Katekyo Hitman Reborn! (2006) s01e17 Episode Script

Hospitalized, Don't Make any Sound

1 Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Help! Ah! Enzio.
When did he get here? S-Stupid! Everybody run! S-Stay away! What?! Why this way?! Uncle! Uncle! Target 17: Don't Make Noise When You're Hospitalized Don't Make Noise When You're Hospitalized.
My goodness, Tsu-kun I'm glad you always seem to be having fun, but know your limits.
I wasn't having fun! Well, I'm going home for now.
Need anything? No, not at the moment.
Okay, see you later then.
In the end, I was the only one who got hurt And now I'm in the hospital.
Hey, new guy.
I'm Sawada.
A middle-schooler, huh? That means you're the youngest in here.
A new gofer arrives! You can walk with your crutches, right? Go get us some juice.
I'm rooming with some real jerks What's wrong? Get a move on, kid! R-Right What the heck? Run! Yo, Tsuna.
Came to check up on ya.
D-Dino-san Sorry about what happened, Tsuna.
I was with you, but you still got hurt.
No, it wasn't your fault.
Come on, Enzio.
You apologize too.
U-Um, it's fine, really.
You helped me by carrying me off Death Mountain.
Thank Romario for that.
He used up his vacation time to come get us.
Our boss falls apart the minute we take our eyes off of him.
It makes me so worried, I can't really take a vacation.
What was that? Thank you, really.
And, um I think your big group is scaring everyone.
Yeah? Well, you're going to be here for a bit, so I guess I should get to know 'em.
Take care of my little bro here, 'kay? Save me! Ow You all right, Tsuna? Sawada-san, this is unacceptable! Your visitors mustn't frighten the other patients! I-I'm sorry This is a hospital! We cannot have any disturbances! If it happens again, I'm afraid we'll have to ask you to leave! You've gotta be kidding In any case, all of the other patients have asked that you be moved.
Wow, a private room! Now, don't cause any trouble for the other patients, hear me? I can relax on my own.
This may have worked out for the best! Dino-san? Sorry about that, Tsuna.
I'm making them all wait outside.
No, I should apologize.
They kind of chased you out.
Hey, Tsuna.
Thought I'd drop by.
Yamamoto, you came to see me! Your men must respect you, Tsuna.
No, Yamamoto's my friend I don't do this kind of thing often, so I didn't know what to bring you.
My dad said: The best thing to do is to give him good food, so he can keep his strength up! Your dad? If he's Takeshi's friend, I don't mind helping out.
What? My family runs a sushi joint.
Wow, authentic Giapponese sushi, huh? It looks great.
Help yourselves! I've gotta run the shop, so I'll be going now.
You take care of the rest, Takeshi.
Th-Thank you.
Think nothing of it.
It's the least I can do for Takeshi's good friend.
Here, have some.
These all look delicious.
Think I'll start with the toro Reborn, when did you get here? This is pretty good.
Don't steal my food! Right? Good, ain't it? Our sushi's the best in Japan.
It's great! Even Dino-san My, if it isn't the young Vongola boss.
Got yourself hurt, did you? How sad.
Adult Lambo? Ah, he must've heard about the food and rushed over here, and then tripped Lambo-san can fly! I wasn't able to bring you a gift from ten years on, so It's fine, don't worry about it.
I know, you can have this.
Our Family awards these each month for outstanding performance.
In latrine duty, that is.
I don't need it Gokudera-kun? What are you doing over there, Gokudera? Didn't you come to see Tsuna? I'm so sorry I couldn't protect you, boss! I have failed as your right-hand man.
I No, it's not your fault.
Yes, it is You're one crazy guy.
I don't have the right to be at your side.
Wait, Gokudera-kun! Oh, Hayato.
Sis Romeo! Must've been my imagination.
Eat this instead.
E-Eat what? Uh, I'll pass! Hey, don't push! All the guys visiting him are so hot! I want to see too! What is the meaning of this?! We're sorry, chief! This won't do, Sawada-san.
Your visitors mustn't tempt our nurses.
I think they did all that on their own.
In any case, I would ask again that you keep the noise down.
I've been put in this small room and I never did get any sushi.
Sorry, Tsuna.
I'll bring you something else when I come again.
I really wanted sushi Is it lunchtime yet? I smell something good! Maybe it's here! Where is Mr.
Kawahira? His ramen will get cold! Adult I-Pin? Oh, Sawada-san, good afternoon! Um, do you know where Mr.
Kawahira's room is? N-No I see I'm in a hurry, so I've gotta run.
