Katekyo Hitman Reborn! (2006) s01e19 Episode Script

Infallible? The Ranking of anything!

1 Not good! I'm late! Be careful! Big Tsuna's sprinting speed is ranked 86,202nd out of 86,202 Mafia members.
His leg strength is ranked 85,900th.
His endurance is ranked 86,182nd.
So Big Tsuna's overall ranking is dead last.
That means his punch strength, kick strength, and running speed are all in last place.
I wish Big Tsuna would work harder.
There he is! Wait! Hold it right there! Bah.
Where'd he go? Stupid dog! Rossi! Let's go, Rossi! Rui's doghouse ranks 22nd out of 305 hiding places in Namimori Thanks, Rui.
Target 19 100% Accuracy? Rankings for Everything 100% Accuracy? Rankings for Everything I'm home.
So tired Hooray! I'm finally meeting you! Nice to meet you, Big Tsuna.
Huh? Big Tsuna? Who are you? He has a favor to ask of you.
A favor? My name is Futa.
The Mafia is after me.
Huh? Uh, Reborn? H-Hey! What? Seriously?! Tenth-generation Vongola boss, Big Tsuna, please hide me! Wh-What are you talking about? I can't do anything about the Mafia.
I'm aware of that.
What? Because Big Tsuna is What is that? Ranked 872nd out of 872 Mafia bosses in terms of overall combat ability and intelligence.
That's last place.
Huh? But in the ranking for people who can't refuse a request, you're first! What is this?! This kid's nicknamed Ranking Futa.
He's an information dealer who specializes in making rankings.
Not another weirdo! Futa's rankings are 100% accurate.
Which means If you were to use this Book of Rankings to formulate a plan, you would win every single battle.
Taking over the world would be a breeze.
Scary Big Tsuna, help me! No way.
You can't come to me just because I don't like turning people down.
That's not all.
You're also ranked first in bosses with no ambition.
So I don't have to worry about you taking the Book of Rankings.
Now I just sound lame Would you really Chase away a cute, little animal Into a field of carnivores? Little animal? I-I'm starting to see it Big Tsuna! It's settled.
Yay! Thanks, Big Tsuna! Since he's here, why don't you let him rank you? Huh? Me? Sure.
That's fine.
That sounds fun! Haru? Why're you here? Is that a new kind of horoscope? Why do you always barge in here? I ran into your mother while she was shopping, and she asked me to take down the laundry since it looks like it'll rain.
I see.
That's right! Do me too! Sure.
Since you're Big Tsuna's friend.
Eek! Big Tsuna?! Have you been hiding another little brother, Tsuna-san?! Why would I do that?! My name's Futa.
Really? I see! You could at least deny it! D-Don't give me that look! Oh, so you're just an acquaintance.
He couldn't be my little brother.
What should I have done? Are you listening? What are the three most charming things about me? Isn't that a quiz? Okay.
Huh? What?! Eek! What's going on?! R-Reborn! What is huh? It's Futa's Ranking Mode.
Huh?! The theory is that whenever he ranks something, the energy concentrated within his body nullifies the force of gravity around him.
Uh, theory? This is Futa.
Yes, I hear you, Ranking Planet.
Wh-What's he doing?! There's also a theory that he communicates with a planet of rankings far off in the galaxy.
Like I'm going to believe that! That's so romantic! No, that's so occult! Big Haru, your three most attractive features are Number three: your beautiful eyes.
Yay! That's so true! Look at them, Tsuna-san! See? Right? Yeah, sure Number two: your cute dimples.
Dimples! And number one: That whorl of hair.
Whoa! That's right! What?! Wanna see? I-I'll pass You know, your ranking's kind of weird Who are you? I'm Lambo! Who am I? You're Lambo! What are you doing?! Wh-Why am I floating?! Very peculiar.
I-Pin's Mahjongg Mega Bomb is ranked 36th out of 816 special techniques.
It's top-class.
So it's pretty incredible Tsuna-san? Gyoza Kempo is ranked 116th out of 520 mid-range techniques.
Such a high ranking at so young an age is quite remarkable.
She's a superb prospect.
But in ten years, she'll have quit being a hitman to work at a ramen place.
Kawahira will be mad if I'm late.
Hey, hey! What about Lambo-san?! Tell something about Lambo-san! Okay? Do one for Lambo-san! Quick! Quick! As for Lambo He's first by a mile First by a mile! on the list of most irritating Mafiosi.
What kind of ranking is that? Oh my, it's starting to pour.
Boss! Why didn't you tell me the ranking kid is here? Gokudera-kun?! Yo.
Yamamoto! We happened to bump into each other.
Wow, this is amazing.
There's something I've wanted to ask you.
Where do I stand in the rankings of people fit to be the boss's right-hand man? Can you do that, ranking kid?! That's simple.
Huh? Here I go.
Big Hayato's ranking is Out of range.
Wh-Wh-What?! You can be out of a ranking's range? Not the ranking's range.
Outside the atmosphere's range.
You mean out of this world? Ha! Another funny kid! Yamamoto thinks it's all a game again There are other roles to fill besides being a Mafia boss's right-hand man.
Big Hayato is ranked first among Mafiosi suited to be preschool teachers.
What?! The Gokudera-kun who's always fighting with Lambo?! Eek! What?! Preschool teacher?! He's ranked second among those who like kids.
A perfect fit.
I-I like kids? You're a fun guy, man.
