Katekyo Hitman Reborn! (2006) s01e24 Episode Script

The Counterattack

1 Mukuro Rokudo had finally shown himself.
Tsuna defeated Mukuro with his Deathperation, but Mukuro revealed a surprising fact.
I'm his shadow.
Mukuro Rokudo is the man who took everything from me! Mukuro Rokudo.
So it's finally time.
Target 24 Fighting Back in Different Ways It's a good thing Bianchi brought a change of clothes I'm getting really nervous.
Same here.
The stairs have been destroyed.
Mukuro's probably above.
There should be a set of stairs still intact around here.
How do you know? It's easier for them to defend this place if they limit the number of routes we can take.
On the other hand, they've cut off their own escape route.
Which means they fully intend to win.
Stress meter rising! There's a cell phone on the floor.
It's broken.
Ah, that's Hibari-san's! So he is here! Hibari? Yeah, I'm sure of it.
That reminds me Hibari-san's ring tone is our school song.
What? Man, that's lame.
Anyway, we should look for a set of stairs that lead to the next floor.
Not here either.
This one's also been destroyed.
There's one! An emergency ladder.
It's the yo-yo user! A smoke screen? Boss.
Leave this to me and go on ahead.
Gokudera-kun! Hayato.
You will experience more sharp pains as a side effect of Shamal's treatment.
Do you still want to do this? Of course.
That's why I'm here.
Let's go, Tsuna.
Huh?! But Please go.
You have Mukuro to deal with, boss.
That's true, but Once this is all over, we can all go out and have a blast again.
Y-You're right.
We can.
Got it.
I'm going then.
You let them go rather easily.
I'm following Mukuro-sama's orders.
Doesn't look like he's on the second floor.
We can go to the third floor from here.
So the third floor was a movie theater Stay focused.
Mukuro is nearby.
Scary I'm happy to meet you again.
You're! Were you captured? He's a Kokuyo student who was taken hostage.
I met him in the forest.
Take your time.
We'll be spending a long time together, Vongola X.
Huh? How does he know I'm the Vongola Wait, Tsuna.
You've got it wrong, Tsuna.
This guy That's right.
I'm the real Mukuro Rokudo.
Huh?! You suck! Double Bombs! I see you remember what happened last time.
Quick response.
Which means you weren't looking down.
My dynamite works best in enclosed areas.
You lost the second you chose this place.
Oh? Tough guy, huh? This will finish you.
Damn it, the side effects had to kick in now Futa! D-Don't scare us.
Glad you're all right.
We searched everywhere for you.
It's dangerous, so get behind us.
Fu- Futa? You're wide open! Bianchi! So you were okay.
I thought I was a goner.
Serves you right, moron! What? Pathetic.
I-I can't move Beaten up! Beaten up! Damn it Even the freak's bird is laughing at me And I call myself the boss's right-hand man I'm totally useless! D-Damn it Hovering over green From Namimori Neither big nor small Normal is all Ha! This guy still has fight in him? Where are you aiming? You're the only one who'd have our lame school song as a ring tone.
Huh? This is The leader of Namimori Middle School's Disciplinary Committee.
Kyoya Hibari.
I see you're in great shape.
So this half-dead kid is your rescuer? I could've made my way out by myself, but no matter.
Give me those two.
Whatever you want.
Huh? This guy tamed Birds' bird.
Then I'll take them.
What's this half-dead loser babbling about? I'll take care of him.
Thought you'd say that.
Lion Channel! Oh? A puppy? Shove it, duck boy! Your turn next.
I'll bite you to death.
Bianchi! Bianchi, wake up! Futa, why did you do that? Hey! Futa! D-Don't tell me His mind's being controlled.
N-No way Come to your senses, Futa! Time-out! Wh-What do I do? I brought the whip Dino gave you.
Why are you handing this to me?! What do you mean? If you don't fight back, you'll die.
But it's Futa! I can't do that! Now what will you do, Vongola X? That's it.
If I go straight for Mukuro Stay away, Futa! That hurts! You always manage to surprise me.
Come on, look behind you.
You're in danger.
Futa got tangled up too! Stop it, Futa! His eyes are the same as Lancia-san's I can no longer go back Is Futa also feeling guilty because he was forced to do horrible things? Futa It's not your fault.
It's absolutely not your fault! We're all on your side.
Don't worry, you can come back to us! Oh? The mind control is coming undone.
So he managed to guess his greatest wish Big Tsuna Futa! Hey! You had to stick your nose where it didn't belong, and now he crashed.
No way! Futa! He's barely gotten any sleep over the past ten days.
Thinking back, he was quite a handful.
We came to Japan to learn the whereabouts of Vongola X, but we had no leads.
So we asked Futa-kun, who was rumored to be an acquaintance.
He invoked Omerta and kept his mouth shut.
