Katekyo Hitman Reborn! (2006) s01e20 Episode Script

Sudden Attack

1 Weak, weak.
This is the famous Namimori Middle School Disciplinary Committee? Not scary at all! Who are you people? Huh? Some boys from a nearby town here for an away game.
That's not funny, Ken.
We've got the wrong guy, so let's get this over with already.
Don't hate us.
We're just following orders.
Stay away! Target 20 Sudden Attack Good morning.
Ah, good morning, Tsu-kun.
What? Is there a sale going on? Which one would you prefer, Tsu-kun? Hm? Judo, kendo, aikido? What's all this? Are you going to take lessons? Nope.
You are.
What?! For self-defense.
You have to be able to protect yourself.
Why now all of a sudden? This weekend, members of Namimori Middle's Disciplinary Committee were attacked and seriously injured.
What?! You're kidding! And they don't know who did it.
You're a student at Namimori Middle, right? I'm worried.
Only Disciplinary Committee members are getting attacked though.
So it has nothing to do with me.
I'd personally go with this one.
I can teach you.
Gyoza Kempo is best! What? That's okay! I appreciate the thought though.
Tsuna, use this to take out the bad guys.
N-No thanks! Take them out! Take them out! I said no thanks! In Tsuna's case, he needs to stop being so timid first.
That's none of your business.
Most people would be scared of that stuff.
Hey, Tsu-kun.
How about boxing? Mom We can leave boxing to that guy.
Running should be done in the morning! Hey, hey.
You're Ryohei Sasagawa? Who are you? You must want to join the boxing team! It doesn't matter if you go to a different school! I'll welcome anyone who loves boxing! Huh? That works.
I'll join if you beat me.
I already said I wasn't going to do any of these.
If Futa was here, we could get him to rank the different martial arts.
We don't need a ranking of that! That reminds me I haven't seen Futa in a while.
I hope he isn't being chased by scary men again.
Hm? It's the Disciplinary Committee! Over there too! After all those incidents, tensions must be high.
So it is being done by people with a grudge against the Disciplinary Committee? No.
Hibari-san! Ciao-su.
Hello there, baby.
Uh, I'm just on my way to school I wasn't badmouthing you or anything.
I have no memory of such mischief.
Of course, I intend to protect myself by extinguishing the root of the threat.
Hibari-san freaks me out! Dr.
Shamal! Ow What was that for? I sensed malicious intent I suppose it was my imagination.
That doesn't mean you should suddenly attack me.
Scary guy.
Man, that hurts.
That was a conditioned reflex.
It should be all right since cherry blossoms aren't in season now.
What are you doing here? Oh I heard there've been attacks recently.
I figured I should protect the girls.
You're the danger to them.
Hovering over green From Namimori Lain with verdure Oh, our school song.
Where's it coming from? Neither big nor- That's Hibari-san's ring tone? Oh, I see.
Wasn't Ryohei Sasagawa an acquaintance of yours? He's been beaten up.
Namimori Central Hospital Ryohei Sasagawa Ryohei! Are you okay? Oh, Sawada.
Look at me.
Pathetic, huh? What happened to you?! How do you feel? A few bones were broken.
I was caught off guard.
Man, that guy was strong.
What? You saw the person who did this? Yeah.
He was wearing a uniform from a nearby school, Kokuyo Middle.
What?! A middle-schooler?! Yep.
You should be careful.
Not you too It's got nothing to do with me.
But man I wanted that punch for our team! He's thinking about boxing at a time like this? Is this yours? No.
I heard it was on my chest when they found me.
Changing the subject, I haven't told Kyoko what really happened.
She worries too much, you know.
So go along with my story.
Huh? Brother! Why were you climbing the chimney of the bathhouse?! What kind of story is that?! Brother, are you sure it's only a sprain? Yeah.
This is too far-fetched! No way! You're in the hospital for a sprain? A really bad sprain.
He seriously gonna stick to it! Anyway, I'm glad you're alive Kyoko-chan I told you not to cry! Tsuna-kun and Reborn-kun came to visit.
Thank you.
Why was Ryohei beaten up? What's going on? You're not the only one in a panic.
Huh? The hospital's filled with students from Namimori Middle?! Huh? Mochida-senpai?! Oh, it's Loser Tsuna Hey, what happened to Mochida-senpai? Don't tell me Yeah, he was beaten up by the same bunch.
Him too?! That's not all.
Since last night, five third-years, four second-years, and two first-years, all non-committee members, were attacked.
Non-committee members? Students from Nami Middle are being indiscriminately attacked! No way! Why is such a horrible thing happening?! It's the vice-chairman of the Disciplinary Committee, Kusakabe-san.
So there's still no sign of the chairman? Right.
We believe that he's located the enemy.
The destruction of the culprits is only a matter of time.
I see Did you hear that? Hibari-san went to deal with the bad guys! Hibari-san's invincible! Now we don't have to worry! We're so lucky to be in the same school as Hibari-san! We're counting on you, Lord in Heaven! Lord Hibari! Kokuyo This happens because you gather together.
Thank you for coming.
I've been looking all over for you.
Are you the one behind this mischief? Something like that.
And the new order in your town.
Are you dreaming or something? Namimori doesn't need two different orders.
I have to agree.
I'll lead the new order, which makes you unnecessary.
That won't happen.
I'm going to bite you to death right here.
Namimori Central Hospital What is this?! Leon's tail fell off.
A chameleon's tail can fall off? This is an ill omen.
Kokuyo Health Land Do you want to die sitting? You say amusing things.
I'm sitting because there's no need for me to stand.
Further conversation is pointless.
