Katekyo Hitman Reborn! (2006) s01e21 Episode Script

Wounded Friends

1 Thanks, Dino.
If it's for my little bro.
Just let me know what you need me to do.
But, this is gonna be a pain.
If they're the guys doing this, I can understand their strange tactics.
They just escaped from prison and only have that list to go on.
What are they after? Target 21: Wounded Friends Chikusa Kakimoto, was it? So you're after the boss?! Then I've gotta stop you here no matter what.
Double Bombs! Damn! I'm trapped! I'm not fast enough to dodge them all! I didn't really want to to use this Because even small bombs Hurt like hell! Take this! Nice, but slow.
Damn I'm not finished! Double Bombs! One trick pony.
You're toast.
You fell for a simple visual trick.
When I yelled "Double Bombs" and threw the regular dynamite, it made you perceive the small bombs I already threw Normal Bomb Small Bombs as being more of the regular dynamite.
Don't mess with the Vongola.
See you in Hell.
That explosion It can't be Gokudera-kun! Boss! What are you doing here? I heard those Kokuyo Middle guys were after you So you came here? I'm honored! I took care of him! He's lying around here somewhere He's gone! Saved me the trouble.
This guy is from Kokuyo? He looks kinda dangerous Gokudera-kun? Boss, please run Gokudera-kun? Are you okay, Gokudera-kun? Gokudera-kun! I'll break you and take you with me.
I've gotta run away.
But my legs Let's finish this quickly.
Great steal! You're safe! Yamamoto! I was passing by when I heard the commotion.
I came to check things out.
Looks like I was right, too.
Yamamoto never gets mad, but You're in the way.
He cut the string! When did Yamamoto start carrying his bat everywhere?! I see.
You're from Namimori Middle School, Class 1-A, seat number 15, Takeshi Yamamoto.
So what if I am? Right, Yamamoto's second in the Namimori fighting strength ranking! Officer! This way! What are you kids doing? You're Ken's target.
I don't want to fight you.
I want to take a shower.
Gokudera-kun! Are you okay? Wake up, Gokudera! Why is Hayato in this hospital? Bianchi-cha- Get lost! Why? I'm letting him use a bed as a favor to Reborn.
I'll take care of Hayato.
If you won't help, stay out of the way! Bianchi If you kick me out, he's sure to croak.
That's true Takeshi Yamamoto, what's so funny? Me? Nothing really, it's just Just what? Uh Gokudera-kun, this is all my fault.
I'm an idiot! I just got in his way! I should never have gone! There's no time for regret, Tsuna.
What is that thing? And what were you doing, Reborn? We needed you! I was looking into the group prison breaks that recently occurred in Italy.
Pr-Prison breaks? Yeah, there was one two weeks ago at a prison for Mafioso who've committed major felonies.
The one behind it was a kid named Mukuro.
He supposedly came to Japan with two of his men.
And about ten days ago, three kids transferred to Kokuyo Middle School.
No way The one who took command over all the thugs at Kokuyo was named Mukuro Rokudo.
The same guy?! Yeah.
Are you saying they're Mafiosi? Nope.
I'm saying they're ex-Mafiosi.
That you, Chikusa? Oh my, looks like you found your guy.
Kakipi, you back? Oh man, look at you! You got blown to bits.
Cooked to rare, rare! You look delicious! Don't bite him, Ken.
He just passed out.
He'd never come back without information of some kind on the Vongola.
Let's wait for him to wake up.
What's going to happen to me? You'll just have to defeat Mukuro and his gang.
Don't be stupid! I can't beat them! No matter what you, say you have to.
Here's a letter for you.
From who? Vongola IX.
What?! The ninth boss? To my beloved Vongola X: Reborn has kept me informed of your growth and maturation.
I believe it is now time for you to take the next step.
Here are your orders: You are to capture the escaped prisoner, Mukuro, and his men, and rescue the hostage.
I wish you the best of luck.
Is he out of his mind?! P.
S: If you refuse, you will be branded a traitor and kille- I can't hear you! You've gotta be kidding me.
I don't want anything to do with the Mafia.
But at this rate Run all you like, they'll keep coming after you.
Reborn! And don't forget what they've done to try and find you.
W-Well I think what they're doing is weird! Getting everybody involved Mukuro makes me mad! But Hibari-san isn't back yet.
A loser like me can't possibly defeat them.
It's impossible.
But nobody else thinks that.
Take me with you, boss.
Gokudera-kun? I'm going to rip that guy's throat out.
Should you be moving around? That? It was just a flesh wound! I'm coming with you, Tsuna.
Yamamoto! The little guy filled me in.
Our school's pretend Mafia war's getting out of hand, huh? You're so clueless, Yamamoto.
I'm going too.
I'm worried about Hayato.
It had the opposite effect All right, we've gathered our forces for the assault.
We know where their hideout is.
The hostage is probably there as well.
Hostage? It's somebody you know well.
Oh, Tsu-kun! Are you changing into your favorite clothes to go out? Yeah, kinda Why don't you stay in today? Another Nami Middle student was attacked, I hear.
And I'm about to go into the base of the guys who did it.
These pests again Tsuna-san safely returns! Tsuna! You gonna turn into a bagworm again? No! Stupid Tsuna! Mom, Lambo-san's going on an errand.
Oh, thanks! I'll buy cotton candy with the extra money! I-Pin will help too! Man, those guys sure have it easy.
I really miss the life I used to have not so long ago.
I wonder if I'll be able to go back to that when this is over I-Pin.
Man, what should I do? Am I really going there? Tsuna, you need to be careful.
Whenever Leon gets like this, it means one of my students is near death.
Did that happen to Dino-san too? And don't say creepy things when we're about to leave! I'll have to let Leon rest a bit.
