Katekyo Hitman Reborn! (2006) s01e22 Episode Script

Foresawn Evil Influence

1 Are you okay? Oh, don't worry about me.
Sorry about that, kid.
I broke your bat.
Don't worry about it.
I'll give you a spare.
Oh, thanks.
He had a spare? At this rate, taking down Mukuro might be easier than we thought, boss.
You shouldn't take Mukuro Rokudo lightly.
He's gotten through many close calls and defeated a number of opponents.
This time's no different.
He got out of jail just before his death sentence was to be carried out.
Mukuro Rokudo looks scary! Target 22: Unforeseen Evil Influence Mukuro Rokudo-sama Have you come to? Getting number three was pretty difficult, huh, Chikusa? I made contact with the Vongola boss.
So it would seem.
He came here to have some fun.
Ken was done in.
But don't panic.
Reinforcements have arrived.
Why have you come? Work, of course.
Mukuro-chan pays the best, ya know.
You should rest, Chikusa.
I'll leave the Vongola to them.
Wait just a second! We've walked a long way, can't we rest a bit? You're right, I'm pretty hungry.
Why don't we stop for lunch, boss? I'll pass out the sushi and tea.
Wow, sushi from your shop, Yamamoto! Get out of the way, Takeshi Yamamoto.
Here, Tsuna.
Vegetable soup with poisonous bugs.
Poisonous bugs?! It'll warm you right up.
I'm pretty sure I'd end up cold instead.
Is this poison cooking too?! No! This is bad.
Get down! What was that?! We're under attack! Where is it coming from? This sound There you are! Lame weapons.
Can't think why Kakipi and Ken had such a problem with you.
That's Kokuyo Middle School's uniform! Which means You're the most pathetic Mafiosi I've ever seen.
What?! You're just a girl in a uniform.
Don't you dare talk down to me.
I'm M.
M, and I wouldn't dress like this unless Mukuro commanded me to.
Mukuro There's more than three of them? Man, it saddens me to see all you losers.
If I'm going to stick around someone, Mukuro-chan's the best choice.
Men are all about the money.
What?! Well, whatever.
I'll send you guys to the next world then I'll be able to buy as many bags and imported clothes as I like! Here it comes again! That clarinet's a weapon?! What is this attack?! I'm too young to die! We can't get close to her like this.
Damn it.
I'll go.
Bianchi! You're mistaken.
Money isn't what counts it's love! What's the matter with this girl? She pisses me off.
That weapon works like a microwave, huh? It uses sound waves to raise temperatures by vibrating water particles.
So you figured it out.
What of it? You're right.
The special sound waves emitted from this clarinet vibrate particles to 500 million rotations per minute.
The more the molecules vibrate, the hotter it gets.
In short, if a human is hit by this sound wave, the water in their body will boil and Bang! Seriously?! What a woman.
Enough chit-chat.
Here I come.
Go right ahead.
I'll cook your brains.
Poison cooking: Large portions! All you can eat! Where did she keep all that?! Another lame attack.
Burning Vibrato! She's using the food as a shield! She's good, but will it hold? That's as far as you go.
The Last Shortcake! Thought I'd panic? I'm good at close-range combat too! What were you saying about love? Nothing beats money! Time to finish you off with one last blow.
This is bad.
Wait, Yamamoto.
She already touched it.
I'll make your brains boil this time.
The clarinet! Is this Bianchi's technique?! That's right.
Everything she touches turns into poison cooking! It's the ultimate cooking skill.
Senshidoku Banko! This is impossible Are you okay? I'm so glad I didn't interrupt your nap.
When did Reborn get here? So Sis fought because she didn't want Reborn-san to wake up? Love conquers all! Bianchi is terrifying.
Way to go.
Glad to see that greedy little snip defeated.
Wh-Who are you?! Now, calm down.
Take a look at this.
Your friends are being targeted.
Kyoko-chan! Haru! Who are you, jerk? What are you planning?! My name is Birds.
The video you're seeing is being transmitted from tiny cameras placed on my feathered friends.
Huh? What's that? Who are those guys? Ah, you've noticed? They're my loyal twin henchmen, the Bloody Twins.
Adorable, aren't they? But during their time in prison, they were considered such vicious serial killers, that they were always kept in restraints.
What was that?! Please watch this.
They'd so like to play with those two lovely lady friends of yours.
Watch out! What are you planning? Nothing at all, if you do what I say.
Got it? Don't mess around! They're not involved! Oh no, it might be best if you don't touch me.
Look at your friends What?! I'm not really sure what'll happen to them.
I'm able to give commands, even from this distance.
I hold your friends' lives in my hands.
So don't run your mouth at me! And get your hands off me, fool! Damn it.
If you do as I say, they'll be fine.
So, shall we begin? I've got it! I want all of you to beat the Vongola boss to a pulp.
Wh-What?! What was that?! Gokudera.
I said to punch Sawada-kun over there.
You want these two sweeties to get home safely, right? Then you'll have to hit him! This one-sided fight isn't fair! Don't be unreasonable! Wh-What should I do? Kyoko-chan's just talking to Kurokawa and not paying attention Haru is listening to headphones and reading a book This is bad.
They don't realize the Bloody Twins are there.
Wh-What can I do about any of this? Reborn, this is no time to sleep! Do it or don't.
Either's fine by me.
Okay, go ahead.