As you wish.
But if you don't speak now, you'll never get another chance.
Six One Hm? Is something wrong? You look pale.
Shut up.
It appears you don't realize who you're picking a fight with.
I was surprised to find the first-class hitman known as Trident Shamal here as well.
What are you talking about? He specializes in killing his enemies by using a mosquito which carries incurable diseases.
The Trident Mosquito.
Hello? Get a grip.
I'm over here.
You were infected by Vertiginous Cherryitis by Triden Shamal, a disease that makes you unable to stand when surrounded by cherry blossoms.
I had to rush to prepare these for you.
Such beautiful cherry blossoms.
I-Is he okay? Leon keeps changing forms.
Without his tail, he's lost control of his shape-memory.
Namimori Central Hospital What's with that?! Out of the way! Another Nami Middle student was beaten up! Huh?! It's the Disciplinary Committee vice-chairman, Kusakabe-san! I heard he was beaten up right outside the hospital! No way Hibari-san should've dealt with those guys already.
Could he have Nah, it couldn't be! Hibari-san could never lose.
Take care of Leon.
Hey! Reborn? Ah, hey! Hey, what are you doing? There's no mistake about it.
They're picking a fight with you, Tsuna.
Huh? That look suggests you're wondering how I knew you were unaware that you'd contracted Vertiginous Cherryitis.
How indeed Oh? Do you believe you would have a chance if it weren't for the cherry blossoms? You are mistaken.
I've seen many men of your skill level.
And I've buried a number of them.
In a place very close to Hell.
Now, shall we continue? Namimori Central Hospital What do you mean they're picking a fight with me? This.
Is there something special about this pocket watch? It isn't moving Is it broken? The guy who was just beaten up, Kusakabe, was carrying it.
And this was the one on Ryohei Sasagawa.
I heard that there was a similar pocket watch on the guy who was beaten up before that.
With the hands pointing to 6 o'clock.
Six, five, four That's right.
This is a countdown.
What did you say?! And that's when it hit me.
Take a look at this.
A ranking of the strongest fighters at Namimori Middle? What about this? You're slow.
The people being attacked match the people on the list.
You're right.
And this ranking is One of Futa's.
Huh?! The Mafia has a code of silence, Omerta.
It's a law that forbids Mafiosi from sharing their organization's secrets with outsiders.
Futa's rankings are a top-level organizational secret.
Civilians have no clue they exist.
Which means the only people who could obtain this ranking So if Kusakabe's fourth on the list, number three's in for it next! Third place Third place No way! Wh-Why, Reborn?! We're in a bad situation here.
You go.
I need to check something out.
What?! Me?! What's going on? A bunch of people are absent And the boss isn't here.
Your battery will run out in 15 seconds.
Please recharge.
Ah, it's dead.
My cell phone's battery died, so I'm going home.
Hey, Gokudera! You were late; you just got here! Time for lunch already? Yamamoto! Pay attention in class instead of sleeping all the time! Yes, I'm sorry.
Tsuna and Gokudera aren't here? I have to tell him! This is bad! Very bad! Huh?! I-I'm gonna get beaten up! We did it! Sure did! Success! You guys! Tsuna-san secured! What are you doing?! What is this?! I heard that your school is being targeted and is dangerous, so I figured you wouldn't get attacked if we got you first! You're not making any sense at all! I don't have time to play around with you guys! I'm not playing around! I'm very serious! Tsuna-san has been safely secured! You look like a bagworm.
Just untie me! Kokuyo Health Land So how did it go, Mukuro-san? With Nami Middle's boss.
Sparrow boy or duck boy or whatever.
He wasn't the one.
He's resting in the other room.
Is he still alive? By the way, where's Chikusa? Kakipi went to hunt the third-place guy.
He said he was getting sick of this whole thing, so he might not be able to hold himself back.
I can understand how he feels.
We're having a hard time finding the right guy.
Namimori's Warm and Fuzzy Shopping District Guess I'll grab something to eat.
Crud, 65 yen? Namimori Middle School, Class 1-A.
Seat number eight.
Hayato Gokudera.
Let's get this over with.
I don't want to break a sweat.
Hurry up and untie me, Haru! What?! Tsuna-san?! Tsuna ran away! Tsuna-san on the run! Gokudera-kun! You're in third place! Who the hell are you? A first-year at Kokuyo Middle.
Chikusa Kakimoto.
I'm here to destroy you.
Why do I have to deal with these losers all the time? I'm living an ordinary life here.
Bring it on.
I don't make a habit of turning down fights that come my way.
What? A fight? Looks interesting.
We're not putting on a show.
What?! Wh-What do you think you're doing?! It'd be annoying if any other pests got involved.
Let's hurry this up.
Yo-yos? This guy is no ordinary middle school student.
That bloodlust That fighting style He's a professional hitman.
The phone you have called is either out of range or turned off.
Man Figures that I can't reach Gokudera-kun's cell when I need him! Ah, a Nami Middle student.
Just ignore him.
And stay away.
Don't wanna get involved in that stuff.
That's how we're being viewed? Did you see what was going on in the shopping district? Someone from Nami was fighting with someone from Kokuyo.
Huh? Could that be What Family do you belong to?! Finally found one of the right guys.
Huh? I'm gonna make you spit out the structure of your Family and the identity of your boss.
What's that? So you're after the boss?! Gokudera-kun! The horoscope for next week! Lambo-san is here too! You do this then.
Hold it in Scorpios will have the best luck.
Scorpio Strike it rich in games and the lottery! Your lucky number is 10! Ciao-ciao.
Next time: Wounded Friends.