha! He got us again.
Stupid childish trick Not good enough.
Ciao! It's like we're playing with the kid from Tsuna's place.
That advisor won't get away with this! Hold it right there! Wait up, okay? Lambo? Why are you here? If I get that thing, I can be in the same class as everyone else! You do realize you're not in middle school, right? Lambo-san doesn't care about that! You stupid cow! Hold it in Like hell I will! We've finally got him cornered! There's nowhere to run now! Ready and go! Ciao! Ow Ouch.
Damn that freak Not good.
He's getting away You guys aren't good enough yet.
Caught you.
You win.
Up yours! Thanks, Kyoko-chan! It'll be better if we're all in the same class, right? I didn't realize that this was Professor Borin's idea.
The classroom is an important place for building lifelong relationships.
You're absolutely right.
This isn't something we elders should be deciding.
The students should choose for themselves.
The true essence of teaching.
I have seen the light.
All that remains is for them to build the relationships they choose for themselves.
Looks like you all advanced a grade together.
It was quite an ordeal.
This weird advisor was trying to split up the boss and I.
What? He still hasn't noticed? But I'm so glad everybody's together.
Gotta have the whole bunch.
You're not really needed here.
Tsuna, they all wanted to be with you.
As the boss of the Family, you need to meet their expectations.
I've told you before! I'm not the boss! I'm really surprised that you took us out to a sushi place.
It's to celebrate.
I feel bad about being part of this.
I don't mind.
But I'm happy to begin by showing everyone that I've moved up a grade.
What do you think, Tsuna-san? What do I think? It's the same uniform as before Eek! Y-You're right Anyway, eat plenty of sushi.
All right! I'll keep eating until I've destroyed my stomach.
The shrimp's mine! The ikura is mine.
I love roe too! Reborn, thanks.
Don't sweat it.
You've been working pretty hard lately.
Reborn, you Sorry for the wait! Who ordered the uni? The orange one's Lambo-san's 'cause I'm working so hard to stay awake, even though it's time for my afternoon nap! There you go.
And the O-toro? That's mine.
I'd like a Chuu-toro please.
Coming right up! This is the only part I need.
Same here.
That's such a waste! Hey, is it okay for everybody to eat all this expensive stuff? What do you mean? I mean that it's expensive Thanks for the meal.
That was good stuff.
Hey, where are you guys going? I wonder what's wrong The restroom's the other way.
Even then, they wouldn't go together.
Man, we haven't taken care of the bill yet D-Don't tell me Eat and run?! Wait up! Boy, what about the check? No way! Take Sushi Sawada Nobody's picking up at your house.
I'll have to call the cops.
Cut me some slack! I was tricked! Eek! Are we going to end up with criminal records, forced to escape through the Sea of Japan? Sorry It's all my fault.
It's fine, darling.
I'm willing to run anywhere as long as I'm with you.
Haru I'm so lucky to be with you That's kinda nice What are you talking about?! It's a crime to eat and run.
I have to lay down the law here.
P-Please go easy on us! Tsuna-san.
I'm back.
Here's today's Maguro.
Oh, boss.
What's wrong? Got a eat and run incident.
What?! Oh, it's Takeshi's buddy.
Ya-Yamamoto's dad?! Hey, Takeshi.
Your buddy's here.
Tsuna? What are you doing here? Th-This is Take Yamamoto's place! You normally wouldn't be tricked by a bunch of kids.
Easy for you to say It's bad to eat and run.
But it's different if you're Takeshi's friends.
It's on the house.
Really? Sure.
You're always looking out for Takeshi.
Thank you so much! I can tell he's Yamamoto's dad He's so nice.
But! You'll pay for that, right? Huh?! When did they?! I'm full.
Hey! Hold it in Don't give me that! Pay for what you ate! What is that, prehistoric currency?! They stuck to the expensive stuff.
This is gonna add up to 70,000 yen.
70,000? I can't pay that much.
Wh-What do I do?! Work to pay it back.
A person who doesn't work doesn't deserve to eat.
I worked hard and look what I got.
Reborn! Now look here! Oh, that's a good idea! If you don't have the money, you'll have to pay it back with your body.
M-My body?! Do you mean for me to go to the night town? Excuse me Would you buy a match? Don't need one.
Tsuna-san I'll be the little match girl?! Haru, calm down.
And you should be paying! You can only do this stuff while you're young.
Consider it training and do your best.
Don't give me that crap! You can't pay back 70,000 yen by working a day or two! Don't fall asleep! Now now I'll help out.
Yamamoto So don't take it out on innocent customers.
He doesn't realize it's Reborn Sorry to drag you into this.
It's no big deal.
It's my family's shop anyway.
I won't let you have all the glory! Gokudera-kun! I heard from Reborn-san.
You were tricked by Yamamoto's fishy family restaurant.
Don't badmouth us like that.
Th-That's not it! You've got it wrong.
Totally wrong.
Well, either way.
It's my job to help the boss when he's in trouble.
I'll have these dishes washed in no time.
Hey Oops, my hand slipped.
There's nothing to worry about! What're you doing?! This platter is one of Dad's favorites.
It'll probably cost 30,000 yen to replace.
So combined with what we already owe Our debt's up to 100,000 yen?! Eek! An endless hell of debt Gokudera-kun, I'm begging you.
Don't move an inch.
I-I'm sorry We're almost done.
Only three more to go.
Fight on, boss! What are you eating?! Man, this tuna rocks! Wanna join us, boss? What's this? I was going to use this to make a hundred servings of sushi tonight! A-A hundred?! I won't be able to use this thing now.
I'll have to tack it onto your debt.
What?! I have to pay for this too?! I'm screwed! I'll never be able to pay this back! I'm sorry, boss! Really sorry! I'll take responsibility for my little brother.
Sis Sorry, I have to go! Hayato.
So he just racked up more debt and took off It's too early for you to give up.
Think of a way to make up the remainder.
No poison cooking! Don't do anything unnecessary! Don't worry.
Now that I'm able to live with my beloved Reborn, I feel like a changed person.
Ch-Changed? What?! Wh-What are you doing, Bianchi? What was that explosion?! Here you go.
Th-They're glowing Huh? There isn't any funny-looking smoke Let's see.
No! Be more careful Wow, it's good! Let me try one too.
I-I've never had anything like this before! I'm deeply moved! A-And you feel okay? Yeah.
The customers will love this.
You've gotta be kidding Th-This is This is seriously good! Eek! It's wonderful! She really had a change of heart that eliminated the poison from her cooking! If you can make a hundred servings of this I'll consider the debt paid.
What? Really?! Told you so.
Bianchi, help Tsuna out.
Thanks, Bianchi, Reborn! Good work.
That makes a hundred servings.
Now we just have to deliver them.
Consider your debt paid.
Isn't that nice? Thank you very much! Huh? My stomach suddenly Dad! Eek My stomach has been destroyed Looks like you learned a new time-delayed technique.
We'll call it Poison Cooking: Three Hour Crash.
Why, silly me.
Wh-What the heck?! Looks like Tsuna will be working part-time for a while.
The horoscope for next week! Lambo-san is here too! You do this then.
Hold it in Sagittarius will have the best luck.
Sagittarius Great luck with money! Better luck if you use it for other people!! Ciao-ciao.
Next time: No Way! I Killed Him?