Why is she making a delivery at a hospital? Lambo-san is fast! L-Lambo?! L-Lambo?! What are you doing, Lambo?! Surfing! In front of you! Be quiet in the hospital.
Are you okay, Lambo? Hold it in It's your fault for playing around like that.
What? Now what will we do for lunch? I'm starving I-I'm sorry.
If only I'd been able to stop him Um, I'm outta here! Lambo! Hey, how are you gonna fix this? Yeah! What are we going to eat? Tsuna, help them out.
Re-Born! I'll make lunch like my life depends on it! Wh-What just happened? He ran away Lunch is served! What the heck? Eat! It's good! Yeah, he's right! It's great! What is going on here?! Hot! What is this place? You've left us with no choice but to place you here.
No! I don't wanna stay in this room! What if it's haunted? Oh no! A ghost! Help me! Tsuna, we're here to exorcise your room.
A prayer for health! Pray with all my might! Reborn! I-Pin! What's with those outfits? You've been getting hurt a lot lately.
It must be because of an evil spirit! Don't say creepy things like that.
Now I feel sick.
Sorry to make you feel bad, Tsuna-san.
When you're hurt, laughter is the best medicine.
I just wanted to make you laugh.
So this was Haru's plan Why does she always think up such crazy schemes? Sorry to get you all involved.
Cheer up! I had lots of fun.
Kyoko-chan! Tsuna-kun, are you okay? Y-Yeah, it's no big deal Kyoko-chan is cute! Being able to see her dressed like that makes it all worth it.
But you know, the old me never would've had this many visitors.
Yo, Tsuna.
Came to check up on ya.
Sorry about what happened, Tsuna.
I was with you, but you still got hurt.
Thought I'd drop by.
Right? Good, ain't it? Our sushi's the best in Japan! I wasn't able to bring you a gift from ten years on, so Our Family awards these each month for outstanding performance.
I'm so sorry I couldn't protect you, boss! I have failed as your right-hand man.
I No, it's not your fault.
Yes, it is In that sense, I need to thank Reborn.
Ever since he came, it's been really crazy, but fun too.
Okay, let's go home.
Tsuna's not in the mood for fun.
No, no! That's not true! I'm happy you came! Don't leave me alone here! I should discharge you, but a certain patient is graciously allowing you to share a room with him.
I'm so glad they didn't kick me out but sharing a room? I hope they're not weird Here you go.
If you'll excuse me.
Pardon me.
Hibari-san? No way! Why are you in the hospital? I've got a touch of pneumonia.
I've almost recovered, but I wanted to play it safe.
I-I see Ah! What happened to them?! Oh, that? I was playing a game to kill time, but they were too weak.
It's a game I make anyone who rooms with me play.
The rules are simple.
If you make the slightest noise while I'm sleeping I'll tear you apart.
So one-sided! How can this be happening in a hospital? I can't stay here I'd rather recuperate at home.
Um, I'm feeling a lot better, so I think I'll go.
Not without a doctor's okay, lad.
Hi, Director.
Director? How's it going? Fine! It's thanks to you that we're able to operate our hospital without worry.
He's got the hospital too? While you're here, please let us know if there's anything you need.
We'll take care of it right away.
For now, I think I'll sleep.
I'll be going then.
Me too! Just to warn you, the sound of a leaf falling is enough to wake me up.
What?! No way! The game's started already? What should I do? I guess I'll just stay quiet That was close.
I've gotta be more careful.
What should I do? Who's here? I-Pin? B-Be a good girl and leave.
The obnoxious kid's here! Shh! Don't make a sound! He's scary if you wake him up! Go play quietly somewhere else! Great, he understood.
Boom? No! Lambo, how could you?! If we make noise in that room, something terrifying will happen! Why? There's a scary guy in there.
I-Pin, why are you just standing there? That's the countdown for the Mahjongg Mega Bomb! No way! Why? There's nothing to make her embarrassed I-Pin's heart pounding.
Heart rate rising! Oh, right! I-Pin has a crush on Hibari-san! O-Oh no! What was that? Did you hear that? Sure surprised me.
He didn't wake up! That's pretty good, getting hurt at a hospital.
I didn't do it on purpose Ow, ow, ow.
Let me recuperate in peace! Ciao-su.
Tsuna's on a mission! I need to stop Bianchi.
Kyoko-chan's chocolates are- Her chocolates are Lambo-san's! Lambo, give that back! Next time: Poisoned Love Chocolates! Target 18: Poisoned Love Chocolates