Oh yeah, my other hobby is to scare people.
I get such a kick out of the surprised looks on people's faces Their defenselessness, their ignorance, their helplessness! You sicko.
He's completely nuts.
Do you think you should be saying that? If you refuse to obey me, then next time Oh really? I got it! Yamamoto, Gokudera-kun, hit me! Tsuna! Boss! I said it Darn, we were almost at the good part.
Okay then, start before I count to five.
All right, um One Y-Yamamoto! Gokudera-kun! Hit me! Two Don't be ridiculous.
I can't do that.
B-But If you don't, they'll! Four! Fiv- Sis, how could you! The reason I came to Japan in the first place was so I could kill Tsuna and return to Italy with Reborn.
You should be grateful that I'm only doing this.
Th-That's true It hardly hurt at all.
I'm used to being hated.
You cleared that stage spectacularly.
I'm sure you'll clear the next one just fine.
Huh, there's more?! Well, no one said it'd end at this.
Bastard, getting all into this! You did such a good job on the last stage, I'll make this the final one.
Please stab your boss with this.
What?! Oh my, how delightfully surprised you all look.
Do it, please! This is crazy! Stop messing around, you maniac! You're insane! I refuse.
I don't know how many times I have to say this, but you can refuse all you like.
Shall we begin with this girl, then? Kyoko-chan! She's so cute.
Like a little angel.
What should we do? Hey, can't you do something?! I can't wait.
Do it! Wait! There's no way I'll let Kyoko-chan get mixed up in something that doesn't involve her! Oh, so you'll do it? You have ten seconds.
Y-You bastard! It's simple.
A mere prick of this sword and he'll die instantaneously.
It's been covered in poison.
I'll do it.
I'll call an ambulance for you right away.
No, I'll do it myself.
Tsuna! Boss, think this through! Gokudera-kun protected me without worrying about himself.
Yamamoto nearly ended up not being able to play baseball, which he loves so much So I I can do this much! What's wrong?! The enemy of women are my enemies.
Hi, Kyoko-chan, I've come to save you.
If I can help a cute girl, I don't mind my muscles being sore tomorrow.
Shamal! Wh-What?! Shamal? You mean the first-rate hitman, Trident Shamal?! Way to go! About time, you crazy doctor! Well now, hold on.
Have you all forgotten? There's one more over there, you know.
See, it's this girl's turn next.
Haru! If you don't want that to happen, perhaps you should continue.
Go on, Vongola X, please cut yourself as you were told.
Right now! That's How dare you target a defenseless woman! Oh, there you are, Haru-san.
You're okay now.
I-Pin! Lambo! No way.
Where did they come from?! No one should have known about this! I'm glad I watched over Haru-san like I was told.
Looks like he saw right through them.
"Like I was told?" "Saw through them?" I-It couldn't be Reborn, y-you It's nice that you have a Family who'll step up when things get hairy.
Wait, they're not a Family! Now it's our turn.
Hey, you two, get them! I suggest you two ladies mosey on home now.
What's about to happen isn't something you should see.
You might fall so in love with my cool self that you won't be able to sleep.
Let's go, Kyoko.
Just ignore him.
Huh? Okay.
Bye, Dr.
Shamal! Talk to you later! All right, we'll kiss next time, my lovely kitty cat! Now, shall we do this? You're a bit much for the ladies.
You know, in my professional opinion, you shouldn't dance around so much.
You've got Vibration Syndrome.
But it looks like you're already too far gone.
It's begun.
That was one of the Trident Mosquito's diseases?! Scary! Damn you, Shamal! But I've still got one more! What is that thing?! Stay with her, Lambo-san.
Will do.
Come, Haru-san.
Let's leave this to I-Pin.
Haku! Hatsu! Chun! Haisan-gen! Wow, I-Pin! The ten-years-older version of the third most promising hitman! This is crazy! They're the serial killers known as the Twin Demons! Rokudo-san's missions always do have high difficulty I think I'll take my leave now.
Talk to you- Where ya goin', Birdy? Man, he's out with one hit Guess he wasn't much of a fighter himself.
In the end, he was only acting out of greed.
Hey, Reborn, who were these guys? The people who escaped from prison with Mukuro.
Wait just a second! I thought he only escaped with those two other guys! I got an update from Dino.
It's been determined that M.
, Birds, and the twins were also part of the group that escaped, for a total of seven.
All but those three had vanished.
Who would've guessed they were working together? That's not what you should be saying! But But Dino said they weren't connected! Don't try to cover it up by changing your character! I guess he's gone now.
No, he's here.
Don't hide! Show yourself! We know you're there.
If you don't come out, we'll just come to you.
W-Wait, it's me.
Futa! Y-You were here? Didn't you run away? I-It doesn't matter.
This is good.
I'm glad you're okay! Everyone's here, so it's safe now.
Come on, let's go home together.
Stay away from me, Big Tsuna.
I can't go back with you guys anymore.
Wh-What are you saying? I'm going with Mukuro-san! Bye! Wait, Futa! Wait, Tsuna! Boss! Watch out! A steel beam The next assassin? The horoscope for next week! Lambo-san is here too! You do this then.
Hold it in Cancer Super good things will happen to you if you volunteer for something! You'll make new friends! Cancer is the luckiest! Fortune telling - Keiko Han Ciao-ciao.
Bye-bye! Next time: The Final Deathperation Shot!