Katekyo Hitman Reborn! (2006) s01e26 Episode Script

The End and From Now on...

1 Target 26 The End and From Then On.
The End and From Then On.
Mukuro If I don't defeat you I could never let myself die! The aura on your head I see that special shot hit its mark after all.
But when you fought Lancia, you seemed fiercer.
The Criticism Shot drew out Tsuna's quiet fighting spirit.
It's completely different from the Deathperation Shot.
That bullet hides a completely new power within it.
In my opinion, it just looks like you've gone wimpy on me.
Anyway, no one can match my skills.
Two I'm not done yet.
That one's an illusion.
There he is.
What?! No way.
He shouldn't have been able to see through the Naraka's illusion.
This is also an effect of the Criticism Shot.
It's awakened the Blood of the Vongola that slept within him.
The Deathperation Shot removes his inhibitions externally when under pressure and also removes certain limiters.
But the Criticism Shot removes his inhibitions internally.
It does that by awakening his suppressed will.
And, at the same time, it also releases the limiter on his feelings in the inside.
In short, this power manifests itself for the express purpose of helping Tsuna become the next Vongola boss.
It's a kind of super intuition.
Super intuition? Just like the first Vongola Family boss.
The first Vongola boss was said to have it too.
The power to see through everything.
In the battles we faced before, Tsuna started showing signs of it.
I thought something was off.
You didn't strike me as a scary person.
Huh? Gokudera-kun! Don't go! He still doesn't quite know how to use the gloves, though.
You're getting pretty interesting.
But even if you can see through my attacks, you'll never defeat me.
Four You haven't forgotten, have you? These are the bodies of your friends.
Can you attack them? Can you? Can you? I knew it, you can't do a thing.
He makes a good sandbag.
You're wrong.
Your attacks aren't hitting him at all.
If he guards or dodges, Bianchi and Hayato's bodies will still become strained.
Tsuna's absorbing the attacks with his own body to protect them.
M-My body Basically, he's intuitively striking at your nerve centers.
Intuitively? That's ridiculous! Damn it Sorry to keep you waiting.
Reborn, treat them, all right? Now, don't get cocky.
Come out, Mukuro.
I know you're alive.
I admit that your fighting instincts have increased remarkably.
But it would be troublesome for me if you got too carried away.
Have you "sensed" that there is still a battle skill I haven't used? The fifth realm Human.
That's right.
The Human realm, the very one we live in.
Of all realms, it's easily the ugliest and most cruel.
I'm not being cynical.
I truly find this realm and the skill repulsive.
I had hoped I wouldn't need it.
This Human realm truly is the ugliest Five And it holds the most dangerous skill! That's one dark aura.
Can you see this? A warrior who fights while emitting it knows that the size of the aura matches its strength! The difference in our power is far too vast! Aren't you fragile? And here I'm just warming up.
I sure hope you were.
What? His aura! If that was all the strength you had, I'd be disappointed.
Looks like he finally knows what the gloves are for.
The X Gloves are made out of the same material as the Deathperation Shots.
Both came from Leon, after all.
That's why they can light Deathperation flames.
You're like a cat trying to look bigger by puffing out its fur.
But change your aura all you want, it won't help.
Deathperation flames aren't auras.
Oh, that's pretty interesting.
Care to show me?! Wha- It's hot! His aura gives off heat? Deathperation flames and auras have different energy densities.
Unlike auras, which can only be seen by certain people, Deathperation flames are super-compressed energy with direct destructive power.
So those glove are like a hot iron? That's not all.
He vanished! I-Impossible! When did he?! What was that just now? What did he do? Aren't you done warming up yet? This was a fortunate miscalculation on my part.
Once I get my hands on your body, an elaborate scheme will be unnecessary.
I'll be able to directly infiltrate your Family.
They'll be at war in no time.
So that's what you were after? Of course not.
My goals are not so small.
I plan on taking over the bodies of other world leaders as well.
Thank you, everyone.
Please give us your support.
Six Victory will be ours! People of our nation, I have an important announcement.
In this hour of desperation, our country will act in unison I thank you all for your loyalty.
The time for us to show our might has come! I will control them and paint this ugly world with pure and beautiful darkness.
A world war Too cliche, perhaps? In any case, I must begin by annihilating the Mafia.
Why are you so fixated on the Mafia? A grudge, maybe? Oh, enough about this.
I'll use my strongest form to make you mine.
Behold! It's an illusion.
This won't- That stupid Tsuna let his guard down Mukuro hid real rocks in his illusion.