The code of silence, Omerta Even after I took control of his mind, he wouldn't say anything about the Vongola.
Very impressive.
So you had no choice but to use the Namimori combat ranking to flush out Tsuna and his Family.
The scheme was a huge success.
As you can see, the Vongola boy is here.
You abused an innocent boy like Futa Mukuro Rokudo! What do you take people for?! Toys, I suppose.
Don't give me that crap! I didn't expect to have to deal with you personally.
Four Ow! That hurts! Is something wrong? What's going on? He hit you with an intense attack when you passed each other.
Bravo, Arcobaleno.
You're exactly right.
There's a Deathperation flame in his eye! Oh? You can see it? This is the aura of combat skill.
I attained it in the fourth realm, known as Asura.
Asura? Skill? Have you heard of the six paths of rebirth? When people die, they're reborn into the Naraka, Preta, Animal, Asura, Human, or Deva Realms.
I have my past life experiences in all six realms etched into my body.
Through them, I've been granted six special skills.
What are you talking about? If that's true, you're one crazy monster.
You're in no position to talk.
Cursed infant, Arcobaleno.
By Arcobaleno, does he mean Reborn? Now, let me show you another skill.
One Here goes.
N-No way! The building! Futa! Bianchi! Reborn! What are you doing, Reborn?! H-Huh That? You were seeing an illusion.
Huh? A-An illusion?! I'm impressed you saw through it.
Yes, the first realm, Naraka destroys a person's mind with unending nightmares.
Scary However, after some observation, I've learned the relationship between you two.
The Arcobaleno is your supervisor, correct? You're wrong.
I'm Tsuna's Tutor.
I see.
That's a unique relationship.
But the teacher won't attack me? I don't mind taking you both on.
That's the rule.
Hiding behind rules, are you? An answer I would expect from an upright Mafioso.
Besides that, my student will be able to defeat you without any help from me.
What?! Hey, Reborn! Oh? What a beautiful display of trust.
Very well! Three Huh? Snakes! Here they come! Ah, this must be an illusion too.
Those are real venomous snakes.
N-No way! The third realm, Animal grants the skill to summon deadly creatures.
Your student's life is in danger.
You okay with that? Don't push your luck, Mukuro.
I'm a first-rate tutor.
Boss, get down! Sorry I'm late Hibari-san! Gokudera-kun! You guys See, Mukuro? Tsuna isn't the only one I'm training.
I've returned the favor.
He tossed him aside! Like it was nothing! I see the audience members are joining in.
What could Chikusa be doing? The four-eyed freak is taking a nap with the animal freak downstairs.
I see.
That's amazing, Gokudera-kun! Well, I wasn't the one who beat them Are you ready? So scary.
But don't interfere with the Vongola and me.
Besides, you should barely be able to stand.
Since you've broken a number of bones.
Hibari went through all that? Are those your last words? You say amusing things.
I have no choice.
I'll eliminate you first.
Four I'll make it quick.
They're so fast I can't see what's going on.
How do you define quick? He's so strong.
Go, Hibari-san! Don't underestimate these guys, Mukuro.
They're developing much faster than you think.
I see that you're right.
If he wasn't injured, it may have been difficult to judge the outcome of this match.
Hibari-san! It's a waste of time.
I'll end this swiftly.
One Ch-Cherry blossoms? Hibari is weak to cherry blossoms.
He has Vertiginous Cherryitis.
Shamal used a Trident Mosquito on Hibari a while back.
What?! Now Kneel before me.
Hibari-san! Oh? Heh, that was foolish of you.
Shamal gave me some medicine for Hibari.
You mean! He did it! Man, and he gets to steal the show.
We finally got him.
I-It's over We can go home now! Still, you were amazingly useless in the battle against Mukuro.
Leave me alone! Oh no! H-Hibari-san! Are you okay? He was fighting on pure instinct by the end.
He must have been upset about losing the first time.
Hibari-san's incredible That's right.
We have to get everyone to the hospital fast! There's no need to worry.
The Vongola's skilled medical team is on the- You won't be needing them.
Because there won't be any survivors.
Bastard! We shall meet again.
H-He actually did it No way Why would he do that? He'd rather die than be caught.
Or perhaps This is weird What's I've got a really bad feeling about this So you finally defeated Mukuro? Sis Can you give me a hand, Hayato? Huh? G-Guess I can.
J-Just this one time, okay? Huh Gokudera-kun! Don't go! Wh-What are you doing?! My, how silly of me.
This is definitely weird! Something's wrong here.
I've experienced this unnatural sensation before Mukuro Rokudo? We meet again.
I-It's him! I still have some business to take care of.
So I returned from the depths of Hell.
The horoscope for next week! Lambo-san is here too! You do this then.
Hold it in Aries Ultra good shape!! Good fortune in carrying out your plans!! Aries will have the best luck.
Next time: I Want to Win! Moment of Awakening.