Katekyo Hitman Reborn! (2006) s01e23 Episode Script

The Last Dying Will Bullet

1 Hey! Futa! Answer me! I guess he went right at the last fork Futa? A-A Kokuyo student! You came to save me, didn't you? Huh? Thank you very much.
I thought I would never escape this place.
Were you a hostage too? I didn't expect someone to come here to save me.
Huh? Ah, well You must have some very strong allies with you.
Not really We've got a woman and a baby with us A baby? In such a dangerous place? Well, he's not your typical baby.
Is he really strong in a fight? N-No way A baby couldn't fight.
Well, it'd probably be a big help if he actually would fight.
You mean, he's an indirect assassin? No I can't go into any specifics Why not? Ah, that's right.
Have you seen a Nami Middle student named Hibari around? I'm asking the questions right now.
Huh? Will that baby be acting indirectly? H-His eye U-Um, anyway I got lost and I need to find my way back to where everyone is! I'll come back with my friends! See you later! So the baby is one of the Arcobaleno? So it seems.
The Italian word for rainbow The seven strongest babies in the Mafia world If that baby is one of the Arcobaleno, he must be hiding something.
We'll wait to make our move on Vongola X until we've learned what that is.
Target 23 The Final Deathperation Shot! We'll have to beat this guy if we want to go after the boss.
Don't bother.
You cannot defeat me.
You're Mukuro Rokudo! So you've finally shown yourself.
What did you do to Futa? Futa? Never heard of him.
What ridiculous strength.
If we take a direct hit from that thing Gokudera! Hayato! He's burning up.
It's the side effect of the Trident Mosquito Shamal mentioned.
Who's first? I'll be your opponent.
Sennja Reppa! Too slow.
What?! Yamamoto! How didn't he dodge it? Now you know.
You have no chance of surviving.
Abandon all hope.
We're in trouble.
This guy's strong.
I need to find everyone else.
It won't be funny if I'm attacked by the enemy out here.
That guy was odd He seemed unnaturally creepy Six Do people change after becoming hostages of Mukuro Rokudo? I'm going with Mukuro-san! You seem pleased.
Meeting him has left me dumbfounded.
Vongola IX is known as "God's Command" partly because of his uncanny ability to size a person up.
I never expected such a weak little boy to be his successor.
What is he? Well, either way, I'll soon know what the Arcobaleno is hiding up his sleeve.
Since they won't be able to handle the Mukuro Rokudo over there.
Who's next? Damn it Wait.
I haven't lost yet.
Yamamoto! I would've been a goner if I hadn't used this as a shield.
Yamamoto You moron! Don't scare us like that.
We're still in a bad situation.
Better solve the mystery behind that attack.
Yeah, kid, you're right.
How foolish of you to resist.
A wasted effort.
You're merely inviting a more wretched end.
Sennja Reppa! I can read what you're doing with this thing! Not bad, Yamamoto.
That's An air current.
Oops, not good! That was close.
I've heard about this.
It's just like how baseballs leave turbulence in their wake.
But this seems to be on a whole different level.
The secret behind that turbulence would be the snakes etched onto the steel ball.
What do you mean? Those snake-shaped grooves twist the flow of air around it.
The flow is intricately woven as it goes through the grooves, creating a gale that amplifies the ball's force.
Understanding the attack won't help you defeat it.
Stick to the basics Make sure I dodge it and aim for the opening after he attacks.
Bouja Reppa! Now! It's useless.
It turned?! Crap! Yamamoto! Like I said.
Abandon all hope.
As promised, I shall give you a wretched end.
Bastard Hold it- I won't let that happen.
I have yet to use a third of my power.
You don't have the slightest chance of winning.
Give up.
I'm pretty sure they were around here- Ow That was close I finally found them! Hey- Th-That's Mukuro Rokudo! The guy in the photo! Back, back! Huh? Gokudera-kun? Yamamoto! Bianchi's protecting both of them! H-He Hey! What are you doing?! Tsuna! The Vongola boy, huh? What am I doing?! Why am I yelling at Mukuro Rokudo the way I would at Lambo?! Come on down, Vongola.
Uh, well I'll defeat the woman while I wait for you.
Bouja Reppa! Bianchi! It's time to get Deathperate, Tsuna.
Go wild.
This is the last shot.
Tsuna! He stopped Bouja Reppa? Re-Born! Mukuro Rokudo! I'll defeat you like my life depends on it! This is the last trick up my sleeve.
Settle this with Mukuro.
He actually stopped the steel ball.
That bullet the Arcobaleno fired in under 0.
05 seconds was one of his special shots, wasn't it? Yes, but it was his last one.
They've completely fallen into our trap.
Now we're one step closer to toppling Vongola X.