He's mine! Tsuna! I know! He's behind me again! So I've been defeated by the tenth-generation Vongola boss Now finish me off.
I choose death over being captured by the Mafia I can't do that.
And that naivete will prove fatal! Mukuro, you! No you don't! I know that weird technique of yours comes from your hands.
So if I restrain your hands, I have nothing to fear! Do you know why I sent so many assassins after you? It was so I could use you after your full power had been drawn out.
Well done.
You can stop working so hard now.
Better look where you're flying! You can't change direction in mid-air.
That foolish kindness will be your end! Do it, Tsuna! Show him the power of the X Gloves! Vector thrusting with the flames?! The speed he used to get behind you came from the flames' thrust.
Looks like the Deathperation flames purified Mukuro's dark aura.
It's over.
How is everyone? No need to worry.
The Vongola medical team has arrived.
They administered the antidote to Lancia in time too.
Thank goodness Mukuro He's not dead, though, right? Geez, you're pretty new to this.
Don't get too close! The Mafia's not allowed to touch Mukuro-san! Wh-Why? Why are you doing so much for Mukuro? All of you were possessed by him and used by him! You could never understand.
This is nothing.
Compared to the pain we suffered back then Back then? What happened? Why do you hate the Mafia so much? Because we were made into guinea pigs by our own Family! That's what I thought.
You're from the Estraneo Family, creators of the forbidden Possession Shot.
You just banned it because it was better for you.
Thanks to that, our Family was completely crushed.
Our Family was cornered and forced to develop special weapons just to survive.
And for those experiments, all of the Family's children were gathered We went through day after day of cruel tests.
There was no way to escape.
What are you doing?! Stop! But he singlehandedly destroyed that place! He was quiet, not the type of person who stood out.
And I think that was the first time I'd even heard his voice.
This world is meaningless.
I'll wipe them all out.
It was the first time in our lives Will you join me? that we belonged! There's no way I'm gonna let you guys destroy that! Well, I can't just stand by and watch my friends get hurt.
Because I belong with them! It's the medical team! They got here fast.
Who are they?! The Vindice.
They enforce the Mafia laws and punish those beyond the reach of criminal law.
Wai- What are you doing?! Stop, Tsuna.
It's not wise to defy the Vindice.
But This is the law.
What'll happen to those guys? And what about Lancia?! They'll be tried for their crimes and punished.
P-Punished how? Who knows.
But they won't be getting off easy.
Because the world we live in isn't so easy.
Sorry for making you wait.
Is anyone hurt? Guys I-It hurts! I'm in pain! What is this?! I hurt all over! That's because the Criticism Shot's battle mode is hard on the body.
The stress on your body manifests itself as pain.
Oh man! This is agony! Help me! Fainted from the pain, did he? I'll have to train him harder.
But he cleared Vongola IX's test.
Good job, Tsuna.
As for me, your tutor I'm worn out.
One Month Later Hibari.
I'm going to sleep a bit.
Don't bug me.
Hovering over green, from Namimori All right! Great job, Yamamoto! You're amazing, Yamamoto-kun! Totally! An extra-large gorgeous home run! It's all thanks to Lambo-san! Geez, what is the other team doing against someone like Yamamoto? If you guys don't get your crap together, I'm going to start something over here! Gokudera-kun, what are you here for? Hey man, calm down.
There are better things to do when you watch sports.
Stop playing baseball and box instead! That's wrong too! Geez, Brother! He's always so dangerous.
Oh no, watch out, Big Tsuna! Bianchi! Sis I brought lunch.
Gokudera-kun! Bianchi-san, what do we have today? Special food basted with love.
I made something too but it's full of love for Tsuna! Lambo's taking that! Not for you! I will punish you! Hey, stop it, you two! Why does it always turn out like this? Futa, what's wrong? Nothing, I'm just happy to be with everyone like this.
Futa Huh? Is it just my imagination? Lambo, what are you doing? You've ruined our lunch.
Mii-kun, your brother tried hard.
What should I make for dinner? Oh! I want Salisbury steak! You'll be lonely on your own.
Come back for a rematch any time.
You had that yesterday.
We'll have it again another time.
Okay! Again someday Huh? Six Stop crying, Lambo.
I'm not mad.
The horoscope for next week! Lambo-san is here too! You do this then.
Hold it in Aries Your every wish will come true! But don't get carried away! Aries has the best luck.
Next time: Eating Sushi to Celebrate Moving up a Grade.