Katekyo Hitman Reborn! (2006) s01e25 Episode Script

I Want to Win! The Awakening Time

1 Target 25 I Want to Win! Moment of Awakening He'd rather die than be caught.
Oh well.
This is weird I've got a really bad feeling about this So you finally defeated Mukuro? Sis Whew! Bianchi is awake! Don't strain yourself.
Can you give me a hand, Hayato? Guess I can.
Just this one time, okay? Huh? Gokudera-kun! Don't go! What's wrong? Will you help me, Tsuna? Huh? What am I saying? It's fine, boss.
These wounds are nothing.
Thanks, Hayato Here, grab my hand.
The hell? Oh my, what am I doing? Bianchi's acting weird.
What are you doing, Bianchi? Get your act together.
You just tried to stab your brother.
Oh, how awful of me! Reborn-san! This is bad.
No way Mind control? Nope, it looks like she's been possessed outright.
You mean like a curse? That's impossible But it's true.
What are you talking about? It's just plain old me.
No, that's not Bianchi.
This gaze I've felt it before.
Mukuro Rokudo? We meet again.
A ghost! A curse! There's no such thing.
But Yeah, he's dead.
I still have things I need to do, so I came dancing all the way up from the fires of hell.
Y-You mean H-He really The one thing it could be No, wait So who should I start with? Boss, leave her to me.
But she's Rin! Byo! To! Sha! A ward against evil? Where'd he learn that? Kai! Jin! Retsu! I-It's working! B-Bianchi! Wh-What happened? No idea.
B-Bianchi? I'll do it.
Gokudera-kun Mukuro! R-Reborn! Gokudera-kun's! Looks like it wasn't just a fluke.
You know, this is the first time someone's detected me at a single glance.
The surprises continue.
What? What's going on? It's obvious.
He made it look like he committed suicide when he actually used that bullet.
The Possession Shot is forbidden.
How did you get hold of it? So you figured out I used a special bullet, did you? A special bullet? Like the Deathperation Shot? Yes.
As the name suggests, the Possession Shot allows you to control another person's body.
What? Is that what happened to Bianchi and Gokudera-kun? The Estraneo Family developed it.
To use it, you need a powerful will along with compatibility with the shot.
Its compatibility with me is perfect.
The Possession Shot was terribly abused, which led the Mafia to ban it long ago.
The existing shots as well as the manufacturing process should have been destroyed.
This is no mere mind control.
I've taken over every part of him.
In other words, this body is mine.
S-Stop it! This is the weapon that ruined Lancia's sense of his own identity, isn't it? Why do you have it? Let's just say that it's mine.
Now it's your turn to be possessed, Vongola X.
Wh-What? Me? So that's your plan He's not an end, just a means to an end.
Once the young Mafia boss is mine, I'll begin to exact my revenge.
Wh-What is he saying? S-Stay away! There's no point in possessing me.
I'm just a loser! Watch out for his sword! If he even nicks you with it, he'll be able to possess you.
You're quite perceptive.
That's right.
Bianchi! Of course, I prefer to call it "making a pact.
" N-No way He possessed Hibari-san! Oh dear This body is of no use.
To think he was fighting in this What a terrifying man Kyoya Hibari is Hibari-san? I can't sense Mukuro anymore.
Watch out.
He'll possess Gokudera or Bianchi again.
What?! N-No way Go-Gokudera-kun? Bianchi too? Tw-Two at once?! Nope! Them too.
Four Mukuros! I've never heard of someone being able to possess four people at once.
That's not all! Six Two Dynamite? He can use the techniques of the person he possesses? You should worry about your own life, Arcobaleno! The skill of the second realm, Preta, is to steal the techniques of others.
This is unbelievably bad.
Not only has he possessed them, but he retains his skills from his past lives? Help me! I'd rather have you unharmed.
You may surrender, if you like.
I'm doomed! You never learn.
This is an illusion.
Oopsie You should really worry about yourself.
R-Reborn? You're not this weak, Arcobaleno.
Now I've got you! I haven't engaged in combat for a while.
Reborn I can't interfere.
You have to act, Tsuna, and quickly.
That's impossible! I can't deal with this! It's way beyond me! If you're my student If you're my student, you should be able to handle it.
That's absolute nonsense! He's panicking, your teacher is.
He's panicking at his student's desperate situation.
I'm not lying.
Your brother Dino passed this test.
Dino did? When he was my student, there was a time when he was in mortal danger.
When he overcame it, he went from Greenhorn Dino to Bronco Dino.
He went from? But that has nothing to do with me! Dino and I are Above you.
Enough talking, let's end this.
A Deathperation flame! It's all over! No sweat, this happens sometimes.
Even after taking over a body and soul, I can't do much if they're too beat up.
You mean he's forcing broken bodies to move? That's why he didn't possess Hibari.
Chikusa can go a bit longer, I think.
