Katekyo Hitman Reborn! (2006) s01e18 Episode Script

The Love Chocolate has Poison

1 What is it, Mom? Tsu-kun, do you know what today is? Wh-What today is? It's Valentine's Day! O-Oh, I knew that! You can't wait, right? I bet you're nervous.
When someone mentions Valentine's Day, you think of chocolates.
Chocolate Reborn?! Why are you dressed like that? I had it specially ordered for Valentine's Day.
Jealous? Why would I be?! Anyway, Tsuna, do you think you'll get chocolates this year? I-I wouldn't know.
It's okay.
There's no need to worry, I'll give you some.
You get chocolates from your mom every year, huh? He's looking at me with complete pity.
I-I've gotta go! I won't be getting any chocolates this year anyway.
Suzuki-kun! Oh, Sato-san.
Um, please take this.
Oh, thank you! Must be nice to be the guy getting chocolates Valentine's Day is the most depressing day of the year.
Target 18: Poisoned Love Chocolates Poisoned Love Chocolates.
Oh no What's going on? Mandarin oranges? Thank you very much.
You really helped by picking those up.
Oh, um, no problem.
Thank you very much.
You're so kind.
No, not at all.
Oh, this is bad! Bye! That boy I think he's a Sawada.
Yamamoto-kun, take these chocolates! Mine too.
Mine first! Thank you.
Thank you.
Thanks, all of you.
Gokudera-kun, take these chocolates! Look this way! Quit following me around! He's so cool! Just makes you want him more when he says that.
Gokudera-kun and Yamamoto are popular.
And Kyoko-chan's Gokudera-kun! I told you not to follow me! He looked this way! That angry expression of his is so dreamy! Geez, so many girls around Um, here! Y-You mean me? Way to go, boss! Huh? Lambo-san is here! I'll be taking your chocolates! That stupid cow, taking the boss's chocolates Come back here! Gokudera-kun! I'm Lambo.
And whose chocolates are they? Mine, all mine! Wait up! These are Lambo-san's chocolates! That's it! Look here, boss! I've retrieved your chocolates.
Thank you, Gokudera-kun.
Huh? What's wrong, boss? To Gokudera-kun Th-These Valentine's chocolates are for Gokudera-kun Hold it in I won't! I wanna eat chocolates! Yamamoto-kun! I made these by hand.
Good luck with baseball! Did you see that thing on TV yesterday? Oh, you mean that singer's new song? Yeah, it was okay.
Kyoko-chan Cut it out already! He's totally awesome! He really is! Yamamoto-kun! I'll cheer you on at your next game! Those two really are amazing.
It's time to go home and they still haven't gotten a break.
And look at me, I didn't get a single chocolate this year.
Well, that's always how it is.
I wonder if Kyoko-chan gave chocolates to anyone.
Kyoko, what are you going to do about the chocolates? It's fine.
Kyoko-chan Don't tell me she's about to No way! I wish I knew! But I'd feel so down if I saw her giving chocolates to someone.
It's the end of the world! Instead of worrying about it, why don't you ask her? Reborn! Haven't I told you not to come to school? Besides, how do you even know what I'm thinking? Because I can read minds, of course.
Anyway Get going.
Re-Born! I'll find out who got Kyoko's chocolates like my life depends on it! Tsuna.
Wait for me, Kyoko! H-He sure is aggressive.
Sometimes Cupid really lets him have it.
Kyoko! But Kyoko's something else for still not noticing how he feels.
I wonder if good guys even exist The ones in our grade are just a bunch of monkeys.
Kyoko, where are you?! Today's delivery is going smoothly.
What just hit us? It's like that other time Ah, it's dented again! That was nothing! Move it! Move it! Move it! That's Kyoko spotted! Wh-Where am I? Chocolate thief, give I-Pin chocolates back.
Lambo? I-Pin? Come back! I don't wanna! Hold it! Isn't this Oh, Tsu-kun, welcome home.
My house?! What are you saying? Of course it is.
Tsuna-kun, hope you don't mind us.
Kyoko-chan! I'm making Valentine's Day chocolates with everyone right now.
Everyone? We were actually supposed to do this yesterday, but since I had a test, we moved it to today.
Th-The two of you? I see.
So that means I might actually get chocolates from Kyoko-chan! B-But why at my house? Well, that's Because Bianchi-teacher will be teaching us! You look cool, Sensei! Chocolate is love.
That's Poison cooking chocolates! I'm doomed! Okay, no boys in the kitchen from now on! Keep out! The recipe is top-secret, so if you peek or get in the way, you're dead.
U-Um! This is bad! I'm going to end up eating poison cooking! This is your current mission.
I sent you home today via Deathperation because we would like you to protect us from the poison chocolates they're about to make.
A chief?! Why are you a chief?! If you eat the chocolates Bianchi's going to make, there's a 100% chance you'll die.
This is too dangerous! We can't let her! At this rate, we'll all be wiped out.
This isn't just my problem So, it's all up to you now! Chiefs have it so easy! Hey, Reborn! Yo, Tsuna.
Boss, you left your bag behind.
Here you go.
Gokudera-kun! Yamamoto! Great timing, I need your help.
With what? I'd be glad to help you.