Go-Gokudera-kun Bi-Bianchi! Well done, Futa.
Impressive display of judgement in your rankings.
But love is what counts.
So cool! She's such a show-off.
Yeah, a spooky one.
He's petrified from all the shocks?! In that case, make a love ranking to show who loves who.
Wh-What are you talking about?! Sounds like fun.
Futa, do it.
Seriously?! Then I'll start by ranking the people Big Tsuna loves.
Hey! Futa! Wait! Everybody's going to find out that I like Kyoko-chan! For the ranking of people Big Tsuna loves Wait! In first place: Thump-thump Thump-thump Leon.
No way! Seriously, Tsuna? Wasn't expecting that.
I-I love Leon? I don't understand myself! My heart is like the sky, raining tears.
Rain? Ow! Uh-oh! What's wrong, Futa? I don't feel well Rain and me don't mix.
I hate rain.
It messes up my rankings.
What?! It does?! There's a theory that rain disrupts his communication with the Ranking Planet.
Enough with the theories! But does that mean any rankings done while it's raining are wrong? Then my ranking was Go-Gokudera-kun You okay? When did it start raining? What's with the crowd of umbrellas?! They're from the Todd Family.
I recognize that man.
So they're the guys after Futa Looks like it.
Here come his winter henchmen! They're just larvae, so they can't gather information.
Then there's no point! You're the one who agreed to hide Futa.
That's true, but Tsuna! Don't worry.
I'll help out.
We'll bunker up in here.
That sounds good.
U-Uh, that's kinda Hey! Reborn, what do we do? He's asleep! Tsuna-san, Bianchi-san is Huh? Sis couldn't be going alone to Fight? The Poison Scorpion Poison Scorpion! You're Poison Scorpion Bianchi! Ciao.
Huh? She's running away! S-Sis? Let's get this party started! No choice, I guess.
Who's gonna carry him? I'll do it.
Don't trip and fall.
You can count on me.
Everybody's gathered, leader.
Okay, let's break in.
We'll start with a little greeting.
That should kick things off! Take this! Now! I can't see a thing! Leader! They're running away! After them! Wait up! Die! Did it work? Yep! Perfectly! I'm so glad I could help Tsuna-san! Gokudera-kun, Yamamoto, Haru Be safe.
Why aren't you pursuing them? Well, leader I've got a funny feeling about this.
Same here.
It felt like a feint.
Should we call the men back? Nah, the three of us can handle this.
Be home by dinnertime.
I know.
This side should be safe.
What are you doing here?! I'm hungry.
Gimme cake.
Huh? Western pastry.
Cake! Cake! Cake! Don't ask me for that! There he is! Over there! Hold it right there! Man, they're persistent.
What now? Let's head somewhere with no people.
I'll send them all flying.
How about the riverbank? I bet nobody's there! Yeah! Hold it right there! Hey! Futa, wake up! They'll catch up if I'm carrying you.
Yo, kid.
You've caused us a lot of trouble.
No more playing tag.
Hand the kid over.
Huh? Big Tsuna Futa.
Ah, the people after me.
Come with us quietly and we won't lay a hand on this guy.
H-Hey! That's This isn't the time to be doing a ranking! Paolo is ranked 55th out of 86,202 Mafiosi in attack ability.
55th? He's strong! Rossi is ranked 226th out of 86,202 Mafiosi in intelligence.
Making him superior in that area.
Huh? Me? The leader, Paolo, is the strongest of this group.
But Rossi should actually be in charge.
Is that true, Rossi? Don't be stupid, you're the leader! Who are you calling stupid?! This is a trap! He's trying to make us fight among ourselves! Enzo has an ambition ranking of 56th place.
What?! Once you have the Book of Rankings, he's sure to betray you and take it for himself.
You bastard! That's why you told me not to call the men back! Leader, that's not true! I can see through your scheme! Leader, use your head! He's making us fight among ourselves! This is how I use my head! Bastard! What?! Cool down! They're fighting each other.
I see! This was Futa's goal Futa, now's our chance! Huh? I need to write that ranking down.
What? Those were true? Do that later.
But I'll forget.
You're so hopeless.
Let's get outta here Where do you think you're going? Big Tsuna! You've taken us for fools! I'm so dead! Futa's worked hard.
Now it's Tsuna's turn.
Big Tsuna! D-Did you guys do it?! Re-Born! Re-Born I'll protect Futa like my life depends on it! No, Big Tsuna! A person at the bottom of the combat rankings can't beat them! Damn you! This must be a dream My rankings were wrong for the first time ever.
I-I'm not dead You're awesome! I'm so impressed by how you overturned my rankings! You're happy that you were wrong? I must observe this further, if you don't mind! Can I stay here? Huh? Big Tsuna! Good job.
Shouldn't this do? Yeah.
Die! Huh? Looks like they're done too.
Went out with a bang.
Fried eggs rank 8th out of Big Tsuna's 308 favorite foods.
Excuse me, can I get some more? Yes, of course.
Man, I wanted to show you how powerful my bombs are! Oh, let's do a ranking of who helped Tsuna-san the most today! No rankings allowed while we're eating! Oh, number one would be salisbury steak! Okay, we'll have that tomorrow.
I see.
You've found Ranking Futa.
Someone has begun attacking the students of Namimori Middle School.
What did you say?! Who is it? Looks like they're after something else though.
Something else? Next time: Sudden Attack.