One more thing.
I'm not fighting, so good luck.
What? Seriously? I only thought we'd have a chance against a gang of escaped prisoners because we have you! The orders were for you.
The rules say I can't shoot anything but Deathperation Shots.
The rules suck! By the way, I only have one Deathperation bullet left.
They're made inside Leon's body.
He can't make more in his condition.
Really?! You know, I'm kinda happy you can't shoot those, but this is still bad.
What should I do? Yo, Tsuna.
I brought us some tea and sushi to snack on.
He thinks this is a picnic You picking a fight with me, Takeshi Yamamoto? Is this a subtle comment on the lunches I brought? Um, how about we take both? She looks pretty pissed Where's Gokudera-kun? He's been here the whole time.
He's so scared of Bianchi that he's acting really strange! Even so, I'm glad He looks better than I expected.
When he took those hits, I thought he was a goner.
Man, I can't get close to her I'm so itchy Shamal, I don't care what it is, just give me something that'll get me up and moving.
I've told you already, I don't treat guys.
If you don't want to die, stay put.
But they're after the boss! I can't stay down at a time like this! I can get you up and moving, but there will be side effects.
You cool with that? I don't care what happens to me.
Don't blame me for what happens.
Geez, and he uses the most dangerous thing I told him I don't like treating guys.
Gokudera-kun? Boss! Um, I was entranced by the sheer awesomeness of your awesome gate here.
Don't worry about Bianchi.
I convinced her to conceal herself.
Really? You're such a kid, Hayato.
Now I don't want to be near her for a different reason Okay, we're all here.
Let's get Mukuro.
It's quiet.
Since the new town's been around, cars rarely come this way.
This is it.
What a creepy place.
Was it abandoned? It used to be a multi-purpose recreational retreat called Kokuyo Center.
Right, I came here as a kid! I remember this place.
They had karaoke, a movie theater, even a little zoo! But now all it's gone.
If you've been here before, then you lead the way, Tsuna.
What?! But that was years and years ago! The lock's totally rusted.
They're not coming in or out this way.
What next? It should be obvious.
We'll bust our way in.
Poison cooking: Solvent sakura rice cake! Bianchi! I'm pretty sure there was a glass-walled zoo There's nothing like that here.
You must be blind.
Sis What is this? It's like an animal's paw print Heads up.
Welcome! Yamamoto! What was that? It looked like a person What happened to Yamamoto? He fell.
Tsuna's memory is correct.
The zoo is buried below the dirt.
What?! So we're on its roof?! You alive, baseball freak? Ouch.
He fell all the way down there! Didn't see that coming.
That's not funny! Yamamoto, there's something down there! What's that? An animal? We can't help him from all the way up here.
No way! Then Yamamoto's! Welcome, Yamamoto Takeshi.
Kakipi's still out cold, and I have no orders, so I was really bored.
But now that my prey's shown up I'm super happy.
Huh? It's a person! It's human! That's a Kokuyo uniform.
Is he with the other guy? You guys up there his friends? Gimme a minute here.
I'll come for you next.
He looks really dangerous too! Man, you're like a dog.
That some kind of impression? Yamamoto still thinks it's a game That idiot Are you some kind of retard? Well, who cares.
Wh-What's that? That's not even human! Dinner time! Yamamoto's bat! Next time, I'll rip out your throat.
Is he even human?! I get it.
When you're playing Mafia, there's no reason to hold back in a fight! That's the rule, right? He's not scared, he's actually He may not look it, but he's pretty tough.
He's really pissed about his bat being broken.
Can I ask you something before we fight? You seem different.
When did you change? He is a retard.
I hadn't even noticed he'd changed! Well, whatever.
Guess I'll tell you.
You know how you can change a game by putting in a different cartridge? That's how this works too.
Change the cartridge and I can take on the abilities of various animals.
Kong Channel! That's a mammal from the orangutan family, a western lowland gorilla.
No way That's impossible! Wow, cool! Is that some new type of steroid? It is not! Yamamoto! I can't just stand around! Stop it.
If you take out the building, Yamamoto will be buried alive.
Then what should we do? No breaks! No matter where you run, I'll find you with my Wolf Channel! It's too dark to see anything.
Even in the dark, I can still smell you.
With his sword broken, he's at a huge disadvantage.
That's not all.
He's trying to protect his body.
It's like he's afraid of getting hurt.
You just keep running.
Are you trying to make this a test of endurance? That's not it.
There are just more important things than playing Mafia.
That's right.
The baseball team has a tournament coming up.
He said he'd been chosen as a regular.
He's been practicing so hard, but if he gets hurt Oh no, what should we do?! I shouldn't have brought him here! If you're that worried, get down there.
Boss! What are you doing, Reborn-san?! Shut up and watch.
Ouch! Tsuna! What, more prey? He looks weaker! I guess I'll take him first! Dinner time! I'm your opponent, right? Bring it.
I'll hit you with this and make it game over.
A challenge! Sounds fun.
I guess I'll show you what I'm like when I fight seriously too.
Cheetah Channel! He's really fast! Miss! You're mine! Yamamoto! Same to you! He was going to let him have an arm from the start Not bad.
Your arm You did that to save me I'm sorry, Yamamoto! It's all my fault You have baseball that tournament! Hey now, gimme a break.
There's nothing more important than friends, right? Yamamoto! And this wound isn't enough to keep me out of the tournament.
Boss! I'll pull you up now! They've arrived, have they? The horoscope for next week! Lambo-san is here too! You do this then.
Hold it in Pisces will have the best luck this week! Pisces Your secret weapon is your gentle smile! Your luck with people is going to explode! Fortune telling - Keiko Han Ciao-ciao.
Bye-bye! Next time: Unforeseen Evil Influence.