I don't know what's going on, but is it something interesting? They're going at it.
Handmade chocolates, huh? How's it looking? Well, they seem to be having fun.
Having fun making something so dangerous Who's peeking?! You peek, you die.
I wonder if we could get Bianchi out of the kitchen for a little while.
If we can do that, they should be able to make normal chocolates.
This is my sister we're talking about.
A way to get her out of the kitchen, huh? Hey, Gokudera-kun, does Bianchi have any weaknesses? None.
He didn't even hesitate.
My sister lives in a world of her own.
There's nothing in the world that scares her.
You'd better hurry, time's running out.
You're right.
If we only had something that could distract her My sister Man, if we don't get Bianchi away from the kitchen soon There must be a way! Adult Lambo! Oh, that strange cow-dude who shows up randomly? Right! We can do that! Romeo! You can't get away! Bye! Wait! If we use adult Lambo, she'll mistake him for her ex-boyfriend and chase him to the ends of the Earth! To get her revenge, huh? I guess I can't expect him to become bait I don't see a problem with that.
Especially if you think it's best! Just try and get me up here- Get away from me, you stupid cow! I'll send you to hell right now! It's okay.
Gokudera-kun, calm down! If you send him to hell here, ten years from now he'll be nothing but bones! I-If you insist Fine then, change into your adult self with the Ten-Year Bazooka! Lambo-san Lambo-san Do it! Give back chocolates! L-Lambo?! L-Lambo?! Hold it in Where am I? Tsuna's house from ten years ago.
This is bad.
I was supposed to deliver this special Valentine's ramen to Mr.
Now his ramen will get cold! That magic trick never ceases to amaze me.
N-Never mind, adult Lambo is Young Vongola What happened?! Maybe someone tried to assassinate him.
This is bad! Call an ambulance! An ambulance! W-Wait It's just a nosebleed.
A-A nosebleed? The Valentine's ramen is going to get cold! My rule is to never turn down a request from a woman, so I do my best to eat all the chocolates I get.
That's why, when Valentine's Day comes around, I always end up like this.
Mafia men are popular with the ladies, after all.
But why's your face covered in blood if it's just a nosebleed? Did you get cut or something? No The wind blew the blood all over my face.
It did?! Even if it's just a nosebleed, excessive bleeding can be life-threatening.
Are you really okay? Maybe I should have you call an ambulance He's weak! Either way, I can't ask him to lure Bianchi out of the kitchen in this state.
We're back to square one.
Useless fool.
Ah! This is bad! At this rate, the poison chocolates will be completed! Reborn, could I borrow you for a moment? Sh-She's here! G-Gokudera-kun?! Would you prefer them to taste bitter or sweet? Th-This is bad! Romeo, die! Adult Lambo really is going to hell! Poison Cooking: Pasta Skewer! Prepare to die, Romeo! It's Deathperation time, Tsuna.
Die! He vanished.
I'll get Bianchi out like my life depends on it! That was close.
Bianchi, follow me! Stop right there, Romeo! I won't let you get away! Wonder if he'll make it.
Think I'll let you get away? Young Vongola, my feet are dragging on the roof! My feet! He's dreamy! What should I do? I can't find Mr.
Kawahira's house.
Where Lambo? I-Pin definitely get chocolates back! Where am I? Shh, Lambo, be quiet.
Bianchi's upset.
If we show ourselves now, she'll send us to hell too.
Lambo found! Give back chocolates! Chocolates recovered! Where's Romeo? Bianchi-chan, gimme a chocolately love kiss! Please! Stay away from me! You're so annoying! Wait, Bianchi-chan! It's Valentine's Day! Time to confess your love for me! Geez, can't believe Shamal saved us.
But thanks to your efforts, they finished making poison-free chocolates.
Really? Yay! Good work.
Mission complete.
That means I'll really get to eat some of Kyoko-chan's handmade chocolates.
Thanks for waiting, boys! The Valentine's chocolates are done! It smells good.
Lambo-san is going to get some chocolate! Wow, it's like chocolate soup.
It's chocolate fondue.
You eat it with crackers.
Oh, I get it.
That's fancy.
That's right.
I made the crackers.
B-Bianchi! Okay, dig in.
So you didn't make the chocolate, but Hey, Reborn.
Don't go to sleep! Aw, Reborn's shy, how cute.
Tsu-kun, you got some chocolates.
Here you go.
Th-This is bad.
I don't wanna get chocolates from another girl in front of Kyoko.
Who are they from? An elderly lady.
She stopped by and said they were to say thanks for before.
Oh, her! What's going on? You really helped by picking those up.
Oh, um, no problem.
Thank you very much.
You're so kind.
I'm not sure what you did, but way to go! Yeah, if you're popular among your elders, it's because you're truly a charming person! Tsuna-san, you're amazing! I-I wonder about that.
But I'm happiest about Kyoko-chan's chocolate.
For me? I wonder where that handsome guy with that adult charm could be.
I will find you one day! Ciao-su.
Ranking Futa has come to Namimori! I-Pin floats! Mysterious! What am I ranked number one in? I think we all know the answer to that.
Next time: 100% Accuracy? Ranking Anything! Target 18: 100% Accuracy? Ranking Anything