You won't be able to defeat me when you're not using your full strength.
Bring it! Bouja Reppa! That boy is able to He's been developing at a radical pace.
Hija Reppa! Looks like we'll be able to make it back to Namimori.
That's a Vongola, huh? I'm surprised, I admit.
But that won't be enough to defeat my superior.
Steel ball techniques are merely a hobby of mine.
He's fine after being hit by that attack? Unbelievable Looks like I needn't hold back on you.
Let's go! My true forte is Hand-to-hand combat! Not yet! It's over.
Your hopes have been crushed.
Who's next? What? Not yet.
Impossible You're not a bad person.
I can tell.
What are you talking about? You won't be able to defeat my Deathperation with such a weak spirit! Spirit? Don't act like you understand me! I defeat my enemies and knock them into Hell! That is my sole desire! That's a lie! Shut up, kid! I'll defeat you like my life depends on it! H-How could I lose? Your eyes were closed after you attacked.
As though you didn't want to see your opponent fall.
You used the steel ball to finish me, instead of your own fists.
That was because you felt guilty There was doubt in your heart.
What I thought something was off.
You didn't strike me as a scary person.
There's this kid called Lambo at my place.
You remind me of him.
You do crazy things, but I just can't bring myself to hate you.
Deep down, you're a good guy.
Does that mean This guy saw through me with one look? I see.
This is the Blood of the Vongola I admit defeat.
I can understand why Mukuro Rokudo is so wary of you.
Huh? Wh-What are you talking about? Aren't you Mukuro Rokudo? I'm his shadow.
What? A fake?! B-But You were definitely the one in the official picture.
The real Mukuro wouldn't allow himself to be photographed.
And Mukuro Rokudo is the man who took everything from me! Tell us what happened.
Five years ago, I was a member of the Mafia in northern Italy.
The Boss and Family who raised me, an orphan, were my whole life.
To repay them, I worked my way up to become the strongest bodyguard in the area.
One day, the boss took in another orphan.
He seemed to like the ambition in the boy's eyes.
It was my responsibility to look after him.
I took care of him as if he were family.
The way the Family did for me.
But a short time later, I returned to our headquarters to find the entire Family murdered.
There were no survivors.
That was a famous incident.
And they still don't know who the culprit was.
It was me.
What? I did it.
With these hands.
Wh-What do you mean? I would suddenly black out Then the next thing I knew, I would be standing over corpses I didn't recognize.
And it didn't just happen once or twice.
That's weird.
I mean, you don't remember doing it, right? I was being controlled.
By that kid.
I was being controlled by Mukuro Rokudo! Before I knew it, I'd lost my soul, my name and become a fake Mukuro Rokudo.
So you lost all hope and became a fighting monster.
I can't believe that guy.
Mukuro Rokudo He's inhuman Let's take him down, boss.
Sorry to worry you.
Are you okay? What a relief Man, I'm so ashamed The side effect from Trident Mosquito appears to have worn off.
Vongola You may be able to do it.
To defeat him.
Listen carefully, Vongola, okay? Mukuro's true objective is Move! It's that freak in the glasses! Where is he? He's already gone.
It was a hit and run.
Are you okay?! Hang in there! They want to keep him quiet.
No way Please open your eyes! I lived a pretty bad life Hang on! Ah What's your real name? You have a name that isn't Mukuro Rokudo, right? It is Lancia Hang in there, Lancia-san! To hear someone call me by that name It brings back memories of my old Family.
Now I can finally join them No No, Lancia-san! He was being used all this time, and the second he was no longer needed Damn it.
This is how he treats his men? Do you have no respect for others, Mukuro Rokudo?! That guy really pisses me off.
Let's go to where Mukuro is.
You can see how Leon is.
We can't use any more Deathperation Shots.
I know.
But! Still! We have to do something about Mukuro Rokudo! I see.
Lancia isn't dead.
Huh? The problem is the poison in the needles.
We can save his life if we give him the antidote within an hour.
Really? The yo-yo user must have the antidote on him.
Boss, I'll take out that four-eyed freak! Gokudera-kun Thank you.
Sorry, Yamamoto.
We'll be right back, so hold on.
Don't worry.
He'll be safe here.
Man The hard part's yet to come.
Let's go.
He's over here.
Birds has been beaten! The shadow's been beaten! Everybody's been beaten! Mukuro! Mukuro! I see.
So he's in there.
Mukuro Rokudo.
So it's finally time.
Kokuyo Health Land The horoscope for next week! Lambo-san is here too! You do this then.
Hold it in Sagittarius will have the best luck.
Sagittarius Big chance! Good luck with material items! Get what you want! Ciao-ciao.
Next time: Fighting Back in Different Ways.