If you force them to move, their wounds Don't worry, I feel no pain.
What're you saying? That's your friend's body, isn't it?! No.
Any body I possess is mine.
Whether they're broken or die is my decision.
That's insane! Can you really afford to worry about others? You're about to die.
You're an interesting boy, but hardly Mafia boss material.
Look at all the blood flowing from their wounds Please stop this! They'll die! I remember now.
When battling Birds, didn't you try to stab yourself to save your girlfriend? I'll use that.
Your weakness will be what allows me to possess you.
Get it? If you don't want your friends to be harmed any further Don't run away, make a pact with me.
N-No way So you'll hesitate, after all? A man like you won't survive in this world.
You're not suited to be the next Vongola boss.
Now, surrender your body.
What should I do? R-Reborn, what should I do? I can't do anything for you.
Figure it out yourself.
You're kidding But you always save me! Don't abandon me, Reborn! Stop whining.
B-But what should I do? Listen, Tsuna, you're more suited to be Vongola X than anyone.
Shout out what you feel.
That is the Vongola's answer.
What I feel? So the tutor's given up? He only feels like running the hell away.
Though I guess he can't, because of his companions, huh? I want to beat him I want to take Mukuro down This is surprising.
But I'll hear the rest of it after I've possessed you.
After I've used your body to kill your companions.
Four I don't want to lose to such a monster.
I want to defeat him! You're finished.
Vongola, what did you do? Me? Nothing Leon! He finally emerged.
Emerged? It's just like when Dino became a bucking bronco.
Yeah? Arcobaleno, so this is your doing! Nope.
That's Leon, the shape-memory chameleon.
He's my partner.
He cocoons himself whenever he senses one of my students approaching a transforming ordeal.
Y-Yeah? When that student reaches maturity, he emerges.
That's fascinating.
I was wondering what you'd do in the end, and it's just your pet hatching? You guys really are unique.
They're laughing at us! What the heck? What did this have to do with Dino-san becoming a bronco? Watch.
He's expanding? He's going to spit out a new item.
One just for you, my student.
A new item? Last time, he spat out Dino's whip and his pet Enzio.
Enzio is Leon's kid?! But if a creature like Enzio comes out, maybe it could do something to help.
I don't have time to play with you all day.
Break time is over.
We're done.
He's coming.
We'll start with this ugly thing! L-Leon! Don't worry.
Leon is a shape-memory chameleon.
By the way, something was knocked up there.
Looks like they're safe.
That's your new item.
Huh? Th-These are W-o-o-l g-l-o-v-e-s? How am I supposed to fight with these? I don't get Enzio or a weapon or something?! Better circulation isn't going to help here! Never know.
Try 'em on.
You are amusing to the very end! He blocked my attack? I-I survived.
There's something inside A-A bullet? A special bullet?! That's it.
Give it to me, Tsuna.
I can't let you fire that! Got it.
Never seen this one before.
Guess I'll just have to try it out.
T-Try it out? No you don't! No! I give up on leaving your body unharmed.
It'll never make it.
He took a direct hit with those bombs.
That must've busted him up a bit.
From the lack of effect, I'd say the special bullet missed.
It's all over.
What a pathetic end.
Now, let's take his body while he's still alive.
It hurts My whole body hurts I guess I'm going to die But that's okay, I tried I'm sorry, everyone I'm done for.
I'm sick of this This pain This fear My, look at these clothes! That Tsuna, he went out with his room a mess again.
I told him he needs to keep his stuff clean.
M-Mom? Is this a dream? What the heck? Sawada's test got mixed in with the cleaning checklists.
And he got a two! That's my language test.
He really is a loser.
If you want to get Kyoko, you'll need to do better than that! Why is Kurokawa insulting me? Looks like that's the effect of the special bullet.
Reborn What you're sensing are criticisms sent to you from everyone in real time.
Criticisms? Why do I have to listen to them yell at me at a time like this? I have to spend the last moments of my life hearing about what a loser I am? What is he doing?! He must be insane, going into a criminal's hideout! It's Haru Haru is crying! I-I'm not crying! I'm going to marry a Mafia boss.
I can't let this make me cry.
Tsuna-san, stay strong! Calm down, Kyoko.
But Dr.
Shamal said they all went there Don't worry.
But! He's the strongest person I've ever faced.
I'll never forgive him if he loses.
You're right He's okay.
Tsuna, come back in one piece, okay? Kyoko-chan Don't make the same mistake I did.
Protect your companions.
Protect your Family with your own hands.
I don't need to tell you my criticism.
So there's enough fight left in you to look at me like that, huh? But let's end this here.
I can't have you dying on me.
Mukuro If I don't defeat you I could never let myself die! The horoscope for next week! Lambo-san is here too.
You do this then.
Hold it in Leo has the best luck.
Leo There are new encounters to be had at events and parties! Ciao-ciao.
Next time: The End and From Then On.